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The WikkiPedia page for ‘The Illuminates of Thanateros’ reads as follows;

The Illuminates of Thanateros (/ɪˈljuːmɪˌnɪts ɒvˌθænəˈtɛroʊs/) is an international magical organization that focuses on practical group work in chaos magic. The idea was first announced in 1978, while the order proper was formed in 1987. This fraternal magical society has been an important influence on some forms of modern occultism.

The name “Thanateros” is a combination of the names “Thanatos” and “Eros”— the Greek gods of death and sex, respectively. The idea is that sex and death represent the positive and negative methods of attaining “magical consciousness”. The word “Illuminates” is used in accordance with the claimed tradition of calling such societies — in which those who have mastered the secrets of magic help bring others to mastership — “the Illuminati”. Its formal name is The Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros, which is usually shortened to “the Pact”.

A ‘Chaos sphere’: The symbol of The Illuminates of Thanateros

I was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros during a period of youthful ‘spiritual searching’ around 1993, at the age of 22/23, gaining a certain level of pseudo-fame, but resigned in disappointment and disgust on May 1st 2001, at the age of 30. Since it is not uncommon for people to become confused about the reality behind groups such as the Illuminates of Thanateros I here make statement as to my personal experience of them.

The Illuminates of Thanateros are in no way connected to the historical secret society real or otherwise at the centre of so many conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, their membership is largely secret, with the identification of other members punished by expulsion, as is the case with activities at their meetings. The reason for this is supposedly because magic itself requires secrecy, and to protect participants from public misunderstandings, but these same oaths of secrecy are open for exploitation by a criminal leadership.

The pseudo-philosophy of The Illuminates of Thanateros is encapsulated in the couplet “Nothing is true and everything is permitted”, supposedly expressing both existential and ‘edgy’ moral relativism. The leadership of the Illuminates of Thanateros at the time of my own membership were not to my knowledge of a criminal nature, but during my membership I witnessed new ‘initiates’ of increasingly criminal character. Whether criminal or not, few people I met during my involvement were of positive influence, while many were narcissistic and cruel.

During my involvement they were little more than an extremely pretentious amateur drama club. ‘Group work in chaos magic’ largely consisted of meetings held in rented dance and rehearsal studios where members dressed in black robes and pranced in a circle while taking turns standing in the middle and pretending to be ‘possessed’. I resigned when a suspected paedophile and known drug dealer was being promoting to ‘rank’ within the group, along with the more or less automatic admission of any ranking member of the equally dubious Church of Satan, and they had all started prancing around in a black leather ‘Baphomet’ (ie ‘Satan’) costume with crooked wings and an oversized ‘Heaven threatening’ phallus.

.. a worry I also informed the police of in 2005 after hearing rumours this drug dealer and suspected paedophile had reconnected to an old friend from Peckham; well known on ‘the scene’ (and through what this individual had told me) to be a paedophile that controlled under-age rent boys with drugs – possibly none other than the convicted paedophile cult leader Colin Batley. The individual I identified to the police had already been tipped off by the time I made my phone call. If this had no been so they might easily have been caught with incriminating evidence. As it was, they managed to persuade the police that I was an ex-lover with a vendetta – nothing could have been further from the truth.

We were at this time being stalked by an individual we later recognised in the newspapers as Batley. We had received death threats from Jasmine DeVille’s ex partner Peter Pracownick, now known to be friends with leading figures in The Illuminates of Thanateros. Although we did not know the identity of our stalker we reported this to the police.

I also met that year with Peter J Carroll, the Illuminates of Thanateros‘ founder, who failed to heed my warning. we now have reason to believe Carroll may have been implicated or compromised, since his responses have been inconsistent and deliberately oblique. He has also published defamation about me on his own website ‘Specularium’, largely following what has been dictated to him by The Illuminates of Thanateros, although he knows it is defamation. When I met with him he boasted of having received fan mail from category A offenders and said of The Illuminates of Thanateros, “If you want to enjoy a sausage it is best not to think about how it is made.”.

In 2009. shortly after I had released KHAOS PUNK, with an introduction by Peter J Carroll, I got talking with an initiate of The Illuminates of Thanateros in a ‘Chaos Magic’ group on MySpace. They happened to pass a comment regarding “Colin Batley’s working group in Wales.” The name meant nothing at the time, but I remember laughing with Jasmine at the idea of a Magus called Colin batley, and that the IOT now had a Temple in Wales, joking that the order must be ‘seriously going up in the world’.

Jasmine and I both recognised the name when Colin Batley was in the newspapers in 2011, sentenced to 11 years (possibly life) for his involvement in a paedophile sex cult. We also realised he was the person who had been stalking us.

In 2012 I was present at the first disclosures of a learning disabled teenager who identified to me several members of The Illuminates of Thanateros, along with Colin Batley, as having been abusing them from around the age of six. This too was taken to the police, who failed to undertake a thorough investigation. Note that this has been a common theme regarding police and Colin Batley’s cult, the majority of whom – although having been shown to exist – remain at large. Batley himself was sentenced to extra years for refusing to identify them. It is clearly reported in the newspapers that the cult was large, and had strong connections in Wales, Bristol, and London.. just like The Illuminates of Thanateros.

While researching what had been going on with the Illuminates of Thanateros in my absence I came across the website of their German section, with a link to the website It is apparently sourced from an American ‘Satanic’ group but has many other clear links to the Illuminates of Thanateros in the Uk. Written in the language of Typhonian Thelema meets Chaos Magic, the site deals with (what are allegedly, although this is not stated anywhere on the site) fantasies of mind control, the sexual exploitation of adults and children, and human sacrifice (including a description of ritualistic infanticide allegedly performed by ‘Temple Dahmer’). At this time already nearly a decade old, the site also contained what appeared to be overt adverts and links for what was described as ‘kiddy porn’ (child abuse images and films) but has since been heavily edited and censored.

In 2014, the Book Devil on the Doorstep by Annabelle Forest was published. It author is one of the girls whose testimony was accepted in Crown Court in the prosecution and sentencing of Colin Batley. For the first time in any publication, it was confirmed there was indeed a learning disabled male exploited by the cult from the ages of 6 to 16. Her book also confirms a number of other details concerning the disclosures brought to police in 2012. Although Batley was identified to police in the disclosures of 2012 the IOPC have failed to deal with our complaints regarding previous failures to heed to disclosures regarding this paedophile ring and investigate appropriately. This would also mean admitting to previous very serious oversights and mishandlng of what should have been – but was not – an extremely serious investigation into those identified..

Also around 2014, a single mother and ‘Novice’ of the German section of the Illuminates of Thanateros posted a blog entry – which has since been deleted – regarding her concerns when she brought up the subject of Colin batley with her ‘Mentor’. The reply she received was not that Colin Batley has not been a member of the IOT, or that the UK section were innocent of involvement in his crimes, but simply that “Not everyone saw it as a problem.” She said she was leaving the cult, which I hope to be true for her child’s sake.

In the years since there has been steadily growing evidence that The Illuminates of Thanateros have been funding themselves through the distribution of drugs, and the creation and distribution of filmed sadistic child abuse, some but not all of which is ‘Satanic’ in its props and themes. Having become confounded with conspiracy theory, this has made it even harder for their victims to get justice – but just as one can ‘search’ on PornHub for ‘Satanic Ritual’, so have these criminals used their props and numbers to create films of apparent ‘Satanic Ritual’ child abuse. It is no more mysterious than this – child abuse so-called ‘pornography’ crimes are more lucrative, and harder to get caught for, than selling drugs, and the ‘SRA’ theme makes it even more profitable and harder to get caught for.

Around 2017 I received an email from Ray Sherwin, co-founder of The Illuminates of Thanateros, asking for further information as he had allegedly received many communications from people with grievances against the IOT. He has since written a book OUROBOROS distancing himself from both Peter J. Carroll and the Illuminates of Thanateros, making reference to a ‘ranking’ member’s previous criminal history; I have had verified from other sources that they caused a number of deaths by creating and distributing amphetamines dyed with pink nail varnish.

The Illuminate of Thanateros has since been disowned and discredited by both its founders; Peter J. Carroll, who we believe to have been more closely linked to their crimes than he might ever see prosecution for, and Ray Sherwin, who has disclosed of having received many complaints as to the IOT’s abusive activities online and in his book OUROBOROS – with Carroll’s refusal to take responsible action against the Illuminates of Thanateros being a large part of their having fallen out.

I have since been bullied off of social media by anonymous accounts clearly linked to The Illuminates of Thanateros:

Soon to turn 51, I am embarrassed at my naivety in expected to meet nice people by joining a black magic cult, and my hubris at ever believing I had found ‘real magic’, but at least I grew out of it. I finally concluded that what the Illuminates of Thanateros call ‘Chaos magic’ is nothing more than a system of wilful self delusion, and a pseudo-philosophical excuse for ‘moral relativity’. It is my sincere and honest opinion that the current leadership of The Illuminates of Thanateros present a clear and present danger to the public.

An Interview with Alison Miller (Healing the Unimaginable)

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

ISSTD News, May 23rd 2021 – Complete interview available here

Alison Miller, author of HEALING THE UNIMAGINABLE

KATE: When did you realise you were seeing cases of Organized abuse?

ALISON: Once I know I had a client with DID, I organized a training on dissociative disorders… these people from California came up for it. They talked about DID, but also about organized abuse, which they then called ritual abuse. They talked about organized personality systems, systems being deliberately structured. I thought ‘Oh thank goodness I don’t have anyone like that…’

And then I went back to work and mentioned this to Teresa, saying ‘I don’t have anyone like that’, and she said ‘Oh, don’t be so sure of that’…

Not much later I was on the intake phones for the organization I worked for. This young man, Tony, called in. I remember he said he was a Christian and a survivor of ritual abuse and he’d had a flashback. I asked what his flashback was about. And it was about his stepfather trying to drown him in the sink in the basement and I was thinking… why does he call this ritual abuse? There’s no ritual involved. But of course, that was not his only memory.

Anyway, Tony wanted to come and see me. He had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was on strong medications, but he was spewing out all kinds of memories and was clearly DID. Even though seeing single adults was not my mandate, I took him on. It turned out that his parents were regional managers for the local cult… these were my first clients…then I got Jennifer, a teenager, who had DID, and Teresa’s friend Lorraine. These first DID clients were all members of the local Satanic cult.

KATE: I guess some mental health professionals, hearing stories of extreme abuse, may be tempted to think it is all made up or delusional, but you didn’t get a chance to disbelieve, as your situation was a little unique.

ALISON: Yes. I had these four clients, all abused by the same cult. They unknowingly corroborated each other – they had information about events and abuse… and it was still going on, these were current events … I was followed by these abusers…. I had all kinds of corroboration and evidence. I tried to work with the police, but it didn’t work out the way it should have.

Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation.


A reminder to all those still claiming ‘that old chestnut’ Satanic Ritual Abuse is something that has been proven a myth, and that we should thus dismiss any disclosures as fantasy – THE METROPOLITAN POLICE know better than you.

From their own website: CHILD ABUSE / FAITH BASED ABUSE


Magick, Neuromancy, Occult, Sorcery, Spirituality

“Before me, RAPHAEL
Behind me, GABRAEL
To my right hand MICHAEL
At my left hand, URAEL
About me flame the pentagrams,
And in the column the six rayed star.”
– Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, The Golden Dawn.

The Hebrew term for angel is Mal’akh, meaning ‘messenger’. The word angel itself comes through the Sanskrit angeres, Persian angeres, to the Greek angelos. Such pre-Christian roots are apparent even in the angel’s names, which commonly end with the singular -El, meaning ‘being of light’; Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Rapahael etc. The word is of Sumerian origin, and is synchronistic with the Akkadian ‘Ilu’, Babylonian ‘Ellu’, Old Welsh ‘Ellu’, Old Irish ‘Aillil’, Anglo-Saxon ‘Aelf’, English ‘Elf’, and perhaps even our modern term ‘alien’. In all these interpretations the ‘beings of light’ are understood to be more evolved, or vibrating at a higher frequency, than mortal humans.

From Moses onwards magicians have attributed angels governing the powers of the planets, the days of the week, the hours of the day, and the four seasons; the celestial mysteries of the previous ‘pagan’ age took upon themselves new masques. As with old gods, these mysteries also extended to rule over the terrestrial realms; places, plants and principles of every kind. Enchantments and incantations calling upon angelic powers were in abundance as late as the 13th century, as are recorded in the grimoires.

Even our classical image of the angel has its origin in pagan imagery; in the 8th century, when the foundations of Church doctrine were being laid, the visual artists were no less influenced by their heritage than the writers were. Two of the common inspirational sources of their works depicting angels include the Hellenic Greek god of sexuality, Eros, and ‘the winged victory’, Nike. Such continued to provide models for the Renaissance artists of the 12th-15th century, with a more Eastern influence recognisable in the ‘Peacock Angels’ of Fra. Fillipo Lippi. Yet the symbolic use of wings to denote supernatural beings has Near Eastern roots older even than this; consider the superb winged bulls from Nebuchadenezzar’s palace in the British Museum. Such no doubt provided the inspiration behind the Merkobah, which in turn passed to the Christian symbolism of the four Evangelists Cherubs; winged lion, ox, man, and eagle, corresponding to the four elements.

Angelology, like the pantheistic cosmologies that precede it, reflects our human psychology. That is, the various spheres of angelic influence; love, protection, vengeance, even death and disease, are human concerns. We should not be surprised, then, to find striking similarities between the ‘spheres’ attributed to the various angels and those of the older pagan gods; the reader is referred once again to the charaktēre of the Kabala, to which the hierarchy of angels may be most obviously corresponded. What can hardly be disputed is that the angels, as with their relatives the demons, have been imprinted into the collective imagination of our culture over thousands of years. Thus, whatever beliefs have been adopted in this modern age, their images and invocations still provoke a powerful response in our consciousness.

The association with light, and the Gamma frequencies, suggests evolved of consciousness of a higher level than that normally experienced by humans, corresponding to the transcendent circuits. This understanding of the Ael or ‘beings of light’ as a higher frequency or ‘vibration’ of consciousness is not at all alien to Catholic angel lore, Kabalist magick, or even the runic tradition where they are known as aelves. In all these belief systems it is similarly understood that consciousness is a continuum; an angel may descend to become human, or further to become demonic, just as even a demon may ascend to the redemption of At-One-Ment. Similarly, a human may sink lower in their behavior and spirituality, literally operating from lower areas of the brain, or they may – also through their own behaviour – increase their vibration to become a more highly evolved consciousness; potentially, at least, a ‘being of light’.

As with the seven rays of the archetypes, the forms the transcendental forces take when interacting with human consciousness are various. As has been discussed, these beings of light are known universally as the ‘ael’, or its equivalent variations such as aelf, angael, aelian etc. All these masks are valid.



In angelic lore Nathanael (Xathanael, Zathael) was the sixth Archangel of Vengeance after Creation, alongside Michael, Gabrael, Raphael, Urael, and Satanael. As an Angel of Vengeance he is relentless, and never fails to deliver Punishment to transgressors. In modern terms he is the transcendent personification of the principle of inevitable consequences; what one might call ‘karma’, ‘the law of Wyrd’, or even simply the inevitable results of cause and effect over time.

In The Goetia his name is given as the Archangel of Fire, residing in the eastern quarter of the Sacred Circle. He is said to know many secrets of the Arte, which he will teach to those who successfully call to him. As the Archangel of Transcendent Fire, he burns away all impurities, and all illusions of separation from the eternal Light of God (the Absolute). Although an obscure figure in occultism during much of the ‘occult revival’ from the Golden Dawn onward, Nathanael was well known to Kabalists, cunning men, and the magician’s of Solomon’s day. During the last decade he has increasingly made himself known again to mediums, a number of which have made his messages known in books and over the internet, as a simple Google search will verify; he especially makes himself known to psychics involved in the healing of trauma.

In healing trauma, or punishing the selfish, the process personified in Nathanael remains the same; the ‘burning up’ of the illusion of separation from God (the Absolute). As with the disillusion of the ego by any means, whether this is an ecstatic or painful experience depends entirely upon the ego in question. According to the reports of those working with him, Nathanael also offers his aid in overcoming resistance to change; a quality also attributed to higher Gamma.

Excerpt from THE NEURONOMICON, Nathaniel J Harris

Available from Amazon USA UK


Since I can provide links from this blog, I here provide evidence of Archangel Nathanael’s resurgence in modern spiritism:

Messages From Archangel Nathanael

Archangel Nathaniel – Lightworker Support. The Archangel Series, Anaya Jol Hollily. – “Archangel Nathaniel will open the doors to your deepest desires and give you the passion and charge to move forward with your life or divine purpose with much ease and conviction. The patron saint of Lightworkers. Nathaniel will help you awaken to your life purpose, and give you all the energy and the tools you need along the way.”

Journaling With the Archangel Nathaniel, Unite in the Light. “Journaling is a personal experience and journaling with Archangel Nathaniel will help you understand the cause and effects of life, as well as giving you the nudge you may need to follow your lightworker path. Our Unite In The Light Journals includes Information on the Archangel and exercises to assist you.”


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Having heard that Phil Hine‘s CONDENSED CHAOS has recently been republished in the UK as an audiobook I am reminded that he and Dave Lee published pro-paedophile materials in Chaos International magazine, grooming the burgeoning community right from the start.

The below is from Chaos International issue 8.

As Phil rightly points out, the Chaos magician Hakim Bey was also openly pro-paedophile. This shows that an irresponsible attitude towards paedophilia was ingrained into the Chaos Magic movement right from the start. No wonder so few of those identifying with this movement seem to care that their ‘influencers’ include so many nonces. Had I been wiser in my youth I would never have involved myself in this movement. It is a great shame to me that my name is still associated with it in any way.

Police say ‘black magic sex cult’ rapist Colin Batley is not back in a Welsh town

Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Satanism

An article by Robert Harries, Senior Reporter, published 17 JUN 2021 –

Police have moved to reassure people that a notorious paedophile and sex cult leader who abused children and young adults has not been released back into the local community.

Colin Batley was jailed in 2011 after being found guilty at Swansea Crown Court of carrying out a series of perverted sexual attacks. Having moved to Wales in the 1990s from London, Batley, aged 48 when he was sent to prison, set up what was described in court as a “black magic sex cult”, of which he was the self-appointed ‘high priest’, at a quiet cul-de-sac in the small town of Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire..

In total, he was found guilty of three indecent assaults, causing prostitution for personal gain, causing a child to have sex and inciting a child to have sex, and 11 counts of rape.

Three women were also jailed for crimes associated with the group.

Jacqueline Marling, then aged 42, was jailed for 12 years, while Batley’s wife Elaine, then aged 47, was jailed for eight years. Shelly Millar, then aged 35, was jailed for five years.

As the “evil and manipulative” leader of the group – who smiled and laughed in court as he was found guilty – Batley was warned he may never be released and told that he would serve a minimum term of 11 years.

One of Batley’s victims later spoke out to describe how he had forced her to wear a satanic symbol and raped her as a teenager.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said at the time: “He (Colin) was the boss. He barked orders at everybody including me. People just did what they were told. He had Rottweilers that were scared of him but vicious to everyone else. At 15 I had to have sex with Colin. He said it was an initiation into the occult. He said he did not want to do it but it had to be done. He said if I did not follow orders I would be killed. People ‘higher up’ in the cult would do it, he said.”

Colin Batley pictured outside court in 2011 (Image: D Legakis Photography / Athena Picture Agency)

However, despite that, rumours have circulated in the past week or so that Batley had been released from prison and that he was living in the Carmarthen area – just 10 miles away from where he carried out some of his terrible crimes in Kidwelly. This speculation led to concerns in the area that a convicted sex offender and rapist was now residing within the community.

However, it has now been confirmed that Batley is still serving a custodial sentence in Gloucestershire, with a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman confirming that: “Colin Batley is still in custody at HMP Ashfield.”

In response, Dyfed-Powys Police has attempted to allay fears in the local community.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “We have been made aware of speculation and concern in Carmarthen that convicted sex offender Colin Batley has been released into the community, which is not the case.

“Therefore, we urge people to refrain from posting any further speculation or possibly libellous content on this.”



It is a relief to finally know where Batley is being held. Sonia Poulton had been unable to find where he was located, or even if he was still in prison.

BBC article regarding HMP Ashfield shortly before its conversion from a youth offenders to adult prison. We hope conditions have not improved since this report.



The following ‘flash fiction’ was included in my book Khaos at Trinity Road, self published as Nathan Mortlock, 2017. Like most old fairy stories it has a moral – in this case, that the wheel of fortune is always turning.

Snow White scraped two fat lines of fairy dust across the ornate mirror. “I still have trouble sleeping. The idea terrifies me.”

“I know what you mean. Supposing we never wake up again?” said Beauty.

“You would wither on your bones, slowly dying of dehydration and starvation,” said the mirror.

Snow rolled her eyes. “Nobody asked you.”

Beauty grinned, once porcelain perfect teeth as decayed as her castles and destitute kingdom. “This’ll keep us awake. Rumpelstilskin always scores the best. Is it pure enough to shoot?”

Snow’s gloved hands rolled a Note of the Realm into a tube. “You and needles. Don’t you ever learn?”

“I haven’t pricked myself in aeons, you know that. Not since our princes ran off with each other.”

“We should have guessed by the tights.”

“Did you hear about what happened with Cinderella, poor cow? And in her shoes, too..”

Snow wiped her nose on the hem of her dress. “Life goes on. The only difference between a happy ending and a tragedy is where you stop telling the story.”




Art, Magick

A few of my readers might be aware that, in 2015 and 2019, I published two novellas under the name Nathan Mortlock; Everybody Needs a Hobby and Khaos at Trinity Road. I spent very little time and no money promoting them as self published works, but they do have accolades from Pat Mills on their covers. Nevertheless, the only ‘story form’ book I have been promoting under my own name is my autobiographical novel Accidental Antichrist, which received a great review in Starburst (the world’s longest running science fiction and fantasy magazine), as well as an interview being published on their website (read it here). I have neglected promoting my fictional writings only through fear of causing confusion regarding my sincerity with anything else I have to say. I am sure most people are smart enough to realise that writing satisfying fiction has nothing to do with being a ‘liar’.

If anything, I write because it is cheaper than therapy. After hearing the awful disclosures in 2012, learning how so many people I knew had been involved in such shameful crimes, of what had happened to the young man disclosing during their childhood, I was suffering grief beyond description. If my entire family had died in a car accident the world would have understood, and perhaps I could have got the therapy I deserved. This was worse, since even my memories of them became tainted. Note that in Colin Batley’s trial those in the jury were all offered therapy, and they were not even hearing about their own family, loved ones, and children. My heart was so broken I thought it might literally kill me – the pain was physical and constant. I was so afraid and angry my pupils were like junkie pinpricks, but I had gone nowhere near any drugs. And I had nightmares every night, like I don’t want to tell you. About being unable to stop the most horrible things happening, and of begging the guilty to confess to the police. But since police had made such a cock up of investigating our case, there was no way I could get the appropriate help I needed. I lost a series of jobs because the most unexpected things would trigger me, and I would be unable to stop myself crying. And I was frightened, because not only were the guilty left to walk around freely they were actually stalking us – one of those stalking us being the paedophile psychopath Frank Parker, who was featured in Panorama: Exposed – The Bail Hostel Scandal.

At this time I had ‘disappeared’ from occultism, and was considering changing my name legally in the hope of getting on with my life without further harassment and abuse. I have always enjoyed writing fiction, had been published in a few ‘underground’ magazines in the distant past, and decided to write a novella. As with most ‘inspiration’ I cannot really explain this book, except to say that many people who read it raved about it, a few were indifferent, some said I was sick, and it might have lost me another job after my team manager read a copy, but my nightmares stopped.

I had suffered indescribable nightmares, waking up in tears, almost every night for years, and all of a sudden they stopped. Seriously.

It was a made up story. Nothing in that book happened to any real people. It did not reference the genuine horrors we had been suffering, but it was a story set in Bristol about a wannabe Satanist psychopath, and could only be marketed as ‘extreme horror’; I called this story Everybody Needs a Hobby.

The next book, Khaos at Trinity Road, might be described as ‘surrealist crime’. It was hardly pushed at all over the internet but I sold quite a few straight from my hand in my home city – especially among those familiar with Trinity Road police station. By the most bizarre coincidence, Trinity Road also features in the crime novel Ritual by Mo Hayder, in which arrogant officers stationed there screw up an investigation into a ritual murder. It seems my novella reflected a certain degree of popular sentiment.

Is it also mere ‘coincidence’ that, soon after the publication of my novella, the now ex-commissioner of Trinity Road found themselves the subject of discussion in parliament and the station has been closed? (The sign on its door reading Police Work Will Not Be Effected?) Who knows for sure.. but there was definitely a more contrived ‘statement of intent’ behind Khaos at Trinity Road than my previous novella.

Additionally, I have been told a copy may be found in the library of Marmalade Lane psychiatric facility, also featured in that book – where I found myself when an officer at Trinity Road had me placed under a Section 23 because he ‘could not believe’ their was a Satanic paedo ring operating right under his nose.. this being an involuntary incarceration to determine whether I was mentally ill, supposed to last a month, from which I found myself discharged and proven sane after three days. This was in 2012, very soon after hearing the disclosures, which were extremely difficult to ‘handle’, we had also suffered home invasions and stalking, so I had understandably been acting pretty off the rail by normal standards. Despite what a certain ex-partner of mine has been spreading around the ‘occult community’, this is the one and only time I have ever been sectioned, and I can now say I have been examined by professional psychiatrists and found to be perfectly sane, thank you very much. For a copy of my book to have made its own way to the library there, to be read by the staff and found by someone who should read it during a stay and recognise my name – and emailing me from there – seems like a kind of magic.. especially when they tell me they found the story healing.

Some have expressed confusion as to how my fictional writings relate to my occult treatise, such as The Neuronomicon. I can only express my own confusion at how anyone could separate spirituality, magic, and art of any kind. It seems to me that only a talentless fool would even try, and even then it would only be through jealousy towards those with talent. Novelist and ‘Chaos’ magician William Burroughs had much to say on the relationship between magic and art. Influential comics genius, novelist, and magician Alan Moore also talks about the relationship between magic and art. Kenneth Grant, a hugely influential occult philosopher, humbly considered the talented artist to be a higher form of ‘initiate’ than the mere magician, as well as having written a few obscure novellas of his own. The relationship is so close it baffles me that so many modern ‘magicians’ seem to be devoid of any artistic talent.

Whatever our spiritual beliefs we tend to refer to myths and stories, which we may interpret as being either literally true (as with most Christians) or as symbolic (as with Jungian psychology). This is especially so with occultists, who tend to familiarity with the myths and stories of many cultures and traditions (as with Perrenial philosophy). As both an occultist and fiction writer I see the same Laws in the construction of magical ritual as I do in the myth cycles they refer to, as well as in the construction of satisfying modern fiction. The most obvious of these is the repetition of archetypes, a term most will be familiar from through its modern use in psychology but which is rooted in the Hermetic tradition. The most successful blockbuster stories, from ancient mythology through to Christ, from Star Wars to Harry Potter, are all structured around the same solar-hero myth cycle (the ‘yellow ray’). In all the world’s oldest spiritual traditions we see the Law of Seven, which I have called in The Neuronomicon the Seven Powers; hence we have a week of seven days named after the seven primary powers in any culture. In any satisfying story this same Law of Seven is reflected also in the ‘seven plots’, defined by Christopher Booker in The Seven Basic Plots (a must for any writer) as Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, the Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy, and Rebirth. We also see the Law of Three, common to all magical traditions, reflected in the classical three act structure – all satisfying stories have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

As an artist I rely on that mysterious thing called ‘inspiration’. If anybody asked me where my ideas come from I would have to say they visit me, arriving of their own accord. I find it almost impossible to sit down and have an idea on purpose, just by willing myself to do so. The etymology of the word inspiration takes us via Old French to the Latin verb inspirare, meaning ‘divine guidance’. This points us to the relationship between artistic inspiration and magical practices such as divination, which is the practice of gaining ‘divine guidance’ through various (often but not always) ritualised methods. We might liken the free flow of inspired writing to spirit divination through ‘automatic writing’. The creation of a character that seems to tell us its own story might be likened to a successful evocation – perhaps a ‘Tulpa’ (Thought Form), or one of the archetypal ‘powers’. We often speak of an artist or writer’s ability to evoke certain feelings, or describe their work simply as ‘evocative’.

An effective ritualist or story teller must also be able to hypnotise, or ‘fascinate’. Think of what happens when you are gripped by a good story, perhaps reading a book. Awareness of the world around you diminishes, so much so you might be unaware of someone talking to you, or forget to get off at your train station. Perhaps the story is so gripping, its world so absorbing, that you find yourself transported, experiencing yourself as both in your physical time and place and in the story world. We might compare this common, everyday experience to a kind of hypnotic trance or dream. In the remote viewing community the experience of being in two places is referred to as ‘bi-location’. The occult texts speak of ‘astral projection’ and ‘spirit journeys’. A masterfully written fictional story can give a reader real world experiences, from emotions to shifts in consciousness, and even spiritual learning.

Perhaps we identify so strongly with a character we find ourselves feeling the same emotions they are going through. When this happens, when we feel with tor even for a character, our mirror neurons are responding just the same as if the character was a real, living, breathing person. Some of the worst prose and tackiest plots often make best sellers and even get made into ‘movies’ so long their stories have regularly shifting emotional ‘beats’, with many smaller beats along the way culminating in pinnacles in strict accord with the three act structure. Additionally, there is a fine line between a cliché and an archetype – however originally the archetypes and plots are intertwined to make any original story, characters that veer too widely from their archetype are difficult to identify with, and stories that veer too widely from the ‘seven basic plots’ are instinctively unsatisfactory, regardless of how original or outside the box their twist ending these stories do not stay with us like the ‘classics’ do.

The Neuronomicon is still spreading its tentacles, as are The Sorcerer’s Yi-Jing, The Mass of Baphomet, and other related materials. I have nothing significant to add at this time, so have returned to writing fiction; this time not as therapy, or to curse any police stations, but with a view to finding an agent and publisher. I get more enjoyment from it that non-fiction, regardless of any perceived levels of ‘success’. Future posts on this blog will no doubt reflect this. I am still who I have always been, and shall be applying everything I have learned in my magical workings, experiments, and writings, to my fiction. I shall also be typing all day, every day, so have less desire to write additional materials for this blog – but I shall keep making updates if I have significant reason. Apologies if I am tardy answering emails.

Meanwhile, my two novellas written as Nathan Mortlock remain available from Amazon.. for now.





What they have said about the work of Nathaniel J. Harris:

“.. One of the UK’s leading authorities on the darks arts.” – STARBURST

“An absolute favorite teacher, author & practitioner of mine, Nathaniel Harris. He has also played a pivitol role in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse in his hometown of Bristol, England as well as bringing awareness to the U.S. and beyond. His history, knowledge and expertise is very very broad… ” – INVΘKE, Portland

“Nathaniel Harris is the real thing.. Rest assured that you are in safe hands with Nathaniel as your teacher.” – Pat Mills

” .. A powerhouse of magick.” – Kenneth Grant

“On par with some of Crowley’s works, and I do not say that lightly.” – Mick Norris



Jaime Osuna is the latest ‘self identified’ Satanist psychopath being paraded in the media. Originally jailed in 2011 for the murder of Yvette Pena, he has returned to front page news after torturing to death and decapitating his cellmate.

The circumstances around this murder are extremely suspicious. Osuna had never before been given a cell-mate, due to his psychopathic tendencies. On the night of the murder, prison wardens completely neglected to check their cell, despite a sheet having been hung against the door, obviously to conceal something going on inside. It almost seems as if his cellmate was deliberately fed to him with a predictable outcome.

Although having been found guilty of the murder of Yvette Pena, it has been ruled that Osuna is now not fit to stand trial for this new murder, due to ‘diminished responsibility’.

The following interview was conducted with Jaime Osuna in 2017. Its content is extremely disturbing. Journalists mention the question as to whether he is serious about his Satanism, and if he really believes in and worships the Devil. Yet Satanism, or ‘the Left Hand Path’, is not a faith or superstition – it is a rational, logical, antinomian philosophy based upon self-identification with the Satanic archetype. Jaime Osuna states quite openly that he committed his crimes opportunistically and purely for self gratification. The ‘Satanic’ philosophy practiced by such sick fuckwits is nothing more than an excuse for egoistic self inflation, their vile acts of transgression and cruelty – so called ‘evil’ – are not done in the name of anything than their own selves.

‘Satanic’ criminals such as Jaime Osuna, ritualistic or otherwise, alone or in groups, for any genuinely occult, esoteric, or magical purposes, even if they have deluded themselves otherwise. They laugh at those who try to read deeper meaning into their crimes, or who get tied up with ‘conspiracy theories’, most of all they laugh at those who actually believe in Satan and demonic possession, and especially at those who believe they are engaged in ‘spiritual warfare’ with God and Jesus on their side – because nobody feeds into the narcissistic grandiosity and self congratulation of a self-identified Satanist more than a riled up Christian, the more narcissistic and hypocritical that Christian the better.

‘Satanism’ has attracted psychopaths since at least the days when LaVey first declared himself High Priest of The Church of Satan, back when Ramirez ‘The Night Stalker’ was a regular there. His daughter Xena LaVey was among the glamorous Satanic groupies that attended his trial. There were also links to the Manson Family. To claim otherwise is a blatant lie.

Similarly, to suggest Satanism would not be a magnet for paedophiles is beyond naive, especially given the knowledge that a community can be rallied around to support anyone accused, and especially if the abuse can be ritualised with like minded scum, making it ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, making their crimes far more controversial and harder to prosecute. Whether ‘The Satanic Panic’ was a false-flag or not, it appears this is certainly what has happened in the modern day. Even assuming there are no remaining questions regarding these historical investigations, the results – the persistent denials of the ‘occult community’, not to mention the abuses of ‘oaths of secrecy’ – has created the perfect environment for them to thrive.

There are ‘Pagan’ paedophiles, who seem to base their real lives on The Wickerman, and there are the Satanic paedophiles, who seem to base their lives on horror movies. Neither deserve to be thought of as ‘real witches’ or ‘magicians’, even those who have written books to convince the public otherwise. The truth is far simpler – although they confound with symbolism, conceal themselves among the naive, manipulating ‘useful idiots‘, they are Machievellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic ‘dark triad’ personalities.

Once this is understood, their shallow motives become easy to comprehend.. one might even say predictable.