Mind Control, Project Stargate

When I first published The Neuronomicon, which includes chapters on remote viewing / influence and Project Stargate, there was little information easily available to the public on such matters. Since then, Russel Targ has come forward to produce his documentary THIRD EYE SPIES. Not only does he present examples from the history of psyching spying, discussing the evidence and methods for improving innate abilities, he also asks some painful unanswered questions surrounding the suspicious death of Pat Price – ‘the most psyching man in the world’.

THIRD EYE SPIES is essential viewing for anyone intrigued by the potentials of human consciousness, researching the secret activities of the intelligence services and military industrial complex, or generally seeking more background information on subjects discussed in The Neuronomicon. It is available to rent or buy, or to watch for free – because YouTube have suspiciously failed to give this pirated version a copyright strike, despite being so ready to allow certain reprobates to illegally abuse its ‘strike system’. It is almost as if they are deliberately allowing Targ to be drained of potential revenue. I suggest ripping the file, or at least using add-blockers, so at least the treacherous YouTube ‘company’ earns no revenue. If you can afford to rent or buy it, which some people might be more likely to do after first watching it, I suggest going direct to Targ’s own website

Russel Targ has also recently released an ESP training application. As can bee seen, its approach is rational and empirical, even if the phenomena of ESP has yet to be scientifically explained.

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