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Nathaniel J. Harris is a retired Magister Templi and Priest of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros, was a notable contributor to Chaos International magazine in the 1990s, and his cartoon graces the cover of Phil Hine’s Prime Chaos; among the most influential texts of modern Chaos magick. Witcha: A Book of Cunning, originally self-published then re-published by Mandrake of Oxford, caused waves in witchcraft for 13 years before being removed at the author’s own insistence. As ‘Dr. Nathan Satan’, his poetry can be heard on the Time-Dragons, Original New Falcon. All this was a long time ago, and he no longer views Chaos magick as a viable spiritual path, nor gives any credence to its practitioner’s absurd claims. More recently, his novellas Everybody Needs a Hobby and Khaos at Trinity Road, both under the pen-name Nathan Mortlock, were described by Pat Mills as “Horror for the 21st century,” while his work The Neuronomicon is sending shock-waves through the occult community.

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This has to be the definitive book on the occult. It is beautifully written and also highly accessible. The artwork is amazing too.”

  • Pat Mills, originator of 2000AD.

One of the best magick books I’ve read in years. I would say on a par with some of Aleister Crowley’s works. And I do not say that lightly.”

  • Michael (Mick) Norris, illustrator of Liber Null & Psychonaut.


  • Ray Sherwin, author of The Book of Results, Vitriol, and Ouroboros, originator of Chaos magic.

An education.”

  • Valerie Sinason, The Tavistock Institute


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BEAST WING 666 tells the reality concerning a ritualistic paedophile ring operating within the UK and abroad. Its author is a well-known occultist and the survivor of a vendetta from one of the world’s most infamous (so called) ‘magical’ orders.
It is hoped this book will help to get the truth out, so that abusive people can no longer prosper in the occult community. It is also hoped it will be of help to other survivors who are struggling to gain justice.


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Wise men throughout the generations have recognised the power of the Psalms to get results: from attracting love and wealth, to overcoming adversaries, to banishing the powers of evil. Yet these are not mere incantations, to be repeated with an empty heart. Pay heed to these words, and follow their advice closely. To those who trust in the LORD, and who faithfully hold his precepts, great favours shall be granted.


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THE DEVIL’S DOOR is offered as a grimoire of Infernal Witchcraft, connecting the modern Aspirant to deeper tradition. The symbolism identifies this work as of the Widdershins or ‘Left Hand’ Path; that which has been called Black Magick. For those to whom this work is intended, there is much to be gained. The Devil’s Door swings wide, and leads directly to the inmost of Mysteries.



Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Neuromancy, Occult, Project Stargate, Psychology, Sorcery, Witchcraft

“This has to be the definitive book on the occult.” – Pat Mills, originator of 2000AD,

“Excellent.” – Ray Sherwin, originator of Chaos magic

“.. On a par with some of Aleister Crowley’s works. And I do not say that lightly.” – Michael (Mick) Norris, illustrator of Liber Null & Psychonaut

“Nathaniel is a modern master.” – (Sifu) Julian Wilde, Buddhist sorcerer.

“The big dog’s bollocks.” – Baba Dirt, Makaya sorcerer.

“An education.” – Valerie Sinason, Tavistock Institute

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Peter J. Carroll, self-styled pope of Chaos Magic and founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, is a paedophile enabler. Here are the true details.



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Your move..

Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse

Imagine this were a game of chess. You have depended too much on bluff and not enough on improving your mediocre game. We began with a disability, were drawn into attacking prematurely, and suffered decimating losses at the start of the match. Nevertheless we now have dominance over the middle of the board. All of your major pieces are exposed. You have lost all your pawns without getting any over to our side of the board, missing any opportunities to promote them. We have already taken your Bishop. Your only rook is in an isolated position and open to attack from various directions. Your Queen, having unwisely exposed herself, is pinned down and unable to move without further exposing your King. We see several opportunities to check mate you within the next few moves. Some are as obvious as your sock-puppet trolling, but by no means all. Will you realize what they are before it is too late?

Your move..


Neuromancy, Sorcery

Excerpt from


A 21st Century Grimoire

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Evidence has be found for the existence of the sixth sense through the study of cryptochromes; proving beyond rational argument that such abilities are not only innate in humans, but are ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom..

Cryptochromes were first discovered in plants, whose DNA is exposed to great amounts of ultraviolet light, breaking it down, and meaning it requires constant self repair. The molecules found to be responsible for this were also discovered to be responsive to low wavelength light. They have since been found in bacteria, and in a wide variety of animals, and have many startling implications.

Birds and bees are known to navigate by means of them; an ability referred to in biology as magnetoreception, and likened to a ‘sixth sense’. Until recently the biomechanisms behind this well documented phenomena have remained a mystery, but recent discoveries concerning the nature cryptochromes protein molecules, present behind the eyes of migratory birds, suggest they may be able to literally see the earth’s magnetic field almost like a navigational readout. Their ability to access these fields may also be responsible for the ability of flocks to move as one entity, and a vast series of abilities possessed by other species.

Several other animals have been observed to possess sixth sense abilities, such as; bees, butterflies, sea turtles, spiny lobsters, and dolphins – it is more of a question as to which animals do not possess cryptochromes. Changes in the electromagnetic fields surrounding salmon will redirect a shoal, each fish coordinating their relationship to the whole according to it. Red foxes have been shown to hunt by magnetoreception; when vision is obscured by under-brush, or by snowy conditions, they align themselves to both the field of their prey and the north / south electromagnetic field of the Earth, judging the angle at which they pounce according to a sixth sense other than the five traditionally considered.

This sixth sense has also been shown to have a predictive quality, reacting in advance of unpredictable stimuli as if constantly scanning the morphic field for subtle resonances of the future. In relation to anomalous anticipatory activity, although up to now the effort to bring this ability to light in animals has been scant, there are sufficient results to suggest that the phenomenon is widespread, being present not only in those animals endowed with a highly developed nervous system, such as birds and mammals but also in primitive ones such as earthworms; in a paper titled Experimental Psi Effects in Precognition Tests with Planarians, published in Journal of Scientific Exploration, December 2018, Spanish researcher Fernando Alvarez, reports results of experiments with black planarians (Girardia dorotocephala), the structure and physiology of their central nervous system and cerebral ganglion are positioned as the most likely ancestors of the vertebrate brain. Recording the their movements in reaction to light, showed them to be able to anticipate the upcoming event.

In the experiments of neurologist Benjamin Libet and his team, performed in the 1960s, measuring changes in the brain and their timing in relation to stimuli. First, they stimulated their subjects with flashing light and rapid sequences of mild electric shocks applied to their hands. It was observed that if the stimulus lasted less than 500 milliseconds the subjects did not become consciously aware of it, which was not in itself surprising. However, it was also observed that if the stimulus continued for more than 500 milliseconds, awareness of the stimuli did not begin after this period, but when the stimuli actually started. In other words, awareness of the stimuli would be ‘antedated’ from the actual delayed time at which a response was elicited in the state of neurons, so the experience appeared subjectively to occur without delay. It was discovered that our brains have an automatic referral of conscious experience backwards in time.

We also have the experiments performed by the parapsychologist Dean Radin in the 1990s, in which his subjects’ emotional responses were recorded via a bio-feedback device as they were shown randomly selected images on a computer screen, most of which were calm, some of which were arousing or shocking. His evidence proved that when arousing images were about to appear an increase in electrodermal activity began,.up to three or four seconds in advance.

Anyone who has ever had a hunch, a subtle feeling that something was about to happen, can attest to this pre-emptive quality to human consciousness. It is these same subtle impressions that were exploited during the remote viewing experiments of the CIA funded Project Stargate, while the US Navy’s current Project Jedi, essentially a training program for psychic soldiers, represents the weaponization of hunches and other subtle impressions from beyond space-time.

Regardless of the role of cryptochromes this is proof positive that a previously unexplainable and therefore denied sixth sense is not only possible but present in many animals, as well as humans. Things get even spookier when we consider how the cryptochromes themselves relate to the electromagnetic Schumann Resonance field, which they do by means of quantum entanglement; cryptochromes react to light by spawning a pair of spinning particles whose balance is so sensitive it tips in reaction to the most subtle electromagnetic fields.

It has also been discovered that human beings possess this cryptochrome protein, which plays an important function in maintaining our circadian rhythm. It is also true that some people possess an apparently intuitive sense of direction. The recent discovery of this previously unknown property of cryptochromes may hold important clues regarding observed correspondences between collective human behaviour and solar and geomagnetic activity, and the adverse effects of disruptions in these fields on not just human behaviour but also health; as were observed in the experiments of Rutger Weaver. Changes in these fields have been proven to effect our brainwaves, heart beats, athletic performance, and immune systems. Extreme shifts in these fields, such as those caused by extreme solar activity, have been shown to correspond with some of the world’s more positive cultural shifts, and some of humanity’s greatest creations and art. They also correspond with some of humanity’s most tragic events.

A number of other surprising possibilities open to us when considering the correlations between the Schumann Resonance, psychic abilities, and cryptochromes. The mysterious psychic abilities apparent in certain human beings might be explained by such a biomechanism. Since electromagnetic fields are present all around us, containing all manner of information, human cryptochromes might, for example, play a role in abilities such as reading auras; a phenomena entirely comparable with sensing the elecromagnetic emissions of the human body. Consider also that there are seven areas of the body that may be identified as projecting measurable low amplitude fields, corresponding with the traditional seven chakras, known to mystics as long as 5,000 years ago. Energy workers and traditional healers have been found to possess higher than average electrical fields; might they also have more active cryptochrome activity, or be more attuned to it?

It is likely that such a sixth sense would have been more pronounced in early man, with hunter gatherers travelling comparable distances to various migratory species. If so, the shamanic world view that developed during this period most definitely had its roots in this magnetoreceptive sixth sense, since the psychic relationship between humankind and the Earth would have been no mystery.

The results of the long-term and worldwide experiment of the Global Consciousness Project confirm an effect by human collective emotions on a field-like Global Consciousness; what occultists have called the Anima Mundi. It is therefore not also simply possible but inevitable, that modern electromagnetic pollution, such as 5G wi-fi technology, will have comparable effects to natural disruptions in these fields, redirecting mass thought on a planetary scale – in much the same way as shoals of salmon can be redirected under electromagnetic remote control. Such EMF frequencies were shown in Persinger’s experiments to have a detrimental effect in psychic’s ability to attain to the Theta trance, and have been reported experientially by psychics world-wide. He has also stated that radio and microwave technologies, put in place for purposes such as TV, mobile phones, and wi-fi, can be instantly converted into a world spanning system of mind control technology capable of remote controlling the whole of humanity. Whether by conspiracy or coincidence the implications are the same; a technology assisted covert attack against the population, disrupting brainwaves and clouding our abilities to comprehend our own slavery.



Theta Sorcery – or more simply, ‘sɵrcery’ – is the primary modality of neuromancy as is being developed within ICƟN; the International Cabal of Theta Neuromancers. The following scientific breakthroughs all provide evidential confirmation for the hidden potentials of human consciousness, and a rational basis for the practice of sɵrcery. However, there is much more to be learned and considered before Theta Sorcery Theory can be fully comprehended. Further research and discoveries open ever new possibilities.

Schumann Resonance

In 1951 the physicist Winefred Otto Schumann, University of Munich, discovered the heart beat of the planet Earth. While teaching a class on the physics of electricity, of how a sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension, and subsequently a frequency, he illustrated the principal with the example as to how the sphere of the planet Earth and its surrounding ionosphere produces lightning. He then asked his class to calculate the tension existing between them and, realising he did not know the answer himself, set about calculating it. Eventually he concluded with a frequency of approximately 10 Hz. His discovery was subsequently published under the title Schumann Resonance on the 11th of August 1953 in the small journal Physical Sciences, confined to the back pages with its full significance yet to be realised.


Around 3O years earlier another German scientist by the name of Hans Burger had made the first ever recording of the electromagnetic frequencies transmitted by the human brain. Although it was initially suggested the waves be named after their discoverer he elected for alphabetical assignments, assigning the principal wave he discovered as the Alpha wave. Shortly after Shumann’s discovery was published a student of Burger’s read the article and noticed a startling correspondence between the brainwaves recorded by Burger and the Schumann Resonance.

Learning of this, Schumann agreed to investigate further, working alongside one of his own students to study in detail the discharging of lightning within the ionosphere cavity, refining his equation to the more precise measurement of 7.83 Hz. The discovery was remarkable; the Schumann Resonance is not merely a close correspondence to human Alpha brainwaves, it is an exact and identical match. The brain’s frequency controlling our creativity, performance, stress, even our immune system, is attuned to the frequency of the planet. The pulse of the Earth became the pulse of life itself.

Circadian Rhythms

In the early 1960s Professor Rutger Weaver, an acclaimed scientist from the Max Planck Institute, constructed an underground bunker completely shielded from the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth, in order to study the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the circadian rhythms of humans. He conducted an experiment over a thirty week period, during which student volunteers spent several weeks at a time living in the bunker. He discovered that the student’s circadian rhythms were dramatically disrupted when they were isolated from the Schumann Resonance, causing both mental and physical health to suffer. When the 7.83 Hz frequency was secretly reintroduced to the isolation bunker by means of an electric pulse generator they almost immediately returned to health and a sense of well being. Weaver’s experiments proved the incredible connection between human health and the heart beat of the planet; the correspondence between Burger and Schumann’s discoveries had been no coincidence.

Third Eye Spies

During the 1980s, in a series of highly secretive experiments at the Stanford Institute, it was discovered that Alpha / Theta brainwaves were dominant during sessions with the CIA’s psychic agents; remote viewers such as Ingo Swann and Pat Price. During the 1990s a further series of experiments by Dr. Michael Persinger verified that the exact brainwave frequency during optimum psychic performance is 7.83 Hz. These discoveries never made the mainstream due to the conspiracy to silence the truth about the brain’s potential, and Persinger’s work with the God Helmet, a technological device proven to boost psychic aptitude through reproducing the Schumann Resonance within the human brain and even activate psychic abilities in otherwise non-psychic subjects, has been prevented from entering the mainstream. While it has been widely accepted within mainstream science that electromagnetic fields may have a profound effect upon us at every level, including our brainwaves and consciousness, it has largely been hidden from the public is that our consciousness may also have an effect upon these fields; our brains and bodies are literally transmitters, and so effect their environment.

The Genesis Effect

In 2011, groundbreaking research suggested something even more impressive; the Schumann Resonance may be responsible for the beginnings of life. Dr. Luc Montagnier, the biologist who first discovered the HIV virus, was conducting water memory experiments, studying how water retained a memory of substances that had previously been dissolved in it, when he stumbled upon something that would challenge the very core principals of science.

All life comes from life, and can only exist where life has existed before, and the mechanism for this has always been understood to be material, such as egg and sperm, or cell division. This was a principal assumption that had never been violated by any experiment in science so far. Dr. Luc Montagnier’s experiments would offer a very different hypothesis, showing that DNA sequences – the very building blocks of life – communicate with each other through water by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes electromagnetic communication was still recorded. These transmissions are so sophisticated they are able to arrange nucleotides into new DNA. Scientists had combined these ingredients countless times before but have never been able to recreate the spark of life, transforming nucleotides into actual DNA without it already being present. The difference was that Montagnier had introduced the frequency of precisely 7.83 Hz; when a test tube of pure water is placed beside a second test tube containing water and DNA traces, and the two tubes are exposed to the Schumann Resonance, the nucleotides in the pure water rearrange themselves to make DNA.

Since this Schumann Resonance has been the electromagnetic pulse of the planet from the very beginning, before life evolved, it is reasonable to assume that the Schumann Resonance played a part in DNA coming into existence in the first place; life evolved surrounded by these frequencies and inevitably tuned in to them. Indeed our sensitivity to frequency became integral to our ability in sensing another of the planet’s phenomena; magnetic fields. Two billion years ago magnotatic bacteria formed a simple but intriguing relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field. The single celled organism contained particles of magnetic material enabling it to act like the needle of a compass and orient along the magnetic lines of the planet. As organisms became more complex so did their reliance on these magnetic fields.

DNA molecules are not themselves the determinants of particular structures, even if biologists often speak of genes ‘for’ certain attributes, such as ginger hair, or higher intelligence. They do not possess conscious attributes such as selfishness, and do not contain instruction plans or blue prints for organisms, yet nor are they merely the code sequencers of amino acids and proteins. Discovered only as recently as 1952 we know relatively little about the true purpose of DNA, despite the great leaps made by the Human Genome Project, and the riches that have been made through genetic modification. Scientists have only so far ascertained around 2% of its purpose; the remaining 98% may well have far more to do with Montagnier’s discovery of its relationship to the Schumann Resonance, and the relationship between the Schumann Resonance and ‘sixth sense’ abilities.

Neuro-Psychic Programming

Sɵrcery may exploit the relationship between DNA, the Schumann Resonance, and 7.83 Hz Theta trance to communicate psychically with DNA to reprogram it, changing its energy emissions and transmitting new information into the morphic field. The discovery that psychic communication is possible directly with DNA, producing profound and instantaneous results, surely provides a greater leap in our understanding of ourselves as humans than the materialism of the Human Genome Project. That this in turn creates changes in the biofield, which in turn effects – and is effected by – its morphic environment, has been known to sorcerer’s by various means for at least 5,000 years; science is only now beginning to catch up.

Since its discovery in the 1950s, DNA has been assumed to be the equivalent of a ‘read only’ file. More current advances have proven it can also be re-written, accidentally or otherwise. The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This is now called the phantom DNA effect. Garjajev modulated certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself; concluding that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation. Garjajev’s research group worked on technology capable of influencing the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies to repair genetic defects. Capturing information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitting it onto another, they managed to reprogram cells to another genome, successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos, simply by transmitting DNA information patterns. Such experiments illustrate the immense power of wave genetics, suggesting it has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Working alongside Russian linguists, Garjajev found that the alkalines of our DNA follow the same patterns as human languages, directly comparable to the rules of syntax, semantics, and grammar; suggesting that human languages did not appear coincidentally but are innate within DNA. Living DNA always reacts to language modulated lasers and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

Our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also functions in data storage and communication. Everything about us is encoded as letters in the DNA Matrix language. Dr. Fritz Albert-Pop, who discovered bio-photons in 1976, proved the source of these human light frequency emissions to be within our DNA; it is the core transmitter of our personal energy signature. Meanwhile, Dr. Lipton has proven that the DNA nucleus is not the intelligence centre of the cell, which is instead located in the membrane, which receives signals from our consciousness and writes the DNA code. The membrane acts like an information processor, it is quite literally comparable to a liquid crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels, as in microprocessing. The membrane reads the environment and adjusts the biology. The nucleus itself operates in a manner comparable to a hard disk, while the genes are programmes. The electromagnetic biosphere, and the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, operate as DNA’s wi-fi transmission and reception; its ‘signal being 7.83 Hz..

Sɵrcery applies the same essential principle suggested by Garjajev’s findings; attaining to the 7.83 Hz frequency with the physical-psychic system rather than technology, language-modulating the transmission with spoken words and commands. Sɵrcerers employ remote viewing to observe the inner biology of their target, concentrating upon the pineal gland as the ‘command centre’ through which DNA may be accessed by means of a telepathic signal. This may promote accelerated healing, sometimes instantaneous, dare we say miraculous. The same principle may be applied in magical attack; for example, deactivating a target’s immune system.

Since certain life events can also effect this level of being, such processes have profound implications in creating willed changes in personality – in the sɵrcerer’s own self, or in others. Again, the same principle may be employed to disrupt DNA for purposes of magical attack. For example, a target may be remotely programmed to believe themselves naturally unlucky.

It has also been shown that information relating to instinctive knowledge may be encoded into DNA through certain experiences, most notably trauma, and inherited by subsequent generations. Early experiences, for better or worse, can also literally become part of our genetic make-up.

On the most immediate level, the good news is that we can change, through the simple act of communication, even at the most fundamental biophysical level of DNA. This has profound implications in the clearing of trauma, mind control, or disempowering narratives, and the instantaneous instilling of empowering psychic strategies.

That DNA may be reprogrammed through psychic communion in turn suggests the possibility of a psychic aspect to the evolution of the human species itself. Although the correlates between DNA, the Schumann Resonance, Theta brainwaves, and the ‘sixth sense’ are all new discoveries to modern science they have always been present in nature. The sudden evolutionary leap between Neanderthal and modern humans might have been the result of such willed change. Or to conjecture further; consciousness might not have evolved at all, or even have arisen from matter in the first place, but instead might be the purpose and cause of matter, and therefore of evolution.

– Excerpt from The NeuronomIcɵn, third edition, available soon in paperback.


Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Knights of Chaos, Mind Control, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanism

Google this; “kidwelly satanic child rape cult”. Read all the newspaper reports. Read the book of one of the cult’s victims, a young woman whose testimony was accepted before Crown Court – Annabelle Forest’s Devil on the Doorstep.

Although the evidence sounds like the most fucked up conspiracy theory ever dreamed up by David Icke, the crimes of the Kidwelly satanic child rape cult genuinely took place. Whatever the evidence regarding other cases which may or may not have turned out to be hoaxes, these ones were real. They were in the real newspapers. They were on the real news. Real people were involved in these crimes, and real people were victim to this cult – including many children who have now grown into early adulthood. It would be in abominably bad taste to lie about, conceal, or even to weave ‘poetic truths’ about the living Hell that Batley and his associates put these victims through. It is also a crime of abominable proportions that no further investigation took place: not even after Batley’s conviction: and not even when further victims of the cult came forward with evidence it is still active.

It cannot, should not, be assumed that Batley had some Manson like hypnotic power over all the initiates of what is reported in all the papers, in all the disclosures of those whose testimony lead to his prosecution, to be a large cult network. There is no evidence of him possessing such a power. Take a look at the man pictured in the newspapers. Does he look like a master magician, capable of brainwashing a whole cult into believing he is some kind of Messiah? Does he look like he has bizarre powers of hypnotism? Does he even look intelligent enough to – single handedly – brainwash children? He did not do all this on his own – as was recognised in his prosecution. Indeed, Batley was served extra time for refusing to give names.

We cannot assume that this large network of child abusing, brainwashed psychopaths has suddenly ceased to exist now Batley is inside. Nor can it be argued that his cult’s ritualistic child abuse was a unique anomaly; the following year saw the prosecution of Wiccan high priest Peter Petrauske and his Thelemic house mate Nick Kemp, during which it was revealed that the recently murdered druid Peter Solheim had also been a member of the same paedophile ring, whose crimes went back to the 1970s.

The next argument that deniers are likely to throw is that all these crimes took place in the West Country and Wales; yet the papers – and the disclosures of survivors – all report that Batley’s cult drew its membership from a wide area, with notably strong connections to both Bristol and London. Since only some of the crimes of this cult took place at Batley’s house – and since its membership came from far and wide – it is not even true to say the cult was located only in Kidwelly – it is simply that this is where Batley had a house – having moved there from Peckham.

The implications of these evident, unarguable facts are so horrible nobody wants to believe them – especially not us. Not only does this network of fucked up loonies continue to operate, not only do they continue to be a serious danger to adults and children, but it involves several members of my (Nathaniel’s) family and the father of my Soul Mate’s (Jasmine’s) child. People we cannot help but still have love for, even though we cannot defend them, and it has become our duty to expose them.

We ask you to imagine how this feels for us. We ask you to recognise that it should not be left entirely to the wounded to expose and stop this unbelievably sadistic network of criminals. The police are doing worse than nothing while these vile life destroying freaks parade themselves in full view of everybody. Because believe it or not – that is what many of them have been doing – investing their ill gotten gains in further widening their network’s influence.

In (year), shortly after the above string of prosecutions, we saw the Hapmstead case explode in London. We have avoided involving ourselves in the drama surrounding this situation, but our name has been dragged into it anyway. In our opinion, the Hampstead case was most likely a hoax – there are simply too many able bodied and articulate children in the narrative surrounding this case.. It makes much more sense for such a network as Batley was involved with to target vulnerable children; recent law changes have made it so that children in care cannot even give legal testimony. Disabled children; especially the mentally incapacitated, whose evidence could never be accepted as reliable. Children already so damaged nobody hears them. Which, it is our sad knowledge to share, seems to be exactly what they are doing; some even have jobs working with vulnerable children.. at least one we know of has worked as a sex educator for traumatized teenagers.. the perfect job for a paedophile sadist.

This is so horrible to even think about. Please bear with us We will try not to leave too many indelible horrors in your imagination as are burned into ours, or the nightmares we still sometimes suffer. No doubt the black magick id-IOTs will be smug to know that – no doubt they will call it a successful curse – but in reality it is all nothing but the lowest most shameful of crimes and beyond pathetic. I have heard the disclosures of a disabled young man who the cult have been abusing since the age of six, and who remains in their clutches. These disclosures contained details this young man could never have known unless what he was saying was true – some of them very intimate.

That is how I know he was telling the truth about many of them – because in addition to members of my family, four of those identified to me had been among my ex-lovers during my twenties; during the 1990s, when I had been a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros. I hadn’t had much to do with any of them since resigning from the IOT in 2001, with the exception of one – the mother of my daughter.

Not long before the full truth came out my daughter started having seizures. When the truth came out she went into denial and actually passed messages between the rapists so they could pretend not to know each other – between the young man’s biological father and another ring member calling himself Dr. Love, who had acquired a flat almost immediately opposite where we were living. She lied to me about spending time alone with this rapist in his flat; I saw her entering and leaving while keeping vigilance at our window. She even appeared to present false witness in the Family Law Courts, during the nine month long cover-up that took place after this young man went to the police – because, whether by accident or by conspiracy, that is what happened – where it also came out that the boy’s father and Dr. Love had known each other since the 1970s. I do not know why my daughter did any of these frightening and worrying things, but she did.

As you might imagine, it took reserves of courage and strength to live through all this beyond anything we could ever of imagined. Jasmine, after hearing the three month long disclosures of her son, threw up every morning for three years. For the first few years we spoke quite seriously, and quite often about killing ourselves – the pain, and the fear were unbearable. I spent from 2012 to 2015 in uncontrollable tears for them all – perpetrators and victims alike. My grief was such that I became unemployable.

I lost a string of jobs because of my tears and – I suspect – when employers found my blog and read what I have been through. Stalkers from this network have even targetted us in our places of work.. We both also had to warn our bosses when we were being targetted, with organised stalking also making our journeys to and from work terrifying. Here, at least, police have been helpful – the stalking has dropped off since they gave a verbal warning to the wealthy local Chaos magician we suspect of having organised much of it, while Dr Love has suffered five heart attacks and may – as far as we know – already be dead.

It is not that the pain is gone, because it never will be. Yet we neither of us have chosen to die from this. Perhaps if the guilty had not sent so many taunts, such as signing my email account up to ‘suicide awareness’, or any of the weird cut-up / nlp appearing on my blog posts and in abusive emails, we might have chosen to become the punchlines to their sick joke. But that isn’t what is going to happen. We both bless every morning with gratitude that we were not even a witness to any of the crimes committed by these id-IOTs, never mind victims or perpetrators – our attitude of uncompromising truth already having made us ‘difficult’ company for much of the Pagan / occult scene. Yet despite our differences of many of them are people we still have love for – even if the guilty need to be exposed and prosecuted. We have faith that all we need to do is keep ourselves alive for long enough and we will see this happen. Society is changing, and crimes such as theirs are no longer beyond belief.

This is not ‘conspiracy theory’ – it is a genuine criminal conspiracy, just like we see coming out within the Catholic Church. We are not talking Lizard Wizards here. Understanding that the Kidwelly satanic child rape cult really did happen, and that it is still happening, does not mean believing in any of the woo woo nonce-sense the guilty parties have woven around themselves. Satanic ritual abuse is nothing more than a cover for sadistic paedophile crimes – such as those Ian Watkins, singer of The Lost Prophets, paid for people to commit, but ‘themed’ as a Satanic Mass; a theme not uncommon in modern pornography, as a ‘search for’ on Pornhub will prove. Films like the cheap sleazy crap made by Colin Batley and the cultic network he belonged to, exploiting brainwashed children. Like it or not, the evidence is there – and more is coming out all the time.

It must be Hell being among those guilty of these crimes, knowing that as more and more people become aware of how paedophile networks and human trafficking rings operate, the closer they come to noticing what is right before their eyes. The pressure on the guilty is mounting daily. More and more people are seeing them – or rather, realizing what they are seeing. Because the guilty are quite literally standing on a stage, publishing blogs using well known paedophile codes, dedicating books to the children of Baphomet, displaying evidence in their self curated museums, even making blogs under fake names exposing themselves (also offering misdirection – James Hind is far more likely to be Phil Hine).

My mother’s initiatory tattoo, an Eye of Horus, appears on the National Geographic documentary, Taboo: Witchcraft, which has been seen by millions of people – it is only a matter of time before a journalist, or other researcher, puts two and two together and investigates whatever she and Adrian are up to now (I received an email from an unknown source saying they are involved with The Order of the Oath, who meet at the new stone circle in Milton Keynes – I kid you not!).

Take a look at the newspaper reports of the trial of Margaret James for the murder of Peter Solheim and you will see both my mother and stepfather’s names, right there alongside Peter Petrauske, who was himself prosecuted in 2012.

Take a look at deathandhell.com and ask yourself what kind of person would find a site that that funny – consider that it went up at the same time Batley was active, and that all you have to do is google the site’s name alongside “Illuminates of Thanateros” or “Dave Lee” to see who made it.

Note that the IOT’s original founders have distanced themselves from it. Long retired from the order after disagreements with Carroll, Ray Sherwin’s book Ouroboros reveals that he has received complaints from all around the world about the IOT’s abusive crimes, and his old friend Carroll’s refusal (inability) to do anything about them.

In short, the satanic child rape cultists are hiding in plain sight – a technique that works only so long as there is enough cognitive dissonance, ie people cannot believe what they are seeing. And belief shapes reality, according to their Chaos magick woo woo nonce-sense. Nothing (they say) is true and everything (they do) is fucked up..

But they cannot hide in plain sight for much longer. Society has convulsed so many sleazy scumbags since the too-late exposure of Jimmy Savile that hiding in plain sight no longer works. We know, and they know, or will most certainly soon realize, there will be serious consequences for their crimes. So many people will see them they will have to hand themselves in for their own safety. Even then, they had better hope the other prisoners never find out what they did, because even other paedophiles will have the natural instinct to kill them; this is simply a statement of fact.

This is, of course, if they don’t all kill each other first – the murder of Peter Solheim, which involved several people also never identified, was most certainly committed by the Kidwelly satanic child rape cult. As the Olde Witch Wisdome sayeth, “The onlie waye thirteen peoples can keepeth of a seekrit is if twelv of them are Deade.”



For the past seven years I have been attempting to expose those I know to have been involved in the ‘Kidwelly satanic child rape cult‘ paedophile ring which, despite the prosecution of Colin Batley and his wives in 2011, is still operating. Predictably, considering that the cult included my ex-publisher Mogg Morgan (Mandrake of Oxford), the current leadership of the Illuminates of Thanateros, the Welsh contingent of the Ordo Templi Orientis  (which the cul-de-sac cult was a ‘church’ of), and an (ex?) regional coordinator of The Pagan Federation, this attempt has brought me considerable grief from those I have exposed – see the recent trolling on my blog, or any of the anonymous websites libelling my name. Yet there is ONE MAN all these people are brown-nosing, ONE MAN they are all afraid of, ONE MAN whose campaign of jealousy and hatred began all this trouble in the first place: His name is Peter Pracownick.

His campaign of hatred began in 2003, when the mother of his eldest son left him and came to live with me. Pracownick made several death threats against myself and Jasmine, and secretly enlisted / paid / provided children to Colin Batley, while openly telling many people that he had taken out a contract on our lives – with the Hells Angels. Pracownick is / was well connected with the HA, having once been told he was the only UK artist allowed to paint GOLD wings for them. Yet when Jasmine and I met up with the HA’s UK President in 2003, an act taking considerable bravery, we were told that no such contract had been taken out with them. Pracownick was using the HA’s name in vain and attempting to put them in the frame as a ‘distraction’ if / when we were successfully murdered by Batley.

Pracownick appears to be hugely successful as new Age artist – having painted covers for The Grateful Dead, Hawkwind, and others. Dope smokers who own tobacco tins, sold in the ‘head shops’ around the UK, will also recognise his work. Yet in truth he received very little money for any of these things – he was / is extremely prolific and more-or-less gave his work away, making sure he undercut other artists so drastically there would be no point in them attempting to encroach upon his market. So while his crap artwork is everywhere, Pracownick’s income from these sources was, and is, negligible. The truth is that Pracownick’s apparent financial success comes from crime – specifically the creation and distribution of child abuse images.

It seems Pracownick’s connections, including the aristocrats whose names he reeled off in the family law courts in 2012-2013 (nine months long!), have been protecting him from prosecution. I have seen the interview Pracownick gave with the police in 2012, which I am not allowed to publish but am allowed to talk about. In this police interview Pracownick actually admitted to being a paedophile, and boasted about being friends with Gary Glitter.. but still was not arrested or prosecuted.

I know about some of the vile things Pracownick has done to children – things so terrible at least one child victim was left so brain damaged they cannot give testimony strong enough to lead to his prosecution. I am prepared to stand in court and say so. This post is not a ‘malicious communication’ of any kind. It is a genuine and honest attempt to warn the public about an extremely sadistic, and dangerously connected, paedophile.

It is also to ensure that – should anything happen to us, including apparent suicide – a record has been made as to who should be investigated first.

Peter Pracownick is an old friend of my stepfather, Adrian Brynn-Evans, and of both Julian Vayne and Niki Wyrd, who were also enlisted by Pracownick in his campaign of hatred, his conspiracy to murder, and the extreme ritualistic abuse of children.


ADDENDUM – It has been brought to my attention that not only does Julian Vayne boast of knowing Pracownick – he boasts that there were children at the rituals held at PP’s manor house – see this article here