Sabine McNeill: “I’m Certain That Children Who Make Satanic Abuse Claims Worldwide, Are Genuine.”

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2 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill: “I’m Certain That Children Who Make Satanic Abuse Claims Worldwide, Are Genuine.”

  1. I don’t know a lot about occult abuse rings but there is a bunch of people online who are convinced children are being sacrificed en-masse by a range of people, (pope, queen, freemasons, illuminati, pizza shops etc) After researching this for a while I have found that there is a big problem with these hoax stories. A de-frocked Canadian minister called Kevin Annett has been pushing this stuff for years and has even made up his own cults (the 9th circle which nobody apart from Annett has ever heard of) he managed to get on Alex Jones with a bunch of made up lies but Alex wised up in the end when Annetts secret Ninth circle documents sneaked out of the Vatican never materialised. I believe Annett along with Icke and a few others were the inspiration behind the Hampstead story. This is harming real victims of abuse because nobody takes them serious now.

    1. Just as women who falsely cry rape harm genuine victims of real rape, there are those making false claims about ritualized child abuse that bring harm to genuine victims. Hoax cases and wild conspiracy theories mean real victims of ritual abuse get scoffed at and ridiculed – not just by society at large but by police and local authorities.

      But why would anyone make such a huge claim as the Hampstead case and expect to be believed? Or perhaps they didn’t? Perhaps Hampstead is indeed a hoax, the whole purpose of which is so that people do not take real victims seriously? Certainly there are Satanic trolls who have used the assumption of Hampstead being a hoax to go on to attack people such as ourselves.

      But then again, the fact that the Hampstead children’s claims of such widespread abuse are so difficult to believe has resulted in no investigation taking place. So if anyone was really doing anything so outrageous they would have gotten away with it.

      This is exactly what happened for a decade with the Colin Batley cul-de-sac cult, which not only existed but continues to operate. It was not a monster with only one head but an atrocity supported by many people within the ‘occult community’ – and others.

      And was it really just coincidence that the next door neighbour on one side of his house was a retired chief of police, whilst the neighbour on the other side was a disgraced Bishop?

      I completely agree with your view that hoax cases do not help real victims. Our own statements made on this blog are 100% real and all this David Icke and Alex Jones sensationalism has not helped us to be believed – nor have they helped any others who have suffered because of the Batley cul-de-sac cult and those associated with it.

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