Due to modern occultism being riddled with pretentious fools, charlatans and paedophiles I have concluded it is no longer in my interest to contribute in any way.

Next week a major London ‘specialist’ bookshop will be hosting a workshop by someone who was directly involved with the crimes of Colin Batley – despite our many warnings over the last 4 years. We give up attempting to be a reasonable influence over such arrogant stupidity.

As an artist I remain interested in consciousness – especially the influence of the subconscious, its symbols, and the language of dreams. My personal practices still include regular meditation and the observation of meaningful synchronicity. The fact that the scene has turned to sh*t in no way changes my attitude towards psychic phenomena. I am simply not interested in any subculture that knowingly harbours, protects and promotes paedophiles.

The attitude of denial and blatant lies from the likes of Peter J. Carroll and others – who claim to have magical powers and insights but act without wisdom or empathy toward their fellow human beings – seems to hold too much sway over their idiot followers. Apparently it is easier to convince people it is possible to do magic just by having a wank than it is to point out there are paedophiles in the community. I can only wonder if one day his own children will make disclosures of their own – I can think of no reason to make such denials unless he too is guilty of something.

All these morons seem completely unaware that people in the real world – including police – are looking on in disgust. They have destroyed the occult community and the only people it could attract in the future are more shits like themselves.

We have better things to do with our time.

More art will be posted soon – and I’ll let you all know where and when my fiction finds a publisher.



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