Sibling Day


Today is sibling day. I have three half brothers who have all sided with my mother and dismissed the allegations of child rape made against her and her husband, and a half sister who is very wealthy and could change it all for the better without any hardship to herself. My family sucks big time and are not worth celebrating.

This is not to ‘whinge’ – if your family are worth the love, be grateful and make sure they are appreciated. You are lucky.


2 thoughts on “Sibling Day

  1. Hi Nathaniel, I understand your frustration with siblings, my eldest brother who abused me from age 4-12 years old has been convicted from other victims, has done a minimal amount of time and yet police still refuse to let me complete a witness statement and or charge this brother with the incomplete statement I have made against him. And yes he has money, properties etc, I battle homelessness since escaping my evil ex family and their networks. Yes it sucks!
    Anyone who has a loving family should be very grateful.

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