Book Review, Neuromancy

Readers of my work The NeuronomIcon will be aware of its correspondences to the psychic technology presented in the CIA declassified document The Gateway Experience, a full version of which may be founds here – complete with the previously missing page 25 >

The CIA paper is concerned with out-of-body movement and escape from space-time. It also includes instructions on the creation of what might otherwise be described as astral weapons. As with the techniques described in The Neuronomicon, the essential process of The Gateway Experience requires attainment to a specific mental state, measurable on an enceolephograph as precisely 7.83Hz. The researchers speculate as to the matching of this brainwave with a higher frequency, which parallels the most powerful techniques I describe when Theta 7.83Hz brainwaves are matched with the higher states of Gamma; a phenomena yet to be recorded by neuroscience at the time the CIA investigation was conducted. That such evidence as this should be made publicly available so soon after the publication of The NeuronomIcon seems like the intervention of The Absolute. Do take the time to read through the paper!

The Gateway Experience had not been made available to me when I published the original hard-back edition of The NeuronomIcon, but someone who bought that work sent me a link. Although the techniques described are quite basic compared to the The NeuronomIcon the parallels are striking; so much so that the paperback edition is re-edited in parts for ease of congruence between the two – chiefly, the use of term’The Absolute’; a term that appears also in the works of William C. Gough and Dean Radin, and meaning exactly what I had referred to in the first edition as ‘Greater Mind’. It is also the name of the first hexagram in my latest work, The Sorcerer’s Yi-Jing.




Above: Qian / Mind

Below: Qian / Mind

Nuclear Trigrams: Qian / Mind and Qian / Mind

Ruling line: 5th

The Absolute conceives sublime success, / Beyond Space-Time. / The Absolute generates the Force. / The Adept maintains integrity. / Sacrifices are accepted. / The Omens are favourable. / The movements of the Absolute are powerful. / The Force is strong in the Adept.

The charaktēre corresponding to the first hexagram in Bronze Age survivals of the Yi-Jing has been endlessly argued over by translators and academics. It is perhaps representative of an astronomical / astrological constellation. The modern scholar and poet Wen Yiduo identifies it with the Pole Star. The Chinese name Qian may be translated to mean the head, the Heavens, Attainment, and the primal consciousness to which all creation owes its origins; The Absolute.

The doubling of the trigram Qian / Mind over Qian / Mind indicates unceasing repetition, such as one day following another, bringing us to the concept of Time. The hexagram is formed entirely from solid lines; its attributes are strength, integrity, modesty, and justice, indicating both the way of Heaven and of the Adept. The Absolute corresponds to Light giving power at its zenith.

All things, animate or inanimate, consist of light. The material plane exists within the 49th octave of vibration of the electromagnetic light spectrum. Below this range are barely visible radiant heat, then invisible infrared, television and radiowaves, sound and brainwaves; above it is barely visible ultraviolet, then the invisible frequencies of chemicals and perfumes, followed by x-rays, gamma rays, radium rays and unknown cosmic rays. The idea that any of us are separate from the light is an illusion. Light has no beginning and no end; it is eternal.

In relation to the macrocosm this denotes the generating power of The Absolute, what some have called the Mind of God, apprehending and giving actuality to the Universal Laws and bringing about all phenomena, along with ideas yet to become real.

In relation to microcosm it relates to the inspiration that awakens the Mind to develop its higher faculties, and the seeking of Truth. Each step Attained is in preparation to the next; just as the Absolute conceives all things until each takes form, then keeps them in conformity with its harmonising resonance. Yet success depends not on mere persistence; the Adept must work towards a clearly conceived goal, harmonising with the Universal Laws.

The Oracle advises that the Way is Opened and Attainment lies ahead. Success comes from the apparent intervention of the Absolute, as if it were aligned and working toward a common goal. Everything depends upon persevering in what is correct. Time is not the enemy, but the means of making real what begins with the Mind.

9 in the 1st place;

Occult potential. / Have patience. / Power in a lowly position.

The first line is light in a light position, suggesting the first stages of Creation. Since it is subsumed beneath the nuclear trigram, and not a part of it, the line’s light giving qualities are still in potential.

In terms of the macrocosm, the influence of the Absolute is still hidden, existing only in potential yet discerning the immutable Laws that may bring about enduring conditions both in and beyond space-time.

In the microcosm this represents the Aspirant, who has great potential but has yet to Attain. Nonetheless, they remain true to their own self, unassuaged by hopes and fears. The Adept learns how to develop their self so that their influence may endure, casting out all that is profane and disintegrating. Thus they Attain the discipline of meditation, which is the first step towards Attainment

The Oracle advises confident patience. If the Will is to prevail it must not lust after results. Drawing strength from within, each action is followed by another, without cease.

9 in the 2nd place;

Power becomes apparent. / It furthers one to consult the Adept. / Inner power spreads its influence / Across the four quarters of the world.

The second line is a light in a dark place. Being the centre of the lower primary trigram, and the first line of the lower nuclear trigram, it is no longer subsumed and is thus twice as powerful as the previous line. Additionally, it is in affinity with the Magi in the fifth place.

The influence of the Absolute begins to show itself. In terms of the microcosm, it denotes that the Adept has Attained a seriousness of purpose which exerts an influence upon their environment without conscious effort. Even in ordinary speech they are reliable, and responsible in their actions. They learn in order to gather information, and question in order to ascertain its Truth. Their character is influential as an agent of transformation. Since they are inevitably set upon the path to Attainment it furthers one to consult with them.

The Oracle advises that our behaviour remains moderate and correct, maintaining integrity while doing away with whatever is false. We should go quietly about our work without boasting of our Attainments.

9 in the 3rd place;

All day long the masses flock. / At night the Adept / Contemplates the Shadows. / Danger. Maintain integrity. / The Adept walks in power, / Advancing and retreating.

The nine in the third place is light in a light position. It shows redoubled strength, yet is not in a central position, while also being neither above or below. Therefore it must be persistent in its progress, yet also cautious if dangers and mistakes are to be avoided.

The sphere of influence opens up for the Adept and their fame spreads. All day long the masses flock to them, and in the evening their mind is troubled with the cares and concerns of humanity, and by their own Shadows. The Adept labours at the Great Work and fosters their character through loyalty and faith. But there is danger here; many an Adept has been swept along by the masses and carried with their course.

The Oracle advises to remain in touch with the demands of the time. By working on our words, ensuring they rest upon Truth, we make our work endure. Knowing how this is to be achieved, and then achieving it, we are able to initiate the right potentials. We must not be proud if our position is superior, nor despondent if subordinate. We must remain creatively active and, as is appropriate, cautious of our situation; in this way we avoid mistakes.

9 in the 4th place;

Standing at the Crossroads. / Maintain integrity. / No error in advancing.

The line is neither above or below, nor is it in the middle. It is light in a dark position. Here the way of Mind is about to transform itself, testing its powers. The line represents the upper limit of what pertains to the profane man within this hexagram, and in order to advance it must sacrifice its place within the Matrix and soar into realms beyond space-time.

A choice must be made; the Adept may take the left hand or the right hand path. Each must choose according to the inner law of their nature. Each must determine their own destiny. If the Adept remains true to their self they find the Way best for them and maintain their integrity. Having freedom of choice we make no mistakes.

9 in the 5th place;

Occult powers. / Fame spreads throughout the world. / It furthers one to consult the Adept. / The Adept begins the Great Work.

The fifth place is the Magi of the hexagram; it is light in a light place, meaning both its position and character are in accord; a strong leader of a hexagram consisting entirely of light lines, and so at harmony with itself.

Things that accord in tone harmonise together. Things with inner affinity seek out one another. Water flows towards the wet, fire flows towards the dry. Clouds follow the dragon, wind follows the tiger. Thus the Adept rises, and all people follow him. What is born of Heaven has affinity to what is above. What is born of Earth has affinity to what is below. Each follows its kind.

The Oracle advises that we adapt to the needs of the time. We are now in a place of power and responsibility. Everything goes easily and there is no resistance. When the Adept harmonises with the Absolute it does not contradict them, the Laws accord with them and do not resist them; thus it furthers one to consult with them.

9 in the 6th place;

Arrogant Magi will have cause to regret. / Pride before the fall.

The final line is light in a light position, standing above both nuclear trigrams and at the conclusion of the upper primary, and thus of the hexagram as a whole. By the law governing all the changes mapped out within the Yi-Jing, whatever reaches its extreme becomes its opposite, turning back upon itself.

Whoever stands high yet has no corresponding position, whose following do not have their support, will have cause to regret at every turn. Arrogance is pressing forward when one should hold back, going to extremes, thinking only of success and admitting no possibility of failure. In time it exhausts itself. The wise Adept knows when to advance and when to retreat, knowing both existence and annihilation, without losing their Truth and integrity.

If all lines are nines;

Manifestations of power are witnessed. / Good results. / The Absolute is the only reality. / All else is the Matrix.

When Qian / The Absolute undergoes change in all the lines the laws of reality are conceived, each in turn, generating K’Un / The Matrix. It is at this point that omniscient Awareness, cognisant of its Self, collapses the wave form of the holographic universe.


Excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Yi-Jing.

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