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This is from 2008 but is definitely worth sharing again as the problem has not gone away and whistleblowers continue to be ostracised – http://www.red-alerts.com/blacklist/popular-pagan-website-allows-pedophiles-to-groom-children/


Posted on  by Rob Taylor

For a little over a month now I’ve been working with the Pagans Against Child Abuse (PACA) group on a project to monitor a popular pagan site for pedophile activity and help the online Pagan community to start to police themselves. The Ning hosted PaganSpace, is fast becoming a mainstay of the online Pagan community, (where even supposed Feminist Wiccan author Z Budapest has a profile) and as quickly it has become a virtual pedophiles’ playground where interaction between adults and teens is not only tolerated but encouraged.

For the past few months PACA has had a relationship with the PaganSpace administrative staff, specifically Admins “Starfire“, “Nyx Darksky” and “Cassandra,” that was acrimonious at best. The Ultimate Evil has a post about one online encounter which should give you a feel for what PaganSpace actually is and how these three “witches” run the site to the benefit of those seeking to abuse children. The first two of these parasitic enablers of child rape use their Ning hosted site to promote their Internet businesses like Alexandrian House where “Starfire” self publishes poorly written and largely useless metaphysical works and Wicca-Mart where Nyx Darksky milks the Wiccan sub-culture to continue her degenerate, shiftless lifestyle.

I point out their business interests in keeping PaganSpace as active as possible (and nothing keeps a social network active like having needy teen girls interact with adult men in forums called Sacred Sexuality or Polyamory) because the alternative reason for these women allowing and covering up adult men initiating sexual relationships with teens girls is that they simply don’t think it’s wrong, and indeed they have been taught to think it’s part of Wicca. In deference to my PACA colleagues and the many Wiccan friends I have I present this alternative explanation, although most people know where I stand on this issue.

In any case, it is disappointing, but not surprising, that a popular gathering place for Wiccans would become a place that welcomes child rapists and ended up banning every member of PACA who spoke out against the grooming of children by adults. What is surprising is how openly vicious the Wiccan members of PaganSpace were toward child advocates. Women who criticized men in their 40s, 50s and in one case 60s for sending sexually suggestive cartoons to girls as young as 14 or 15 were told they were acting “Christian” and PACA itself was said to be endangering children.

PACA collected ample evidence that men who were actively grooming underage girls were warned by administrators that they were being watched, and the actions of those same administrators when these issues were brought to their attention was to scrub the site of material in a ham fisted and ill-conceived effort to protect the offenders. At every turn PaganSpace protected the men who were trolling their site for teens as zealously as a mother protects her young.

The offenders themselves, still quite active on PaganSpace as of this writing, were allowed to threaten and harass PACA members, including women, after they were tipped off to the fact that many had been reported to the proper authorities. Here’s an excerpt of the kind of messages one degenerate pervert, Ken, left on the page I had kept there after learning in passing that it was my practice to report suspect behavior to law enforcement. It should be noted that I never mentioned him by name, but upon hearing that I did my civic duty he exploded:


Odd rape references aside, the person’s anger with me stemmed completely from his fear that I reported his unseemly messaging with teen girls to the cops, which I did admittedly. He wasn’t singled out in public by me however, but knew he was one of those reported. I guess he felt guilty.

The point is that the people who run PaganSpace, and at this time I would use the term people loosely, have actively taken the side of unstable degenerates who people, in good faith, have warned are using their service to attempt to meet with teen girls. How unstable are these degenerates, you ask?


Yes all those messages were to me, and there were dozens more too vile to post. At this point he is still posting to teen girls on the site and the PS community sees nothing wrong with that. After all why would anyone not want that guy to have contact with their children?

Wicca is largely an exercise in leftist astroturfing, a childish blend of cosplay, online role-playing and the feel good faux self-empowerment introduced into Occultism by StarhawkMargot Adler and Z Budapest. Those serious in their Paganism usually move on to some other religion, like Heathenry, and those interested in the practice of Witchcraft will find Wicca suffering from a dearth of actual Witches. Some of the most popular Wiccan blogs devote countless paragraphs to “progressivism” and some social cause or another while rarely mentioning Wicca in anything more than a cursory manner.

That’s because there isn’t enough meat on Wicca’s philosophical bones to merit more than a cursory mention at all and therein lies the problem.

Unlike an actual religion, Wicca is essentially amoral. Sure there are some convoluted theories about “Karma” and respect for nature, but essentially the only thing the erstwhile Wiccan need do to be in the good graces of other Wiccans is claim to be a Wiccan, sound satisfactorily “open minded” and not, under any circumstances, rock the boat.

The cavalier manner in which Jason Pietz-Waters takes up the cause of Margot Adler, who was called a liar very publicly by Newsbusters, when anyone who’s read her books will tell you she’s fond of stretching the truth, proves much of the Wicca dominated neo-Paganism of today is more about solidarity than what religion is supposed to be: a search for truth.

So it should shock no one that in this anything goes environment child raping perverts are accepted members of the community while those people within the neo-pagan community who try to shine a light on these problems are banished for daring to present Wiccans with what they fear most: a good look at themselves.

In short, parents don’t let your children grow up to be Wiccans unless you’re O.K. with them shacking up with a 55-year-old man they met on PaganSpace who’s decided to become their “craft father” (that’s a scam, by the way, kids, should anyone attempt to tell you otherwise) when she’s in middle school. And if your kids do become Wiccans, by all that’s holy keep them away from PaganSpace.

Update: Matthew C. Rohnkohl emailed to say I wasn’t sufficiently clear about “Starfire” and her relationship to Alexandrian House. Executive V.P. Matt claims “Starfire” isn’t the owner (though he’s coy about who is) in his email to me:

I am contacting you in regards to your slander of my imprint division,
Alexandrian House. My name is Matthew C. Rohnkohl and I am the Executive V.P.
of Alexandrian Archives Inc.

By posting this article of yours, you have slandered my company and I request
that you remove it. If you do not, I will have no choice but to take legal
action. Starrfire does not own the company, therefore I am contacting you
regarding your article.

Your accusations are unfounded and derived from activity on your part that did
not include notification of administration on Paganspace about violations of
our rules. We have upheld our rules, with no help or notification from you, so
therefore your accusations are simply false.

We have the documentation to prove our side and if need be, will submit them to
the proper legal channels. Your actions were legally questionable and also in
violation of our social network rules.

I would appreciate your removal and refrain of this slander ASAP. As I said
before, if you do not, you leave me no choice but to take legal action.

Matthew C. Rohnkohl, Executive V.P.
Alexandrian Archives Inc.

My answer to this: bring it on. This sort of nonsense doesn’t impress me. Here’s a hint Matt, if you want to pretend you’re a real business man ready to sue you should email people during business hours, not at 9:52pm

Update: Starfire’s MySpace lists her as Senior Vice-President at Alexandrian Archives.  Splitting hairs much Matt? “Starfire” is knee deep in your company.This entry was posted in BlacklistFilthy DegeneratesPagan and ProudUnspeakable Cults by Rob Taylor. Bookmark the permalink.

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