Jaime Osuna is the latest ‘self identified’ Satanist psychopath being paraded in the media. Originally jailed in 2011 for the murder of Yvette Pena, he has returned to front page news after torturing to death and decapitating his cellmate.

The circumstances around this murder are extremely suspicious. Osuna had never before been given a cell-mate, due to his psychopathic tendencies. On the night of the murder, prison wardens completely neglected to check their cell, despite a sheet having been hung against the door, obviously to conceal something going on inside. It almost seems as if his cellmate was deliberately fed to him with a predictable outcome.

Although having been found guilty of the murder of Yvette Pena, it has been ruled that Osuna is now not fit to stand trial for this new murder, due to ‘diminished responsibility’.

The following interview was conducted with Jaime Osuna in 2017. Its content is extremely disturbing. Journalists mention the question as to whether he is serious about his Satanism, and if he really believes in and worships the Devil. Yet Satanism, or ‘the Left Hand Path’, is not a faith or superstition – it is a rational, logical, antinomian philosophy based upon self-identification with the Satanic archetype. Jaime Osuna states quite openly that he committed his crimes opportunistically and purely for self gratification. The ‘Satanic’ philosophy practiced by such sick fuckwits is nothing more than an excuse for egoistic self inflation, their vile acts of transgression and cruelty – so called ‘evil’ – are not done in the name of anything than their own selves.

‘Satanic’ criminals such as Jaime Osuna, ritualistic or otherwise, alone or in groups, for any genuinely occult, esoteric, or magical purposes, even if they have deluded themselves otherwise. They laugh at those who try to read deeper meaning into their crimes, or who get tied up with ‘conspiracy theories’, most of all they laugh at those who actually believe in Satan and demonic possession, and especially at those who believe they are engaged in ‘spiritual warfare’ with God and Jesus on their side – because nobody feeds into the narcissistic grandiosity and self congratulation of a self-identified Satanist more than a riled up Christian, the more narcissistic and hypocritical that Christian the better.

‘Satanism’ has attracted psychopaths since at least the days when LaVey first declared himself High Priest of The Church of Satan, back when Ramirez ‘The Night Stalker’ was a regular there. His daughter Xena LaVey was among the glamorous Satanic groupies that attended his trial. There were also links to the Manson Family. To claim otherwise is a blatant lie.

Similarly, to suggest Satanism would not be a magnet for paedophiles is beyond naive, especially given the knowledge that a community can be rallied around to support anyone accused, and especially if the abuse can be ritualised with like minded scum, making it ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, making their crimes far more controversial and harder to prosecute. Whether ‘The Satanic Panic’ was a false-flag or not, it appears this is certainly what has happened in the modern day. Even assuming there are no remaining questions regarding these historical investigations, the results – the persistent denials of the ‘occult community’, not to mention the abuses of ‘oaths of secrecy’ – has created the perfect environment for them to thrive.

There are ‘Pagan’ paedophiles, who seem to base their real lives on The Wickerman, and there are the Satanic paedophiles, who seem to base their lives on horror movies. Neither deserve to be thought of as ‘real witches’ or ‘magicians’, even those who have written books to convince the public otherwise. The truth is far simpler – although they confound with symbolism, conceal themselves among the naive, manipulating ‘useful idiots‘, they are Machievellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic ‘dark triad’ personalities.

Once this is understood, their shallow motives become easy to comprehend.. one might even say predictable.


  1. Richard Ramirez wasn’t a “regular” at LeVay’s Church of Satan. He was a weirdo stalker, who was told to take a hike!
    Get the real story from LeVay’s grandson, right here;

    No, professing to be “a satanist”, “a witch”, anything else with occult connotations, is not and never has been a “get out of jail free” card. I haven’t seen anyone, from neo-pagan communities, claiming that self-professed “witch” Shannon Demar Ryan ‘must be’ falsely accused, or couldn’t possibly be guilty, because he says he’s a witch. Have you?
    Again you misunderstand, or misrepresent, the Satanic Panic and the activism of many persons from a wide range of faith communities; neo-pagan, conservative Christian (Cornerstone), Unitarian, Quaker, Buddhist, Fellowship of Isis, Aboriginal traditional, etc., to end it, and to free those who might be wrongfully convicted because of FALSE rumors and allegations that they were child-abusing, baby-killing, international crime syndicate Satanic cultists. You seem to think, the struggle was to free REAL, self-professed “satanists”, or “witches”, etc. who just couldn’t be guilty because satanists and witches are in capable of committing crimes.
    WE never said that. We said; these persons accused of being satanic cultists; never belonged to satanic, neo-pagan, or wiccan communities, had no history of serious interest in the occult, never heard of Aleister Crowley, couldn’t have cast a circle to save their life…just were NOT involved. Ever. They couldn’t be guilty of being blood-thirsty satanic left-hand-path maniacs, because they wouldn’t have the faintest clue what “left-hand-path” MEANS!

    As for Colin Batley, we know what inspired him to organize his life around the idea of a multi-generational sex-abuse and prostitution cult with himself as Grand Poo-Poo. It wasn’t Crowley, it was saturation publicity for false “multigenerational SRA cult victim”, 15-year-old English girl named ‘Teresa’.

    1. You neglect that persons from the Pagan and ‘occult’ community have been jailed for ritualistic child abuse, and THIS is the ring that WE are concerned with on this blog. Anything ‘you’ (whoever you are) have said about other cases is irrelevant.

      You can’t even spell ‘LaVey’, let alone lecture on the history of Satanism. As for Batley – we only met him once, so you are in a far better position to say what he was inspired by since you knew him intimately.

      Nobody is fooled by your sockpuppet idiocy.

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