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I’m big in Portland!


Portland has been a stronghold of resistance in recent days. I am proud that my work is popular among the rebel magicians there. Take a look at what Portland’s INVOKE books has to say about my work –

“An absolute favorite teacher, author & practitioner of mine, Nathaniel Harris. He has also played a pivitol role in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse in his hometown of Bristol, England as well as bringing awareness to the U.S. and beyond. His history, knowledge and expertise is very very broad…”

See the original review posted here:




My own resignation from the Illuminates of Thanateros – because yes it was a RESIGNATION not expulsion as they have been claiming – was May 1st 2001. Vayne was not a member at this time and has NOT been in the IOT for 20 years. During the few years I was involved with the IOT, Vayne was a ‘hanger on’ at the edge of the scene and not taken seriously. Phil Hine, in particular, never had a nice word to say about him.

Witches, abuse and murder – The pagan paedophile ring that rocked Cornwall


Further reply to Julian Vayne stating, quite clearly, that ritual abuse has never been proven to be ‘real’, while ignoring the convictions for same from within his own social groups – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vFxCN0BpKY

Original article here – https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/witches-abuse-murder-pagan-paedophile-2563685

Although he has since been challenged on his false claim, and now has a comment under his video trying to claim he never denied abuse within the occult community, HE QUITE PLAINLY DID! He said if there was ever such a case IT WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME. The case reported here is not unique either – four more convictions also from Julian Vayne’s own social group are reported here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0ki7ZDWCuU

For a ‘leader’ of the Pagan / occult community to continually deny the existence of this very real problem is, in itself, suspect. When there are convictions from among your own social group, and an ongoing investigation into your social group!, it is BEYOND SUSPICIOUS. At the very least this proves he is covering for SOMEONE.. Please show your disapproval by ticking ‘unlike’ on his own video. He won’t dare publish difficult questions or comments criticising him, and blocks accounts that do. Please share this information. All those associating with Mr. Vayne need to be made aware of his glaringly SUSPECT behaviour.



ALL MEMBERS OF THE ILLUMINATES OF THANATEROS ARE LEGITIMATE TARGETS – Considering the disclosures of the IOT’s founders Ray Sherwin and Carroll both calling it a disgrace, and despite the disclosures and the newspaper articles clearly proving the IOT to be liars, all members of that ‘order’ can be reasonably assumed to at least be ‘paedophile friendly’. Until the order rises up against its leadership, expels them, and publicly expose them, the entire order remains in disgrace and ALL members are legitimate targets.

Lua Valentia’s article on IOT British Isles website: http://iotbritishisles.com/2020/07/12/the-illuminates-of-thanateros-a-novices-view/

The same article appears on her own website https://www.specula.com.br/post/por-dentro-da-iot-ilhas-britânicas

INFORMATION GLEANED SO FAR: Born an raised in Minas Gerais – Brazil which was founded by her great grandfather (father’s side) even on the main plaza has a statue in his honour. Her father is from Rio de Janeiro. Her mother was in a car accident which left her in comma. Her dad didn’t want the responsibility of living with her but he sent a bit of money to the people that, at that moment, were “taking care” of her.

The family with whom she was staying were extremely abusive beating her constantly, gave her cold baths and trying to calm her down by giving her beer. Her father wanted for someone from his side of the family to adopt her.

Her great aunt ended up adopting her and came to live in Minas in the family house which had about 8 rooms and around 3 bathrooms (according to Lua) very big old house. Went to a catholic school and claims to have had a good education. Worst experience (according to her) was to see her uncle die before her; he had committed suicide by drinking poison. Had a natural ability for communicating with spirits and her inspiration for getting into writing books was another of her great uncles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwtGXwt5I1Q (her video )

She was threatened by two individuals various times and manifested the intention to kill her and allegedly made magical workings to kill her mother. The same people keep showing and have being using her name to do “destructive work”. She has received some prints of people even claiming (falsely apparently) to have had sex with her. It is most likely that these attacks against her actually came from within the IOT – she might be covering up for genuine exposure, or it may be a mind control strategy to drive her towards the IOT as a perceived ‘place of safety’.

This video was from April 30 of 2020. More than ironically, she talks about abuse against women in the occultist world and presents it as a major concern. Apparently she really hates Bolsonaro (current president of Brazil) calls him genocidal and looks quite emotional about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IG4tbF5njM (her youtube channel)

She does present an attraction to vampire related themes. On her Instagram there are few images related to vampirism but not a lot of it going on on her social midia except some invitations for events here in SP. https://www.instagram.com/luavalentia/ (her instagram account)

NOTES: Her response to my video was motivated by all these underlying factors as a self-defense mechanism to previous trauma. Julian Vayne might have known this of her and used it to manipulate activating past trauma and using neurolinguistics to set her on defensive/offensive mode. However, she clearly shows duper’s delight in her video with Vayne. She not only knows her friends are guilty of extreme child abuse, she is titilated by it.

In her video attempting to buffoon me – and failing at every mark – she admits to having cyberstalked by FaceBook page and gives examples of the memes I posted. Here is the kind of thing Lua Valentia likes to post – including the libel that drew our attention in the first place:



Vayne’s slimy attempt to veil his guilt behind the ‘Satanic Panic’ narrative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vFxCN0BpKY

At the time I took the screengrab the text on his video read as follows; “Lua Valentia and Julian Vayne sharing some deep thoughts about the satanic ritual abuse, the history of moral panics and conspiracy, victim hood as a profession, taboo breaking, how to actually appose abuse and support people rather than just being a hater, and much more.”

The comment I left on Vayne’s video reads: “Will Mr. Vayne be brave enough to leave my questions published? And to answer them? Ask yourself why, when discussing this subject, Mr. Vayne failed to address the five prosecutions among his Pagan social group for ritualistic child abuse. These were well reported in the newspapers, and it is implausible he does not know about them. Why this oversight, if the conversation is to be open, honest, and adult? BBC – Kidwelly sex cult leader Colin Batley may never be free . A sex cult leader who brainwashed and abused children has been jailed and warned he may never be released. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-12703785 BBC – Jack Kemp and Peter Petrauske jailed for ‘ritualistic’ sex abuse – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-20705898 Plymouth Herald – Witches, abuse and murder – The pagan paedophile ring that rocked Cornwall The main players are either locked up or dead – https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/local-news/witches-abuse-murder-pagan-paedophile-2563685

He wasn’t open, honest, and adult to answer this question from me. Nor was his Id-IOT pop-princess. Not even when it was asked repeatedly by other people. All such posts have simply been removed from their videos. This is a display not just of ignorance and avoidance – it is obvious our wannabe witch queen simply does not care. Her duper’s delight – the knowing smirk – is most disturbing.


Lua Valentia’s FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/luavalentia

Her libel: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1051939811907119&id=100012733292611

Her straw man attack based on some memes I posted on FaceBook, alleging that I am homophobic (I have never denied my bisexuality, even if these past years I have bee only Jasmine’s) and misogynist (she claims to be a feminist while standing next to a rapist and sadistic paedophile). She appears to have a large following, none of whom are smart enough to check the facts for themselves.

As can be seen from my video channel, Vayne usually finds a way to harass us around this time of year. His most common tactic is to whine as if he is the victim and use others as his flying monkeys. His tactics are text book narcissism, as might be expected from an alleged ‘Chaos magician’ who changes his name to ‘Vayne’.

I have also received an email alleging that, according to Pagans on the scene around Bristol, that a ‘pair of foreigners’ have been looking for me ‘around the pubs’.

All of this information has, of course, been shared with police and journalists. This portion is being made public for obvious reasons.


Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Paedophilia

It seems the way we were treated by police when we took disclosures of the paedophile ring with Paganism / occultism, is far from unique. It wasn’t because we are ‘weird’, or because some was ‘ritualistic’, it wasn’t because ‘we could have handled things better’.. it was simply that the police (and social services) betrayal of victims and whistleblowers of WHITE paedophile rings is TEXTBOOK.

Evidence has also arisen concerning a paedophile ring operating within Bristol social services itself. This scandal has so far seen three whistleblowers within our Council having been themselves wrongfully placed on a ‘potential sex offenders’ list – which when discovered saw them compensated for one million pounds EACH – and yet still no investigation into their disclosures?

Extreme child abuse – child RAPE – is being allowed to run rampant in our system, with organized crime and systemic corruption behind it ALL.