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Nathaniel J. Harris is a retired Magister Templi and Priest of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros, was a notable contributor to Chaos International magazine in the 1990s, and his cartoon graces the cover of Phil Hine’s Prime Chaos; among the most influential texts of modern Chaos magick. Witcha: A Book of Cunning, originally self-published then re-published by Mandrake of Oxford, caused waves in witchcraft for 13 years before being removed at the author’s own insistence. As ‘Dr. Nathan Satan’, his poetry can be heard on the Time-Dragons, Original New Falcon. All this was a long time ago, and he no longer views Chaos magick as a viable spiritual path, nor gives any credence to its practitioner’s absurd claims. More recently, his novellas Everybody Needs a Hobby and Khaos at Trinity Road, both under the pen-name Nathan Mortlock, were described by Pat Mills as “Horror for the 21st century,” while his work The Neuronomicon is sending shock-waves through the occult community.

Books by Nathaniel J. Harris:



This has to be the definitive book on the occult. It is beautifully written and also highly accessible. The artwork is amazing too.”

  • Pat Mills, originator of 2000AD.

One of the best magick books I’ve read in years. I would say on a par with some of Aleister Crowley’s works. And I do not say that lightly.”

  • Michael (Mick) Norris, illustrator of Liber Null & Psychonaut.


  • Ray Sherwin, author of The Book of Results, Vitriol, and Ouroboros, originator of Chaos magic.

An education.”

  • Valerie Sinason, The Tavistock Institute


Read the Introduction here (link): https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/2018/02/02/the-nueronomicon-introduction/

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BEAST WING 666 tells the reality concerning a ritualistic paedophile ring operating within the UK and abroad. Its author is a well-known occultist and the survivor of a vendetta from one of the world’s most infamous (so called) ‘magical’ orders.
It is hoped this book will help to get the truth out, so that abusive people can no longer prosper in the occult community. It is also hoped it will be of help to other survivors who are struggling to gain justice.


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Wise men throughout the generations have recognised the power of the Psalms to get results: from attracting love and wealth, to overcoming adversaries, to banishing the powers of evil. Yet these are not mere incantations, to be repeated with an empty heart. Pay heed to these words, and follow their advice closely. To those who trust in the LORD, and who faithfully hold his precepts, great favours shall be granted.


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THE DEVIL’S DOOR is offered as a grimoire of Infernal Witchcraft, connecting the modern Aspirant to deeper tradition. The symbolism identifies this work as of the Widdershins or ‘Left Hand’ Path; that which has been called Black Magick. For those to whom this work is intended, there is much to be gained. The Devil’s Door swings wide, and leads directly to the inmost of Mysteries.




Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Mind Control, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder


I do not apologise for the embarrassment this open letter will bring you. It is your own choices, your own crimes, your own lies which have made this necessary.

You were no mother to me as I grew up. Not even your supposed friends pretend otherwise. Indeed, they claim I am a ‘fuck up’ due to neglect, which means they are blaming my behaviour on you. And these are the people your freedom currently depends upon. I have to say, that with friends like yours you have no need of enemies.

It is true I was neglected, and worse. I grew up suffering violent abuse at the hands of Greg, my half-brothers’ father, and yes it did effect me negatively, but as you know this is not the reason I accuse you and Adrian of having been involved with the cul-de-sac cult paedophile ring. Are your friends aware of your involvement in this cult? Have they seen the ‘Eye of Horus’ tattoo on your neck, beneath your hair, that you had me make for you to signify your membership of Colin Batley’s ‘extended family’?

Are you aware that Adrian tells people I am accusing you of crimes I committed myself? So now I am personally being abused by your current husband also – a man who is, himself, a sadistic paedophile and who abuses you behind closed doors. Perhaps you have grown so used to covering up for covert abusers – this is the third you have been married to – that you genuinely mistake this abuse for love.

Mum, if he loved you, he would never have dragged you into all this. He would never have had you drive the car with a child in the boot, would never have had you stifle their cries with your hand as he raped them, and would never have insisted you disown your eldest son.

And Mum, if you had ever loved me you would never have allowed him to tell those evil lies about me, not even when it was from the fear of me telling people the truth.

You said to me several times that you had thought about leaving him. I hope you find the strength – if not today then this year. Adrian belongs in an institution, for your safety and for the safety of children – for the safety of your grandchildren, my nephews and nieces.

You should know I have written a book about my early life, and that it is currently being considered by some of the country’s leading literary agents. Perhaps it will be accepted – perhaps the truth about you will be made available in Waterstones up and down the country. And why not? It would not be the first time my work has been made so available. Did you even read that fucking book, that I wrote to honour you, that had your artwork on the cover? It is such a shame you did not have the faith in yourself you make good of this. Instead, you sided with Adrian and his idiot jealousy.

You keep up the appearances of living a ‘happy family’ – just like you did when Greg was knocking you about and raping you. I am sad that you have never known real love in your life, and I am sad that I am having to write these hurtful things about you. It is YOUR choices that have made this necessary.

Despite all the cover-up around the cul-de-sac cult paedophile ring, despite Mandrake, the IOT, Peter Carroll, the boss eyed Christina Harrington, and the other paedophiles you befriended in Glastonbury, I am gathering support. Not just from the Pagan and occult community, but from among those who seek to gain justice against their kind where the police have failed. You WILL be seeing me again, face to face, this year, and I shall have much support with me.

Times are changing, Ann. While children still do not get justice – there has still NEVER been a case where a paedophile ring has been brought down by the testimony of a child victim – it is now the case that those victims are being heard when they grow up. How many victims of the cul-de-sac cult are now reaching adulthood? Even if (you know who) is never heard because of their disability, there are plenty of others. Eventually justice will come. Do yourself a favour and tell the police the truth.

I have all the evidence I need to stand in court and prove this open letter is a just and legal action intended to prevent further crime. I also have all the evidence I need to prove AT THE VERY LEAST that you have both associated with known and PROSECUTED sadistic paedophiles. I also have written statements from a child you raped in your own mother’s bed, back when you were in Wells. I welcome any legal action you may attempt to silence me as it can only backfire on you. Perhaps a court case will force the police to take appropriate action against you both. It seems to me quite likely that it will. So bring it on.

I advise you to walk into a police station and tell the truth. I advise you to do it NOW.

Your eldest son,


P.S.: To all those also reading this post, further information is available HERE (link).


Look who came leaping to my mother’s ‘defence’.. they could not be more obvious if they posted pictures of themselves with Batley and their Baphomet outfit! Cretins!







As Kite is well aware, I resigned from the IOT in 2001 due to abuses of power within the order, and out of disappointment that Chaos magick fails to deliver on its promises. To my knowledge the order was not at this time involved with paedophilia, but was certainly on its way to becoming an abusive cult.



To my daughter Rose.

We are sorry if this public message embarrasses you, but other than attempting to talk to you in the street in front of your new boyfriend this is currently our only way of communicating with you. Although we pass each other in the street often we shall maintain NO CONTACT while you continue to allow yourself to be used to abuse us by proxy. Knowing that thousands of people will have read this letter to you, I know you will read it too.

We both hope you will watch this video. We know the information in it will be of value to you.

We also hope that your friends – perhaps even your boyfriend – will see this message and talk some sense into you.

It is sad that you still repeat to yourself the lies you were told as you grew up. Things did not work out between your mother and I but that does not mean I abandoned you or that I did not love you. If that were true, why would I have spent so long in the Family Law Courts struggling just to be able to see you? And to say that I abandoned you to a paedophile ring – how cruel of you to say this, and how misguided. I knew nothing about any of it until your step-brother’s disclosures, and I certainly never suspected my own parents, even despite the abuse my treacherous mother allowed me to suffer when I was growing up. I am sorry I could not be the father you needed – I was not ALLOWED to be by your mother. I know you remember this, deep down, that you KNOW this, even if you fail to admit it to yourself. You remember how toxic your mother was, how toxic Robin was, with all the vile lies they used to say about me, deliberately damaging our relationship with no thought as to the sadness this brought you.

Do you remember when I came to see your Xmas play at school? When you played Mary, and dropped the baby Jesus on his head? How afterwards, when I won some biscuits in the raffle, you accused my – in front of all the other parents – of stealing them? “Mum told me you’re a thief.” you said. But I never have been, and you were repeating lies. It is not your fault you were lied to, and what little girl doesn’t believe what their mother says?

You are an adult now, and still repeating your mother’s lies. I know it is hard to break away. I loved my mother, too. More than I think you know. I dream about her almost every night – often she is crying, because she knows justice will come sooner or later. She is so much smarter than Adrian in this way. I hope she also can break away from what is her THIRD abusive marriage. The things she has done for him are unforgivable and she has made herself mentally ill as a result – her depression does not come from nowhere. Perhaps she will find a way of repairing the damage, perhaps she will confess to the police, but I doubt it. It seems to me she is addicted to abuse and has been al her life.

Your stepmother and I both hope you can break away from the people who have been psychologically and spiritually abusing you. Your mother, your stepfather, and your grandparents, are all abusers of the worst kind imaginable. Stop supporting their lies. Stop being their enabler. While Jasmine was combing nits out of your hair, your own mother was injecting Jasmine’s son with drugs and preparing him for abuse by paying ‘customers’ and funding the cult she and your stepfather are leaders of; a cult that has been disowned even by its own founders, and which is bringing the whole of occultism into disrepute. If you continue to associate with these vile people in any way it will stain every relationship you have, and anyone you love will be brought into danger. It will even damage the lives of anyone who is your friend. Believe me – I know this from experience.

If you continue supporting your mother’s lies it makes you as guilty of her crimes as she is. I am sure even the guilty realize they will not get away with their crimes forever. Have you noticed how often their plans have backfired? And how do you think their crimes will reflect on you, once they have been prosecuted and exposed in all the newspapers? They have gone to great efforts to make themselves famous – where will they go when they come out of jail and everyone knows their faces? They may as well paint ARSONISTS WELCOME on their own front doors.

Break away from your abusive family. NO MORE CONTACT. Do this and we will be here for you. You won’t have to be unsupported. You won’t have to do it on your own. I promise you – it will prove to be the best decision of your life, past or future. As you can see when we pass each other, despite missing you and your stepbrother we are both thriving and happier than ever. Break away from the abusers and you will soon enough be happier also.

We’ll both be thinking about you over Xmas, and hoping you find the strength you need to set yourself free.


Dad & StepMum

PS. Bam bam strawberry jam.


Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse

No parent should have to endure this – and no child.

In May DS Amy Hewitt 801, who failed to adequately deal with our disclosures of a Pagan paedophile ring in 2012, received this email;


A copy was also sent to her by Jasmine DeVille. After receiving no reply we both sent the email again. After still hearing nothing for 5 months I wrote to the Independent Office of Police Conduct. The following emails represent a tragic failing on the part of police, and also the complaints procedure.














I attached said email, reproduced above and below – with the statement that we DID have the right to reappeal outlined in red.



There are no words for our grief – not just that we have both lost our entire families, not just that my stepson (Jasmine is my common law wife) suffered such indescribable abuse from his biological father and this paedophile ring, not just that this paedophile ring continues to operate, but also that when we took this matter to the police they made matters WORSE.



Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Neuromancy, Spirituality, Trauma Based Mind Control

Continuing from the previous lectures on consciousness, archetypes, and symbols, we now consider the magical use of language – such as spells, rites, and redes – and covert mind control.
To order your copy of The Nueronomicon, and to enlist as a student, email me at n8nharris@yahoo.co.uk
I apologise, but I do not have time to answer all questions in depth; my available time is devoted to my students.
All power to you, NJH

Spare me this pagan revival

Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Murder, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Religion, Ritual Abuse

I greatly appreciated the following article by Julie Birchill of, published last month in SPIKED, and so would like to draw your attention to it;

Follow this link to read the entire article; SPARE ME.

spare me

Regular readers of this blog will know my own parents were Pagans. They were also involved in a paedophile ring.

I was therefore darkly amused that one of my parent’s friends should appear on my FaceBook page to complain about this article when I re-posted it. I include the entire exchange here as a matter of public record.





Note also that while this old hag has respect in the Pagan community of Glastonbury as an ‘elder’, I have in fact been involved with Paganism / magick for nearly a decade longer than she has – my initial introduction having been through my family, with my first training in meditation and magick being when I was 14 years old. I am now 48.

Everything I say to her is true.