Possible correction needed?


The following has appeared on the Hoaxstead site today from Justin Sanity (who I am told is ‘Temple of Satan’ leader Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves – real name Doug Misicko and – according to his old pal Shane Bugbee possible CIA).


Justin Sanity – whether he really is this Mesner fool  or not – is talking bollocks.

I am replying to it here because there is a possibility he is actually right about something – even if his conclusions are still entirely in error. I would not want to provide false information that could confuse genuine researchers.

If my maths are in error (not that I did any) – and the child mentioned by Batley’s niece (rather than Forest) was six years old it does not mean I have been lying or intentionally deceiving anyone. This is the same age as my stepson was when his ritual abuse began (they were already being sexually abused from their father and others but in a non-ritual context). Knowing a 6 year old was mentioned in disclosures I assumed they must have been the same child. If they are not – there was more than one 6 year old.

It might sound selfish but I really have tried not to think about it too hard. What I do know about is disturbing enough as it is.. it is nearly 5 years on from the disclosures and I still have nightmares.

As for the dismissal of Annabelle Forest’s book telling her harrowing tale as ‘fiction’ – why would she allow a fiction to be told about her real life having endured such horrors? This assumption makes no sense. I would even go as far as calling it NONCE-SENSE.

The assumption that my partner would allow me to use her child in some kind of vendetta is also NONCE-SENSE, as is the idea that she would still be with me if I had. Is she supposed to be somehow under my control? She is a very beautiful woman and could easily find a boyfriend bigger and tougher than me if she wanted or needed to. I am 5’4″, born with a severe spinal curvature, and could not even pretend to be a scary person if I tried.



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