Not many authors I know have found themselves in a struggle to get UNpublished. For the past 5yrs I have been in such a position – until today! XXX

I am delighted that Mandrake of Oxford have finally ceased publishing my book Witcha: A Book of Cunning (under my ‘old name’ of Nathaniel J. Harris) after over 10 years. That a work should still be selling after such time, and that the publisher should be so adamant in keeping control of it, must at least say something positive about my work?

It has been many years since I accepted any royalties from this sorry excuse for a publisher. Christopher Morgan, the proprietor, was identified to me by a child victim of (now convicted) Colin Batley’s ritualistic paedophile ring as being a member of that ring. I have written about this at length on this blog and in my book Beast Wing 666: Ritual Abuse UK.

Morgan has published what he knows full well to be libel of my name upon his website – both from himself and from Julian Vayne, also identified to me as active in the same paedophile ring. The reason for them doing this should be obvious. Nothing written there is in any way true.

Thankfully support for these vile individuals is waning. As with many communities and organizations in this day and age there is no longer the tolerance for paedophiles, their apologists, or those who support them, that there was only as recently as 10 years ago – when nobody would admit that ritual abuse even existed.

I am also delighted that my far better book The Devil’s Door, dealing with what was referred to in the 16th Century as Infernal Witchcraft, is currently undergoing the editing process with a far more respectable and influential occult publisher in the USA. Further news concerning this will be available in time.

In celebration of this I have reduced the prices of all paperback editions of my fiction (published as Nathan Mortlock) and non-fiction (published as Frater Animi Imperio) on Amazon, making them all as close to ‘printing cost’ as possible. Please do take full advantage as I shall be returning all these works to full price next months. Call it the PEACOCK ANGEL WINTER SALE XXX


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