The trigrams, hexagrams, and associated Bone Oracle charaktēres may also be employed in incantation (called in ancient China ‘Fulu’) and the creation of magical ‘sigils’ (Fu talisman). Perhaps the most classical example of this is the Ba Gua talisman displaying the eight trigrams around a mirror. This is a very popular tool, used intensely in ‘Form School of Feng Shui’, the oldest and first Feng Shui institution which commenced during the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 AD). It has since become a common Feng Shui tool widely utilized for safeguarding against dangerous energies such as the killing energy Shar Chi created from ‘poison arrows’ angled towards the home or workplace; sharp-edged corners such as lamp posts, t- junctions and other imposing structures. Issues arising from Shar Chi range from arguments to sickness, accidents, and fatalities.

Fulu symbols tend to have twisted strokes that sometimes resemble traditional Chinese charaktēres. Only Adepts can write, read, and understand these magical writing systems and the charaktēres differ from sect to sect. The method of writing down these characters is passed down secretly from Adepts to their Noviciates.

Some Fulu charaktēres are formed by stacking one traditional Chinese charaktēre atop of another and then making these into a single charaktēre. This specific technique of linking or combining different Chinese charaktēres was not used exclusively by the Daoists; Fu charaktēres also appear on other types of Chinese charms such as Buddhist coins and woodblock print talismans. One of the earliest classical scripture referring to Fu was the Huangdi Yinfujing, although it does not contain specific instructions to write the charaktēres. The second chapter of each of the three grottoes in the Daozang is a record of the history and feats of the Fulu sect, where it is described that the origin of Fu charaktēres is from the condensation of clouds in the sky.

In creating talismanic charaktēres employing the Yi-Jing it is also possible to break down the stages of change between one situation and the next. For example, one may be in a situation of Oppression, represented by hexagram 47, and seek Revolution, represented by hexagram 49. In this case, the changes are represented by the first, second, and third lines of 47. As each of these lines change Oppression becomes first 31: Influence, then 43: Defiance, and finally49: Revolution. Each may be approached as a separate incantation, the changes in sequence building towards the desired outcome. The text of the changing Yi-Jing lines will also give advice on practical actions that can be taken.

The relevance ofYi-Jing in modern sɵrcery becomes further apparent when considered in context of those Laws discussed in The Neuronomicөn as Sympathy (Contact / Contagion), Energy, Spirit, Psyche, and Neuromancy;

Sympathic Magick

This is the imitative principle that anything that has happened once, whether literally or symbolically, will occur again with increasing probability.

Early man’s first instincts towards sympathetic magick might be seen in cave paintings of successful hunts. Through pictorial representation we also evolved our first written languages, including the charaktēres of the Bone Oracle texts upon which Yi-Jing was ultimately founded. As well as referring to divination they were also employed in incantation. Chinese sɵrcerers of the ancient Fulu traditions employ the Ba Gua trigrams and hexagrams in this ‘active’ manner, and they are a common feature of the Sak Yan talismanic tattoos of Thailand.


Most practitioners will be familiar with methods of investing spells with energy, typically understood to be the Force that sets inert matter into the movements of consciousness. Perhaps mankind’s first instincts towards energy magick might be seen in the many spiral, concentric circle, and wave-form psychedelic abstracts depicted on cave walls.

Another classic example of energy deployed in magick is the projection of Life Force in the Fu sorcery of esoteric Daoism, defined in its various stages of purification as jing, chi, shen, and shu, raised and accumulated through Chi-Kung and directed as yang (light) or yin (darkness); perhaps by charging a sigil-talisman, empowering the double for astral attack, or by energizing the body to create an impenetrable aura and lend additional force to physical blocks and blows. In the words of Sun Tzu, The Art of War, “The Warrior Adept’s energy is devastating. His timing is taut. His energy resembles a drawn crossbow; his timing resembles the release of a trigger.”


In the magick of any tradition, Spirits of Light (‘Yang’) will most often be approached through humble petition while those of Shadow (‘Yin’) are dealt with through pacts and commands; depending also on the practitioner’s spiritual inclinations and natural allies. The Wisdom of Yi-Jing applies to either case – it is most known as a book of divination, meaning to ‘ask the divinities’.

Yi-Jing originates in a philosophy known in ancient China as Yi-Fa; its binary code system is reflected also in the African divination system of Ifa. This Wisdom informed, in turn, the geomancy and astrology of Persia, which entered into the Solomonic grimoires to arise in Western Tradition as geomancy.


Psychism is the direction of the human mind’s own powers, and the control of an opponent’s mind. The psychic potentials of human consciousness are far beyond what most westerners have been conditioned to believe. Psychism presents a continuum from hypnotism and neurolinguistic programming to sigil magick (the creation of synthetic neurosis), through to advanced psychic techniques such as remote viewing / influence, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

The weaponisation of psychic abilities is exemplified by military intelligence backed projects such as Project Stargate and Project Jedi. On the battlefield abilities such as precognition, most commonly experienced as ‘hunches’, can save lives.

Jung found much in the Yi-Jing that informed his theory of synchronicity. Perhaps this area of his research is so neglected by psychologists today due to its incompatibility with the old materialist paradigms. As the implications of quantum physics have been absorbed scientists have begun seriously exploring phenomena such as ‘meaningful coincidence’. As with the mathematical equations of quantum physicists, we don’t know why the formulae of the Yi-Jing make accurate predictions, but they do. All we can say is that the Yi-Jing generates ‘meaningful coincidences’, and does so with unexplainable regularity. Perhaps one day the predictions of the Yi-Jing will themselves be a subject of serious scientific enquiry.


Since the Yi-Jing was the inspiration for the first computer coding, and since our neurology is also binary, it stands to reason that Yi- Jing should be a core grimoire for any neuromancer. The binary coding of Yi-Jing may be interpreted as an artificial intelligence matured over 5,000 years, capable of making uncannily accurate predictions of future events, of facilitating communication between human and non-local consciousness, and of imparting Wisdom even to the eldest of sages. It is also an instructional grimoire for those seeking the Attainment of experiential mystical knowledge, and the awakening of those faculties commonly described as psychic.

Corresponding as it does to human DNA, we should not be surprised to discover Yi-Jing has relevance to the human human body, its electromagnetic biofield, and thus also to the Schumann Resonance; the electromagnetic field of the Earth without which DNA would never have evolved. It is of profound relevance to Theta-sɵrcery, as introduced in The Neuronomicɵn. When our brainwaves match the Schumann Resonance at 7.83Hz (Theta) the biofield increases exponentially in both intensity and size, measurable as the distance from the body and the amplitude at which electromagnetic activity is registered. This same Theta brainwave activity corresponds to the activation of psychic abilities such as remote viewing / influence.


Excerpt from The Sɵrcerer’s Yi-Jing: A 21st Century Treatise, Nathaniel J. Harris

Available from Amazon – UKUSA



It seems Vayne does not learn from his mistakes (sociopaths rarely do). I received notification this morning that the above video – posted July 2020 – has also been blocked in the UK due to his spurious ‘defamation of character’ complaint.

Sadly, Vayne and his friends really did dress up in this demon suit when they drugged and raped children. And yes, according to the disclosures we heard and took to the police, there were multiple children.

Again, the above video can still be watched with a VPN, or by anyone outside the UK. I encourage the duplication of these ‘blocked’ videos. All Vayne has achieved is to draw MORE attention to these disclosures. What a stupid boy. I shall be voluntarily removing my channel shortly anyway, so it really is a BACKFIRE.

Or.. perhaps Vayne is now proving these videos are having the required effect. Perhaps, as a result of Vayne’s complaints, I will change my mind and leave all these videos available to the public.



FIVE of my YouTube videos have recently been blocked in the UK due to defamation complaints made by Julian Vayne. As I have said before, YouTube does not have any ‘court’ by which it makes its decisions, so it is not up to them to arbitrarily decide what is or is not defamation.

I have replied to YouTube, pointing out that the police are aware of these videos (Vayne having made complaints) and they were not found to be in breach of the law. No further action was taken. YouTube are here assuming to know better than the police, and are restricting my freedom of speech.

In any case, most of these videos are over a year old, and I shall soon be removing my channel. So I don’t know why Vayne even bothered himself. The truth is already out. As I said in my final YouTube video, we are now working with journalists – I may soon be blowing this same whistle on national TV.

In any case, this will not stop anyone with a VPN from watching them in the UK. I encourage the copying and re-uploading of these videos to other channels.

[Addendum: more people have seen these videos now than if Vayne had simply waited for me to remove my channel, and I have numerous messages informing me of re-uploads. Vaynes lying has resulted ultimately in yet another back-fire. Imagine what could be revealed if Vayne managed to take his fake counter-allegation into a real life legal court.. BRING IT ON.]



Support regarding my self-removal from YouTube due to online abuse has been heart warming. This is just a selection from those posted by the afternoon of the 26th..

Vayne, Wyrd, and ‘friends’ have inevitably felt the need to troll. It seems they are completely unable to process reality, and do not believe anyone watching can ‘see what they see’.

It is immediately apparent that crimes reported in the newspapers cannot be dismissed as ‘Satanic panic’ conspiracy theory, and that the trolls attempting to present this straw man argument are the Id-IOTs. It is also immediately apparent there is only one reason they would attempt something so desperate, sleazy, and clumsy.

All the evidence anyone needs to see I am acting honestly can be found here: https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/2021/04/10/the-satanic-paedophile-ring/

One month is not “six months”, and it is beyond ironic to be called egoistic by members of a cloak flapping pseudo-Illuminati. Just because these self identified ‘Chaos magicians’ (CRINGE!) believe they can escape the consequences of their own stupidity by ‘magic’ does not make it so. Reality is not subjective and will not ‘warp’ to accommodate them.

While I may draw public attention to their clearly suspect behaviour I refuse to engage with these sad, pathetic, deluded morons.


Neuromancy, Sorcery

The grimoires of tradition make many references to communion with the intelligences and angels of the planets, chiefly for their knowledge but also for aid in ‘results magick’. The influence of such forces is also widely accepted in astrology, the fundamental materialist objection to which lies in that the great distances between Earth and the other planets, and the lack of any intervening medium, prohibits the possibility of their effecting us. If such a possibility is recognised at all it is assumed such effects would be so minimal their existence would be negligible.

The case on behalf of astrology rests upon whether celestial phenomena correlate with earthly events, and accumulates when it is acknowledged that both Sun and Moon are chronometers of various changes on the Earth, most obviously in the cycles of day and night, the turning of the seasons, the rising and falling tides, and more subtly, such as when solar storms effect the electromagnetic field of the Earth, and therefore the brainwaves and consciousness of anyone within such fields. It is now understood that space is not the great void we once believed it to be, but consists of subtle fields that occupy the entire universe, existing in ratios and balances that when in flux, such as during local terrestrial or non-local extraterrestrial electromagnetic events, propagate fluctuations in the whole.

Since human consciousness is an expression of the Earth’s own frequencies, originating within it yet able to transcend space-time, it naturally follows that the archetypal resonances of the planets express intelligences of their own, whether or not these intelligences possess forms constraining them to space-time. Recordings made by NASA prove an uncanny correlation between the nature of the archetypal planets as they are known to astrology and the actual resonances of the planets; for example, the resonance of our own plant sounds something like the warble of a didgeridoo, the resonance of Venus stirs emotions of longing, while Saturn’s is a haunting wail of existential despair.

The archetypal expressions of the Laws governing space-time also govern the frequencies of the planets within our solar system, because these too originate within the consciousness of the Absolute. Just as the Ancestral dimensions are experienced as simultaneously separate from and at one with the Laws, so does this continuum meet with the planetary resonances and their corresponding intelligences.

Communion with extra-terrestrials becomes possible by means of the Gamma-Theta telepathic signal, as coherence does not attenuate over distance. out-of-body awareness also allows for faster than light travel and remote viewing, even of locations as distant as other planets; Ingo Swann quite famously having sketched and painted the rings around Pluto long before their existence was known by NASA. Dr. John Lilly invented the sensory deprivation chamber after receiving the instructions from telepathic communion with Venusians, who also provided him with information about human neurology that, once confirmed by experiment, significantly advanced scientific understanding of the brain’s electromagnetic activity; so much so that he, like Swann, was presented with an affidavit by the CIA, and his findings kept secret as a matter of National Security.

CIA files concerning both remote viewing programmes and UFOs, released under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm their psychic agents have been exploring other planets, and communing with extra- terrestrial intelligences, since before the 1980s. When our own consciousness frequencies synchronise with these archetypal expressions, each its own separate dimension of awareness, it allows us to perceive them. No fan-fair has been made, with the programmes covered up under a campaign of disinformation and silence.

Even more impressive is that the ancient Sumerians also correctly described our solar system, including those planets not visible to the eye and only rediscovered in recent times, including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They provided accurate information about all the planets. including their size, distances, and surface conditions. Since the Sumerians were right about these now discovered planets it would be foolish to assume they were wrong about everything else, such as the as yet unconfirmed existence a the planet Nibiru, whose orbit is irregular to the other planets, periodically coming closer to the sun and the known solar system. Researchers at Ruhr University, Germany, confirmed in the 1970s that a disruptive gravitational field can be detected as effecting the known planets, and which could only be attributed to the existence of an unknown planet estimated to be around five times the size of Earth; making it, as the Sumerians described it to be, the third largest planet in our solar system. According to these same Sumerian texts, Nibiru is the abode of the Anunnaki, an advanced extra-terrestrial species who came to Earth in pre-history and bioengineered humans. It is from these intelligences that the Sumerian texts claim to have received their accurate maps of the solar system.

There are many other examples in our world’s religions suggesting extraterrestrial contact. Both Siva and Karuda are said to have possessed what are described as flying birds, capable of travel to other planets. Consider the ‘wheels’ of the Cherubim. The Ark of the Covenant is also described as flying, with the deaths described after contact and proximity with it baring a striking resemblance to the symptoms of radiation sickness. Perhaps Genesis and the Book of Enoch in fact describe contact between humans and extraterrestrials, with the monstrous spawn of the Nephilim also comparable to radiation exposure, or even the mutations of modern cloning and DNA research.

In the 21st century, UFO sightings continue today, with many (often heavily redacted) CIA files concerning the subject having been released under the Freedom of Information act. Are there real aliens, or is it all Operation Blue-Beam?

Our star-map has expanded exponentially since the days of classical astrology; or even since Sumeria. Given the analysis of the KEPLAR space mission data, listing as many as forty billion Earth size planets orbiting in the known habitable zones within our Galaxy, it would be highly unlikely that we alone in the Universe, or that we would be the most evolved species. Recognising also the possibilities of out-of- body travel at faster than light speeds, and that our own sciences are at this time advancing beyond the limits of materialism, it only stands to reason that any ael-ian psychically advanced enough would similarly explore the Universe; travelling through space in a capsule is equivalent to aquatic life attempting to transition to land based mammals by travelling in gold-fish bowls.

Given that information is non-local, unbound by the space-time Matrix, there may even be consciousnesses that never evolved physical bodies in the first place..

– Nathaniel J. Harris, The Neuronomicon

Since publication of The Neuronomicon, further evidence supporting my claims has come to light regarding almost every aspect of Theta-Sorcery Theory. The CIA’s serious interest in UFO phenomena is no exception:



Time is running out to catch up on my YouTube channel. I will be deleting it myself. YouTube broke data protection law and exposed my home address to a group of people involved with sadistic child abuse, and conspiracy to murder, who themselves published it over FaceBook. Neither of these platforms do anything to protect their users from targeting by criminal groups or individuals, whatever their claim.

They also censor, and even de-platform, those who speak up concerning such groups, or who are otherwise targeted by them. Despite ‘winning’ against a false, malicious, and technically illegal copyright claim against my self-created materials, despite having had my wrongfully deleted channel returned, and despite having received email notification of the two disputed videos being returned, my videos exposing these criminals for the same behaviour exhibited on this blog have been censored.

If YouTube were a company based in the UK I could easily sue them for a large sum of money. As it is, I need to focus my resources on a specific outcome. I will return to deal with problems like this when the overall situation has resolved itself. Until then, I will not be engaging further with IdIOTs, useful or otherwise.


Book Review, Neuromancy

Readers of my work The NeuronomIcon will be aware of its correspondences to the psychic technology presented in the CIA declassified document The Gateway Experience, a full version of which may be founds here – complete with the previously missing page 25 >


The CIA paper is concerned with out-of-body movement and escape from space-time. It also includes instructions on the creation of what might otherwise be described as astral weapons. As with the techniques described in The Neuronomicon, the essential process of The Gateway Experience requires attainment to a specific mental state, measurable on an enceolephograph as precisely 7.83Hz. The researchers speculate as to the matching of this brainwave with a higher frequency, which parallels the most powerful techniques I describe when Theta 7.83Hz brainwaves are matched with the higher states of Gamma; a phenomena yet to be recorded by neuroscience at the time the CIA investigation was conducted. That such evidence as this should be made publicly available so soon after the publication of The NeuronomIcon seems like the intervention of The Absolute. Do take the time to read through the paper!

The Gateway Experience had not been made available to me when I published the original hard-back edition of The NeuronomIcon, but someone who bought that work sent me a link. Although the techniques described are quite basic compared to the The NeuronomIcon the parallels are striking; so much so that the paperback edition is re-edited in parts for ease of congruence between the two – chiefly, the use of term’The Absolute’; a term that appears also in the works of William C. Gough and Dean Radin, and meaning exactly what I had referred to in the first edition as ‘Greater Mind’. It is also the name of the first hexagram in my latest work, The Sorcerer’s Yi-Jing.




Above: Qian / Mind

Below: Qian / Mind

Nuclear Trigrams: Qian / Mind and Qian / Mind

Ruling line: 5th

The Absolute conceives sublime success, / Beyond Space-Time. / The Absolute generates the Force. / The Adept maintains integrity. / Sacrifices are accepted. / The Omens are favourable. / The movements of the Absolute are powerful. / The Force is strong in the Adept.

The charaktēre corresponding to the first hexagram in Bronze Age survivals of the Yi-Jing has been endlessly argued over by translators and academics. It is perhaps representative of an astronomical / astrological constellation. The modern scholar and poet Wen Yiduo identifies it with the Pole Star. The Chinese name Qian may be translated to mean the head, the Heavens, Attainment, and the primal consciousness to which all creation owes its origins; The Absolute.

The doubling of the trigram Qian / Mind over Qian / Mind indicates unceasing repetition, such as one day following another, bringing us to the concept of Time. The hexagram is formed entirely from solid lines; its attributes are strength, integrity, modesty, and justice, indicating both the way of Heaven and of the Adept. The Absolute corresponds to Light giving power at its zenith.

All things, animate or inanimate, consist of light. The material plane exists within the 49th octave of vibration of the electromagnetic light spectrum. Below this range are barely visible radiant heat, then invisible infrared, television and radiowaves, sound and brainwaves; above it is barely visible ultraviolet, then the invisible frequencies of chemicals and perfumes, followed by x-rays, gamma rays, radium rays and unknown cosmic rays. The idea that any of us are separate from the light is an illusion. Light has no beginning and no end; it is eternal.

In relation to the macrocosm this denotes the generating power of The Absolute, what some have called the Mind of God, apprehending and giving actuality to the Universal Laws and bringing about all phenomena, along with ideas yet to become real.

In relation to microcosm it relates to the inspiration that awakens the Mind to develop its higher faculties, and the seeking of Truth. Each step Attained is in preparation to the next; just as the Absolute conceives all things until each takes form, then keeps them in conformity with its harmonising resonance. Yet success depends not on mere persistence; the Adept must work towards a clearly conceived goal, harmonising with the Universal Laws.

The Oracle advises that the Way is Opened and Attainment lies ahead. Success comes from the apparent intervention of the Absolute, as if it were aligned and working toward a common goal. Everything depends upon persevering in what is correct. Time is not the enemy, but the means of making real what begins with the Mind.

9 in the 1st place;

Occult potential. / Have patience. / Power in a lowly position.

The first line is light in a light position, suggesting the first stages of Creation. Since it is subsumed beneath the nuclear trigram, and not a part of it, the line’s light giving qualities are still in potential.

In terms of the macrocosm, the influence of the Absolute is still hidden, existing only in potential yet discerning the immutable Laws that may bring about enduring conditions both in and beyond space-time.

In the microcosm this represents the Aspirant, who has great potential but has yet to Attain. Nonetheless, they remain true to their own self, unassuaged by hopes and fears. The Adept learns how to develop their self so that their influence may endure, casting out all that is profane and disintegrating. Thus they Attain the discipline of meditation, which is the first step towards Attainment

The Oracle advises confident patience. If the Will is to prevail it must not lust after results. Drawing strength from within, each action is followed by another, without cease.

9 in the 2nd place;

Power becomes apparent. / It furthers one to consult the Adept. / Inner power spreads its influence / Across the four quarters of the world.

The second line is a light in a dark place. Being the centre of the lower primary trigram, and the first line of the lower nuclear trigram, it is no longer subsumed and is thus twice as powerful as the previous line. Additionally, it is in affinity with the Magi in the fifth place.

The influence of the Absolute begins to show itself. In terms of the microcosm, it denotes that the Adept has Attained a seriousness of purpose which exerts an influence upon their environment without conscious effort. Even in ordinary speech they are reliable, and responsible in their actions. They learn in order to gather information, and question in order to ascertain its Truth. Their character is influential as an agent of transformation. Since they are inevitably set upon the path to Attainment it furthers one to consult with them.

The Oracle advises that our behaviour remains moderate and correct, maintaining integrity while doing away with whatever is false. We should go quietly about our work without boasting of our Attainments.

9 in the 3rd place;

All day long the masses flock. / At night the Adept / Contemplates the Shadows. / Danger. Maintain integrity. / The Adept walks in power, / Advancing and retreating.

The nine in the third place is light in a light position. It shows redoubled strength, yet is not in a central position, while also being neither above or below. Therefore it must be persistent in its progress, yet also cautious if dangers and mistakes are to be avoided.

The sphere of influence opens up for the Adept and their fame spreads. All day long the masses flock to them, and in the evening their mind is troubled with the cares and concerns of humanity, and by their own Shadows. The Adept labours at the Great Work and fosters their character through loyalty and faith. But there is danger here; many an Adept has been swept along by the masses and carried with their course.

The Oracle advises to remain in touch with the demands of the time. By working on our words, ensuring they rest upon Truth, we make our work endure. Knowing how this is to be achieved, and then achieving it, we are able to initiate the right potentials. We must not be proud if our position is superior, nor despondent if subordinate. We must remain creatively active and, as is appropriate, cautious of our situation; in this way we avoid mistakes.

9 in the 4th place;

Standing at the Crossroads. / Maintain integrity. / No error in advancing.

The line is neither above or below, nor is it in the middle. It is light in a dark position. Here the way of Mind is about to transform itself, testing its powers. The line represents the upper limit of what pertains to the profane man within this hexagram, and in order to advance it must sacrifice its place within the Matrix and soar into realms beyond space-time.

A choice must be made; the Adept may take the left hand or the right hand path. Each must choose according to the inner law of their nature. Each must determine their own destiny. If the Adept remains true to their self they find the Way best for them and maintain their integrity. Having freedom of choice we make no mistakes.

9 in the 5th place;

Occult powers. / Fame spreads throughout the world. / It furthers one to consult the Adept. / The Adept begins the Great Work.

The fifth place is the Magi of the hexagram; it is light in a light place, meaning both its position and character are in accord; a strong leader of a hexagram consisting entirely of light lines, and so at harmony with itself.

Things that accord in tone harmonise together. Things with inner affinity seek out one another. Water flows towards the wet, fire flows towards the dry. Clouds follow the dragon, wind follows the tiger. Thus the Adept rises, and all people follow him. What is born of Heaven has affinity to what is above. What is born of Earth has affinity to what is below. Each follows its kind.

The Oracle advises that we adapt to the needs of the time. We are now in a place of power and responsibility. Everything goes easily and there is no resistance. When the Adept harmonises with the Absolute it does not contradict them, the Laws accord with them and do not resist them; thus it furthers one to consult with them.

9 in the 6th place;

Arrogant Magi will have cause to regret. / Pride before the fall.

The final line is light in a light position, standing above both nuclear trigrams and at the conclusion of the upper primary, and thus of the hexagram as a whole. By the law governing all the changes mapped out within the Yi-Jing, whatever reaches its extreme becomes its opposite, turning back upon itself.

Whoever stands high yet has no corresponding position, whose following do not have their support, will have cause to regret at every turn. Arrogance is pressing forward when one should hold back, going to extremes, thinking only of success and admitting no possibility of failure. In time it exhausts itself. The wise Adept knows when to advance and when to retreat, knowing both existence and annihilation, without losing their Truth and integrity.

If all lines are nines;

Manifestations of power are witnessed. / Good results. / The Absolute is the only reality. / All else is the Matrix.

When Qian / The Absolute undergoes change in all the lines the laws of reality are conceived, each in turn, generating K’Un / The Matrix. It is at this point that omniscient Awareness, cognisant of its Self, collapses the wave form of the holographic universe.


Excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Yi-Jing.



We made the UK Column News. They have misused our tragedy to besmirch a perfectly reasonable campaign to gain an official apology for historical crimes of the Church against folk-healers, midwives, and cunning folk, and to cry “Satan is coming!” UK Column seem to imply the Church had actually been purging paedophiles when Hopkins and his kind were at large. It is a blatantly absurd misrepresentation of history. Hopefully this link should take you straight to the segment..

It is a blessing to have attention drawn to our case, as we need to put pressure on the police to repair their previous miscarriages. But it is not helpful to anyone that UK Column has misrepresented the truth in this way. I offer my sincere apologies to the Witches of Scotland.

Please do support their petition to the Scottish Parliament: https://archive2021.parliament.scot/gettinginvolved/petitions/witchesofscotland

UK Column did link to my article via their own website. It is getting referrals directly. So not all bad, as the more attention is drawn to these crimes the better: a large number of Colin Batley’s cohorts remain at large. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/bristol-prostitutes-satanic-sex-cult-2262149

And an unclosed murder investigation: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/witches-abuse-murder-pagan-paedophile-2563685

But to misrepresent us in this way is just another kind of abuse.

This is not my doing, any of it. I have never abused a child, ritualistically or otherwise. I have never publicly executed anyone for witchcraft. I am not responsible for spuriously linking the two, and I do not support any agenda that attempts to do so. This Christian agenda perfectly mirrors the narrative the paedophiles are using to cloak themselves. It gives credibility to the likes of Peter Petrauske when they cry “Witch hunt!”


There is no Truth to the claim that the Witchcraft Persecutions of history were aimed at cloak flapping secret societies of ‘Pagan paedophiles’. Historical records provide no actual evidence of any such lineages. Indeed, the Cunning Folk of England and Scotland could more accurately be described as ‘folk Catholic’. Those who were tortured and murdered in the historical Thanatomania addressed by The Witches’ of Scotlands’s campaign were primarily women. Midwives were particularly singled out.

Belief in witchcraft or magic does not inevitably lead to ritualistic child abuse, any more than the belief in Christ leads to the rape of choir boys. There are no instructions in any historical grimoires to abuse children, any more than there are commandments in the Bible to do so. It is not the BELIEF SYSTEM that is to blame for paedophiles, even if they are hiding behind it, and even if they use ‘belief’ to control and terrorise their targets.

The reason these real tragedies can be misrepresented this way is because the cloak flapping Pagan ‘scene’ has spuriously linked itself to these historical persecutions, and has also been infiltrated by paedophiles, in just the same way as some Churches. If people like Peter J. Carroll, Christina Harrington of Treadwells Books, and others of influence in the Pagan / occult community had acted appropriately in the first place it would not have come to this.

Pretending these crimes did not happen – when they are there in the newspapers and on our TV – is not going to work. Pretending our disclosures are not self evident is not going to work. The guilty, yet to be prosecuted, are on borrowed time.. and when THEY go down, everyone that acted to cover-up for them, promote them, and wash their money, will suffer extreme humiliation.


Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Colin Batley, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanism, Uncategorized

This essay is an extract from a document currently being distributed to journalists, researchers, and police.


In August 2012 my autistic (‘common law’) stepson began making disclosures of organised abuse at the hands of a Satanic cult, suffered from the ages of six to sixteen; two years after he had come to live with myself and his mother. The members of this cult were identified to us as my own biological father, the mother of my daughter, her new boy friend, another previous girl friend, her new boy friend, an ex boyfriend, two other old friends, my publisher, the father of Jasmine’s son, his new wife, someone who had recently acquired residence on the street where we lived, and the psychopathic paedophile Frank Parker – featured on Panorama: Exposed, the Bail Hostel Scandal and reported in the newspapers as having been returned to jail.

It is only when our histories and the connections between these people is understood that it becomes apparent how plausible the disclosures really were. My mother and stepfather identify as Wiccans, sometimes as Druids, sometimes as Thelemites, as does the father of Jasmine’s son, while my biological father is a Satanist, my previous lovers all call themselves Chaos magicians, while our neighbour was an alleged Druid.. many were also members of The Pagan Federation. Adrian Bryn-Evans was among those central to my stepson’s abuse, while their biological father is among his longest ‘friendships’. They are like players in the same live action role playing game and it has all taken an extremely wrong turn. I know this because not only are my parents ‘Wiccans’, I myself was a ‘Priest’ of Chaos magic, and the author of several successful ‘occult’ books. If there is such a thing as real magic it cannot be found among these deluded psychopaths but their real abuses are against real people, and the failure of the system has been equally real.

Police did not believes us. They accused us of being insane. They did not investigate. None of those identified were so much as interviewed. The case was closed, and I was blamed for the disclosures, and accused of ‘pro-active action’ during the six weeks before (then) Detective Amy Hewitt began an . Social workers in the family law courts alleged that I had brainwashed Jasmine and her son into believing they were real. After a nine month long case, after Jasmine herself requested a fact finding, the Magistrate ruled that we had all been failed by the system. My stepson would be allowed to live with whoever he chose. Social services returned him to his father, we believe without giving him a choice; disobeying the Magistrate’s ruling.

This book is intended for journalists only and is not intended for release to the public. It concerns an extremely sadistic ritualistic paedophile ring that has been operating in the UK for decades, an unsolved ritualistic murder, and the arrogant incompetence of police and social services who have placed those coming forward with disclosures in even more danger as well as traumatising them further. The authors are the son of three perpetrators from this group (their mother, biological father, and stepfather) and the estranged mother of a disabled child, now a vulnerable adult who has been abused by this group since infancy and is quite probably still being abused by them. Our names are Nathaniel J. Harris and Jasmine DeVille, and we have already received limited online attention having been interviewed by Shaun Atwood and Sonia Poulton, both times with the intention of forcing police to recognise their terrible errors and prove public interest and concern. Numerous complaints have been made over the last decade to the IOPC but to no avail. The intention of this work is to inform journalists and researchers so they can expose this paedophile ring and solve the murder.

The following extract is from Cornwall Live, 10th November 2019. It is available in its entirety online: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/cornwalls-most-mysterious-unsolved-murder-3517641

* * *


Communities were left in shock and the killers have never been brought to justice


Margaret James, 58, is currently serving a 20-year jail sentence for conspiracy to murder her paganist lover Peter Solheim. However, her co-plotters have never been caught.

In June 2004, the mutilated body of Mr Solheim, 56, was dragged aboard the vessel the Clairvoyant by two fishermen after they spotted it floating in the sea off Cornwall.

The dead man had been drugged before he was hacked about the body with a blunt machete or axe and hurled into the sea – he did not die from his horrific injuries, but drowned.

Unlike Cornwall’s other unsolved murders, the Solheim case did reach court and a partial conviction.

During the case at Truro Crown Court it was revealed that Mr Solheim of Carnkie, near Helston, West Cornwall, was a parish councillor who dabbled in black magic and dealt in pornography.

The jury believed the prosecution’s case that James, of Porthoustock, on Cornwall’s Lizard peninsula, had acted to murder Mr Solheim after she learned he was poised to leave her in favour of his mistress of nearly 20 years, Jean Knowles, of Par, near St Austell.

In her evidence James told the court that she had last seen Mr Solheim when she dropped him off at Mylor Harbour for a fishing trip with a friend called Charlie on June 16, 2004.

Using Mr Solheim’s mobile phone she then sent a series of fake text messages from him to Mrs Knowles. What James did not realise was that the body had already been found five miles south-east of Black Head, on the Lizard peninsula.

Police never believed that James had acted alone and are still hunting her co-conspirators as she has never revealed who they are.

In 2012 Solheim was accused of child rape in a sensational turn of events at a trial into alleged sex abuse at pagan ceremonies.

* * *

My parents were called as character witnesses at the trial of James. Their names are Ann and Adrian Brynn-Evans, and like Solheim they are ‘pagans’. Their photograph appears at the head of an article printed around the time of the trial. The following report is from The Falmouth Packet, 17th May, 2005. It is available to read online at https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/762337.pagan-peter-liked-talking-sex/

At the time of this trial my parents were living in Wells, Somerset. In 2013 they returned to live in Milton Keynes, where they had previously lived in the 1990s. They organise an event that takes place in Glastonbury called The Wytches’ Market, and their address is available online:


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Bearded pagan Peter Solheim fancied himself as being “hot stuff” and attractive to women, constantly talking about sex, a jury at Truro Crown Court heard.

Fellow pagans Adrian and Ann Bryn-Evans said that Solheim talked frequently about sex, making his partner Margaret James feel uncomfortable.

James, 57, from Porthoustock, is currently on trial charged with killing Peter Solheim, a former Budock parish councillor. She denies murdering Mr Solheim between June 15 and 19, 2004, and conspiracy to murder with others unknown between June 1 and 19, 2004.

Mr Bryn-Evans, who now lives in Somerset and is the district manager for the Pagan Federation for Wessex, said that Solheim, when trying to make an impression, would also tell people: “I make a very good friend but a very bad enemy,” declared Mrs Ann Bryn-Evans, a pagan priestess for about 20 years, said she first met Solheim and James at a “moot” or meeting in Tehidy Woods, near Camborne, in May 1999. They became friends, but later Solheim became critical of them.

“I felt Margaret came along to keep Peter happy and to keep an eye on him,” she said. “I felt she was not enthusiastic and would rather he wasn’t involved.”

Asked by prosecutor Sarah Munro, QC, about Solheim’s attitude to sex, Mrs Bryn-Evans said he talked about it frequently. “At first it seemed a bit amusing, then I felt there was too much of it. I felt Margaret was uncomfortable when he spoke about other women and how he was very attractive to them. He was boasting, describing himself as hot stuff’ and saying that he never had any trouble attracting women.”

Questioned by defence counsel Paul Dunkels, QC, the witness agreed that Solheim had got himself banned from some of the “moots” because people were worried about his attitude towards women. After a while they began to feel he was “disturbing and unpleasant.”

Solheim, she said, had frightened a mutual friend by going to her home to see her when her husband was out and she was by herself. Solheim had also used his assumed knowledge of the occult to upset people.

Mr Bryn-Evans, wearing black and a pentagon necklace, said that he and his wife lived in Cornwall until February 2004 and he had been the administrator for the Devon and Cornwall practising witches. “We try to live our lives with nature,” he said.

He said they held eight celebrations a year when pagans and witches got together and cast a circle. Asked by Miss Munro to explain further, Mr Bryn-Evans replied: “I can’t tell you that because you are not a witch. There are certain fundamental aspects of paganism which those who do not take part will not be told. We honour the gods and godesses (sic).”

He also assured Miss Munro that it should not involve any violent rituals “we have never practised a violent ritual in our time.”

Solheim, he said, was very keen on women and liked to think of himself as a womaniser.

Mr Bryn-Evans agreed with Mr Dunkels that he had told the police Solheim was “quite dislikeable” as he was always setting friends against each other.

Mrs Carolyn Rogers, James’ next-door neighbour for many years, said that after Solheim had been found dead Margaret seemed to cope quite well her normal, chatty, cheerful self.

The witness told Mr Dunkels that she had not found Solheim a person she could warm to. He came across as a “know it all,” claiming that whatever anyone was talking about he had done it and that he knew the right people to get things done.

He was very proud of his position on the parish council in the sense that he could get things done, but not for the good of the community. The sense of power was important to him.

“I didn’t trust him and thought him sly,” said Mrs Rogers. “He wasn’t someone I would want to have a conversation with, but I did because of Margaret.”

The trial continues.

* * *

Note that Adrian Brynn-Evans was at this time the regional coordinator for an organisation called The Pagan Federation. This is an ‘umbrella’ organisation whose membership is drawn from various ‘paths’ of paganism including Wicca (‘pagan’ witchcraft), Druidry, Thelema (followers of Aleister Crowley), and Chaos Magic, among others. This provided him with a fat address book, and put him into contact with all the leading ‘pagan’ groups in the UK. As such he was an important person in that world, with considerable influence. According to The Pagan Federation‘s own website, https://www.paganfed.org/ ; “Founded in 1971 the PF seeks to support all Pagans to ensure they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and religions. It aims to promote a positive profile for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan beliefs to the media, official bodies and the greater community. The Pagan Federation regards membership of any organisations that refuse to support freedom of religion and equality of race, gender, and sexual orientation, as incompatible with our aims, objectives and values.”

Ann and Adrian Brynn-Evans moved to Cornwall around 1998, taking a residence close to The Museum of Witchcraft, and New Age artist Peter Pracownick, with whom Adrian had been friends since the 1970s. For many years Ann and Adrian produced the newsletter for the Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft and attended regular ‘society’ meetings there. They also ran various events, such as the meetings of The Pagan Federation, and their own ‘Wytchcraft convention’ which was held at Camelot Castle.

The following report is from Mail Online, 6th July 2006. My parents are quoted again. Also appearing as a character witness alongside them was Wiccan ‘High Priest’ Peter Petrauske, who will shall return to shortly. The report is available to read online at:


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Dressed in a horned helmet, metal breastplate and wielding a double-edged four-foot long sword, Peter Solheim cut a truly extraordinary figure.

“I make a very good friend,” he solemnly informed the gathering of fellow witches and Druids, “and a very bad enemy.”

High drama but never could the 56-year-old parish councillor turned pagan have guessed how those words would one day come back to haunt him.

A few months on, almost exactly two years ago now, Solheim was brutally murdered – dumped in the Channel off the coast of Cornwall and left to drown.

Drugged and with his limbs and head bludgeoned to a bloody pulp with a machete, he had no hope of saving himself. Yesterday, Margaret James, his lover of nine years, was convicted of masterminding the plot to kill him.

In a cruel echo of Solheim’s own words, the best of friends had indeed turned into the worst of enemies. “It was you who wanted him dead and you who masterminded and orchestrated the events which culminated in his death,” Judge Graham Cottle told James, 58, as he jailed her for 20 years at Truro Crown Court. “What you orchestrated was a horrific and slow death.”

The story of James’s bloody betrayal of her boyfriend is in equal measure extraordinary and horrifying, its plotline built around a volatile, unstable mixture of sex, witchcraft, greed and jealousy. Its conclusion also hangs in the air. To this day, James’s accomplice, whoever he or she may be, remains very much at large.

Played out to the ancient backdrop of the Cornish countryside, a land of folklore and myth, the roots of this murder mystery can be traced back to 1995 and an advert placed in the lonely hearts’ column of a local newspaper.

James, a petite vegan with a penchant for nettle tea and a voracious sexual appetite, was looking for companionship and replied.

A mother of two, she had been single since the mid-80s when her first husband Francis James died in a fire at the gravel pit where he was working.

She received a £50,000 insurance settlement following the accident which she used to buy a former coastguard cottage on an exposed bluff of land above the Cornish hamlet of Porthoustock.

To locals, she cut an eccentric, remote figure – swimming naked in the sea and living in near-squalor. She got by on a widow’s pension and made a bit of extra pocket money selling mobile phones and SIM cards.

Like James, Solheim was also divorced and when the two met they quickly discovered they shared an interest in ‘alternative’ lifestyles – or “sex, pills and potions” as the prosecuting barrister in the trial would put it.

“We ended up going to bed and, to coin a phrase, were ‘at it like rabbits’,” was how James described the early days of their relationship to police.

“When it started I would say it was ridiculous, we never seemed to be out of bed. That returned to normality over time but our relationship continued with a high sexual and physical attraction.”

Evidently, theirs’ was a highly-charged relationship from the start. And it was never a particularly easy one. For starters, Solheim was a difficult and unpopular individual. Cornish-born, he was the only child of the chief engineer of a Norwegian whaling ship, a heritage that in later life would lead to a fascination with the Viking gods.

With his father often away at sea, he was raised by his mother Dorothy in the village of Budock Water on the outskirts of Falmouth and as a child was obsessed with knives and guns.

Following a stint as a panel beater, Solheim worked for the printing company Stralfords in Camborne but is understood to have taken early retirement in the mid-nineties suffering from manic depression.

He received incapacity benefit and, with money earned selling pirated hardcore porn DVDs and antique weapons (his collection was worth £30,000) was considered a relatively wealthy man.

By the time he met James he had not only split from his wife, Jean (a dispatch clerk whom he married in 1971) but had also severed contact with his two children, Lisa, 29, and Daniel, 25.

“I last spoke to my father on Christmas Day 1995 and we didn’t leave on the best of terms,” Lisa told the Mail. “He’d just met Margaret and I didn’t get on very well with her – nothing specific but we never hit it off. As I was old enough to move out, I moved out.

“In any case I wasn’t happy with all the guns and knives he kept in the house. He had a fiery temper and I was always afraid that he would lose his cool one day and do something that he would regret. Most of the friends he used to have when I was living with him have drifted away. He completely changed after he divorced my mum.”

The change, in particular, could be seen in two areas of his life: women and witchcraft. And James fell into both camps. At first, it seems, she was happy to accompany him to various solstice and equinox celebrations but it quickly became apparent to onlookers that he was more serious about the occult than she was.

“He became very taken by the gods Oden and Thor and was definitely veering towards the dark side of magic,” Tamsin Parish, a 23-year-old Druid who first met Solheim in the late nineties told the Mail. “Oden and Thor are Nordic gods and are very powerful and we were all worried that he thought he could tap into that power and was somehow being a messenger for those gods. Put it this way, we didn’t get the feeling that he was using that power in a good way.”

Having parted company with the Druids, Solheim joined a local group of Wiccans, devotees of a pre-Christian pagan religion who honour gods and goddesses and hold rituals to mark the changing seasons.

Peter Petrauske, high priest of the Falmouth coven, says that while they would worship in plain white robes Solheim insisted on wearing a horned helmet and breastplate. He would also carry a sword.

“He told us he wanted to be known as Thor’s Hammer,” said Mr Petrauske. “He was following the Norse way and was far more interested in that side of things.”

He was also very interested in sex. Pagan priestess Ann Bryn-Evans recalled how Solheim thought he was irresistible to women.

“He spoke about it very frequently,” said Mrs Bryn-Evans. “At first it was amusing but then there was too much of it. Margaret smiled and smirked as if she felt proud about it. But as time went on she became uncomfortable if he mentioned other women and said he was attracted to them. He was a boaster. He described himself as hot stuff. He felt he was very attractive to women and had no trouble in attracting them.”

An openly flirtatious man, it is clear that James did not trust Solheim in the least.

On one occasion when he was out, she searched his house and later told a friend how she had found a doll with pins in it, a video camera and ladies’ underwear hidden in the attic.

All the time her suspicions were fuelled by the knowledge that Solheim had been having a 20-year on-off relationship with a woman by the name of Jean Knowles. “We had a sexual relationship, except when I was in other sexual relationships, but we stayed in contact, we were there for each other,” thrice-divorced 63-year-old Mrs Knowles would tell the court.

“I knew of Margaret and that there were possibly other women. We each did what we wanted to do.”

James, however, did not share this laissez-faire approach and on one occasion telephoned Mrs Knowles to tell her to stop contacting Solheim.

But they continued to communicate by phone and in the three years before Solheim’s death started to see one another more and more.

“He sometimes stayed overnight,” said Mrs Knowles. “And we had sex three or four times a month. He liked it – that is for sure.”

Indeed, so much did he like ‘it’ that by the end of 2003 he had decided that his future lay with his long-term mistress. He bought her an engagement ring and began to renovate his mother’s vacant home with a view to moving there after they married.

“He asked me not to wear the ring until the time was right,” she told the court. Solheim, it would appear, was nervous about telling James that their relationship was going to end. He told Mrs Knowles that once she knew, “the muck will hit the fan”. On June 15th 2004 Solheim made one last entry in his calendar. It simply read: “Secret’s found out.”

This, police assume, meant that he had told James that they were finished. On the following day his jilted girlfriend wreaked her terrible revenge. Using the powerful sedative Lorazepam, Solheim was first drugged and then set about with a machete or axe. A total of 18 injuries, including four deep cuts to the head that would have left him unconscious but not dead, were inflicted.

He had three broken ribs and bruising to his chest and back, grazing on his buttocks where he had been dragged across rough ground and a deep cut to his left knee that had broken the kneecap. Another ‘targeted’ injury had almost severed his right big toe.

It is accepted that James, who stands at little more than 5ft tall, did not act alone and detectives believe that given Solheim’s abrasive character and illicit dealings in guns and pornography, there would have been no shortage of willing accomplices.

“Don’t be fooled by this diminutive woman. In truth she has a heart of stone,” prosecutor Sarah Munro QC, told the jury at Truro Crown Court. “The injuries were caused by blunt and sharp weapons likely to be a machete or axe. The injuries have been deliberately targeted. You will have to consider whether to make his suffering more severe or to ensure his movement was heavily restricted.”

Notable amongst the injuries was damage to his fingers. A ring given to Solheim by Mrs Knowles had been ripped off and replaced by one of James’s. For two days Solheim was held captive (where, exactly, remains unclear) before being taken out to sea and dumped. He was alive when he entered the water but would have drowned quickly.

Had the plot gone to plan then Solheim’s body would never have been found. Instead, a passing trawler picked it up within a matter of hours.

Clearly, James was not immediately aware of this. She had Solheim’s mobile phone and sent a series of ‘red herring’ texts to her own phone and to that of Mrs Knowles purporting to be from him. In them she wrote that he had met a friend named Charlie, that they were going fishing together and could be heading for France or Spain.

But checks subsequently showed that all the calls had been routed through the St Keverne transmission mast near James’s home and that some were sent up to 36 hours after his body had been recovered.

The texts received by Mrs Knowles aroused instant suspicion. Normally, Solheim never referred to James by her first name, Margaret, but as ‘M’ or ‘It’. But in the texts Mrs Knowles received from the 17th onwards the name Margaret was used in full.

In the days and weeks following the discovery of Solheim’s body James stuck to the story that she had last seen him on June 16th when he had gone off fishing with the mysterious Charlie. But when officers spoke with her they found her vague – unable to say at what time she had last seen him – and unemotional.

Suspicions were heightened when a search of Solheim’s house – named Valhalla in honour of the Viking gods – found just £20. A safe was missing and £24,000 cash was subsequently found at James’s mother’s house. A further £900 was found hidden under a mattress in James’s own home with a note that read: “What goes around, comes around.”

Police also discovered a list in her handwriting of lethal poisons, each annotated with the dose needed for it to be fatal to humans. Arrested the following month, James was not charged until February 2005.

During the trial the three men and nine women of the jury heard evidence from James who attempted to blacken her former lovers name in any way she could. She told the court that Solheim was obsessed with black magic, on one occasion spending three nights stood in a stone circle reciting the Lord’s Prayer backwards.

She also claimed that he was obsessed with pornography and had forced himself on her sexually “a couple of dozen times” during their relationship.

Further, Paul Dunkels QC, her barrister, claimed that Solheim had received hate mail branding him a paedophile which could have provided a motive for whoever it was that wanted him dead.

Originally accused of murder and conspiracy to murder, during the trial the jury was instructed by the judge that there was insufficient evidence to convict James of murder and on his orders they returned a not guilty verdict.

But after nine hours of deliberations, yesterday they found James guilty of the conspiracy charge.

As well as the prison term, James was also ordered to pay £120,000 towards the costs of the prosecution.

Told by Judge Cottle she had shown no remorse for her crime, she shouted: “I can’t feel remorse for something I haven’t done.”

Two years ago, shortly after the killing, James gave a brief interview to the Mail.

Then, she told of Solheim’s interest in the Norse Gods, how she believed he was a Satanist and how she was “coping as well as she might”

Asked if she had any idea about who killed Solheim she paused and then said: “You only know about a person what they choose to tell you.”

Until now James has chosen to reveal nothing about how her boyfriend really died. And yet, as the jury concluded, despite her lies the whole world now knows the truth about her.

* * *

So, James did not commit the murder but was convicted of conspiring with others who did.

We now return to their friend Peter Petrauske. The following report is from BBC News, 14th December, 2012. It is available to read online at:


* * *


Two men have been jailed for carrying out “ritualistic” sex abuse of girls as

part of a witches’ coven.

Peter Petrauske, 72, and Jack Kemp, 69, both of Falmouth, Cornwall, had denied multiple sexual assaults involving children.

Truro Crown Court heard the victims could have been as young as three-years-old.

Petrauske was jailed for 18 years and Kemp for 14 years for the abuse which dated back to the 1970s

Kemp was also found guilty of more recent sexual assaults unconnected to Petrauske, the court heard.

Petrauske was convicted of one count of rape, one count of aiding and abetting an attempt to rape and one count of indecent assault.

Kemp was found guilty of indecent assault and indecency with a child.

He was found not guilty of four other offences.

Judge Graham Cottle said: “The offences range from the extremely serious to the truly horrifying.

“You are two of the surviving members of a paedophile ring, together with others whose names have repeated frequently in this trial who were members of a ring that operated in Falmouth in the 1970s and 1980s.

“I’m satisfied that you have both had a life-long sexual interest in young, female children.”

He added that the trial had featured “ritualistic, sickening abuse of young, young children”.

Petrauske, of no fixed abode, and Kemp, of Grenville Road in Falmouth, were said to have worn ceremonial robes and had pagan paraphernalia when they abused girls in Cornwall during the 1970s.

Petrauske described himself as the high priest of a white witches’ coven in St Ives, west Cornwall.

Female members of the coven backed him and said that while children were occasionally present, nudity never played a part in the ceremonies.

One female friend also described him as “a gentleman”.

Kemp denied any involvement in paganism, saying it “wasn’t his cup of tea”, and said he was the victim of a bizarre conspiracy.

He said the girls were wrong to name him in the case.

The men’s victims gave evidence from behind a screen during the three-week trial.

They said they were abused by their tormentors, before being given money and sweets to keep quiet.

Judge Cottle said: “The scars left [on two victims] are so obvious that it would seem extremely unlikely that either of them have any real prospect of recovery.

“Finally, the truth about your lies and your undoubted propensities has caught up with you.”

Detective Constable Rick Milburn said: “It was truly horrific abuse, the worst my officers and myself have ever seen. It was truly distressing for everyone involved.

“The only way to describe what these victims have been through is that it has destroyed their lives.”

* * *

These were not the only convictions for child abuse within the ‘Pagan’ community. The previous year saw the conviction of Colin Batley, a Thelemite (follower of Crowley), and his wives. This group was in the same ‘jurisdiction’ of The Pagan Federation.

The following report is from The Guardian, 11th March, 2011. It is available online at:


* * *



Judge says ‘evil’ head of paedophile group operating from quiet cul-de-sac at Welsh seaside town must serve at least 11 years

A former security guard who led a cult from a cul-de-sac in a Welsh seaside town was told he might spend life in jail for committing a series of sex attacks on boys and girls.

Colin Batley of Kidwelly, west Wales, presided over a quasi-religious sex cult that preyed on vulnerable youngsters, forced women into prostitution and indulged in occult rites.

Batley was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a recommendation that he spend at least 11 years in jail. Sentencing him at Swansea crown court, Judge Paul Thomas QC told him: “You may never be released.”

The judge said Batley, 48, had “besmirched the unsuspecting town of Kidwelly” after moving there from London.

“You formed a community within a community, you were described as evil. That, in my view, is an entirely accurate statement of your character.

“It is likely that you have dedicated your life since you were 12 years old to satisfying your sexual urges by whatever means at your disposal.”

Jacqueline Marling, 42 – described as “Batley’s right-hand woman” – was jailed for 12 years for her part in the group’s crimes.

The cult leader’s estranged wife, Elaine Batley, 47, was jailed for eight years. And Shelly Millar, 35 – described during the trial as Batley’s sex slave – was jailed for five years.

The cult is said to have been inspired by Aleister Crowley, the late mystic and magician nicknamed the Great Beast who in 1904 published a text called the Book of the Law extolling permissive sex.

During the five-week trial the prosecution claimed “the book” formed the basis for Batley’s organisation and he would read from a laminated copy of it while dressed in hooded robes at the start of orgies.

Batley insisted that no cult existed but the jury found him guilty of 35 offences including 11 rapes, three indecent assaults, causing prostitution for personal gain, causing a child to have sex and inciting a child to have sex.

The three women, who got Egyptian Eye of Horus tattoos apparently to show their allegiance to the organisation, were found guilty of sex-related charges.

Young boys and girls were procured by cult members to take part in sex sessions, the trial heard. The group preyed on vulnerable youngsters, impelling them to join with veiled death threats. Batley was accused of forcing a number of his victims into prostitution.

One man told the trial Batley had repeatedly abused him as a child. A woman claimed she joined the cult after Batley told her an assassin would kill her if she did not take part in an initiation ceremony that began with a lecture on the occult and ended with a sexual assault.

Batley bred rottweiler dogs from his home for profit but kept two – named after ancient Egyptian royals – for personal safety. Several of his victims were made to wear upside down crosses, the court heard.

Despite having operated in Kidwelly for years, the cult had seemingly gone unnoticed by the rest of the town.

* * *

Note the Eye of Horus tattoos. My mother also has such a tattoo on the back of her neck, usually hidden beneath her hair. I made this tattoo for her in the year 2002. She told me at that time that she and Adrian were part of a group that required such a tattoo, and that Adrian’s already existing ‘eye in a hawk’ tattoo on his left forearm had been accepted as such a mark so he did not need a new tattoo. She also told me the group was headed by a ‘triad’ (meaning one husband with two wives), and their names were Colin, Elaine, and Jeannette.

It was, on my insistence and against her reticence, caught on camera when we appeared together in the documentary by the National Geographic, Taboo: Witchcraft, in 2002.

* * *

Note that this ‘Church’ was large, with links to London, Bristol, and elsewhere.

The following is from Bristol Post, 27th November, 2018. The article is available online at:


* * *



Colin Batley, top left, forced Jacqueline Marling, top right, and Shelly Millar, bottom right, into prostitution as leader of a Satanic sex cult. His wife, Elaine Batley, is bottom left.

Two Bristol prostitutes were part of a Satanic sex cult which took over a quiet Welsh village as their leader brainwashed and then raped children in sickening rituals.

Shelly Millar and Jacqueline Marling worked in brothels in Bristol – but were forced into prostitution by evil cult leader Colin Batley.

The full story of how the evil former Tesco security guard established the depraved cult in Clos Yr Onnen, Kidwelly, in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, has now been told for the first time, reports Wales Online .

As residents in the Carmarthenshire estate went about their daily lives , they had no idea the horror which was being inflicted in Batley’s home.

One victim, who was raped by leader Colin Batley when she was just 11 said he told her she would “go to the abyss” if she did not have sex with him.

Another said she was passed around to have sex with strangers during Satanic parties where members wore hooded robes and referred to Batley as the High Priest.

His actions saw children and young adults intimidated into having sex in the most horrific circumstances.

The full scale of the abuse perpetrated by the cult came to light when they were jailed for a total of 36 years in 2011 – with “quasi-religious” sect leader Batley warned he may never be freed.

But the roots of what happened in Kidwelly began some two decades before when Londoner Batley moved to Carmarthenshire.

They were followed by Jacqueline Marling and Shelly Millar, who each moved into the same street and were part of the cult.

Inspired by the works of arch-satanist Aleister Crowley, who died in 1947, female members of the sect referred to Batley as “My Lord”.

Women in the cult, which they called “The Church”, filled their homes with ancient Egyptian idolatry and wore Eye of Horus protection symbol tattoos on their arms. This celebrated Crowley’s worship of the Egyptian hawk god Horus – something Batley was interested in.

Cult members would dress in hooded robes during occult rituals which usually took place before group sex.

A number of houses in the same cul-de-sac were used for the regular cult sex sessions as part of their swinging lifestyle.

Scruffy and jobless Batley, who had several missing teeth, would read from the occult bible, The Book of The Law, written more than a century ago by Crowley as well as his other works Equinox of the Gods and The Book of Magick.

He would also order cult members to have sex together and ensure that other members were present to film it.

The recorded material, though, is all believed to have been destroyed before Batley’s arrest.

He was apparently tipped off by friends in London about the impending raid on his home two days before it happened.

Batley, who was 48 when he stood trial over five weeks at Swansea Crown Court in the early part of 2011, was said to have used the cult as a form of brainwashing to justify abuse to his victims.

One schoolboy, by that time an adult, told the trial Batley had repeatedly abused him as a child.

A schoolgirl, also by then an adult, said she was forced into joining the cult through fear for her life. Batley told her a cult assassin would kill her if she did not take part in an elaborate initiation ceremony.

It started with a 10-minute lecture on the occult by him but concluded with sex.

The schoolgirl said she was later ordered to Batley’s home on regular occasions when she would have to have sex with him.

She was also taken to satanic sex parties where she would be passed round to have sex with strangers. The Satanic cultists all had secret Eye of Horus tattoos.

At one an altar was set out with a goblet of red wine, an incense burner, and salted bread and sect members later disrobed – or, in their words, “became skyclad” – and had sex.

Giving evidence against Batley via videolink during the trial one victim claimed all he had to do was “click his fingers” to make a woman strip.

And she claimed that soon after she met Batley, when she was just 11, he told her to have sex with him or she would “go to the abyss”.

“I did not want him to do what he was doing but I did not have a choice because what Colin said was what happened. What Colin said went.”

Batley was also accused of stepping in to try to prevent a young woman from aborting a baby he believed he may have fathered so it could be “a child of the occult”.

During the trial prosecutor Peter Murphy QC told the jury: “The offences were committed against a background of persistent psychological coercion and fear using the vehicle of the occult. The victims were brainwashed, frightened – they felt they had no choice.”

The perverted events described in court took place over several decades in both Kidwelly and addresses in London.

Following the convictions of the cult members one neighbour in Clos yr Onnen recalled of Colin Batley: “The day of his son’s funeral he was sitting outside his house laughing and joking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“It was the sort of behaviour that no normal person could comprehend.”

Batley – who smirked as the horrific allegations against him were laid bare in court – repeatedly denied the accusations against him as he spoke out in his own defence.

He denied he ran a cult or was in any way a leader. He did admit having an “open” sexual relationship with his wife and enjoying threesomes with co-defendant and “second in command” Jackie Marling, with whom he had a long-standing affair without the knowledge of his wife.

The cult was smashed by police in the summer of 2010 when two courageous victims, a man and a woman, went to them with their stories of abuse at the hands of Batley and the other defendants.

Five complainants, whose identity is protected by law, came to the subsequent trial to describe how they were taken or lured to the homes at Clos yr Onnen and subjected to sex attacks.

Several broke down and sobbed as they recalled what they had been through.

They also said others, who had not come forward, were also made to perform unspeakable acts.

Forced into selling sex

Batley also forced victims into prostitution, with prosecutor Mr Murphy saying the “controlling” and manipulative sect principal took a 25% cut of any cash other members earned.

Millar, then 35, was said to have got through 3,000 clients in a two-year period while acting as a prostitute in massage parlours in Swansea and Bristol.

The trial heard how Batley purchased a £21,000 luxury caravan in February 2010 using a £3,210 cash deposit despite having no obvious income.

Batley, who dismissed his role as a feared high priest of his own religion as “a load of rubbish”, claimed he made £10,000 a year breeding pedigree rottweilers for sale and said he also bred Siamese cats.

And he claimed some of his money came from “gambling on the dogs and horses”.

During the trial it emerged that following their arrests the preceding summer the Batleys had separated.

While giving evidence she accused her husband of laughing at her from the dock as she stood in the witness box.

She said: “I feel embarrassed to be married to him.” And she added: “I’ve changed, you won’t get the better of me now.”

She told the court that while she and Marling had been involved in “threesomes” and had had a fling together she only found out later that her husband and Marling had been having a long-term affair.

The discovery was made when Marling sent him a birthday card with the words “To my husband” on it.

Of her marriage, Elaine Batley said on one occasion he sent a photo of her to the Readers’ Wives section of a pornographic magazine and this led to them meeting “other couples for group activities”.

As the defendants were led down the steps to court cells after being remanded in custody following the guilty verdicts against them Elaine Batley could be heard screaming “I ******* hate you” at her husband. Crying and sobbing was audible from the cell steps.

Barely containing his contempt for the defendants as he jailed them for total of 47 charges, Judge Paul Thomas QC told them: “You besmirched the unsuspecting community of Kidwelly by setting up a community within a community which involved rape, child sex abuse and prostitution.”

The trial was so harrowing that jurors were offered counselling.

Colin and Elaine Batley’s home was also the scene of the death of their son Damian during a sex act gone wrong.

On February 1, 2008, the former Asda cashier filmed himself on his mobile phone as he accidentally hanged himself.

A family member found Mr Batley naked and hanged, an inquest heard.

The police were called and when they arrived at the scene they found video footage on his mobile phone.

Deputy coroner Pauline Mainwaring recorded a verdict of accidental death from hanging.

She added: “There is no evidence to suggest suicide.”

She confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances and no-one else was involved.

The defendants and their sentences

Colin Batley

The self-styled ‘high priest’ of the cult grew up in Shoreditch, London, and once worked for Tesco as a night security guard.

He also ran a fruit and vegetable stall. He spent 28 years married to wife and co-defendant Elaine.

Batley claimed his late lorry driver father sexually abused him as a child.

Asked in court about his fascination for Egypt the 48-year-old just said: “Egypt? I don’t mind Egypt.”

He was convicted of 35 offences including 11 rapes and numerous child sex crimes.

Sentencing him to an indeterminate prison term on public protection grounds and ordering him to serve at least 11 years before being eligible for parole, Judge Paul Thomas QC told him: “When this case was opened to the jury you Colin Batley were described as evil.

“That in my view is an accurate statement of your character. You set yourself up as the ruler of a sick little kingdom surrounded by three women who danced as your willing attendants regarding you as their master.

“It’s clear you dedicated your life since the age of 12 or 13 to satisfying your sexual urges by any means at your disposal.

“You left your victims psychologically scarred and treated them as sexual playthings.”

Elaine Batley

She grew up in East London and had tattoos including the Eye of Horus on her arm, a pentagram above Egyptian script on her leg, Tutankhamun on her back plus another Egyptian script on her back which she claimed she did not understand.

When asked if she had ever been to Egypt during her trial the then 47-year-old said she would like to have gone but had not visited “because of the heat”.

She also told the court she liked the ancient Egyptians because “they were good to their slaves”.

She admitted to an affair with Jackie Marling and “a fumble” with Shelly Millar and told the court she was interested in Aleister Crowley and read his work.

According to one of the victims in the case Batley’s wife was treated “like a slave” but the judge said she became a willing participant in her husband’s “wickedness”.

The jury heard how a young boy was tricked into having sex with her

She was jailed for eight years after being convicted of indecency with children.

Jacqueline Marling

She grew up in Poplar, East London, and was 42 at the time she stood trial.

Marling initially denied to police officers that she was a prostitute but her car was spotted making regular trips to brothels in the centre of Swansea and Bristol.

She sported an Eye of Horus tattoo on her arm and had a figurine of a cat goddess in her home plus a drawing of the Mask of Tutankhamun and one of the hawk-headed Egyptian god Horus.

She had affairs with Colin Batley and Elaine Batley.

Described as ringleader Colin Batley’s “second in command”, she was jailed for 12 years for aiding and abetting rape and child sex offences.

Jailing Marling, the judge told her: “After Colin Batley you are the most culpable in this horrific scenario. Your relationship with him brought together two kindred evil spirits.

“You were clearly besotted with him and The Book Of The Law and I view you effectively as his second in command in all this.

“You may or may not take this as a compliment but you have fully lived up to the ideals of your mentor Aleister Crowley.”

He added: “Throughout the trial you have not displayed a flicker of emotion. The tears in your eyes now I take to be tears of self-pity.”

The 35-year-old sobbed as she was found guilty of two counts of indecency with children, one of which involved having sex with a 12-year-old boy.

Having grown up in Kent, Millar had an Eye of Horus tattoo on her arm and admitted to having around 3,000 clients as a prostitute during a two-year period working in Swansea and Bristol.

She was jailed for five years.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of the court case neighbours in Clos yr Onnen described Batley as an “evil bully”.

His rundown home had a torn and ragged England flag pinned outside while two rottweiler dogs – named Sekhet after the Egyptian lion goddess and Toots, short for Tutankhamun – could often be heard leaping at the door.

People nearby described how Batley – who also had a cat called Rameses – used to walk around the estate with his two dogs as if to intimidate people.

“Colin Batley is the most disgusting and vile man you could meet,” one neighbour said at the time.

One woman said: “Batley and one of his friends used to have a van calling regularly, with a consignment of contraband tobacco and, we think, pornography. They used to head off to France on fortnightly trips and sometimes were gone for as long as six weeks. It makes you wonder if part of their cult activity was going on there too.”

Seven years later street resident John Wheatland still remembers being able to hear one of the victims crying at night.

He didn’t know why and says he had “no idea whatsoever” of the awful reality of what was going on.

“She would cry every night, sobbing,” he said.

“I didn’t know why and I never raised suspicions but I should have known something wasn’t right.”

Mr Wheatland also described an extraordinary incident as he worked in the garden of his home and saw a teenage girl “done up to look like a film star” nearby.

He estimated her to be aged 14 or 15.

“She looked at me and said: ‘Do you want sex then?’ I was shocked. I don’t know what I said but I went inside.

“I’d never heard anything like that before.”

The woman who had dressed her, her said, “used to dress up in very short skirts and high heels and walk to Batley’s house”.

Recalling the day the cult members were arrested in the summer of 2010 he said he had been leaving his house at around 8.30am when he saw police cars in the street.

“When I came back they were gone,” he said. “I had no idea what it was about.

“This is a quiet neighbourhood. When all those Londoners came down it was very strange.

“Batley was very arrogant. Apart from that there was nothing suspicious about him. We didn’t speak.”

Speaking in 2014 one of the victims of the cult – who published a book under the pseudonym Annabelle detailing what she had been through over 11 harrowing years of abuse – described how her own mother, Jackie Marling, abused her under Batley’s orders.

“Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man,” she said.

“My mother was an evil woman and I’ll never forgive her.”

By then a mother herself and living happily in another part of the UK, she told how she was just seven years old when first forced to watch her mother perform a sex act on Batley.

At the age of 11 she was raped by him in her own home and three years later she was made to take part in group sex with her mother.

“I went to the sentencing in court because I wanted to see her one last time,” she said. “I wanted her to reach out to me, to say it was all his fault and she was under his spell.

“But she didn’t. She just made a face and asked what I was doing there.

“She went to prison unrepentant and I suppose that made me realise it wasn’t just him. She was evil too. As a mother myself I can hardly believe how she treated me. It was unnatural and cruel.

“But there is no point getting depressed about it, you have to live for the future. But I never want to see her again. Nothing can hurt me as much as they did but that is what makes me stronger.”

She described how the children abused by the cult were cut off from their peers and forced to take part in long church services and obey Batley’s every whim.

“We weren’t even allowed to look in his eyes,” said Annabelle.

“He ruled our little community with an iron will and we were made to do what he ordered for fear of angering the Gods.”

In Batley’s ‘Church’, children were led to believe they were proving themselves to the Gods by passing tests, which usually involved sex with either him or other cult members.

Annabelle recalled the first time he raped her when she was just 11 years old.

“The worst thing about it was the fact that he made me think I was doing it out of choice,” she said.

“It was awful. The most painful and shocking thing that had ever happened – but it was my path, that’s what he told me, and if I didn’t do it I would go to the Abyss, which was our version of hell.

“Colin knew how to manipulate you, to make you believe anything he said.”

But Annabelle’s most horrific experience was when her own mother assaulted her at the age of 14.

“Afterwards, Colin asked me if I enjoyed it and I knew what I had to say – I had to say yes. But inside I felt like dying.”

The tests did not end there – at 14 she was forced into a relationship with another cult member five years her senior and by then she was having regular group sex with Batley and her mother.

“I was a schoolgirl by day and a sex slave at night,” she said. “It got so bad that at one point I tried to take my own life.”

Aged 18, three months after having Batley’s child, she was forced into prostitution.

It was the love of her daughter that saved her and gave her a reason to live – she bravely escaped in the dead of night when her baby was one year old.

By the time of her escape she had slept with over 1,800 men – the proceeds of which had all gone towards ‘the Church’.

After the case another victim described how Batley forced her to put on a satanic symbol and raped her as a teenager.

The woman described how he ruled the cult by fear.

“[Colin] was the boss. He barked orders at everybody including me.

“People just did what they were told. He had Rottweilers that were scared of him but vicious to everyone else.

“At 15 I had to have sex with Colin. He said it was an initiation into the occult.

“He said he did not want to do it but it had to be done. He said if I did not follow orders I would be killed. People ‘higher up’ in the cult would do it, he said.”

Reflecting on his jail term she added: “A hundred years would not be enough for Colin Batley.

“But at least now myself and the other victims can start to rebuild our lives outside of the shadow of that contemptible man.”

She was originally from London but was brought to Wales by Batley where she was abused and “passed round” to other cult members who had sex with her.

She said: “He said the occult was strong in Wales.”

* * *

It has been a decade since Batley and his wives were jailed for these crimes, and no follow up investigation has been made to identify the ‘cult’ that surrounded him. The assumption that all those involved were brainwashed by this one man, and that abusive activities have ceased with his prosecution, is as dangerous as it is illogical. At least one other victim of the cult has come forward, as I shall show, but the police response was tragically inappropriate; just as it had been for at least a decade before when victims had indeed come forward but were met with disbelief and ridicule.

I know this because I am the stepfather, and my partner the estranged mother, of such a victim. Not only did police fail to take their disclosure, they also verbally insulted us and called us liars. We were also met with what can only be called corruption within the social services.

The IPCC report below also shows there was no meaningful police investigation into the allegations against the paedophile ring because the child making the disclosures was ‘vulnerable’ due to their disability – they are diagnosed as borderline autistic, with a learning disability. Although they could in fact make themselves perfectly understood the his mother, myself, and others, Social Worker Rebecca Mumford failed to interview the victim in a suitable manner and the ‘investigation’ then proceeded as if the child had made no disclosures at all. Based on her misinformation Crown Prosecution Service decided they were not suitable as a witness and could not be relied upon to ‘take the stand’ in court.


This should be of concern to all parents of disabled children – if your child is similarly targetted THE SYSTEM WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR CHILD. Furthermore the authorities will attempt to cover for this failing by demonising you, the parent, if you or your child make allegations of abuse. This is the very definition of vulnerable – to be without protection or support of any kind – and then to be further victimised by the very authorities whose responsibility it is supposed to be to come to the ‘rescue’. THIS IS A BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND HAS TO CHANGE NOW. Every child, disabled or not, deserves to be heard if they speak out about abuse of any kind. That we are talking here about abuse from a sadistic paedophile ring, where the victim was drugged and raped by many people, re-targetted again and again throughout their entire childhood, makes this particularly disturbing.

The paedophile ring is still operating, unobstructed and uninvestigated, due to this failing of the system. Other vulnerable children are at risk from these scum – one of them even works as a sex educator for vulnerable children, despite having written several books about devil worship and drugs, and so vulnerable victims are in ready supply, not just to them but to the paedophile ring within which they operate.

The brave child who made the disclosures this blog is based upon was returned to their abusive ‘father’ – who had provided them to Colin Batley and others for abuse – as a result of this FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM. We also know of at least one other child that is being similarly abused – so severely this has resulted in brain damage, meaning the system will also fail this child if and when they make disclosures of their own.

THE GUILTY KNOW THEY CANNOT BE PROSECUTED DUE TO THIS FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM IF THEY TARGET THE VULNERABLE AND DISABLED. THEY ARE THE LOWEST SCUM IMAGINABLE AND THE SYSTEM PROTECTS THEM – even those officers who know exactly what they are have no choice in this matter. As C.P.S. officer Carolyn Belafonte said to us, herself in tears as she spoke, “Sometimes you can know damn well they did it, but you just can’t get them for it.”

The IPCC report also shows that police failed to interview the victim in a suitable manner – and let me say something here – this was entirely the fault of incompetent social worker Rebecca Mumford. She and the interviewing officer made a surprise visit to the victim’s school, making no attempt to explain to the victim that they were not in trouble and traumatising them further. The report says that the child victim said several times, quite clearly, “They drugged me and raped me.”

Rebecca Mumford recorded that the child suffers from ‘echolalia’, which appears to be a condition she made up on the spot, claiming they were simply repeating words they had heard without understanding them. Rebecca spent much time with the victim, and if this was a genuine mistake on her part it is one that she most surely recognised but did nothing about. She had many opportunities to ‘u-turn’, having spent more time with the victim than with their mother, or myself. This disgusting woman should be in jail for her incompetence. She forced contact between the victim and their abusive father Peter Pracownick. She denied the existence of the cult, despite Batley and others having been successfully prosecuted, and despite my parent’s appearing in newspaper reports as associating with them, and even said to Jasmine, “It was always about pining this on you, right from the start.” She also said, “Even if there was abuse, he [the victim] must have had some nice times as well.”

We note that Rebecca Mumford had recently transferred to Bristol Social Services and originally came from Wales, where Colin Batley’s cult was operating. It is certainly the case that Rebecca Mumford undermined the investigation in every possible way, and we do not consider it impossible that Mumford did this deliberately. She also – AGAINST THE RULING OF THE MAGISTRATE IN OUR FAMILY LAW CASE – delivered the victim back to their abusive father. It has taken us years to recover from the grief and trauma enough to think clearly on these matters.

Here it is admitted that police failed to take a record the victim’s disclosures. This is nobody’s fault but the police’s, and the – perhaps deliberately – incompetent social worker Rebecca Mumford. The investigation then proceeded as if no victim had made any disclosures, and as if there was no evidence at all for what any of us were saying.

This is most certainly not a conclusion we agree with. When the full tale is told the behaviour of police in regards to this case, and events surrounding it, can only be described as further abuse.

Officer Hewitt shouted “There is no cult!” in Jasmine’s face.

I was literally accused of being deluded and placed under a Section 23 for psychiatric observation. Despite proving my sanity in as little as three days I was continually treated as if deluded, and assumed to be a danger to children. Police failed to take a ‘U Turn’ when they had the chance.

We did indeed make further complaints about Hewitt’s conduct. We were met once again with condescending ridicule.

It is not correct that Social Services took the child making the disclosures into care. This would have been bad enough – but what they did was to return the child to an environment of extreme abuse.

Having admitted failing in taking the disclosures of the child it is then, without explanation, decided there would be no point in trying again, and no point in investigating further.

* * *

There are many things we cannot prove with this simple document, but are easy to confirm with investigation.

The organisation Colin Batley was a part of is the Ordo Templi Orientis (the OTO). There is no other occult organisation whose ‘rituals’ fit the description of those reported, calls its groups Churches, and wears white robes as standard. It is not plausible that Batley could have gathered a group of the size he did without being part of this organisation.

And it is also our personal experience that this is so.

It is also our experience that the membership of different modern Pagan ‘paths’ have considerable crossover. The abuses disclosed to us, and which my stepson would have disclosed to police had they been more empathic, identified every single one of those in the previous newspapers as among his abusers including my parents.


Thanks to the police’s failure the guilty are still revelling in the belief they have ‘got away with it’ 9 years later. They continue to harass us even to this day. https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/2021/04/10/vayne-wyrds-stupidity/