Mind Control, Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Satanism

Here’s one the ‘Satanic experts’ missed. Again, this is the inevitable consequence of Satanism failing to tidy up its own back yard. If Satanism continues to pretend there are no abusers in its ranks, when there so obviously are, then anyone who identifies as a Satanist is at risk. Only when Satanists prove they are willing to expel the paedophiles riddling its movement will they be able to prevent further accusations (false or otherwise).

People like SAFF and James Hind are directly responsible for the Fundie Xtian responses of people like Wilfred Wong. Until then, even the Catholics are being more honest. I expect young Catholic mothers are less keen to send their young boys to join the choir these days. The Catholic Church used to deflect claims of abuse with the aid of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, now discredited and disbanded. The Satanists are still using the same discredited claims as the Catholics used to.

The Church of Satan has previously been implicated in human trafficking during the ‘Johnny Gosh’ case, while LaVey’s second in command was Michael Aquino. It is only very recently that legal authorities have even began to understand this problem.. along with the implications of CIA involvement.

Because we all know that Satanists and the CIA are honest people who would never be involved with illegal activities.. right?

I in now way at all condone vigilante justice when I say that more attacks like this will be inevitable in the future unless the occult community cleans up its act. Nobody outside the cliques is in any way fooled by them. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice have fire insurance, as many of us remember from when Chris Bray attempted to burn his own shop down to make a false insurance claim.

Rather than wasting their time trying to discredit me (thereby destroying nothing but their own credibility) perhaps Hind and SAFF would like to try disagreeing with the Metropolitan Police?

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