PETER J. CARROLL, the I.O.T. & Ritual Child Abuse

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Note – all highlighted phrases are links leading to evidence.

In a recent pointless argument with Peter J. Carroll, concerning his vile libel against me on his own blog, he suggested I cease exposing what remains of the Illuminates of Thanateros and their involvement with convicted sadistic paedophile Colin Batley, and move on instead to promoting my own creativity. Although his motives are far from benign I have nevertheless decided this will be the best thing to do. If nothing else it will prove that I am not the under-achieving nutcase he makes me out to be: accusations I find laughable coming from someone whose legacy is such an  embarrassment.

First, however, I feel it would be appropriate to address Mr. Carroll’s lies. Some have been openly published on his own blog here:


I hope Mr. Carroll says these things because he has been taken for a mug by the I.O.T., rather than because he was directly involved with any of Colin Batley’s crimes. It has become apparent that they told many lies about me to many people, also including the police and social services, during their long vendetta against me.

Mr. Carroll now at least admits the IOT are an embarrassment, referring to them as the Ineffectuals of Transgression – hinting that he does know their true nature.

To address Mr. Carroll’s libel, one sentence at a time:

“I  don’t do social media and my Specularium site does not use a reply facility, although I do receive emails sent to it. However people have drawn my attention to the activities of Nathaniel Harris as he has started up again on the social media.”

It is true that I re-appeared after a long silence over Facebook. I am a writer and artist – the platform proves effective for advertising my work. I was managing to make a living wage until Carroll and his cult friends started up their bullshit again.

Even where my posts here and elsewhere concerned the I.O.T. and the paedophile cult I had assumed Peter Carroll was out of the picture. I would have had nothing more to say about him if it were not for this libel on his own blog and the abusive emails I received  from him – for example, forwarding an email from Midian Books gloating when a first edition of my book Witcha was sold off at the absurdly low price of £50 with all profits donated to Mind (not that I care.)

“Nathaniel Harris joined a section of the UK IOT well after I retired about 20 years ago.”

This is a lie and I am sure he knows it.

In reality I was initiated at the bequest of Peter J. Carroll himself in 1991, shortly after the first UKAOS public event. At this time I was the founder of a small working coven, consisting of my then partner Nicola Ward and myself, one other couple, and two single guys. I was also a regular contributor to Phil Hine’s Pagan News, had illustrated his first two self-published chapbooks on Chaos Magic, Chaos Servitors and Condensed Chaos, and had been publishing a short lived occult magazine Kallisti.

My group had already been invited to join the IOT by Ian Read, who I had met on three occasions. When we accepted there followed an argument between two temples of the IOT as to who had the right to sponsor us – the first being lead by Charlie Brewster and the other by Nick Hall. This was eventually resolved after Peter J. Carroll sent three officers of the IOT to Norwich, where I was living, to initiate our group; by this time three of our members had become disillusioned so only three remained to accept. I was brought in at the level of Initiate: jumping the grade of Neophyte, whilst the degree of Novice had yet to be added.

Peter J. Carroll had yet to resign from the IOT at this time. However he did not attend any meeting at which I was personally present, choosing instead to make his directives known through his ‘officers’. Presumably the current leadership of the IOT have taken advantage of this and lied to him – if so he has chosen to ignore the truth when presented with it.

“When he first moved to the same city as me about 6 years ago we had a brief pub lunch at which he convinced me that he had become paranoid and deluded.”

The pub lunch did happen, but it was 10 years ago, not six – in December 2006. My partner Jasmine DeVille was also present. Although Mr. Carroll offered to pay, I insisted on covering the bill. I remember Pete asking if I had a job, which at that time I did not. From his attitude I think he perhaps assumed I was on the dole, or had money by perhaps other means – in fact I had recently come into an inheritance.

Mr. Carroll boasted to us that he received adoring letters from dangerous criminals in prison, seemingly pleased that his work was popular among psychopaths and category A sex offenders.

Neither my partner nor I knew about the Batley paedophile ring at this time but we did know we were being stalked, and that this had something to do with the IOT – as has now been proven. When Colin Batley was finally arrested and charged we recognized his face as being the person who had been stalking us.

Batley was seen outside Mr. Carroll’s shop in Cotham Hill, Bristol. It is not credible that Mr. Carroll did not know Batley was a member of the I.O.T.


Recently a disclosure was made by an ex-Novice of the IOT also confirming that Colin Batley was a member.

It was widely reported that Batley’s vile activities involved other ‘cult members’ but these people were never identified. What now remains is for the Illuminates of Thanateros to prove they were not involved in Batley’s crimes. I, and many others, have very sound reasons to believe they were.

Since then I have exchanged a few emails with him in the hope of trying to talk some sense into him, and to get him to moderate his writing and online ranting, but to little avail.”

These emails are more than a ‘few’ and mostly consist of my own attempts to talk some sense into Peter Carroll, but to no avail. He lies constantly. Among the most recent:



Mr. Carroll also seems to have forgotten the many friendly emails we exchanged prior to Batley’s arrest and prosecution. In 2010 he wrote the introduction to my book The Khaonomicon – after which we fell out because I had included a chapter about being stalked due to a conspiracy to murder involving the IOT (i.e. by Colin Batley).


It seems to me that some members of the UK IOT played a lot of silly cult and personal games involving the fragile Nathaniel and that he subsequently developed a huge paranoid conspiracy theory involving bizarre criminal accusations.”

Yes, they played a lot of silly “cult games”.

Mr. Carroll neglects to mention that in 2012 I was present during the first disclosures of a disabled teenager who told of being abused by Batley andmembers of the IOT a decade before – retargeted over and again for much of their childhood. It is not true that the police found no substance in my allegations, however there was great difficulty in their attaining their own disclosures from the child. We have had a complaint upheld by the IPCC regarding their handling of this situation. Apparently the way those with learning disabilities are treated during interview has now been changed as a result – yes, we were taken seriously enough to change thesystem.

However it still remains that the only witness speaking up about the crimes against this diabled teenager during their childhood is the victim. They are not considered reliable enough to re-interview or to take thestand in court. Nevertheless the case canbe re-opened at any time if further evidence is found. For example, if Mr. Carroll were to contact the police and admite that Colin Batley was in the IOT and to tell them which members were involved with him.

Having survived all I have it is hardly true to call me fragile. I wager of am of far stronger psychological constitution than any of the IOT ever suspected. Indeed, as a result of the IOT (and my family) attempting to have me sectioned I have found to be entirely sane by professional psychiatrists.

The authorities can find no substance in any of this, but Social Services have denied him custody of his own child…”

No they did not deny me custody of my own child.

I never had custody of my own child in the first place – she grew up with her mother – and I never attempted to gain custody. He also fails to mention that the mother of my child is Nicola Ward (aka Nikki Wyrd) – laughably a ‘Magi’ of the I.O.T. and identified to the police as having been involved with Colin Batley. Here is us when we were still together – both very young parents.


Nicola Ward is now partner with Chaos magician and child sex educator (!)  Julian Vayne, who is another associate of my parents – they know each other from as far back as the mid 1990s when Vayne lived in Milton Keynes.


Together Vayne and Ward authored the Book of Baphomet and run the Blog of Baphomet. Peter J. Carroll has decided they have made a complete mess of the Illuminates of Thanateros and seems to deeply regret his previous association with them.

Vayne has also been either trolling me himself or putting others up to the task. He and Nicola are behind my name having been put on List 616 to be ‘monitored’ by Satanists targeting those speaking up about the reality of ritual child abuse.


This was proven when the author of this list correctly disclosed that I had been arrested – which happened because Vayne made false allegations of harassment against me – but wrongly assumed I might be pressing charges, which I assume to be a result of false information I gave to yet another of the sockpuppets they have been using to harass me.

Police correctly concluded that this blog does not legally constitute harassment as its intention is to expose and prevent crime.

Here is a photograph of myself, Nicola Ward and my stepfather, Adrian Bryn-Evans:


Adrian Bryn-Evans and my mother are both well known on the Pagan scene – many of their friends are also aware they were involved in the sexually abusive cult of Colin Batley.



They were closely associated with all seven of those who were convicted of ritualistic child abuse between 2011 to 2012, as well as the murdered paedophile Peter Solheim.

..and also that of the custody of his current girlfriend’s child

Regarding my partner’s child – they are the youngster that made disclosures concerning Colin Batley and members of the Illuminates of Thanateros in 2012 – trusting me enough to be the first person they had ever told regarding what had been happening to them whilst in their biological father’s care (another long term friend of my stepfather Adrian Bryn-Evans). Sadly the local social services made a terrible mistake based upon the subjective judgement that they, personally, did not believe the disclosures.

They returned my partner’s to their biological father – in whose care they had been during their abuse by Colin Batley, and by whom they had been raped many times.

Besides which they were not in my custody at this time as his mother and I had temporarily separated.

“The Police have been to see him about his bizarre behaviour and he has been taken in for psychiatric observation.”

The paedophile ring made many supposedly ‘concerned’ reports about my mental state shortly after the disclosures were made. Since those making the complaints included my mother I was routinely sectioned and taken in for observation – and found to be sane.

He certainly seems to have made an unfortunate mess of his life and to have developed a bizarre conspiracy theory to excuse and ‘explain’ that to himself.”

Until the Batley/IOT paedophile ring caused such damage to my life I was quite happy. Unlike Mr. Carroll I do not measure ‘success’ in life purely in terms of material acquisitions.. my own biological father is/was a millionaire and a miserable git. That I was happy is more than either Carroll or my father ever achieved in their lives.

In particular I suspect that his now much regretted gay affair with Peter Mastin has led him to rationalize that Mastin must have acted as some great satanic mastermind.”

There have been plenty of affairs in my life I have regretted – with both genders and a few inbetween. Why simply regretting an affair would lead someone to assume their ex was some kind of Satanic mastermind is not explained.

Mastin joined the IOT during our brief affair around 22 years ago. I was 24, looking much younger, he was 42. To my knowledge Mastin remains single to this day – being unattracted to anyone his own age that he cannot bully and control. A friend from the old days of the IOT sent me a photo of him recently – he has changed his appearance several times over the last decade and currently looks like one of the Chuckle Brothers;


If you want to see the full nonsense then read Nathaniel Harris’ website in full, it all adds up to a depressing cacophony of paranoia in which he ends up accusing just about anyone he ever knew or even just read about.”

As you can read for yourself – my work is entirely lucid. The only people I have ever accused are those that were identified to me in the disclosures of the disabled teenager in 2012. It has now been proven that Batley was a member of the I.O.T. – and anyone with any knowledge of the situation will realize it is not credible that Carroll did not know about it.

I feel rather glad that I retired when I did whilst it still remained fun, ideas driven, and full of high achieving people. I would not have admitted Nathaniel or several others who now form the circular firing squad around the wreckage of the UK IOT section. “

Mr. Carroll has no idea of my life’s achievements, but I can hardly call anyone I met in the IOT’s entire history ‘high achieving’ – including Mr. Carroll, who is nothing more than an overblown shop-keeper. Despite claims to the contrary the order never genuinely included the likes of Burroughs, Leary, or Robert A. Wilson among its membership.

It seems ironic that Mr. Carroll does not consider artistic ability any kind of achievement – at least not unless it has made them rich. Presumably he would not have allowed Austin Spare to join the IOT, in that case, despite Carroll’s only contribution to modern magic being a re-write of Spares approach to sigil magic. Certainly the IOT has never been an environment for the talented to thrive.

Peter J. Carroll largely maintained his glamour by remaining out of sight like a nichtomorph. Had I known his true nature – a jumped up shopkeeper with sociopathic delusions of grandeur – I would never have joined the I.O.T. at all, let alone allowing them any claim to my creativity.

I resigned from the I.O.T. on May 1st, 2001 – out of disappointment at what the order had become, due to Nikki Wyrd using our daughter as a weapon in her sociopathic vendetta against me, and because Peter Mastin (whom I suspected but could not prove to be a paedophile) was being promoted to a position of authority.

I hope Mr. Carroll sees some sense and removes his damaging lies against me from his blog – in which case this post will also be removed. Until then he is guilty of protecting sadistic child abusers. His libel constitutes part of an ongoing vendetta against me by the I.O.T. and is extremely emotionally abusive – and therefore illegal: writings intended to cause distress are. The police have been informed and may be paying him a visit in the near future.

UPDATE – the following email exchange with the emotionally abusive criminal Peter J. Carroll took place today in response to this blog.




4 thoughts on “PETER J. CARROLL, the I.O.T. & Ritual Child Abuse

  1. well past my time in the IOT, I liked pete,and the others,at the beginning of the IOT, sad all this , hope you can sort it out to what you think is the right solution,but nothing would be easy with this sort of crime,i wish I could be more helpful, but we were just a bunch of young hippies in the late 70,s, I had great hopes for the IOT, simple ideas an not easy to corrupt, I thought, I love your artwork atleast bud

  2. I’ve been looking online for a documentary called “Sex, Magic and Murder” , it was aired on channel 4 in 2006 about the murder of Solheim. When interviewing various local witches, I remember one who was very kean to distance herself from Solheim’s darker interests and I remember her talking about a “chaos magician” from out of town hanging around, and being trouble and an influence on Solheim’s magical practices. It was the way she said it (chaos magician), as if to make a point that has stuck with me all these years.
    I had it on recorded on vhs, so I had seen it more than a few times.
    It’s hard to find much about the actual documentary online, but here shows it was aired. At some point somebody will upload it 😉

    1. I was disowned by my stepfather, mother, and biological father all at the same time and for the same odd reason.. for pointing out that Colin Batley and his cult could easily have been involved in Solheim’s murder. Margaret did not do it alone – if at all – and Kidwelly is just around the coast by boat. I hardly think it was coincidence that his body was found by a boat called ‘The Clairvoyant’ either.. or that my mother had been boasting of being present at a ritual cursing of Solheim where the arms and legs were broken from a poppet and it was drowned in a bottle of piss (Solheim’s limbs were smashed before he was dumped in the sea).

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