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THE LUCIFER EFFECT: Understanding How Good People Turn Bad, Philip Zimbardo

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

No one disputes the influence friends exert on us. Whether they favour hints, tips, advices or open discussions the fact is that we take into account what they say. They mean no harm. After all, they are friends, right?

Not necessarily, especially if it is a group behaviour. Teenagers struggle to fit in. They will wear the same outfits, hear the same songs, talk alike. All in the name of acceptance by the group. Adults are not different. They also join groups, seek people with same interests and obey a certain dress code. They tend to group together with people sharing the same moral values, social-economic status, political and spiritual beliefs, sexuality, taste in music.. Problems arise when those groups show their evil face. Protected by the group, individuals are capable of doing the most atrocious things. As Hannah Arendt said, the banality of evil is flabbergasting.

During WWII, millions of Jews and other minorities were killed in concentration camps. Public reaction was zero.

In the Milgram ‘shock experiment’, students were requested to deliver powerful electric shocks to others, obeying a man in a white coat. The shocks were fake, but students did not know about it. They kept on obeying the man in white coat, giving shocks above 450 V—lethal dose. More than 65% of participants would have killed their classmates if the shocks were real.

In Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’, college students were randomly assigned the role of prisoners or guards during two weeks. The guards were so engrossed by their role that they quickly started harassing, bullying and dehumanizing the prisoners. The experiment became so brutal and out of control that it was interrupted in less than 5 days.

Not so long ago, the brutalisation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison became an international scandal. Pictures of naked Iraq prisoners being led around on leashes and forced to commit sacrilegious acts to their beliefs became public.

It is the same with any group, including ‘magical orders’. This is especially so if a group falls into the wrong leadership, as happened with The Illuminates of Thanateros when a drug dealer, paedophile, and psychopath was promoted to the position of Magi. This individual, also well known for their connection to the Anarchist group Class War, and who was a regular ‘face’ in London nightclubs such as The Torture Garden, was quite possibly an old friend of convicted ‘Satanic’ paedophile Colin Batley during his years as a resident of Peckham.

What a small world, that my parents Ann and Adrian Brynn-Evans were also in this cult, but the ‘occult community’ is extremely incestuous. At the time of their involvement, Adrian was the ‘regional coordinator’ for Devon and Cornwall Pagan Federation, an umbrella organisation that includes Wiccans, Chaos magicians (the IOT), Thelemites (the OTO), Druids.. all manner of ‘alternative’ belief systems. It was a role that gave him a fat address book, putting him into contact with many of the ‘biggest’ names in Paganism, as well as Pagan solicitors, social workers.. all manner of people from all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t just tree hugging hippies that identify as ‘Pagan’. It also meant Adrian was respected and trusted by a huge swathe of the ‘Pagan’ movement. A respect and trust he betrayed – except, of course, among the staggering number of paedophiles and paedophile apologists who seem to be attracted to ‘Paganism’, and who seem to consider the disgust that healthy people have for child rape to be a ‘Christian’ hang up.

Besides appearing in the newspapers as associating with people who later turned out to be involved in a paedophile ring, my mother has a tattoo on her neck from her involvement in the Colin Batley cult. While my detractors in ‘occultism’ like to pretend our disclosures have been debunked, this is simply not so – and there is far more evidence than the disclosures that forced us to finally recognise what had been under our noses all along. Indeed, our detractor’s failure to recognise this is itself SUSPECT. This is especially so with ‘James Hind’, a fake account controlled by at least one other person in the same ring – hence their own obsession with SRA.

Ann Brynn-Evan’s tattoo from her time in Colin Batley’s ‘Satanic’ paedophile ring.

Additionally, there has always been a crossover in membership, for example, between the Illuminates of Thanateros, the Ordo Templi Orientis, and to a lesser extent the Church of Satan. The IOT and the OTO in London meet in the same public house back room, as well as holding meetings in Treadwell’s Bookshop, run by Christina Harrington who herself is an Alexandrian Wiccan.

It seems ‘The Lucifer Effect’ of Batley’s group has infected the whole of UK occultism. It has also resulted in accounts like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice SAFF (Tony Rhodes) spreading false information concerning Batley’s cult, its membership, and its reach, as well as publishing abusive and libellous posts regarding myself. Again, this is a matter I shall be taking legal advice upon with a view to prosecution. At least we know who Tony Rhodes actually is – most accounts used to spread such abuse have been ‘sockpuppet’ accounts.

Good people, under the wrong influence, will do evil things. I don’t know about Tony’s character beyond this situation but his recent online activity has been nothing short of misguided and evil.

The narrative currently being spread by the likes of James Hind and SAFF regarding myself and my partner is dangerous libel easily destroyed in any court. This libel causes myself and my partner significant distress, and they have clearly displayed that they not only know this but find it entertaining. We are taking note of all who spread this libel and are currently in discussion with legal advisors with a view to prosecution.

Police say ‘black magic sex cult’ rapist Colin Batley is not back in a Welsh town

Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Satanism

An article by Robert Harries, Senior Reporter, published 17 JUN 2021 –

Police have moved to reassure people that a notorious paedophile and sex cult leader who abused children and young adults has not been released back into the local community.

Colin Batley was jailed in 2011 after being found guilty at Swansea Crown Court of carrying out a series of perverted sexual attacks. Having moved to Wales in the 1990s from London, Batley, aged 48 when he was sent to prison, set up what was described in court as a “black magic sex cult”, of which he was the self-appointed ‘high priest’, at a quiet cul-de-sac in the small town of Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire..

In total, he was found guilty of three indecent assaults, causing prostitution for personal gain, causing a child to have sex and inciting a child to have sex, and 11 counts of rape.

Three women were also jailed for crimes associated with the group.

Jacqueline Marling, then aged 42, was jailed for 12 years, while Batley’s wife Elaine, then aged 47, was jailed for eight years. Shelly Millar, then aged 35, was jailed for five years.

As the “evil and manipulative” leader of the group – who smiled and laughed in court as he was found guilty – Batley was warned he may never be released and told that he would serve a minimum term of 11 years.

One of Batley’s victims later spoke out to describe how he had forced her to wear a satanic symbol and raped her as a teenager.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said at the time: “He (Colin) was the boss. He barked orders at everybody including me. People just did what they were told. He had Rottweilers that were scared of him but vicious to everyone else. At 15 I had to have sex with Colin. He said it was an initiation into the occult. He said he did not want to do it but it had to be done. He said if I did not follow orders I would be killed. People ‘higher up’ in the cult would do it, he said.”

Colin Batley pictured outside court in 2011 (Image: D Legakis Photography / Athena Picture Agency)

However, despite that, rumours have circulated in the past week or so that Batley had been released from prison and that he was living in the Carmarthen area – just 10 miles away from where he carried out some of his terrible crimes in Kidwelly. This speculation led to concerns in the area that a convicted sex offender and rapist was now residing within the community.

However, it has now been confirmed that Batley is still serving a custodial sentence in Gloucestershire, with a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman confirming that: “Colin Batley is still in custody at HMP Ashfield.”

In response, Dyfed-Powys Police has attempted to allay fears in the local community.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “We have been made aware of speculation and concern in Carmarthen that convicted sex offender Colin Batley has been released into the community, which is not the case.

“Therefore, we urge people to refrain from posting any further speculation or possibly libellous content on this.”



It is a relief to finally know where Batley is being held. Sonia Poulton had been unable to find where he was located, or even if he was still in prison.

BBC article regarding HMP Ashfield shortly before its conversion from a youth offenders to adult prison. We hope conditions have not improved since this report.