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Then I opened my mouth, and lo! There was reached unto me a full cup, which were full as it were with water, but the colour of it was like fire. And I took it and drank, and when I had drank my heart poured forth understanding, wisdom grew in my breast, and my spirit retained its memory.” – IV Ezra 14:39

To fall in Hell or see Angelic / You’ll need a pinch of psychedelic.” – Albert Hoffman

The use of entheogenic drugs contravenes the laws of most of the Western world, their irresponsible use can be extremely damaging or even fatal, and it is certainly not my intention to direct the reader to indulge in harmful activity. Nevertheless, entheogens have played a major role in the traditions of magick; arguably, the experiences they offer constitute our most powerful tool of initiation.

Under conditions induced by entheogenic sacraments, words and sounds may become visible and even tangible. Combined with disciplined meditation entheogens serve to enliven the inner vision, providing easy access to the astral realm of the archetypes. Awareness of sensory input is greatly heightened; magical art and ritual music prove extremely valuable in directing the experience. The knowledge of magick, and the iconography of consciousness, provides the map by which such experiences may be comprehended and directed.

There is evidence that entheogenic substances were present in the rituals of prehistoric cave dwellers; consider the ‘mushroom shaman’ of Tassilli, Algeria, painted 8,000 years ago. The presence of ergot has been found in the bellies of Iron Age bog people recovered from the peat bogs of Northern Europe.

Scholars believe the Kykeon, being the sacrament of the Rites of Eleusis, was a beverage made from ergot. This same wine may have been the sacrament of the cults of Dionysus. Baring in mind how unpleasant and often deadly ergot poisoning is, such sacraments were quite sensibly kept an initiatory secret, thus preventing the unwise from meddling.

In medieval Europe ergot was known as St. Anthony’s fire, implying the demonic visions it often brings. In Germany it was known as the wolf’s tooth, expressing its connection to the phenomena of the were-wolf; atavistic magick. Experiences of shape-shifting are not uncommon with ergot, or indeed its modern safer derivative LSD

The Gnostics certainly employed psychoactive substances in their observances; consider the Holy Food described in the Prayer of Thanksgiving among the Nag Hammadi scrolls; described as ‘having no blood in it’ and inspiring Illumination. The Book of Enoch tells of a golden ointment by which men may be transported to Heaven. A similar ointment is mentioned in The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin. Various passages in The Bible tell of sages being given scrolls by angels which they are directed to eat, resulting in profound visions; most notably Revelations.

In the heathen traditions of Dark Age northern Europe we find the shamanic practices of the seiðr , whose sacrament Alu (the original ale) is known to have included entheogenic mushrooms. The flying ointments of European witchcraft, described in a number of grimoires, give details of magical ointments and potions with entheogenic ingredients. Additionally, there is the association between witches, toads, and ‘toad stool’ mushrooms.

Many experiments of the alchemists, who were concerned with transforming base matter (the self) into gold (Illumination), involved the imbibing of entheogens. Consider the alchemical trinity of Earth (Salt), Mercury, and Sulphur; which may be likened to the three states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas – recognised in modern physics. By this analogy we may consider that most famous formula solve et coaguli in relation to the entheogenic experience. Salt is ‘earthed’ consciousness, which moves through dissolution of the ego into the Mercury state. Where there is reluctance in this process the results are often a hellish initiatory ordeal; hence the attribution of Sulphur. This is as true with alchemy as with modern chemomancy, yet where the initiate is prepared through the disciplines of meditation the results are quite different.

Contemporary examples include the continued ritual employment of mescalin and yage by Peruvian shaman, the sacred mushrooms of the Tung shaman, the Soma of the Tantrics, and the Iboga rites of the Bwiti. However, the use of entheogens remains taboo within the majority of Western tradition. The main objection is that while they may indeed provide a short cut to At-One-Ment they may also lead to delusion.

Entheogens work on the brain’s chemistry, particularly serotonin, dramatically increasing Theta brainwaves whilst decreasing Beta; hence language becomes difficult during intense peak hallucinatory experiences. The mind is particularly open and impressionable during such conditions. This is why the CIA were so interested in LSD during the initial development of MK Ultra. Much of the acid at Height Ashbury was distributed through Project Chaos, with nearly all the most famous psychedelic rock bands of the period being children from families directly linked to military intelligence, as was most of the recording industry; Jimmy Hendrix’s manager, for example, was also CIA The UK were also involved., with alleged connections between MK Ultra and The Beatles, David Bowie, Hawkwind, Psychic TV, and other acid gurus commonly portrayed as rebels, yet who are nothing of the kind. Timothy ‘tune in drop out’ Leary was also known for his affiliations with the CIA, and went on record as stating the CIA invented the hippy movement.

The lesser known Iboga is a root found in central Africa, where it is used in the shamanic rituals of the Bwiti religion. The initiatory dose is said to allow access not just to memories of this incarnation, but also of previous lives; the word Iboga itself translates as ‘ancestor’. Iboga, and its derivative ibogaine, was similarly studied by the CIA during the 1950s, and in America was made a Schedule 1 drug at around the same time as LSD was made illegal, while here in the UK it remains ‘unscheduled’. During the 1960s it was found to be an effective tool in tackling all manner of addictions, but its use in this respect has been banned in much of Europe due to some subjects committing suicide or accidentally overdosing after treatment. Although classed as a psychedelic, the experience the drug brings is more one of access to memories, with hallucinations being in the form of memory flashes. Experimental data has yet to be gathered (or at least leaked) concerning the effects of Iboga in recovering repressed memories, such as are exploited in trauma based mind control, but personal experience suggests it may prove extremely useful. Perhaps this is the real reason it was made illegal in the USA around the same time as the original MK Ultra project was being initialised.

Held in high regard among the growing ‘shamanic’ and ‘psychedelic’ communities in the West, ayhuaska, called also yage, and its close relative DMT, are generally considered far more powerful in their effects than LSD, offering an experience that some have described as ‘astral bungee jumping’. They also work directly on the amygdala, the circuit of the brain that discerns fact from falsehood, resulting in particularly convincing experiences which are stored in the brain as objectively real events rather than mere waking dreams. This makes them particularly effective weapons for mind control, and for exploitative Peruvian shaman to make a quick buck out of tourists in search of religious experience. Whilst providing a powerful tool for self-reprogramming, the dangers of obsession and delusion should never be underestimated. They are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

In the UK and Europe there is currently a growing psychedelics movement; it is my personal knowledge that certain voices currently making themselves heard in this movement, and who have published various well known texts relating to both entheogens and magick, are also involved in mind control and ritual child abuse. I cannot publish their names here for legal reasons, but offer what warnings (and curses) as I am able. That one such individual writes openly about smoking DMT to commune with Baphomet, has links to convicted ‘occult’ paedophiles operating in the same area of the UK where they reside and work, has had serious allegations made against them (which the police refused to investigate), and has been outed by numerous whistle-blowers and activists, yet maintains their professional position as a sex educator working with vulnerable and traumatised children, should give some indication of the cover-up in place to protect them.

Also treated as a sacrament by Hindu, Rastafari, and Obeah (at least, those local to myself) is that weed said to have been found growing on King Solomon’s tomb. It was also from the term Hashishim, meaning ‘hashish eater’, that we gain our word assassin; after the initiates of Hassan ibn Sabbah. While the legal status of marijuana seems to be shifting dramatically in some areas of the western world, an overview of the reasons cited as to why it was ever illegal in the first place – such as ‘causing the races to intermingle’ – shows how absurd such laws were and are. The truth is that marijuana has huge medicinal properties, being far more effective – for example – in the treatment of cancer and epilepsy than any other drug available, lawfully or otherwise, as well as being safer and having no ill side effects. It is non-addictive and overdose is not possible; the only known fatality from marijuana is from a crate of it landing on someone’s head. Survivors of government level mind control such as Project Monarch almost universally agree that marijuana undermines conditioning and programming – while slaves are often encouraged to drink, and to take cocaine or heroin, they are forbidden to use marijuana. As with most entheogens it appears the real reason for its illegality it that it causes people to think; to look within themselves rather than seek leadership from outside. It is also the case that hemp may be used as a source of oil, from which plastics may be made; its illegality has therefore also had a negative impact on our environment.

Marijuana also appears to be the only substance with its own unique system of responses within the brain. All other drugs merely stimulate the brain chemistry to replicate effects that could, at least potentially, be effected by other means, whereas marijuana stimulates the production of anandamide, which is only ever produced in the brain in reaction to the intake of T.H.C. The implication that our brains actually evolved a system for marijuana implies we have been using it since pre-history; it may even have been partly responsible for the advanced language and symbol using consciousness of Homo Sapiens, giving us the edge over our Neanderthal neighbours.

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Entheogens & Neuromancy: That entheogens can heighten consciousness is not merely personal opinion, or some abstract conviction; it is scientific fact. Studies have shown that entheogens can increase the strength of the brain’s electromagnetic field. To quote Professor Anil Seth, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, Sussex University, “Since this measure has already shown its value as a measure of ‘conscious level’, we can say that the psychedelic state appears as a higher ‘level’ of consciousness than normal.”

I would add that since the presence of electric fields can effect consciousness, this may also provide the key to understanding the phenomena of ‘sympathetic tripping’, and other psychic phenomena such a telepathy, commonly experienced by those experimenting with entheogens.


Excerpt from The Neuronomicon, Nathaniel J. Harris, 2018