BEAST WING 666 – Ritual Abuse in the UK


I am posting this again because it is my true story – I hope at least one person will read it and realise that Satanic Ritual Abuse is not some ‘moral panic’ that has been disproven to exist. That’s what I believed too – the occult community pretty much grooms all involved with this false belief and the lies have been spread wide. My children suffered unimaginably due to my naivety and ignorance. It might be that one day you hear disclosures from a victim, or perhaps a child‘s life might even be saved because you woke up to the reality and everything it implies. This is not ‘conspiracy theory’. This is the victim of a very real criminal conspiracy trying to warn you for your own safety and the safety of others. This ring is still operating in Bristol, the West Country and London among other places. It does not just target children whose parents are into ‘occultism’. It is not an isolated or rare occurrence that could never effect you or anyone you know. If you ignore this information one day it really could be YOUR child that suffers. Survivors require your understanding – because the blanket denial we face from society increases the danger to us and drives so many to suicide.

Source: BEAST WING 666 – Ritual Abuse in the UK


3 thoughts on “BEAST WING 666 – Ritual Abuse in the UK

  1. I came across your name again in the most recent “Auticulture” post. I knew your name sounded familiar, and I immediately found my copy of Beast Wing 666. I requested the file years ago and read it, and I plan on reading it again.

    Your efforts aren’t for nothing: your message has reached at least one person (me), and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, it does seem that the message is getting out there – it has taken a while but steadily the support is increasing. Jasun’s AUTICULTURE blog is most excellent and I hope more researchers follow on after his findings.

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