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I today received a 2 year court order warning me that I could be jailed if I do not remove my entire website. As you can see, the website is still here – my reasonable excuse being that I have been bullied off of social media, this is the only place I can continue to advertise my work, and (as police are aware) I am being bullied by an extremely pretentious paedophile ring. This court ruling was based on a Judge’s negligent and lazy decision, itself based on the PERJURY WITH INTENT TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE committed by someone identified to us and to police as having been in Colin Batley’s paedophile ring. As per this ruling I have temporarily complied by removing all posts naming this individual, as well as a large number that did not – the Judge not having spent the time to fully consider and comprehend all the evidence presented to them, nor the magnitude of the situation and the danger his decision would bring to myself. Hidden on this list of individual posts created by the perjurer was the address of the website itself, and I do not believe the Judge was aware of this. At no point did the Judge specifically tell me to take down the entire website, and I had agreed to temporarily remove posts naming them. There is to be a second hearing in OCTOBER and the case is not yet concluded.

This same perjurer spreads lies about me on the internet intended not just to cover up their own crimes, and to damage my credibility, but which have already resulted in physical violence against me as well as death threats. The risk of removing all posts defending myself against their defamation, slander, and libel are thus extremely high. I am in no way in contempt of the court when I say the Judge was not aware of the full situation, which is nothing like anything he will have had to deal with before. This post is damage limitation, practically and legally, which I cannot do without at least alluding to the source of the defamation.

ALL the above were part of my parent’s social group. Yes, they all knew each other..

Their lies included a long list of the usual false accusations against myself for which there is no evidence whatsoever; including but not limited to accusations of harassment and threats. The person making these accusations is themselves guilty of harassment and threats against myself, as well as spreading defamation that has severely damaged my reputation and life. Their defamation has been shared on Reddit lists with thousands of people. There are also posts like this from Twitter troll James Hind aka ‘Satanic Views’, who feigns incapability of critical functioning and / or is knowingly and deliberately defending these same extremely sadistic paedophiles (thankfully there are new laws coming that should help shut down anonymous / fake accounts that spread such defamation). Their following at the time of publication is 619, with all posts visible to the public, even those without social media accounts of any kind.

‘James Hind’ has no rational reason to claim I am dishonest or that those I have exposed are ‘innocent victims’. I have already been cleared of such dishonesty in a court.

I shall also EASILY have the decision overturned at the proper hearing, after a fact finding – wait and see. Hind knows (s)he is a liar and loves to think their abusive posts ‘trigger’ me. I do not know who they are but I do know they are directly linked with the paedophile ring. I am patient and know this short sighted psychopath will one day be exposed and take a terrible fall. It is posts like theirs which will aid in having the case overturned, as it shows I am indeed the victim of harassment and not the perpetrator. It also shows they are directly linked to the ring – and encouraged to make such posts by the very person who has accused me of the crimes Hind is guilty of (cyberstalking, harassment, defamation, bullying) – since this information is not what I had at the time of their post made public.

New laws will hopefully soon be in place to prevent the use of anonyomous accounts to cyber-bully and spread defamation. Accounts like Hind’s will be closed down – and although there will be little to stop them making more fake accounts they will at least have been exposed for the fraud they are. Fingers crossed they might even go to jail.. although I suspect a going to jail for cyber-harassment is the least of their Satanic paedophile worries.

Why no mention of the coming hearing and the fact finding, Hind? The case is yet to be concluded. Perhaps this information is not included because it does not support your paedophile protecting lies. The reality is that the guilty are screwed big time by their own actions. It just takes a little patience. It just so happens I have beaten this same shit in court before, despite their initial lies having an effect they were exposed and their previous victory overturned. Just as one day Hind will be exposed. No ruling has been made that my allegations are false or malicious and the court order is temporary. I’ll bet Hind won’t ‘report’ on that when I beat the lies.

No that is not what will happen. We will go back to court, yes, and once there I shall offer evidence that the person who brought the spurious complaint has been trolling me with a sockpuppet / encouraging others to publish defamation. This will prove they are at best a hypocrite and an unreliable witness.

Whoever this ‘Hind’ moron is they have been posting persistent defamation of my name for a loooong time. The only reaon legal action has not been taken against them is that we cannot prove who they really are.

Most of those that join with Hind’s defamation and abuse are also sockpuppets. It is likely they are controlled by the same psycho, or were also in Batley’s ring. No sensible, rational, and critical thinking individual can fail to see there is substance to my allegations – nobody without investment in covering up for Batley’s cult ever have difficulty understanding this. Even Jasmine’s boss knows about our problems.

James Hind also a blog with so many posts about me they have their own tagline: https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/tag/nathaniel-harris/

And WTF is this ‘Satan Hunter’ bullshit? I am not a Christian conspiracy theorist. I still publish occult books. Even Angela Power-Disney understands this, even if she thinks I still practice Chaos Magic (have I not made enough posts and statements otherwise? WTF is wrong with these people?) You’re not ‘adding up’ at all Hind.. and how did you find out about the court results the same day as they were delivered to myself and the ‘complainant’? Literally within an hour or two? Are you just perhaps the same person? James Hind is a fake account taking its name from a highwayman of Oxford folklore.. are they perhaps Mogg Morgan, also identified as having been in Batley’s cult? You do realise this order only defends TWO of those identified, right? And even then only because of a highly questionable legal loophole. I can also still tell you it was the entire current leadership of the Illuminates of Thanateros, that my parents Ann & Adrian Brynn-Evans were involved, along with their friend and Jasmine’s ex-partner Peter Pracownick.

The Hind account is not the only account that has been trolling, threatening, harassing and defaming me. They are all anonymous accounts, putting me at a disadvantage since everything I post is in my own name.

The court hearing itself was by telephone due to Covid. Despite the government website stating quite clearly that there would be the opportunity to present document electronically, and that details of where to send such documents would be given on the day, the Judge denied me the right to present my evidence. Additionally, despite the paper against me being a 100 page diatribe of lies, which he had clearly not read properly since they simply do not ‘add up’, I was restricted to a mere 10 page reply with 10 pages of evidence. Thankfully this has prove enough to present the evidence required to prove the case bringer a liar – neglecting to mention they are a leading figure in a black magic cult clearly implicated in a very real paedophile ring, members of which are already in jail – all of which there is significant evidence for, even with unfair the limitation placed upon me.

I am in the process of appealing the Court’s decision, which acts to place myself in further danger and protects the paedophiles from exposure. I am a professional author and artist who has already had their career damaged by the bullying and harassment of the very person who applied for the ruling – this person being guilty of criminal conspiracy and extreme child abuse. While I have removed any articles naming this person I will not concede to a ruling that is not only a miscarriage of justice but which could also severely damage my income as well as leave me undefended against a barrage of online defamation largely originating with the liar that brought the court case in the first place.

I have also registered a complaint against the Judge for proceeding along a false premise he should, if he had been as careful as the responsibility he is given requires, have been able to see through. Since the proceeding was recorded this should be cut and dry.

It is bad enough having to deal with all the defamation and bullying I have suffered on and offline from these people, all of which will be presented as evidence in my appeal. There will also be a drawn out case in which the liar should – when evidence is presented – be exposed to the court as an unreliable witness who has committed perjury in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. This in itself could prove invaluable when seeing the guilty’s eventual prosecution.

In 2013 it was found in court that I am not the source of the disclosures on which the allegations are made, and nor are these disclosures the only evidence. The Judge said we had been failed by the system. It became clear that we were innocent, and that those that had been brought in as witnesses were all unreliable. No gagging order was placed on me with regards to speaking or writing about the case. I will not accept a gagging order based on an ill informed decision made by a Judge who does not know all the facts. However costly it becomes I will fight such decisions all the way.

If and when Hind’s true identity is revealed we shall of course be taking legal action against them.. and more besides.

I have said all I need to and the ruling will make no real difference. The only reason my blog ever goes on about these Id-IOTs is in response to them having a pop at me. Without it I would just be getting along with writing I can earn money from. If they had never abused anyone I would have remained as a clown (Circus and nightclubs.. I was never a children’s entertainer) and would never have written another occult book. I would literally have wandered off and left them with ‘the field’. I am quite inclined to do this anyway since the kids they abused are now adults – they no longer need my protection and must now stand up for themselves rather than keeping schtum and making me look bad for trying to help in the first place.

All I want is for this to be over so I can get on with my life. I am 51 this year and time just seems to go by faster.


Updated 23.20 – Hind doesn’t know when he’s been beaten and is still spreading defamation.

  1. Hind’s tweets are illegal defamation intended to confound serious disclosures of a very real proven to exist paedophile ring. 2. He most certainly DOES have connection with the ring, as has been proven by his own blog posts, many of which repeat the same defamation as they do, and some of which even names them as his source, as well as interacting with them online. If there is no connecetion then HOW DID HE KNOW ABOUT THE COURT RULING??? Did SATAN tell him? What a dumbass liar. Again, it is clear ‘they’ (it is not at all implausible the account is controlled by more than one person) have a vested interest because nobody is that obtuse by accident 3. His blog posts just seriously undermined the very court case this moron is ‘celebrating’ as a ‘success’. What a moron.

I think most people reading this will see I am being rational and not having some kind of ‘melt down’. What hubris to think I am posting this for any other reason than it proves I am the target of defamation and a hate campaign linking directly back to the paedo ring. Hind has NO PROOF AT ALL to justify their stance, whereas the links between those already jailed and those we identified are easily shown, along with a growing amount of other evidence, of which the James Hind account’s defamation plays a small part. It is so stupid it is almost funny.. even while the situation remains so grave. Hind takes SADISTIC delight in imagining they can ‘push my buttons’.. just like the person they are defending. Hmmmmmmmm…..

As for Ann Drogyne – she must surely be intelligent enough to know I don’t go off at ‘randoms’, and it is suspect she should support this idea since it originates with the paedophile ring. This is the same person who made a video about me calling me ugly and misquoting me as claiming I had slept with hundreds of women (I said I had a lot of lovers when I was still young and pretty, but never said what genders they were.. they have included the entire spectrum including TWO born intersex lovers. I love people for being people and don’t really care what genders they are.. and I’m not sorry if that offends any mad Xtian anti-LGBTV bigots). She also made false claims that I trolled her accounts and had to be blocked over YouTube. Sorry Ann, I have never had any interest in you apart from that you are consorting with cyber-bullies while claiming to be a campaigner against the very same behaviour. And this was in response to my video with Attwood (thankfully now removed since association with him causes more harm than good) where I had been candid about our case and was clearly suffering just having to talk about it. “If you’re going to put yourself out there you have to be prepared to take it” she said – as if I was ‘putting myself out there’ for any reason other than to expose the criminals that put guns to people’s heads and force them to rape children on camera.

She is well aware that cyber-bullying can drive people to suicide and sides with the worst cyber-bullies imaginable – extremely pretentious paedophiles and their ‘defenders’. Thank Gods she is no longer a police officer. I am certainly not upset that she doesn’t find me attractive and have no idea what she would find fascinating about me under any circumstances. I do however know her narcissistic arrogance will be her own downfall and I am glad not to be her. The comments under the video on YouTube say it all..


UPDATE 16/07/2021 – Further misinformation that needs addressing, should any of Hind’s black sheep care to bleat and different bleat..

The complaint was logged yesterday (Thursday). It should take around 20 days to be processed. Is Hind claiming now to be able to divine the future? Because I don’t think much of their talent! ROFLMPO (rolling on the floor laughing my paradigm off).

Richard Huckle – Britain’s Worst Paedophile Who Was Murdered In Jail

Crime, Paedophilia

A few things stand out for me regarding this case;

Firstly, just how many of the extreme paedophiles work with children – Huckle himself, but also the ringleader of ‘Love Zone’. Such positions of trust not only provide access to children but the betrayal of trust itself seems to be a huge part of their kick. This means trust has to first be gained, and it seems those who dedicate their lives to the sexual exploitation of children often become adept at garnering misplaced trust. At least two of those we know to have been involved in the ‘Satanic’ paedophile ring of Colin Batley work closely with children, while others they are involved with (not identified to us.. but not necessarily innocent) work in ‘care’ and social services.

Second, that Huckle was also known to ‘teach’ children in India but no follow up investigation was made by either UK or Indian authorities. When we met Colin Batley he also said he spent a lot of time in India, as do a number of those we know to have been involved with his cult, at least two of which advertise themselves as ‘Tantrics’. India seems to be a popular destination for paedophile ‘sex tourists’.

Thirdly, that Huckle was ultimately caught because he was sharing child abuse images and films online. It seems the online paedo problem is so huge, with many making themselves ‘low hanging fruit’, that investigation teams spend most of their time on the easy targets. Those who are smart enough not to share images over the internet remain unlikely to get caught since without this what proof can there be beyond the disclosures of the abused – which are only very very rarely (bordering on NEVER) treated appropriately by police / the Crown Prosecution Service?

Fourthly, I believe Huckle is only named as ‘the worst’ because the true extent of the Batley cult crimes have yet to come to light. Regardless of what certain liars insist, the cult did indeed abuse children in ritual and those rituals were most definitely ‘Satanic’ – with Batley and cronies revelling in their acts of ‘evil’. One day they will be caught – they are too high profile and too arrogant to get away with it forever.. note that sentences for child abuse have been INCREASED since Batley’s prosecution, meaning those of his cult would have served MUCH les time had they handed themselves in in the first place rather than waiting to accumulate further charges of conspiracy, perverting the course of justice, encouraging others such as to ‘troll’ and spread defamation about those speaking up about them, etc. and their clear lack of remorse. It might not be a popular opinion but my fingers remain crossed that the death sentence will be returned for scum like Huckle.. certainly, nobody is unhappy about his murder.


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Having heard that Phil Hine‘s CONDENSED CHAOS has recently been republished in the UK as an audiobook I am reminded that he and Dave Lee published pro-paedophile materials in Chaos International magazine, grooming the burgeoning community right from the start.

The below is from Chaos International issue 8.

As Phil rightly points out, the Chaos magician Hakim Bey was also openly pro-paedophile. This shows that an irresponsible attitude towards paedophilia was ingrained into the Chaos Magic movement right from the start. No wonder so few of those identifying with this movement seem to care that their ‘influencers’ include so many nonces. Had I been wiser in my youth I would never have involved myself in this movement. It is a great shame to me that my name is still associated with it in any way.


Child Abuse, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse

Last night saw the first episode of Ch4’s new documentary series UNDERCOVER COPS: Hunting Paedophiles.

There are at at least 300,000 people in the UK posing a sexual threat to children, according to the National Crime Agency, and half a million men have viewed child abuse material online.

The documentary follows the teams dedicated to cracking down on abusers, hunting perpetrators and screening and grading thousands of extreme images and videos – often at a deep, personal cost. It is a real eye opener, especially for anyone struggling to receive justice for such crimes. Having watched it I am left wondering what point there is in officers being exposed to child abuse films online, a severe stress on their mental health, if paedophiles are treated so lightly even when they are caught. It is also apparent from this first episode that there are so many ‘low hanging fruit’ that the more cunning criminals stand very little chance of being caught at all.

The laws in the UK need a serious overhaul. The problem is twin edged, since heavier penalties increase the chances of children being killed in order to prevent disclosure, while lesser penalties mean these dangerous sickos are too soon released back into our communities. And what is the point in putting a paedophile on the sex offender’s list for a limited time? These people do not change.

MOST IMPORTANTLY the system still ignores the disclosures of children. Name me ONE case where a paedophile has gone to jail due to the disclosures of a child – let alone a VULNERABLE child.


Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Paedophilia

It seems the way we were treated by police when we took disclosures of the paedophile ring with Paganism / occultism, is far from unique. It wasn’t because we are ‘weird’, or because some was ‘ritualistic’, it wasn’t because ‘we could have handled things better’.. it was simply that the police (and social services) betrayal of victims and whistleblowers of WHITE paedophile rings is TEXTBOOK.

Evidence has also arisen concerning a paedophile ring operating within Bristol social services itself. This scandal has so far seen three whistleblowers within our Council having been themselves wrongfully placed on a ‘potential sex offenders’ list – which when discovered saw them compensated for one million pounds EACH – and yet still no investigation into their disclosures?

Extreme child abuse – child RAPE – is being allowed to run rampant in our system, with organized crime and systemic corruption behind it ALL.


Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder



The murder of Peter Solheim, paedophile ‘Druid’, is something my mother and stepfather were very close to. My mother laughed about it a lot, and told me she and Adrian were given access to the temple in his attic so they could remove his ‘magical diaries’ – since they were mentioned in it so often. She said he had a vendetta against them and was planning murder. She also said that she, Adrian, and Elaine (Batley) had cursed him.

She also told me details as to how his murder had been ritualistic.


She and Adrain disowned me because I said there could be link between the Batley cult and Solheim’s murder. This argument made no sense until I heard the disclosures, and had to admit what had been right under my nose all the time. I loved my mother and stepfather – it was incomprehensible that they could be so shameful, but it all fits.



Shortly after Batley’s prosecution they fled Somerset to return to Milton Keynes, despite having been more or less driven out when they lived there before. Their close friends included many people they said might have been having sexual relations with children. I found their friends creepy, questioned their choices, and did not attend any of their rituals or even their Witches’ Tea Parties. They let the area because of steadily increasing animosity towards them, including people throwing dead animals into their garden – allegedly as curses.

It turns out the newspapers are still interested in the Solheim case, and police might reopen it at any time.

I hope they do it soon, as children are still being abused by people from these Pagan paedophile rings. There is no reason to believe they have stopped.

Milton Keynes Pagans – the most laughable and sordid of all the witchy woos. My mother has brought shame to me, and to all our ancestors, with her paedophile husband and their Wicker Man fantasies. There will be no place for her in any ‘Summerland’.


Ralph Tegtmeir – a matter of record

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This is occultist Ralph Tegtmier’s response to my sending him a video exposing extreme child abuse within the occult community, involving at least one person he is familiar with – and my response to him. It deserves to be made public and a matter of record.


Extreme child abuse is not a matter to remain neutral on – and no occultist can afford to. All those who pretend they ‘did not know’, along with all those who claim they ‘do not believe’, have been made aware of enough evidence that any rational human would at least have questions. Instead, all these charlatans have to offer is disrespect.

If you haven’t by now had at least the instinct towards truth, you are not some kind of ‘psychic’, nor any kind of ‘magician’. And if you do have an instinct, and do nothing, you are an enabler. No decent human being, knowing the truth about you, would piss on you if you were on fire.

Ralph is, of course, welcome to engage in rational communication regarding this issue. He will, of course, remain ‘aloof’ – a matter which most onlookers will rightly interpret as nothing more than shameful. I doubt he will have the courage and grace to respond at all.

Power and wisdom to the real magicians among us – and shame to those who allow paedophiles to hide in our ranks.

The Bristol prostitutes and the paedophile Satanic sex cult which horrified a country

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I don’t know how we missed this one November last year in our local BristolPost. This cult is still operating under new leadership. The full story is yet to be told – because it is STILL GOING ON. He was not simply a self-style Priest of Thelema; people believed in his because he held rank in the Orodo Templi Orientis (the ‘religious order’ founded by Crowley). Others involved include leading members of the Illuminates of Thanateros and a shocking number of others among the Pagan / occult community.




Two Bristol prostitutes were part of a Satanic sex cult which took over a quiet Welsh village as their leader brainwashed and then raped children in sickening rituals.

Shelly Millar and Jacqueline Marling worked in brothels in Bristol – but were forced into prostitution by evil cult leader Colin Batley.

The full story of how the evil former Tesco security guard established the depraved cult in Clos Yr Onnen, Kidwelly, in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, has now been told for the first time, reports Wales Online .

As residents in the Carmarthenshire estate went about their daily lives , they had no idea the horror which was being inflicted in Batley’s home.

One victim, who was raped by leader Colin Batley when she was just 11 said he told her she would “go to the abyss” if she did not have sex with him.

Another said she was passed around to have sex with strangers during Satanic parties where members wore hooded robes and referred to Batley as the High Priest.

His actions saw children and young adults intimidated into having sex in the most horrific circumstances.

The full scale of the abuse perpetrated by the cult came to light when they were jailed for a total of 36 years in 2011 – with “quasi-religious” sect leader Batley warned he may never be freed.

But the roots of what happened in Kidwelly began some two decades before when Londoner Batley moved to Carmarthenshire.

They were followed by Jacqueline Marling and Shelly Millar, who each moved into the same street and were part of the cult.

Inspired by the works of arch-satanist Aleister Crowley, who died in 1947, female members of the sect referred to Batley as “My Lord”.

Women in the cult, which they called “The Church”, filled their homes with ancient Egyptian idolatry and wore Eye of Horus protection symbol tattoos on their arms. This celebrated Crowley’s worship of the Egyptian hawk god Horus – something Batley was interested in.

Cult members would dress in hooded robes during occult rituals which usually took place before group sex.

A number of houses in the same cul-de-sac were used for the regular cult sex sessions as part of their swinging lifestyle.

Scruffy and jobless Batley, who had several missing teeth, would read from the occult bible, The Book of The Law, written more than a century ago by Crowley as well as his other works Equinox of the Gods and The Book of Magick.

He would also order cult members to have sex together and ensure that other members were present to film it.

The recorded material, though, is all believed to have been destroyed before Batley’s arrest.

He was apparently tipped off by friends in London about the impending raid on his home two days before it happened.

Batley, who was 48 when he stood trial over five weeks at Swansea Crown Court in the early part of 2011, was said to have used the cult as a form of brainwashing to justify abuse to his victims.

One schoolboy, by that time an adult, told the trial Batley had repeatedly abused him as a child.

A schoolgirl, also by then an adult, said she was forced into joining the cult through fear for her life.

Batley told her a cult assassin would kill her if she did not take part in an elaborate initiation ceremony.

It started with a 10-minute lecture on the occult by him but concluded with sex.

The schoolgirl said she was later ordered to Batley’s home on regular occasions when she would have to have sex with him.

She was also taken to satanic sex parties where she would be passed round to have sex with strangers. The Satanic cultists all had secret Eye of Horus tattoos.

At one an altar was set out with a goblet of red wine, an incense burner, and salted bread and sect members later disrobed – or, in their words, “became skyclad” – and had sex.

Giving evidence against Batley via videolink during the trial one victim claimed all he had to do was “click his fingers” to make a woman strip.

And she claimed that soon after she met Batley, when she was just 11, he told her to have sex with him or she would “go to the abyss”.

“I did not want him to do what he was doing but I did not have a choice because what Colin said was what happened. What Colin said went.”

Batley was also accused of stepping in to try to prevent a young woman from aborting a baby he believed he may have fathered so it could be “a child of the occult”.

During the trial prosecutor Peter Murphy QC told the jury: “The offences were committed against a background of persistent psychological coercion and fear using the vehicle of the occult. The victims were brainwashed, frightened – they felt they had no choice.”

The perverted events described in court took place over several decades in both Kidwelly and addresses in London.

Following the convictions of the cult members one neighbour in Clos yr Onnen recalled of Colin Batley: “The day of his son’s funeral he was sitting outside his house laughing and joking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“It was the sort of behaviour that no normal person could comprehend.”

Batley – who smirked as the horrific allegations against him were laid bare in court – repeatedly denied the accusations against him as he spoke out in his own defence.

He denied he ran a cult or was in any way a leader. He did admit having an “open” sexual relationship with his wife and enjoying threesomes with co-defendant and “second in command” Jackie Marling, with whom he had a long-standing affair without the knowledge of his wife.

The cult was smashed by police in the summer of 2010 when two courageous victims, a man and a woman, went to them with their stories of abuse at the hands of Batley and the other defendants.

Five complainants, whose identity is protected by law, came to the subsequent trial to describe how they were taken or lured to the homes at Clos yr Onnen and subjected to sex attacks.

Several broke down and sobbed as they recalled what they had been through.

They also said others, who had not come forward, were also made to perform unspeakable acts.

Forced into selling sex

Batley also forced victims into prostitution, with prosecutor Mr Murphy saying the “controlling” and manipulative sect principal took a 25% cut of any cash other members earned.

Millar, then 35, was said to have got through 3,000 clients in a two-year period while acting as a prostitute in massage parlours in Swansea and Bristol.

The trial heard how Batley purchased a £21,000 luxury caravan in February 2010 using a £3,210 cash deposit despite having no obvious income.

Batley, who dismissed his role as a feared high priest of his own religion as “a load of rubbish”, claimed he made £10,000 a year breeding pedigree rottweilers for sale and said he also bred Siamese cats.

And he claimed some of his money came from “gambling on the dogs and horses”.

During the trial it emerged that following their arrests the preceding summer the Batleys had separated.

While giving evidence she accused her husband of laughing at her from the dock as she stood in the witness box.

She said: “I feel embarrassed to be married to him.”

And she added: “I’ve changed, you won’t get the better of me now.”

She told the court that while she and Marling had been involved in “threesomes” and had had a fling together she only found out later that her husband and Marling had been having a long-term affair.

The discovery was made when Marling sent him a birthday card with the words “To my husband” on it.

Of her marriage, Elaine Batley said on one occasion he sent a photo of her to the Readers’ Wives section of a pornographic magazine and this led to them meeting “other couples for group activities”.

As the defendants were led down the steps to court cells after being remanded in custody following the guilty verdicts against them Elaine Batley could be heard screaming “I ******* hate you” at her husband. Crying and sobbing was audible from the cell steps.

Barely containing his contempt for the defendants as he jailed them for total of 47 charges, Judge Paul Thomas QC told them: “You besmirched the unsuspecting community of Kidwelly by setting up a community within a community which involved rape, child sex abuse and prostitution.”

The trial was so harrowing that jurors were offered counselling.

Cult leader’s son died ‘during sex act’

Colin and Elaine Batley’s home was also the scene of the death of their son Damian during a sex act gone wrong.

On February 1, 2008, the former Asda cashier filmed himself on his mobile phone as he accidentally hanged himself.

A family member found Mr Batley naked and hanged, an inquest heard.

The police were called and when they arrived at the scene they found video footage on his mobile phone.

Deputy coroner Pauline Mainwaring recorded a verdict of accidental death from hanging.

She added: “There is no evidence to suggest suicide.”

She confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances and no-one else was involved.

The defendants and their sentences

Colin Batley

The self-styled ‘high priest’ of the cult grew up in Shoreditch, London, and once worked for Tesco as a night security guard.

He also ran a fruit and vegetable stall. He spent 28 years married to wife and co-defendant Elaine.

Batley claimed his late lorry driver father sexually abused him as a child.

Asked in court about his fascination for Egypt the 48-year-old just said: “Egypt? I don’t mind Egypt.”

He was convicted of 35 offences including 11 rapes and numerous child sex crimes.

Sentencing him to an indeterminate prison term on public protection grounds and ordering him to serve at least 11 years before being eligible for parole, Judge Paul Thomas QC told him: “When this case was opened to the jury you Colin Batley were described as evil.

“That in my view is an accurate statement of your character. You set yourself up as the ruler of a sick little kingdom surrounded by three women who danced as your willing attendants regarding you as their master.

“It’s clear you dedicated your life since the age of 12 or 13 to satisfying your sexual urges by any means at your disposal.

“You left your victims psychologically scarred and treated them as sexual playthings.”

Elaine Batley

She grew up in East London and had tattoos including the Eye of Horus on her arm, a pentagram above Egyptian script on her leg, Tutankhamun on her back plus another Egyptian script on her back which she claimed she did not understand.

When asked if she had ever been to Egypt during her trial the then 47-year-old said she would like to have gone but had not visited “because of the heat”.

She also told the court she liked the ancient Egyptians because “they were good to their slaves”.

She admitted to an affair with Jackie Marling and “a fumble” with Shelly Millar and told the court she was interested in Aleister Crowley and read his work.

According to one of the victims in the case Batley’s wife was treated “like a slave” but the judge said she became a willing participant in her husband’s “wickedness”.

The jury heard how a young boy was tricked into having sex with her

She was jailed for eight years after being convicted of indecency with children.

Jacqueline Marling

She grew up in Poplar, East London, and was 42 at the time she stood trial.

Marling initially denied to police officers that she was a prostitute but her car was spotted making regular trips to brothels in the centre of Swansea and Bristol.

She sported an Eye of Horus tattoo on her arm and had a figurine of a cat goddess in her home plus a drawing of the Mask of Tutankhamun and one of the hawk-headed Egyptian god Horus.

She had affairs with Colin Batley and Elaine Batley.

Described as ringleader Colin Batley’s “second in command”, she was jailed for 12 years for aiding and abetting rape and child sex offences.

Jailing Marling, the judge told her: “After Colin Batley you are the most culpable in this horrific scenario. Your relationship with him brought together two kindred evil spirits.

“You were clearly besotted with him and The Book Of The Law and I view you effectively as his second in command in all this.

“You may or may not take this as a compliment but you have fully lived up to the ideals of your mentor Aleister Crowley.”

He added: “Throughout the trial you have not displayed a flicker of emotion. The tears in your eyes now I take to be tears of self-pity.”

The 35-year-old sobbed as she was found guilty of two counts of indecency with children, one of which involved having sex with a 12-year-old boy.

Having grown up in Kent, Millar had an Eye of Horus tattoo on her arm and admitted to having around 3,000 clients as a prostitute during a two-year period working in Swansea and Bristol.

She was jailed for five years.

The aftermath

In the aftermath of the court case neighbours in Clos yr Onnen described Batley as an “evil bully”.

His rundown home had a torn and ragged England flag pinned outside while two rottweiler dogs – named Sekhet after the Egyptian lion goddess and Toots, short for Tutankhamun – could often be heard leaping at the door.

People nearby described how Batley – who also had a cat called Rameses – used to walk around the estate with his two dogs as if to intimidate people.

“Colin Batley is the most disgusting and vile man you could meet,” one neighbour said at the time.

One woman said: “Batley and one of his friends used to have a van calling regularly, with a consignment of contraband tobacco and, we think, pornography. They used to head off to France on fortnightly trips and sometimes were gone for as long as six weeks. It makes you wonder if part of their cult activity was going on there too.”

Seven years later street resident John Wheatland still remembers being able to hear one of the victims crying at night.

He didn’t know why and says he had “no idea whatsoever” of the awful reality of what was going on.

“She would cry every night, sobbing,” he said.

“I didn’t know why and I never raised suspicions but I should have known something wasn’t right.”

Mr Wheatland also described an extraordinary incident as he worked in the garden of his home and saw a teenage girl “done up to look like a film star” nearby.

He estimated her to be aged 14 or 15.

“She looked at me and said: ‘Do you want sex then?’ I was shocked. I don’t know what I said but I went inside.

“I’d never heard anything like that before.”

The woman who had dressed her, her said, “used to dress up in very short skirts and high heels and walk to Batley’s house”.

Recalling the day the cult members were arrested in the summer of 2010 he said he had been leaving his house at around 8.30am when he saw police cars in the street.

“When I came back they were gone,” he said. “I had no idea what it was about.

“This is a quiet neighbourhood. When all those Londoners came down it was very strange.

“Batley was very arrogant. Apart from that there was nothing suspicious about him. We didn’t speak.”

Speaking in 2014 one of the victims of the cult – who published a book under the pseudonym Annabelle detailing what she had been through over 11 harrowing years of abuse – described how her own mother, Jackie Marling, abused her under Batley’s orders.

“Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man,” she said.

“My mother was an evil woman and I’ll never forgive her.”

By then a mother herself and living happily in another part of the UK, she told how she was just seven years old when first forced to watch her mother perform a sex act on Batley.

At the age of 11 she was raped by him in her own home and three years later she was made to take part in group sex with her mother.

“I went to the sentencing in court because I wanted to see her one last time,” she said. “I wanted her to reach out to me, to say it was all his fault and she was under his spell.

“But she didn’t. She just made a face and asked what I was doing there.

“She went to prison unrepentant and I suppose that made me realise it wasn’t just him. She was evil too. As a mother myself I can hardly believe how she treated me. It was unnatural and cruel.

“But there is no point getting depressed about it, you have to live for the future. But I never want to see her again. Nothing can hurt me as much as they did but that is what makes me stronger.”

She described how the children abused by the cult were cut off from their peers and forced to take part in long church services and obey Batley’s every whim.

“We weren’t even allowed to look in his eyes,” said Annabelle.

“He ruled our little community with an iron will and we were made to do what he ordered for fear of angering the Gods.”

In Batley’s ‘Church’, children were led to believe they were proving themselves to the Gods by passing tests, which usually involved sex with either him or other cult members.

Annabelle recalled the first time he raped her when she was just 11 years old.

“The worst thing about it was the fact that he made me think I was doing it out of choice,” she said.

“It was awful. The most painful and shocking thing that had ever happened – but it was my path, that’s what he told me, and if I didn’t do it I would go to the Abyss, which was our version of hell.

“Colin knew how to manipulate you, to make you believe anything he said.”

But Annabelle’s most horrific experience was when her own mother assaulted her at the age of 14.

“Afterwards, Colin asked me if I enjoyed it and I knew what I had to say – I had to say yes. But inside I felt like dying.”

The tests did not end there – at 14 she was forced into a relationship with another cult member five years her senior and by then she was having regular group sex with Batley and her mother.

“I was a schoolgirl by day and a sex slave at night,” she said. “It got so bad that at one point I tried to take my own life.”

Aged 18, three months after having Batley’s child, she was forced into prostitution.

It was the love of her daughter that saved her and gave her a reason to live – she bravely escaped in the dead of night when her baby was one year old.

By the time of her escape she had slept with over 1,800 men – the proceeds of which had all gone towards ‘the Church’.

After the case another victim described how Batley forced her to put on a satanic symbol and raped her as a teenager.

The woman described how he ruled the cult by fear.

“[Colin] was the boss. He barked orders at everybody including me.

“People just did what they were told. He had Rottweilers that were scared of him but vicious to everyone else.

“At 15 I had to have sex with Colin. He said it was an initiation into the occult.

“He said he did not want to do it but it had to be done. He said if I did not follow orders I would be killed. People ‘higher up’ in the cult would do it, he said.”

Reflecting on his jail term she added: “A hundred years would not be enough for Colin Batley.

“But at least now myself and the other victims can start to rebuild our lives outside of the shadow of that contemptible man.”

She was originally from London but was brought to Wales by Batley where she was abused and “passed round” to other cult members who had sex with her.

She said: “He said the occult was strong in Wales.”


The Illuminates of Thanateros & Children

Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Satanism


Why are children being allowed at any meetings of the Illuminates of Thanateros (Thanatos = Death, Eros=Sex) at all?

This screen grab is taken from recent internal communications of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Austrian section. During the years of my own involvement with this order, which began in 1993 and ended with my resignation in 2001, no children were allowed at any meetings under any circumstances.
This recent IOT missive appears to be nothing more than a disclaimer – bring your kids along, but all the legal risks are your own. In other words – give us your children, and take all the legal blame too. It is a common technique of organized crime to ensure that any serious crimes are well planned, with appropriate ‘patsies’ already in place. Once police have made an arrest and prosecution the case is closed, and the real perpetrators are untouchable. The case of Margaret James, and the ritualistic torture and murder of Peter Solheim, is perhaps one example of those who were involved with the Kidwelly. Satanic Child Rape Cult having previously used this technique of misdirection; it is unclear if James was also part of the same cult as her partner, but highly probable. It may or may not be that the patsy will also have been among those guilty of the crime, put forward as a ‘sacrifice’ that, despite it being known that others were involved, will nevertheless still result in the closing of a case; perhaps Colin Batley, the alleged leader of the Kidwelly Satanic Child Rape Cult, was himself merely such a ‘sacrifice’.

It is clear the so-called ‘Magical Pact’ of the Illuminates of Thanateros has devolved from the disciplined Gnostic meditation based practices upon which is was originally founded, to become what is outwardly (ie even to the ‘lower grades’ representing the order’s wider – and often far more temporary – membership) an aggressively ‘Satanic’ and psychologically puerile mob who openly encourage acts of ‘blasphemy and evil’. What hope would any parent have of being heard, considered a ‘responsible parent’, and taken seriously by police if it is known they were also a member of such a criminally conspiratorial organization? Those who are outside of cult dynamics often have no understanding of how victims are seduced, groomed, and exploited.

‘Sickening’ paedophile from Glastonbury jailed for 18 years following child rape and sexual assault

Child Abuse, Crime, Paedophilia

A Glastonbury man has been jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of multiple counts of child rape and a sexual assault.

Steven Spencer, 37, of Tor View Avenue, appeared at Taunton Crown Court on Wednesday, February 13 to be sentenced.

Magistrates previously said in August 2018 the case was so serious it had to be dealt with at Taunton Crown Court.

At a previous hearing, he was found guilty of five counts of raping a girl under the age of 13 and also found guilty of the sexual assault of a girl under the age of 13.

Read the full report here: