Our lives depend on you reading this



Some people join the dots too soon and not all conspiracy theories are true but that does not mean there is no such thing as criminal conspiracies.. and just because people with paranoid schizophrenia are more likely to believe in magic it does not mean that magic itself is a delusion. Consider Jung’s principles of synchronicity – meaningful coincidence – and the archetypes..

Is the belief in magick.. that objective events can be caused by subjective actions.. nothing more than the human tendency to mistake corelation for causation? (An example of this tendency – few people say they believe in spirits but most of us still shout at our laptops when they crash – as if it intended to do so..)

And what corelation is there between the possibly delusional belief in magic and the reliability of a witness to objective events and/or their interpretation of them? This is a question I have come up against when dealing with police and other authorities regarding a criminal conspiracy intent of harming me, my partner, our kids… A paedophile ring, essentially no different from those being uncovered in a number of communities from the BBC to the Catholic church which just happens – in this case – to exist in the community of ‘magical thinkers’ – those who identify as pagans, ‘magicians’ and occultists. Just as the paedophile rings elsewhere have depended on their victims not being heard and taken seriously, so does this one.

The conspiracy targeting us also maximises these misinterpretations by employing Satanic imagery. We have all heard of the ‘Satanic Panic’ and the stories of innocent people targeted by Christian fundamentalists. Opinions vary as to whether it was really just a moral panic or a massive cover up but either way – just because cases have been debunked in the past or more recent cases like Hollie Grieg or Hampstead have not been deemed worthy of police investigation it does not mean that a Satanic paedophile ring could never exist. The false conclusion that it does is exploited by the occult paedophile ring that really does exist within the occult community. Not only have we been misinterpreted by those with the power to help us, a small but influential portion of the occult community has been turned against us by their lies.

Think about it rationally. Do you really believe that ‘occultism’ might be the only community – religious or otherwise – where no paedophiles can be found? Consider also how ‘magical thinkers’ tend to ritualize sex – why would any paedophile occultist make an exception? In any case we have seen actual prosecution of paedophiles within the occult community. There have been 7 in the West Country, where we live, during the past decade and the existence of an ‘occult paedophile ring’ totally proven (follow link). This ring included many others who have not been arrested and prosecuted. It still exists and continues to abuse children.

A more complete explanation of our situation is given in the text BeastWing 666 (follow link)..

Among those who deny the existence of ritual abuse are those Satanists involved in the ‘Hoaxstead’  website – here is an example of the dangerous lies they have been spreading in a desperate attempt to discredit us (follow link). See the comments from ‘SatanicViews’ and ‘PallasAthena’ who seem to assume to knowledge of our situation and – like the worst conspiracy theorist – join the dots in error together with false information – Garbage in Garbage Out. I am not the source of the opinion that ‘SatanicViews’ is in fact ‘prominent occultist’ Julian Vayne, btw.. those ‘SatanicViews’ has targeted online did their own research and joined the dots for themselves. It seems quite likely to me, however, as SatanicViews has ‘liked’ many early posts on JV’s blog and he is known to use sockpuppets and pay for ‘likes’ on social media. JV has also been identified to me as a member of the above mentioned ‘occult paedophile ring’ by a child they abused, and it would make sense that members of this ring would be all over the Hampstead case and exploiting all potentials for misconclusion. Furthermore JV has been especially vitriolic in his lies about me online, as has SatanicViews, If these campaigners really are well meaning or not – in either case their targeting of my partner and I is a grave error and causes us much undeserved emotional grief. We have already suffered greatly and posts like these increase our distress, intentionally or not.

Additionally, as far as outsiders to that community think, occultists are all Satanists anyway.. or might as well be. 

Then there are the conspiracy theories – true or not – concerning SRA and MK Ultra. It is a matter of record that the MK Ultra experiments really happened, and Operation Artichoke was very much involved with members of the occult community. There are many factual historical links between occultism and the Intelligence Services from Dr. John Dee – the real 007 – onwards. So there have been real conspiracies and then we have the wild conclusions about extra-dimensional entities and so on that many magically thinking conspiracy theorists have come up with all over YouTube. Regardless of the reality or not of any of these MK Ultra connections with SRA these wild ‘magical’ conclusions make it even harder for real victims of this very real criminal conspiracy to be believed.

Not an easy position to be in when lives might depend upon being heard and taken seriously. I would rather not have to be so public about our situation but having the truth ‘out there’ will hopefully make it harder for the guilty to hurt us. Or others.



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