Was Epstein involved with cults?

Conspiracy, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse

“You’ll hear how brilliant a manipulator he was, and how he was able to get me on the back foot. Epstein crossed boundaries most people don’t cross, discussing my vaginal canal, for instance, and put a curse on my unborn children.”

A story of power’: podcast on Epstein and Maxwell to draw on hours of interviews https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/11/jeffrey-epstein-vicky-ward-podcast-chasing-ghislaine

Epstein claimed the power to curse? As in.. black magick?

Rumours, alleged disclosures, and ‘conspiracy theories’ abound that Epstein was involved in some form of ‘Satanic’ black magic cult, perhaps a continuation or modern revival of the Sabbataens. It is alleged he had an underground Temple on his island, with alleged leaked footage of a meeting of a white robed cult. As with similar claims against Jimmy Savile, alleged to have been a ‘Satanist’ of the Ordo Templi Orientis, it should be no surprise that such claims are most often dismissed without investigation. Nevertheless, such ‘sex cults’ do exist and wealthy powerful people often rise quickly through their ranks. Given his proclivities, and obsession with gaining power over others, why would the likes of Savile and Epstein not be attracted to such ‘sex cults’?

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