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Nathaniel J. Harris was born in Colchester, Essex, in the year 1970, into a family with a reputation for witchcraft going back several generations. His mother is a prominent figure within the Pagan movement. His father went on to become a set designer, working on films such as The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, and the TV adaptation of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as being one of the world’s first digital special effects experts, working many of the first rock / pop videos to appear on MTV, and the cult sword and sorcery TV series Knightmare. According to his mother, Nathaniel was accidentally conceived in a black mass, while his father has claimed Nathaniel was conceived after a séance that went disastrously wrong and resulted in violent poltergeist activity.

Nathaniel began his formal magical training at 14, having already taken up the practice of meditation. He went on to become involved with a variety of occult groups, most notably his mother’s own coven The House of the Old Ways, and the original Chaos magic order The Illuminates of Thanateros, within which he quickly rose to prominence. He resigned from both groups due to severe abuses of trust and power by their leadership.

Nathaniel has published numerous texts on the subjects of magick and witchcraft, all of which attracted the attention of leading occultists, and few of which failed to cause controversy. In the late 1990s and early 2000s he made a number of TV appearances, most notably featuring in the National Geographic documentary Taboo: Witchcraft, but has no intention of appearing on TV again unless it is in the role of whistle-blower.

Nathaniel has since gone on to found the magical ‘anti-order’ I.C.Θ.N., of which The Neuronomicon is the official training manual, and remains dedicated to exposing abusers and charlatans within the occult community.

Books by Nathaniel J. Harris:



This has to be the definitive book on the occult. It is beautifully written and also highly accessible. The artwork is amazing too.”

  • Pat Mills, originator of 2000AD.

One of the best magick books I’ve read in years. I would say on a par with some of Aleister Crowley’s works. And I do not say that lightly.”

  • Michael (Mick) Norris, illustrator of Liber Null & Psychonaut.


  • Ray Sherwin, author of The Book of Results, Vitriol, and Ouroboros, originator of Chaos magic.

An education.”

  • Valerie Sinason, The Tavistock Institute


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BEAST WING 666 tells the reality concerning a ritualistic paedophile ring operating within the UK and abroad. Its author is a well-known occultist and the survivor of a vendetta from one of the world’s most infamous (so called) ‘magical’ orders.
It is hoped this book will help to get the truth out, so that abusive people can no longer prosper in the occult community. It is also hoped it will be of help to other survivors who are struggling to gain justice.


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Wise men throughout the generations have recognised the power of the Psalms to get results: from attracting love and wealth, to overcoming adversaries, to banishing the powers of evil. Yet these are not mere incantations, to be repeated with an empty heart. Pay heed to these words, and follow their advice closely. To those who trust in the LORD, and who faithfully hold his precepts, great favours shall be granted.


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THE DEVIL’S DOOR is offered as a grimoire of Infernal Witchcraft, connecting the modern Aspirant to deeper tradition. The symbolism identifies this work as of the Widdershins or ‘Left Hand’ Path; that which has been called Black Magick. For those to whom this work is intended, there is much to be gained. The Devil’s Door swings wide, and leads directly to the inmost of Mysteries.



The Devil’s Door

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‘Just as there is a door which opens unto God, so is there a Devil’s Door which opens upon the recremental deeps. Let the aspirant be in no doubt that once this door is opened that the deeps will come in.’ – A.E. Waite

‘The cornerstone that the builders rejected is the place from which I come. The gate that is not a gate is the source of the living One.’ – The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

There is a peculiar feature to many of England’s medieval Churches, being a smaller entrance commonly situated in the North side of the building. This door is only opened during the Ceremonies of Baptism and Communion, and at no other times. Lore tells that Devils may reside within the Spirit of an unbaptised child, and that its spirit is Exorcised during these Rituals. It is also at this door that the aspiring Initiate of the Black Art may meet their Master, and make their Pact. For all these reasons, it is called the Devil’s Door.

In Christian lore, it is said that the Lord will rise again in the East; thus this side of a Church is regarded as the most sacred. It was common practice for the dead to be buried with their feet pointing towards to East, so that they could meet Him at the time of Resurrection. Next is the South, then West, and finally the North – this from the belief that the dead would rise in this order. The East is considered God’s side, where His throne is set; the West, man’s side, the Galilee of the Gentiles; the South, the side of the ‘Spirits Made Just’ and Angels, and the North is the Devil’s side. Criminals and paupers were frequently buried in the North side of the churchyard.

References to the North as the direction of the Evil One may be found in the Bible. In Jeremiah 1-13/14 we find; ‘What seest thou? And I said, I see a seething pot; and the face thereof is toward the north. Then the Lord said unto me, out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.’  In Jeremiah 46-20; ‘..destruction cometh; it cometh out of the north’.

The cardinal direction of North was associated in the Middle Ages with criminality. An accused person would stand facing his judges to the North. If a thief or criminal was being chased by the authorities, they could seek sanctuary within a church, as no violence was to take place there. If they could get to the Devil’s Door and take a hold of its handle, they could not be arrested until such times as they had let go. Ecclesiastical sanctuary is believed to have developed through usage from the Anglo-Saxon period until James I abolished the right altogether in 1623. Nevertheless, it was still practised in some parts of the country until the 19th century.

Many early churches in Britain were built upon the very spots used by previous generations of pagan worshippers. Perhaps it was that the sacred space usurped by the church would have been entered only from the North. In ancient Britain and the Germanic territories, the direction was central to the pagan Mysteries. Might we see here the presence of the Sorcerer-God known to us as Woden? That Master of Darkness, Initiator of Sorcerers, and Knower of the Dead? It seems a strong likelihood that these Mysteries may have informed the lore of the Devil’s Door. Amongst Woden’s many names we find also that of ‘Grim’, once again associated with the Devil as the ‘Church Grim’. The God Tyr, also, is associated with the North; indeed his Rune is an arrow pointing to the North Star.

It occurs in Phaerie Lore that the human wishing to make contact with the Hidden Folk may do so by circling a mound beneath which they live, anti-clockwise, and ending in the North. Perhaps here we see the continuation from the Elder Faith, carried through yet adapted to a Christian interpretation. Indeed, as we shall see, there are many practices that remain essentially unchanged from their origins within Phaerie Lore, the service of the Old Ones, and those that are later defined as Infernal Witchcraft.

Yet just because we find a strong correlation, we should not assume to have solved the Mystery in its entirety. Here we have one of many examples where myths have wound together like twisting roots, revealing an intricate pattern.. The association of the North with Devils, and the realms of the dead, may also be found in the Magick of the Zoroastrians. In a Rite of Exorcism, performed in the name of Ahurumazda, the Druj is cast out with these words; “Perish away to the regions of the North, never more to give unto death the living world of the Holy Spirit.”

According to the book of Bahir, amongst the oldest of Kabalist texts, the North is the abode of evil, and Satan comes from the North. It may be noted that the Northerly direction, the cold wastes of the Abyss, and the darkness of perpetual winter, are attributed within Kabalist Lore to the ‘Sephiroth that is not a Sephiroth’; Daath. The significance here is that Daath is indeed the Devil’s Door upon the Tree of Life, leading to the alternate dimensions of the Tree of Death – and the realms of Hell.

It is congruent, also, that within the Egyptian Mysteries the North is associated with Set- the original archetypal ‘Devil’ who was Invoked with Rites we would otherwise describe as Witchcraft pure and simple. For now it is enough to draw attention to the associations with Set, funerary Rites, self overcoming, and the Pathways of the Tree of Death which have been called the Tunnels of Set.

This Mystery may also be found within the Rites of Freemasonry. It is told of the Temple of King Solomon that; ‘….the Sun and Moon….could dart no ray of light into the North part thereof.’ Thus it is that the first degree Mason is taught the North of a term of darkness. This is more than mere allegory, for whilst the Sun progresses through the ecliptic it never reaches beyond 23 degrees North of Earth’s equator. Thus, a building constructed any further North will receive light only on its South face when the Sun is at its meridian height.

According to Witchcraft Lore, it is at this Devil’s Door that the candidate meets their Initiator. Such provides the culmination of a Rite taking place over a series of consecutive nights, during which time the candidate visits the church at midnight and circles the building Widdershins, walking backwards, a variable number of times (usually 3, but always an odd number).

On the final night the Devil is called upon to appear, perhaps as a person, a toad, a large black dog, or any other creature it might choose. The candidate offers a Consecrated host, which must be fed to whatever awaits. As with the formulæ of Witchcraft generally, it must be stressed that there are many variants to this tradition.

It is of relevance that the Rites of Initiation take place at locations bordering the dimensions, as may be understood to be the symbolic aspect of the Devil’s Door itself, or at the crossroads, the seashore, bridges, and so on. Initiation concerns the worlds of the Visible and Invisible, hinging upon the point where the dimensions intersect. The mythic function serves to accentuate occult reality, allowing it to obsess us temporarily that we may once again reabsorb it.

In all these traditions the Initiator may be specifically identified with the Devil. Evidence of such goes back at least to the Middle Ages, with many signs appearing in the Persecution records. In all such depictions, the Rites are portrayed as overtly Satanic. It is that mythic formula concealed also within the tale of the Fall, of Eve and Adam’s partaking of the Forbidden Fruit.

Within many of the old Trade Gilds, which in their day celebrated the Mysteries of their Craft and gave offering to their Gods at their gatherings, the Initiator also became identified with the Devil. Such things were true of the Society of the Horseman’s Word. The Devil is also recognised as the Mystery behind the closely related Initiatory formulæ of the Toad Witches.

Another formula of Self-Initiation is recorded by Scot in his Discoverie of Witchcraft (1584), amongst the most commonly employed books within the Cunning and Art of England, in which the candidate places one hand upon their head, the other on the sole of their foot, giving all between their two hands to the Devil and declaring their self the enemy of all organised religion.

Yet Nature presents one grand and useful lesson more; the knowledge of Self. She teaches, by contemplation, to prepare for the closing hours of existence; and when she has led through the intricate twists and turns of mortal life, she finally brings the lesson of Death. Such are the peculiarities of the Rites of Initiation. They are an invitation to reflect upon that awful subject and teach that, to the Upright Man, death has no terror equal to that of error and illusion.

The formulæ of Initiation, whether into primitive societies or advanced fraternities, are of symbolic death and resurrection; as typified in the myths of Osiris, Christ, and Hiram, amongst many others. Such symbolism is present in the tradition of meeting one’s Initiator at the North side of the church- being that part of the graveyard where the poor are buried, and where sunlight does not fall.

Through the nearness of darkness and death we are inevitably reminded that our own life is but a transient dream. It is analogous, also, to the Inner Darkness, through which we may be presented with glimpses into the Mysteries. It is a symbolic renewal of the candidate’s connection with the embryonic Void; the gateway to the Mysteries, living and breathing the Rite as a dreamer dreams a dream. The shadows of the graveyard serve to remind us of the shifting shadows of Self, ever descending into reincarnation, attempting even death for its satisfaction. This darkness is embraced in its totality that the flame of Illumination may ignite spontaneously within the Self, as the Limitless Light first emerged from the Void.

This is that symbolic death that allows us to mature, imperceptibly, within ourselves. It is not a physical death, but the death of the candidate’s inertia upon the Path of Self; their unawareness and alienation. The aim of Initiation is to kill this death, uncovering the Self buried beneath so much sand and mud. It is as if the candidate were reincarnated ‘this time around’- and let us not forget, that through this symbolised death, the Initiate may come to expand their awareness of mortal death. It is not entirely unknown for Initiates to regain certain memories of previous incarnations at such times. This death corresponds to the Alchemical processes of transmutation, and does not in itself present the culmination of the Rite.

This Harrowing of Hell, called also the Journey Unto the Centre of the Earth, is not merely one of introspection. It serves also as an Enchantment cast upon one’s own Self by the aid of the Devil. The descent into one’s Self foreshadows Infinity; its aim is the perception of a complex reality revealed through various components of the Rite. It is at this stage, having attained the very heart of this realty, that the tangible world opens itself up to the Mysteries.

Herein lies the paradox of Initiation. It is easy to comprehend the need to Become One’s Self in order to realise one’s potential, yet it is difficult to comprehend how the seemingly finite Self is to identify with the infinite Mysteries.

By the process of Initiation, the aspirant rediscovers their Self, stripping it of those beliefs and miscomprehension that hindered them from becoming their own creator, which the Alchemists understood by the phrase Son of His Works. The Initiate enters into this Mystery, revealing the cruel beauty which runs as a current through the Self, as it runs also through the world.

Much superstition and misunderstanding has been accumulated around the formulæ of Initiation. It is often supposed that the candidate acquires by these Rites great Mystical insight as if by a single moment of Illumination, and that great powers are to be granted them suddenly by the agency of the Devil. In reality, however, the Rites of Initiation provide a function that might better be described as poetic, stirring the Greater Mind within the individual as great poetry may serve to awaken the Secrets of the Soul; which is as Danté called the Straight Track.

Nor is the Devil’s Door representative of some singular and finite Attainment. Rather, it is a vow that must be continually reaffirmed. It is not enough to perform this Rite but the once, and consider oneself a ‘Witch’ from this moment on, and forever. The enigma may be decoded through the dictum ‘The object of the Quest is the very way of the Quest’, by which is meant that the goal of our journey is not the aim of our embarking, for it will be to us forever Mysterious. Rather it is the journey itself that is its own purpose. Thus, in the old gilds (the forerunners of ‘guilds’, preserving trade secrets and lore), the candidate for Initiation was sometimes known as a Journeyman. The Rites themselves serve as a momentary Enchantment, a marking of the beginning of a journey that may have no ultimate destination other than death, itself as illusory as life. It is a spelling out with action, and may never replace the endless journey of maturation it represents.


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My mother’s family, going back several generations, were all known in Essex as ‘white witches’ – at least by people that liked them. The term meant something different than it does today, so I do not often introduce myself as a “white witch”, as most people then assume I am some kind of Pagan. It might baffle those who have been miseducated by bookshop pseudoccultism but the witches of my family were Christians, even if their theology was expanded compared to Church doctrine. It doesn’t really matter what you call their ‘religion’, though; the power we inherit is not a ‘belief system’ or a fixed set of ‘rituals’ – rather, it is an inherited talent. This ‘natural magick’ in our blood is sometimes called ‘cunning’ – from the old word kenning, meaning ‘to know’, in the way the of the Greek word ‘gnosis’. There were cunning men and cunning women, the term is not gender specific, but in East Anglia – at least, by sometime around the 19th century – the term ‘white witch’ was more commonly applied. This is the true magical tradition of England, but it was only as recently as 2005 that the first academic texts were published on the subject; see Cunning Folk by Professor Owen Davies (note my own book Witcha; A Book of Cunning was self-published in 2002 in a hand bound leather. It has only been more recently that any Wiccans started pretending to be ‘cunning’, or that occult publishers started offering ‘luxury’ bound editions. But I digress..)

It is only in recent generations that any of my family stopped going to Church, or that our witchcraft ceased to be ‘described’ in Christian terms. My mother embraced modern Wicca when she married Adrian Brynn-Evan in 1987. Her mother, my Grandmother, also embraced Spiritualism in the days after WWII. I myself have been involved with various branches of magick, from Chaos magick through to Voudon / Orissa / Obeah. Yet even where other ‘faiths’ have been annexed the spirit gift has distinguished us all as having abilities beyond our piers. My Grandmother ran the largest and most affluent séance circle in Colchester, regularly attended by the Mayor and his wife, as well as other dignitaries. My mother is a honorary 3rd degree Wiccan, without ever having had to be taught, as well as having gained recognition in Druidry. When I was invited to join the Illuminates of Thanateros in 1992 it was as similarly as a 3rd degree initiate – and by my resignation in 2001 I had been Mentor to at least one of those now among the Pact’s leadership, as well as the Magister Templi to three or four temples, the order’s first ordained Chaos Priest, and Fool/Inquisitor to the Magi of both UK and USA sections. By the end of 2003 Kenneth Grant was encouraging his ‘Pythoness’ Mary Hedger to bring me into his own order with sexual favours – his letter calling me a ‘magical powerhouse’ is reproduced in part in my book The Neuronomicon. In my dealings with the Voudon cults my abilities have also been recognized – on Three King’s Night of 2008, at a ritual gathering in Haiti, I was recognized as a “Son of Simbi-Makaya” with the natural ability to call the spirits. I think it is fair to say the ‘power’ has been passed to me, whether you call my magick ‘cunning’ in the historical sense, or whether you call it a modern mash-up sorcery.

Let me say that again, as I can tell some of my readers are struggling with the concept. I did not learn my magick as an adult coming to some kind of ‘system’, such as Wicca, Thelema, or Chaos Magic, even if I have in the past engaged with these ‘scenes’. You can say I am ‘really’ just some kind of Wiccan, Chaos magician, wannabee zoodoo, or whatever you like, but at the end of the day I was born with the power – inheriting through my mother’s line – and in addition I was born with a caul – traditionally also sign of natural powers. A lot of people might try to falsely claim to such powers but in my case it happens to be true.

Just recently I have been using the phrase ‘white witch’ in relation to myself more frequently – because I have had to explain myself to witches whose ancestry are African. I have found much more in common with them than any of the bookshop pseudoccultists – especially with my local Obeah, who call me simply “Magick Man”. Many of our practices are identical, which I find fascinating, and it is often necessary to explain where I inherited my knowledge from – especially when there are so many embarrassing charlatans ‘studying to be black’, such as the gay Welsh Voudon shop in Glastonbury (WTF?). Like the ‘white witches’ of East Anglia the typical Obeah practitioner often has inherited spiritual gifts that allow them to operate as they do, and these gifts cannot be passed on to others – at least not without considerable cost to the hereditary practitioner. The distinction ‘white witch’ in this context is also an obvious joke on my skin colour, but I’m fine with that.

What surprises the Obeah as much as myself, however, is when the spirits moving through me choose to introduce themselves by – and respond to – African names. I explain my understanding that all cultures know the same mysteries under different names in The Nueronomicon, and speak a little more about this in the following video concerning the Red Ray.

Now, we can all agree that the Master of the Crossroads is recognized in my native witchcraft as the Devil, before that Odin, and that this same power is called in Obeah as Exu, that the three pronged crossroads sign for Odin (the ‘Awe Helm’) is identical to the symbol of Exu, and that both Odin and Exu are identified ‘after conversion’ with the Devil, but it still causes confusion when my Devil insists it is Exu, and the very same spirit they serve in the mysteries of the African Diaspora. This is when some of my neighbours say I am practising a religion not my own – the same way some racist Heathens say black people should not use the runes or serve Odin. Most Obeah are particularly insistent theirs is a path closed to outsiders, and whites are never to be initiated, so this is bound to cause consternation when it turns out I already know how to do it. I was grateful when a neighbour recently stood up for me against such a purist by arguing, “What you saying? That I’ve only half as much right to practice as you do ’cause I’m mixed race?”

I am reminded of the traditional story where Exu paints himself completely red down one side of his body, and black down the other, divided by a straight line down the middle. He then did a silly walk along the main street of the village, causing those on one side to argue with those on the other as to what colour their strange visitor had been, which escalated into the throwing of spears and a community divided against itself. Such is the nature of Exu, – perhaps his choosing me as his ‘horse’ is a trick to teach a similar lesson to the ‘black purists’ claiming the spirits are theirs alone. It is a complicated and multi-layered argument, and I would never be so assuming as to say my philosophy transcends race as this would also be to deny my own ‘white privilege’. I am always clear that although our practices are often indistinguishable, and we even know many of the same spirits under the same names, I am not ‘Obeah’, nor even ‘Voudusant’, but a ‘White Witch’.

My whiteness caused some confusion this weekend just gone when I turned up at a ‘ritual party’ being thrown by some neighbours just a few doors down. They had not invited us, or indeed any of the other neighbours, but there sound system was so loud it drowned out our stereo, even if we turned it up as loud as it would go. Not that this was too much of a problem, as the DJ’s at their ritual party were playing some banging tunes. Every now and then the DJ took to the mike, declaring to the whole neighbourhood, “This ritual party honours the Orissa!”, or to call out “Exu-Ellegua!”, or “Exu! Exu! Exu!”

Like I said, they were playing some banging tunes. My right leg started hopping around and dancing all on its own. That’s often how it starts – as if ‘restless leg syndrome’ takes over my whole body and moves it around without my control. You might know I suffer ‘rls’ which robs me of sleep if I forget to give due service to the Master at the Crossroads. I was also born with what my medical records call scoliosis – so I am a genuine ‘crooked man’ and the walking stick I lean on is not just for effect. On this occasion my leg was dancing me all around the garden and it took me conscious effort to stop the effect spreading through the rest of me.

“Exu! Exu! Exu!” the DJ called again, and then “Here’s a shout out to our guests from Essex.”

Now, I’m from Essex. It seemed a terrible shame not to have been invited, especially if there was a connection between their society and Essex. It definitely seemed to me that I, or my ‘Devil’, was being called upon – and at such volume it could be heard several streets away. I was like, “Damn, I have to meet these neighbours..”

So there I found myself – dressed in my best red shirt with snake bones around my neck, one hand resting on my ‘staff of Moses’ twisty walking stick, my other hand nursing a bottle – standing outside the party house at a pair of closed black wrought iron gates, a number of new and expensive cars parked behind them. Clearly, the hosts were doing well for themselves, as were those in attendance. As I poured three libations on the ground I was approached by this big black dude with a gangster swagger, “What you want?”

I told him in my best English accent, “I’m a neighbour. I hear you calling to Exu, so here I am. Can I come in, or what?”

This guy looked me up and down like he wanted to snigger. I could tell what he was thinking – some tiny little white dude with the staff of an Obeah men – who does he think he is? Looks like he’s poor, too. And sure, I get that. I get that a lot, from blacks and whites alike. So I took a swig from my bottle and awaited his decision.

“You’re dribbling down yourself,” he said. And I was – accidentally spilling beer like some kind of drunk. And then, “This is a private party.”

Well, whatever. No big surprise, but it was worth a try.

I wandered back home and stayed up with the Mrs, blazing in our garden and enjoying the sounds, imposed upon us whether we liked it or not. But I couldn’t help noticing that, after the sun was down and the party nearly over, they were still calling to Exu. Apparently he hadn’t turned up. Which meant none of the other spirits were in attendance either..

Maybe when they think about it, piecing things together in the week, they will remember the poor little white guy limping on his walking stick that they turned away at their gate. Maybe they will remember the story of Exu painting himself two different colours to teach a lesson about separatism and factionalism. And maybe next time they throw an ostentatious, massively loud, massively bragging ‘ritual party’ that can be heard for several streets away, they will at least remember to invite the neighbours.

So shall it be. Amen.

Real Magick vs. Chaos Magick

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Some people seem to think that when I scoff at Chaos magick I am scoffing at magick itself. For example, Peter J. Carroll, proprietor of Amphora Aromatics and founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, has called me an ‘ex-occultist’. Word is he has been also spreading other vile lies about me, one’s he wouldn’t dare publish for fear of prosecution, of the kind that could get me killed if anyone was stupid to believe them. Word is he has also been telling people I am cursed – at least, I have anonymous emails to that effect. We suspect Carroll is also guilty of online libel against my partner of 15 years, Jasmine DeVille. We also have reason to believe he may be also responsible for encouraging others to target us, or even paying them. As I have explained in my post Exposing the Lies of Peter J. Carroll, he is doing this because the Illuminates of Thanateros in the UK now have at least four so-called Magi, the ‘leaders’ of the cult, who were involved in the ‘occult’ paedophile ring of Colin Batley, and Carroll doesn’t like me telling people. The Pope of Chaos magick and most powerful sorcerer since Crowley – or so he likes to imply – has made a legacy destroying mistake. Pull up a chair and enjoy the fireworks. I am going to fuck this bitch harder than I ever rode any of his order’s Magi, and you know I did that shit, long time passed. Trust.

No, I am not an ex-occultist. Nor am I scoffing at the whole idea of magick when I rip the piss out of Carroll and his Id-IOTs. Examples of real magick, of sometimes devastating power, can easily be found in the physical mysticism of Tai-Chi, whether taught by Buddhist or Taoist, Kapaua, the South American ‘shamanic’ martial art, the uncanny accuracy of the I-Ching and Ifa binary codes, the superhuman powers displayed by the possessed during Voudon service, military funded remote viewing / influence psy-ops such as Project Stargate and Project Jedi, as just a few examples. Instructions for the performance of real magick can be found in books, but few of any value are modern. The 6 & 7th Books of Moses, for example, is important to Obeah, just as it is in the cunning lore of England. Le Veritable Dragon Rouge remains a hot favourite with the Makaya bokor of Haiti, just as it does among Infernal witches. In this age of neuromancy such texts are available to all as downloadable pdfs, yet the deeper knowledge of these traditions remains secret to outsiders. A teacher is still required to gain initiation, or else you must be born into their mysteries. You can’t pay to have spirit power passed on to you through the generations any more than you can practice being black or study to be a red-head. And its true what they say about those born with a caul, too.

Chaos Magic might seem powerful compared Wicca, or New Age psychedelic pseudo-shamanism, and is certainly more practical than the Church the OTO has become. I’m not saying Chaos magicians don’t know how to cast a basic circle, that Spare’s sigil magick doesn’t work (even if it is still pretty hit and miss), or that all of the IOT’s rituals are completely crap. Their Magi are skilled in hypnotism and NLP, and know how to orchestrate group trances. It is well known that I joined the Pact as a young-adult, having been invited to in at the third grade of initiate after a drawn out argument between two temples as to who had the right to sponsor the independent temple I had gathered. My resignation a mere seven years later was – as much as anything – out of disappointment and dissatisfaction. The philosophy of Chaos magick seems to bring out the worst in people, and the order’s leadership are nothing less than spiritually retarded. They only appear successful due to their leadership’s involvement with organized crime – not just drug dealing but the making and distribution of child abuse images.

Just because the Chaos magicians have money does not make them powerful sorcerers. I’m not saying these IdIOTs can’t do magick at all, just that they’re shit at it. If you pitch any of these Id-IOTs against the Obeah men I chat to in Easton, the monks who train with my good friend and sifu Julian Wilde, or the Infernal Witchcraft of my native Essex, their hardcore relativist philosophy won’t provide enough excuses to save them from humiliation.

You won’t find real magick in any post-Crowley pseudo-Masonic orders, however many grades of validation they claim to offer, nor at the a brand new stone circle in Milton Keynes. You won’t even find it at expensive workshops at Treadwell’s Books, not even under the counter. Compared to the unbroken lineages of the Afro-Assian Diaspora, or the witchcraft lineages of Europe, modern pseudoccultism, including the so called meta-tradition of Chaos magick, are nothing but a pyramid selling schemes.

Let’s take a closer look at this relativist philosophy of Chaos magick, shall we? Since Ray Sherwin published the first run of Carroll’s Liber Null & Psychonaut the pseudoccult philosophy of Chaos magick has been encapsulated in the paradoxical couplet, “Nothing is true & everything is possible / permitted.”

Erm.. it is true that the statement ‘nothing is true’ is not true, for a start. You don’t have to think too hard to see the truth of that one. Carroll must have spent too much time training himself not to think at all, and too little time searching for genuine gnosis. Applying a little cunning, or ‘magical knowledge of words’, we can trace the origins of the word ‘truth’ to the Anglo-Saxon / Germanic word ‘troth’. To make troth meant to make a pact, or simply to agree upon something. Troth also gives root to our word ‘trust’. If nothing is true then all pacts are invalid for there can be no trust. This is shown in the runic mystery of Odin as oath breaker – for Odin always speaks true to the trustworthy but only an Id-IOT makes pacts with a crEtin. And speaking of Pacts with crEtins, I’ll tell you what else is true – everything I have disclosed so far about the IOT’s involvement in brainwashing and sexually exploiting children when Colin Batley was Lording it. Everything I have yet to reveal will all be equally true, and there is plenty I keep close to my chest. Yes, I am prepared to say all this in a court of law. I am looking forward to it. Trust.

Carroll and his dupes even have the gall to pretend their bullshit is validated by science. For example, the wave / particle conundrum of Quantum physics is said to proves that “belief shapes reality.” Unfuckingbelievable. You’d think your modern Chaos magician would investigate the theory of E8. At least check it out on YouTube – self education is a doddle in this age of neuromancy. The cosmic implications of this most beautiful of all mathematical forms and the perfect mandala, its equations applicable to macrocosm and microcosm alike, are the closest we might ever come to a Grand Theory of Everything, even if it does still beg the questions how? and why?

These Id-IOTs can believe what they want, but if I tied one to a chair and drilled their teeth with the little kit I have in my box.. well, let’s just say the pain they felt would have everything to do with my drill set and very little to do with their relativist philosophy. This is what is known as ‘objective reality’, and can easily be proven. The experiment would even be repeatable. This is what is called in science ‘evidence’. And I tell you what else – they would beg for the mercy of God. Funny thing.. the actual scientific evidence, as interpreted by our age’s most advanced rationalists, suggests they might be much closer to the Truth with these screams – as Erwin Shrodinger put it, “Quantum physics reveals a basic oneness of the Universe,” or as Einstein said, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is involved in the laws of the Universe – a Spirit vastly superior to that of man.”

And if you think the ‘belief’ – or more accurately the GNOSIS – of God means you can’t be a magician, you ain’t never met an Obeah, Voudusant, cunning man, or a real witch. Psuedo-Satanism, Paganism, Heathenism, Chaos Magick, and all the rest of these new and popular pseudotraditions all seem to have been founded by charlatans. Sorry if that alienates your ‘spiritually fashionable’ arse but I’m sure you’ll get bored and move on to dabble in some other belief system / tradition / what the fuck ever / pretty soon anyway. Most so called ‘seekers’ usually do, moving from ‘paradigm’ to ‘paradigm’ in a constant search for self validation but rarely to the attainment of any genuine knowledge. Indeed, the relativist philosophy of Chaos magick does not allow for knowledge, since if ‘nothing is true’ there can be nothing on which knowledge can be based.

As for ‘everything is possible’… That clearly isn’t possible, either. To claim otherwise is the craziest, most delusional leap of blind faith. Enough to make flat Earthers look sane. Seriously. If everything were possible, without limit, the entire Universe would collapse into primordial Chaos and cease to exist. Can these people not see themselves at all?

As for ‘everything is permitted’.. Oh dear. Basic common sense and natural ethics tell us everything is most certainly not permitted – and some things are just plain wrong. Hurting children, for example, is going to get you in serious shit when they grow up. Just take a look at what happened to Colin Batley and his ‘bitches’, the ‘white witch’ Peter Petrauske, his Thelemic arse buddy Nick Kemp, or indeed Peter Solheim, whose ritualistic murder was surely an act justice whichever direction it came from. These fools all believed themselves beyond consequences and were proven wrong.

When Pope Pete first tried fucking with us he owned a posh shop in Clifton, where they keep Bristol’s rich people. This was in December 2006, but you can still find pictures of it on the internet. My daughter had said, several times, that she wanted to come and live we us in Bristol so I had secured a house in the area, a flat with a garden overlooking the river in Hotwell’s, close to a good school. As chance would have it, or invisible laws if you believe in such things, our flat was also within short walking distance to Carroll’s shop. It would have been rude not to at least say hello, so Jasmine and I met him for lunch and I bought him a pizza.

This was also when Colin Batley was stalking us, although at that time we had yet to identify him. We did not understand why, but when we mentioned our stalker to Carroll his paranoia was obvious. Assuming my having no day job meant I must have been claiming benefits – I wasn’t, having recently inherited after the death of a close relative – he took a condescending attitude. Which was pretty shit considering how much I had brought to his ‘order’ during my membership, and that he was in a position to offer either one of us a job. He also bragged that Chaos magick was popular among dangerous criminals – copies of Liber Null & Psychonaut having been distributed by ‘prison ministers’ of the Pagan Federation. Grinning, he told us he got letters saying how the philosophy had empowered and validated their lives. When I warned him that a leading member of the IOT is a sadist and paedophile, and that everyone else at that level knew it, he called me a liar. We parted on bad terms.

I set up a reflective barrier against any sorcery Carroll might attempt. It was only reasonable, considering who he thinks he is, to suspect he might try something. I don’t know if he did, or what it might have been, and am too good to even give a shit. In any case, the posh shop is gone and all Carroll has left now is a warehouse just off Old Market, where his neighbours are massage parlours and punk hangouts. Junkies make deals immediately outside his gates. It is also ironic that, having been Bristol’s treasurer of UKIP, he has finally got his wish to leave the EU – Brexit is going to play havoc with his business. It doesn’t matter how many new dormant companies he sets up to lend and borrow between each other, or any other tricks he uses to avoid paying his taxes, Amphora Aromatics will be pouring down the drain faster than you can say Zazas Zazas Nasatanda Zazas!

I have written previously about a venue Jasmine and I cursed into a crumbling ruin – The Printer’s Devil. As chance would have it, or unseen laws if you believe in such things, it was on our route between home and town, so we passed it almost every day and never forgot to throw a curse. It closed a year and one day after we started, has remained closed for a decade, and now has a tree growing through the middle of the floor in the bar. As chance would have it, or unseen laws, Jasmine or/and myself pass by the Amphora Aromatics warehouse almost every day, too. I have, as chance would have it, or unseen laws, several times bumped into Mr. Carroll when we have both been on our ways to work. And as chance would have it, or unseen laws, it always seems to be at the crossroads.

Pope Pete’s might know a few variations on Spare’s wank magick, but they don’t go much deeper that sticking a sigil to his wife’s forehead – he even writes about it in one of his books, poor woman. His ‘fake it till you make it’ invocations at best result in what my Obeah friends call ‘representing’ which does have some power, but it is nothing compared to genuine possession. The best his ‘teachings’ have to offer are the Gnostic vowels, a technique he learned from his fascist pals in the Ordo Fraternitas Saturni, which he takes out of context and presents as his own creation. Carroll’s reductionism might seem all so clever but he’s just some jumped up dabbler. Chaos magick has nothing to offer but egoism and hubris, none of which can be backed up by evidence. The collective Id of the IOT is goat headed in its stupidity. Their adherence to nihilistic absurdity has clearly fucked them all up, just as it will fuck up countless others if allowed to spread unchecked. A little knowledge in the wrong hands..

Carroll was offered the chance to make reparation and apology, and failed to take it. Keep an eye on Carroll’s business, Amphora Aromatics. You can Google it easily enough, and drive around it on Google Earth. In these days of neuromancy, astral bi-location is easy..

Check back in a year and a day.

So shall it be. Amen.


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In my previous post WE ARE IN DANGER I mentioned the book Devil on the Doorstep by Annabelle Forest, another survivor of the Colin Batley sex cult. This was published in 2014, two years after we attempted to raise the alarm about the Illuminates of Thanateros and my parents having been involved in that cult. As we said at the time, our warnings were based upon the disclosures of a brave young man with an invisible disability who had been repeatedly abused by the cult between the ages of 6 and 16.

At that time there were no published disclosures identifying any of the children abused by the cult as either male or disabled, let alone who had been abused between infancy and teenage years. It should be clear we could have had no idea that evidence for this would be published two years later in Annabelle’s book.

For those still in doubt, here are some excerpts. Note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.

In the first excerpt a disabled infant is mentioned. She calls him ‘Pete’.

dod1 001

In the second, later in the book, this same Pete reappears as a teenager.

dod2 001

dod3 001

Could this really be coincidence? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that since 2012 the IOT have not only admitted to having had an active group in Wales during the period when Batley was active, it was important enough that the UK’s ‘Section Head’ of that order is now in Wales? Or that someone matching her partner’s description was in the young man’s disclosures to his mother? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that the disclosures also included having been drugged with psychedelics, and that members of the IOT’s leadership are now boasting of heavy use and a steady supply? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that the disclosures also included a description and drawing of a ‘demon outfit’ matching that owned by members of the IOT? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that anonymous disclosures were made by ‘deathcultreject’ in 2009 alleging paedophile activity by the Illuminates of Thanateros in Wales? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that these same disclosures allege the involvement of at least one social worker in the cult, and that the social worker who undermined his disclosures to the police had just transferred to Bristol from Wales? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that a leading member of the IOT, resident in the West Country, seems to have based a large part of his career on his twin passions of children and sex? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that the IOT seem to have more financial resources than at any other time in their history? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that when the young man’s mother first caught sight of Batley when he was stalking her it was immediately outside Amphora Aromatics, the shop owned by Peter J. Carroll, founder of the ILLuminates of Thanateros? What are the chances?

Could it also be just a coincidence that Peter J Carroll has published damaging libel about the young man’s mother and myself on his blog? And that it not only remained published after he had been advised to remove it by the police – but even added to? What are the chances?

Could it also be coincidence that Julian Vayne has made false allegations of child abuse against both myself and the young man’s mother? As have Mandrake of Oxford?

And what are the chances of ALL these things being coincidence?

Maybe Peter J. Carroll could tell us, since he likes to boast about being so god at such things? Maybe if he finally weighs the odds he’ll come down on the right side, publish his apology for libel against the young man’s mother and myself, and speak out against the paedophile crimes of the IOT? For all we know he was directly involved in these crimes, rather than just implicated by association. Perhaps he will prove otherwise, but we don’t think the chances are high.

It is on the balance of probability that historical crimes of this nature are judged in court, largely based upon witness statement such as the brave young man’s, his mother, and my own. To dismiss our statements as ‘lacking evidence’ shows a distinct ignorance of the law – our statements ARE evidence, and we hope very much to have the chance to present them in court one day. We also have a lot more to add to the above, much of it even less likely to be ‘coincidence’.

Meanwhile, having accepted that the above statement IS evidence, what do YOU think the chances are?