So many people are falling through the nets that are supposed to be there to protect us. When the system fails in cases of organized child abuse it is particularly tragic.

The victims, being the children that are prostituted or any adult that cares for them and would gladly see the perpetrators imprisoned for life, are left entirely vulnerable when they need protecting the most. The stakes are high; the criminals make a lot of money from their crimes. The guilty can even be in a position to have the law on their side due to the systems omissions and failures to recognize disclosures.

We know through the newspaper reports of those who are successfully prosecuted that it can sometimes take decades for the system to respond appropriately, be it the fault of police procedure or the failures of local authorities, meaning the danger of speaking up is extreme and their is no assurance of ever being heard. This is the same when the organized abuse is performed by a cult, as can be seen from newspaper reports of Colin Batley, Peter Petrauske, and others.

Every system has failures – ask the designers of Windows, or any computer programmer. The system as a whole may be a positive development but when malign influences find weaknesses it needs updating.

Tragic though events have been I am pleased to recognize that my complaint to the IPCC regarding their interviewing of ‘X’ in 2012 has been upheld.

Police and social services failed to gain clear communication with X, causing this vulnerable person to panic. Without a direct disclosure from X there could be no investigation. And so the failures began, and the wheels of the system turned onwards..

Thanks to my complaint this failure has been recognized, as has the need for changes which we are assured have put in place. At least. we have made it less likely for such failures to happen with other disabled children attempting to make independent disclosures to the police.

Sadly, due to this too late recognition, ‘X’ is now in the ‘care’ of the very people his discloses might otherwise have put in prison. It has not been decided of any advantage to re-interview him at this time. There are practical reasons why – it is simply too late. X is very malleable and has been under the influence of some very dangerous people for several years without a moment of true safety. They have been removed from college, their life decisions made for them, and there might be nobody in their environment it would be safe to ask for help. (Update and apology – they have no longer been removed from college. I have just been informed by Jasmine that she has been talking with her son, who is now a young adult with more independent rights than before. 23.30pm )

It is also the case that publishing the entire would mean making many unpleasant details of a very delicate situation a matter of public gossip. I am not prepared to do that.

Nevertheless the case can be re-opened if new evidence is found, such as other witnesses or disclosures from other victims. There is a case and it has been recognized. It has a crime number and everything but the police are currently unable to make an advance.

Please, if you have any information that could help the police regarding the abuses of certain people in the ‘occult community’, do provide it to them. Failures have been made in the past but the system is updating. The police will listen to you. There have been successful prosecutions and there will be more – but only if the right people find the bravery to come forward.


8 thoughts on “I.P.C.C. COMPLAINT UPHELD

  1. “It is also the case that publishing the entire would mean making many unpleasant details of a very delicate situation a matter of public gossip.”
    So publish it redacted – how hard is it to remove identifiers? You were happy to make many identifying posts about this person over the last few years on your blog, including naming his father, whose unusual surname meant instant identification of the “person X”. Why so coy now?

    1. What makes it your business, ‘Pallas Athena’? This development proves there is always another side to a story. I suggest you sit down, shut up and butt out unless this concerns you directly. This is a matter for the police.

      But then.. You must be very closely concerned with this case if you know what the name of the father is. I have my own records of everything I publish, too. You are wrong when you assume any article was ever redacted due to arrests, and there have been no court cases concerned with my blog or any charges of harassing any of my ex-partners – ever. So where is your proof for those allegations? You are so full of it.

      It is a terrible twist of the law, is it not, when a vulnerable person of any age is in desperate need of help but the only people who can even know who they are – is the very people they are in danger from. Sadly I am not in a position to go wading in and the failures of the system have meant we were all least protected when we most needed it.

      It is also a terrible twist when a case remains unproven and the guilty claim the victim’s cries for help are in fact false allegations for malicious purposes, as the perpetrators in our own case are currently at liberty to do. At least, if they assume the case has been permanently closed. It has not, which was to our advantage as the guilty have made all the connections between them easily provable through their own carelessness and can no longer pretend to be some disparate and unrelated group of people. Anyone with access to Facebook can show the links and how they can effectively be described as ‘cultists’ in any court of law. You are warned to back off before your interference causes further damage.

      All you ‘Hoaxtead’ sockpuppets appear so blinkered by your paranoid conspiracy theories about ‘Satanic persecutions’ you still wouldn’t believe the truth if you had confessions directly from the guilty. There really are people who dress up like Satanists to exploit the gullible, and to scare little children and sexually exploit them.

      This is assuming you are not perpetrators of these very same crimes, in which case my communicating with you at all is also extremely damaging – as you would no doubt be aware. I have no desire to communicate with you in any way and have only responded at all because the sh*t you are spreading is so toxic to all involved.

      Stop writing about me. Stop writing to me. This is harassment and we shall be seeking to press charges.

  2. “You must be very closely concerned with this case if you know what the name of the father is.” No, I have no contact with any of the people you falsely accuse of ritual abuse. I have never met them.
    You put the father’s full name on your blog last… August..possibly September, I would have to check my screenshot dates. But you did do it, and removed it a few days later. You also (on another occasion) mentioned the name of the home of X’s father, which also makes him immediately identifiable. You did that Nathaniel, no one else. You really need to take some responsibility for your actions. Some of your previous actions led to the removal of a young person from the custody of their loving mother.

    I’m not harassing you, merely commenting on a public blog which allows comments. If you’re not happy with that, can I suggest that you turn off the comments section? Or remove my posts. It is your blog after all.

    1. It was not my actions that lead to any removal. There was a failure in the system – in procedure – as the IPCC have agreed, and as has been apparently corrected thanks to my complaint.

      I am publishing your posts because it allows people to see what lies of yours I am addressing. After all you have been spreading them far and wide, while any apparent ‘right to reply’ on your own blog simply results in the online equivalent of Lord of the Flies. Here I can at least ensure appropriate conduct.

      My personal opinion, having observed your conduct? You are a deluded fool at best.

      We have constantly been cornered into revealing information due to online bullying. I ask you again to stop harassing us. We are serious when we warn you that we are sharing all your abusive lies with the police as evidence of crime. Yes there is a crime number.

  3. I don’t have a blog, of any kind. Nor am I admin on any blog. Please feel free to prove me a liar. You could start by post a redacted version of your super secret IPCC ruling. I’m sure your supporters would also like to see it.

    1. You are all sockpuppets of one blog. If I prepared a redacted version of the reply you would still just whine about proof it was real. I shall not be publishing any more of your ‘replies’. I have said all I am prepared to say at this time. Stop harassing us.

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