Child Abuse, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse

Last night saw the first episode of Ch4’s new documentary series UNDERCOVER COPS: Hunting Paedophiles.

There are at at least 300,000 people in the UK posing a sexual threat to children, according to the National Crime Agency, and half a million men have viewed child abuse material online.

The documentary follows the teams dedicated to cracking down on abusers, hunting perpetrators and screening and grading thousands of extreme images and videos – often at a deep, personal cost. It is a real eye opener, especially for anyone struggling to receive justice for such crimes. Having watched it I am left wondering what point there is in officers being exposed to child abuse films online, a severe stress on their mental health, if paedophiles are treated so lightly even when they are caught. It is also apparent from this first episode that there are so many ‘low hanging fruit’ that the more cunning criminals stand very little chance of being caught at all.

The laws in the UK need a serious overhaul. The problem is twin edged, since heavier penalties increase the chances of children being killed in order to prevent disclosure, while lesser penalties mean these dangerous sickos are too soon released back into our communities. And what is the point in putting a paedophile on the sex offender’s list for a limited time? These people do not change.

MOST IMPORTANTLY the system still ignores the disclosures of children. Name me ONE case where a paedophile has gone to jail due to the disclosures of a child – let alone a VULNERABLE child.

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