Ritual Abuse in the UK


It seems all a paedophile network has to do in order to escape prosecution is put on black robes and chant ‘Hail Satan’.. thus the crime becomes ‘SRA’ which the USA and UK governments insist does not exist (even though we have seen several successful prosecutions). People would rather believe the crap they read in the papers and on the internet than listen to survivors. They’ll tie themselves in the most incredible knots – such as believing there is a world-wide conspiracy of master hypnotists implanting false memories – than face the truth.

Currently there are a large number of prominent occultists in the UK who are involved with paedophilia. Since nothing is being done about them beyond protecting occultism’s ‘public face’ by denying any disclosures or evidence a disaster is inevitable. Whilst there are many good people on the scene who would never believe how immoral and corrupt some of its other members are there can only be one outcome – when the busts finally come the entire scene will suffer. Outsiders may well come to assume that all occultists are either paedophiles or involved in the cover up – since so few people seem to care regarding the warnings and disclosures from survivors and their advocates. This will not be the fault of corrupt therapists or sensationalist newspapers – it will be the result of people like Christina of Treadwell’s Books letting her ego drive her decisions and Peter J. Carroll, founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, putting their own public image before the safety of children.

It seems it is easier to convince most occultists that wanking off over sigils is all it takes to do ‘real magic’ than it is to point out that the scene’s leaders and teachers might be self aggrandizing abusive sociopaths with delusions of grandeur. Imagine how that is going to look to ‘outsiders’ when the truth gets out.

The future of occultism in the UK is looking very bleak indeed. I advise anyone with integrity to get as far away from the scene as possible – the shit is going to hit the fan one day.. and when it does..



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