BEAST WING 666 – Ritual Abuse in the UK

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The following text has been made accessible in paperback and Kindle format. The entire text is made freely available here for all concerned.

I apologize for the typos and occasional failures in editing this text. It has been traumatic for me to produce. I am driven on because it has been far more difficult for the children these ‘ineffectuals of transgression’ have been abused by.

Nathaniel J. Harris


There are no words to express my sadness that this book is necessary. Until 2012, a year that for me did indeed signal the end of the world as I had known it, I was enjoying life as one of Britain’s most known and respected occultists. I was always considered controversial as I was never one to ‘tow the party line’, preferring instead to call bullsh*t when I saw it and state what I knew to be the truth, and so also attracted much spite from charlatans.

Coming from a family with a reputation for ‘witchcraft’ going back several generations – even before the invention of the modern religion of Wicca – I had also been instrumental in shaping what has come to be known as Chaos Magic. The ‘Book’ provided online by the Illuminates of Thanateros, giving their version of the history of their ‘path’, recognizes my work Psychodenizens as an important text. My name is also listed in Wikipedia as a notable contributor to Chaos International magazine. Those who have downloaded Phil Hine’s free pdf. booklet Prime Chaos will note I provided the illustrations. As ‘Nathan Satan’ my comedic ‘rapping’ appears on the Chaos Magic c.d. Timedragons available from Original New Falcon. There are many other examples of my contributions – I list them only to prove that I was ‘successful’ in this field and have no need to make up lies in order to attract attention of any kind.

After my resignation the Illuminates of Thanateros began a long vendetta against me. Although they try to convince people of all kinds of reasons for this there are a number of facts they consistently fail to mention; such as that the current leadership in the UK includes the mother of my daughter. Where they do mention this it is usually buried under many lies, such as that I was denied access to my daughter by Social Services. In reality her mother denied access on purely vindictive grounds and the only reason I got to be a part of my daughter’s life at all is because I won the right in the Family Law Courts.

After my resignation from the Illuminates of Thanateros on May 1st 2001 I was instrumental in starting the still existent group K.I.A., which was initially formed as an independent Chaos magic group; I am no longer involved with this group for exactly the same reasons as I am no longer involved with the I.O.T. – indeed the leadership of K.I.A., despite online claims to the contrary, is in fact a member of the I.O.T. During the brief period of our ‘friendship’ (which was entirely manipulative on their own part) I also happened to learn they are a fan of ‘Vore’ – the apparent fetish of eating people – which is a recognition code used by paedophiles to recognize one another.

My first publically available book – which has the word Cunning in its title – was written before Professor Owen Davies published the first ever academic study of the Cunning Craft, after which of course every expert in modern Paganism began making spurious claims of lineage and/or claims to be some kind of expert. The re-edition of this book as a paperback remains a best seller for its publisher despite the fact that we have rather famously become enemies. The libel he has published about me on his website is a breach of contract, meaning he has no legal right to publish my work at all, but sadly I do not have the finances at this time to take him to court but hopefully one day I will.

Those in the USA who follow the Luciferian writings of Michael Ford might also recognize my name from having written the introduction to his book Luciferian Witchcraft. I was also instrumental in helping him to form the Order of Phosphorous. In case there is any misunderstanding I will state here that I have no fight with Michael Ford and he was in no way involved with the crimes detailed in this book. Nevertheless my personal work has moved on and we no longer remain in contact.

I used to make a lot of public appearances, being quite happy to meet my book buying audience and talk openly about my spiritual practices. When I gave lectures they were often standing room only, with some people travelling vast distances to hear me speak. There were no shortage of people wanting me to teach them, and no shortage of young ladies and gentlemen offering me sexual favors. It was even looking like it might be possible to earn a decent living from writing and publishing.

It should be obvious to anyone with more than half a brain that I would not throw away all these life advantages without reason. All this changed when a youth I am related to made disclosures to me they could not possibly have made up all the details for, and which they could not otherwise have logically have known.

It turned out that several people I knew – who cannot be named because they have yet to be prosecuted and probably never will be – had all been involved in the cult of convicted ritualistic paedophile Colin Batley. What I have to say in this book is all true – and I would rather be a pariah within the occult community than participate in any way with the cover-up which is going on today.

I hope this book will help to get the truth out, so that abusive people can no longer prosper in the occult community. I also hope it will be of help to other ‘survivors and transcenders’ who are struggling to gain justice.

Ritual Abuse in the UK – Convictions

The following individuals (bar one, who is dead) have been successfully prosecuted in the U.K. for ritualistic child abuse and are all known to have been involved in a wide paedophile ring. What more evidence is needed for the reality of such crimes?  Google any of these names, and see the proof for yourself.

I am sad to say that I have met nearly every single one of these vile creeps. I also know of many more people who are just as guilty and currently still active in the U.K. Worse, they know that I know.. They were already on a vendetta to have me killed, since I could never have been drawn into such crimes, so what difference does it make?

The first case I must draw your attention to, however, was never actually convicted for his crimes. Instead he was ritually murdered. It is with this death that things began to unravel for the ritualistic paedophile ring they perhaps all were involved in. Considering the unusual nature of their crimes, as well as their geographical proximity, what are the chances of all these people not knowing each other and being in the same ‘circle’? I can certainly tell you they had plenty of friends in common, my parents among them.


Peter Solheim

Peter Solheim, a 55 year old parish councillor turned pagan, was ritually tortured to death -see Sex, witchcraft, and the murder of a Druid, Daily Mail, 6 July 2006. Drugged, and with his limbs bludgeoned to a bloody pulp with a machete, his body was dumped in the Channel off the coast of Cornwall and left to drown. What the newspaper does not tell you is that his body also had magical glyphs carved into its flesh, and his penis severed and sown up inside his mouth, and his limbs smashed before being thrown into the sea. This I know through my mother, Ann Bryn-Evans, and stepfather, Adrian Bryn-Evans. Incidentally that had previously boasted about being involved in the ritual cursing of Peter Solheim by someone called Elaine (Batley?), during which the arms and legs had been broken off of a poppet, which was then ‘drowned’ in a bottle of urine – ‘uncannily’ symbolic of his actual death.

Margaret James, Peter Solheim’s lover of nine years, was convicted at Truro Crown Court of masterminding the plot to kill him, and jailed for twenty years. However, she was not convicted of actually committing the murder herself- to this day, her accomplice(s) have never been identified. Those involved in the ritualistic torture and murder of this man are still at large.. unless they happen to be in jail for other crimes, of course..

My mother and stepfather, Ann and Adrian Bryn-Evans, gave ‘evidence’ in the trail. My mother is quoted in the Daily Mail as having spoken about Peter Solheim’s constant flirting and obsession with sex, saying, “He spoke about it frequently. At first it was amusing but then there was too much of it. Margaret smiled and smirked as if she felt proud about it. But as time went by she became uncomfortable if he mentioned other women and said he was attracted to them. He was a boaster. He described himself as hot stuff. He felt he was very attractive to women and had no trouble in attracting them.”

Their friend Peter Petrauske, High Priest of a Wiccan coven and paedophile ring in Falmouth of which Peter Solheim was a member, (see below) also gave evidence in this trial, doing all he could to make Peter Solheim sound ludicrous. He is quoted as having told the court that whilst the coven would meet in plain white robes (as with the cult run by Colin Batley), Peter Solheim would insist on wearing a horned helmet and breastplate; “He wanted to be known as Thor’s Hammer. He was following the Norse way and was far more interested in that side of things.”

Personally, I do not trust the ‘evidence’ given by these people. In the end, the conviction of Margaret James was based almost entirely on evidence gained through her mobile phone, all of which could have been fabricated by a hacker skilled in ‘pranging’ (a relatively simple form of early ‘Phone Hacking’). She has maintained her innocence even after prosecution, and the court admitted she could not have committed the murder herself.. was she really involved it at all? Might she have been a ‘patsy’? (When someone is prosecuted for a crime they did not commit, the investigation is over, and the real criminal can relax. This is a fairly standard tactic amongst successful organized criminals, and far more common than the general public are aware of.)

And why is it that the court trial concerning Peter Solheim’s horrific and clearly ritualistic murder consisted of so much defamation against his character? Nobody had anything nice to say about him. Even Professor Ronald Hutton joined in..

Later, it was revealed that Police had initially worked along the theory that Solheim had been murdered because people believed he was a paedophile, which indeed he was.

Another detail told to me by my parents was that they were given access to Solheim’s ‘working space’ in the converted attic of his house. Even at the time they admitted that this was for the purpose of removing evidence ‘that might have been misinterpreted by the police’. They told me Solheim had kept a diary in which my parents were frequently mentioned, along with his intention of cursing them.

After the trial my mother would often inappropriately laugh about Solheim’s death, making many people uncomfortable. She would say it was a good job he had been killed because he was such a dangerous character, but that she could not help feeling sorry for him because “.. Nobody deserved that.”


Colin David Batley, Elaine Batley, Jaqueline Marling, & Shelly Millar

Colin David Batley was convicted in 2011 for 35 counts including rape, buggery, sexual assault, forcing prostitution, and inciting a child to have sex. Alongside him were his wife Elaine Batley, his wife, jailed for eight years, Jaqueline Marling, his ‘right hand woman’, jailed for twelve years, and Shelly Millar, a prostitute, jailed for five years. Alongside him were his wife Elaine Batley, his wife, jailed for eight years, Jaqueline Marling, his ‘right hand woman’, jailed for twelve years, and Shelly Millar, a prostitute, jailed for five years.

According to a report made by the BBC, 11 March 2011, reporting on Batley being jailed; “Batley and his friends were involved in a sex cult that brainwashed and abused children.. has been jailed and warned he may never be released. Colin Batley, 48, was found guilty of 35 offences at Swansea Crown Court.. Three women, including his estranged wife, were also imprisoned. He moved from London to the small town of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, where the cult operated in a cul-de-sac. He was given a public protection sentence with an 11-year minimum recommendation.”

On sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas QC is reported as having said the following; “You set yourself up as the ruler in your own sick little kingdom where three women danced as your willing attendants. You became their master and formed a community within a community involving child abuse, rape, and prostitution. You have been described as evil and that is an entirely accurate statement of your character. It is clear you have dedicated your life to satisfy your sexual urges by any means at your disposal.

“The age or sex of your victims was largely a matter of indifference to you. You treated one victim as nothing more than a sexual plaything, dominating and controlling her life, and you persuaded your wife to join in. What happened has besmirched the unsuspecting town of Kidwelly..

“You are, and shall be for the foreseeable future, a danger to children. This has been your life’s work involving multiple offences over many years. The public needs protection from you- there are very serious concerns and risks for the future if you are released.

“You have fully lived up to the ideals of your mentor Aleister Crowley. You used the occult to further your sexual excesses – children were kept as toys for sex purposes. You took a cruel delight into initiating children into sex but their lives have been blighted forever.

“It was organised and systemic abuse of children and you dedicated yourself to such depravity. You controlled the women in all ways, sexually and financially- they paid their benefits over to you. But it is an enduring mystery how you were able to control intelligent women.”

The group were connected to a wider cult, whose members were never identified or charged by the police. Despite the protestations of many from within the occult community, it is a sad fact that Batley’s cult included many who are not only recognized for supposed contributions to occultism, but are also trusted and respected members of the ‘community’.

Batley’s most duped followers called him ‘Lord’, and many bore tattoos of the Eye of Horus as marks of initiation into the cult; those tattoos have not been ‘washed off’ since the vile creep they called ‘Lord’ has been imprisoned. My mother’s is on the back of her neck, just under the hair line.

Why is it the neighbours never noticed an abusive cult operating in their midst? They include an ex-bishop, and an ex-police commissioner amongst them. Might they have been directly involved? In any case, it seems Batley’s cult was connected..

An unnamed niece of Colin Batley told of how she was made pregnant by him, prevented from having an abortion, and told her child belonged to the cult. A year later, she became pregnant again, and had her second son. Shortly after his birth, she discovered through another cult member that Colin Batley had abused a child as young as six. She says, “It was the information and power I needed to escape.” (“He stole my life”: How a teenager was forced to join a satanic sex cult.. by her evil uncle, Mirror, 21 July 2012).

I personally know who the six year old was, and where they are now. Now a teenager, I shall refer to them only as ‘X’ for reasons of their own protection. Through their disclosures to me, together with information from other ‘inside sources’, as well as personal encounters with Colin Batley and members of his cult, I can identify many other guilty parties yet to be arrested and prosecuted. Sadly, after going to the Police to make a statement, X was removed from their protective parents by corrupt Social Services and returned to the care of their abusive biological father – the man who had sold them to Batley’s cult in the first place. They have, to my knowledge, never retracted their statement, upon which the Police have taken no action whatsoever.

It took a decade before police took allegations against Colin Batley seriously, during which time he and his cult remained free to abuse. Even after three of his child victims had grown to adulthood and came forward independently it still took another three years before anything was done. I am reliably informed (by someone directly involved with the investigation) that the officers who successfully prosecuted him had to go against orders from ‘higher up’, and were passed up for promotion. Doing the right thing, it seems, proved bad for their careers.

Although the police seem to have assumed the cult has been closed down and is no longer a danger there were many active abusers among its members who continue be pose a serious threat to children – especially the vulnerable and disaffected. Although police at the time could not identify the members of the wider cult surrounding Batley it has been confirmed through disclosures from various sources that he was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros – an ex-novice of the German section of the IOT had this to say on her personal blog and has confirmed to me by email that, in Germany at least, in was hardly any secret that Batley had been a member (see the original post in German online at this web address: It is reproduced here with the kind permission of its author;

“I can still remember how I was first confronted with the name Colin Batley. I did not want to believe all the accusations against him. At the time I was a novice in the German section of the I.O.T., and I was blinded by the call of the pact and by individual members who had previously encountered me under other circumstances, and who greatly inspired me, I was in love with my (first) Mentor [sponsor and teacher requited to enter the organization – NH] and he into me (at least for a time). I did not even want to hear the accusations. Still, it pushed me forward, I wanted, I had to know what happened. After all, I am a mother and I could not endanger my own flesh and blood in any way. So I read the blog of Nathaniel J. Harris. Over and over again. Some posts about a dozen times. And no, that was not exclusively due to my bad English. I researched. I asked my (second) mentor about it and changed. I asked my (third) mentor about it and resigned. How did the third respond so nicely to my question as to how the German section deals with the case, and what measures does it take so that such atrocities can no longer happen? Oh, he said, “This is not an issue for us all.” How could that not be an issue? How could the members not all wagging and waving, screaming and shrieking, running round in circles, cursing and angry and crying and cursing – at least inwardly?”

This may come as a surprise to some researchers as the Batley cult were reported to wear white robes, whereas the I.O.T. tend to wear black. Additionally Batley’s obsession with Crowley points to the probability of his having been a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis or the Argentum Astrum – the orders most commonly associated with Crowley’s religion of Thelema. There is, however, some cross-over of membership, with a well-known leader of the Welsh AA quite openly friends with many I.O.T. Members, as may be seen by the Facebook page. I have also been told there was a video circulating among some people of the occult scene in New York of this individual raping a teenage boy.

In December 2006 my partner and I had the misfortune of meeting Colin Batley ourselves at an event celebrating Crowley’s work – Crowley Day, held in The Cube cinema, Bristol. Although there were many glamorous people present such as Julian Cope and his entourage he latched on to us and kept following us about – even insisting on taking our photographs with a small disposable Kodak camera. He had fake tattoos all over his face, which at the time we believed to be real (an Eye of Horus on his forehead and two devil horns either side), and claimed his name was Nigel. He made quite a scene, doing everything he could to be noticed I even including heckling the speakers at the event.

He seemed very excitable and was obviously a dangerous character. Handing me the camera he insisted I take a picture of him sitting with Jasmine. When I pointed the camera he put his arm around her and pulled her close in an unsettling manner whilst whispering in her ear, “At least pretend you like it.”

Engaging with me he said things like, “You can travel too far down the Left Hand Path of sensuality, you know.”

Since the LHP is not – in reality – an excuse for hedonistic over-indulgence, and since he was himself displaying such arrogance, I could not help but laugh at him. He actually looked unsettled by that, as if realizing I did not fit his interpretation of who I am. I was not impressed by any of his assumed knowledge of magic.

He also boasted of being able to get into any house. He was extremely agile, often bouncing off the backs of chairs and almost literally up the walls. One minute he was friendly, then he would slip and be threatening – as if something I said had offended him. Say something in a low whisper like, “Death is an illusion, right Nathaniel?”

Telling us he was homeless he very nearly managed to get an invitation to come home with us – but my partner was suspicious of him for many reasons. Nigel/Batley claimed to know almost everyone in her ex-partner’s social circle apart from her ex himself, who a few months previously had threatened her life saying he had met “A real demon with tattoos all over his face” who was coming to kill her.. Batley looked very different to the pictures that would later appear in the newspapers but we still recognized him five years later.

Jasmine’s ex, who we will call Pratabout for our purposes here – is an artist. One of the first things that had occurred to me on taking a closer look at the apparent tattoos on Nigel/Batley’s face was how much they looked like Pratabout’s artwork. Fake tattoos can easily be made using Sharpie pens and some hairspray. It is a very effective trick as far as disguises go – although it makes someone stand out the details that are most remembered about the face can simply be washed off. Yet he convinced us the tattoos were real, and most people we spoke to afterwards who were present at the event also assumed them to be so.

Having had a good look at him Jasmine later realized – and told me – that she had seen Nigel (Colin Batley) several times in the street. He had been stalking her. He had even spoken to her directly when she had been putting up decorations in the Hospice charity shop she was working in as a volunteer. He had sniggered at her and asked, “Getting ready for Xmas, love?”

Incidentally, the charity shop in question was across the road from Amphora Aromatics, the Clifton shop run by Peter J. Carroll – founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros. A man whose attitude towards the cults involvement with the likes of Batley has been alarmingly suspect, even if he has eventually ‘disowned’ and dubbed them on his online blog as the Ineffectuals of Transgression..

Worse than this.. before we had moved to Bristol earlier that year we had been living together in a flat in Norwich. It is extremely possible that Batley was responsible for the horrific murder of a prostitute in an abandoned building immediately outside where we had been living. Jasmine had seen him sitting on a wall outside and looking up at our building.

In February 2008 my partner were visiting my mother and using the washing machine, but were told we had to leave because of a visitor who would soon arrive – which we could not do without leaving our unwashed clothes in the machine. Whilst I was in the study using the internet my partner met their visitor on the porch – she was Elaine Batley. Her (and Colin’s) son Damian had just died in a ‘freak accident’ whilst filming himself asphyxiating during masturbation. Why my mother was her first port of call for support we do not know – but she was.

I also have my suspicion that the Batley cult may have been responsible for the murder of Peter Solheim. The group was active at the time and just around the coast (by boat) from where the body was fished out of the sea – how many occult paedophile rings could there be all operating in the same area of the country? In August 2012 When I naively suggested this possibility to my parents, shortly before the disclosures where I would learn of their own involvement with the cult – it apparently caused an argument between them. I received an email from my stepfather reading “We are now talking about splitting up. I hope you are happy.”

Quite why this suggestion caused such an argument was never explained. Shortly afterwards I was ‘disowned’, with my stepfather giving my mother an ultimatum that he would leave her if she ever spoke to me again.

Equally naively I made the same suggestion to my biological father who reacted with seemingly illogical fear. When I said about my intention to suggest to possible link to the Police he responded by saying it would only make trouble for myself. He then also ‘disowned’ me. Later, through the disclosures of ‘X’, I would learn he also had been involved with the Batley cult. I would have found this unbelievable, since to my knowledge my biological father and mother had not seen each other since I was a junior, except that my father had recently taken to calling himself by the false name of Szandor Dashwood and had become ‘active’ on London’s occult scene. He also made several slip ups (as liars do) leading us to suspect he had been in contact with my ex-associates in the Illuminates of Thanateros – indeed since he was well known to frequent Treadwell’s bookshop, then in Covent Garden, it was hardly plausible that he did not know them – let alone that their current leadership includes the mother of my daughter (his Granddaughter).

Sadly my daughter – now in her twenties – has sided with her mother and her stepfather (another leader of the I.O.T.), he Grandmother (my mother, Ann Bryn-Evans), ‘Step’ Grandfather (Adrian), her ‘biological’ Grandfather (my father) and others of their ‘social group’ and has been turned against me by them. There is no way I would make up lies that would cost me my entire family, including my daughter who I still love very much.


Peter Petrauske & Jack Kemp

Peter Petrauske, who gave evidence alongside my mother and stepfather in the above trial, would later turn out to have been a ritual abuser himself, alongside another man called Jack Kemp.

Jack Kemp and Peter Petrauske spent years tormenting their victims, one said to be as young as three. Unsurprisingly, both denied their involvement in abuse, claiming they were victims of a ‘witch hunt’ or conspiracy.

Peter Solheim, the above mentioned ritually tortured and sacrificed Druid, was also identified as having been part of the same paedophile ring.

Both Kemp and Petrauske were identified to me by X as having been part of the same ring as Batley..


Albert & Carolee Hickman

Jailed 22nd January 2015 for the Satanically themed ritualized rape of an eleven year old schoolgirl 40 years before. The victim, now 53, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the trial last month that Hickman would make threats to kill her mother using black magic. The court heard that Hickman now 64, sucked her young victim’s blood after cutting her thumb with a special “bejewelled knife”. After the schoolgirl was held down by his wife, former RAF worker Albert Hickman, now 65, raped her.

A statement from the victim read, “Forty-two years ago a little girl met two evil people who took advantage of her.. My life has been destroyed at their hands.”

Sentencing the Hickmans, Judge Dan Williams described them as chilling and said they had ruthlessly exploited their victim; “You were a couple united by a deep-seated and overwhelming abuse of children.. You groomed her and gained her trust, you told her you had supernatural powers and that she was the ‘chosen one’ and you put the fear of God into her. It was a specific targeting of a vulnerable victim and threats were made which petrified her.”

The court heard Albert Hickman was previously jailed for 10 years for raping a young girl in 1982. The jury was also told his wife was jailed for five years in 1982 after admitting holding down a child while she was raped as part of “devil worship” which required a virgin girl.

It is clear the Hickman’s were involved in the Pagan scene; I myself had spotted them at a number of Pagan Federation events in Glastonbury, and at the ‘Witchcraft Seminars’ my parents organized at the ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ in Cornwall over a decade ago. The Hickman’s were genuine initiates of Wicca, and believed fully in the ‘magic’ they used to intimidate others. Once again we learn that not only were the abuses of this couple ritualistic, and by most people’s understanding Satanic, but that threats of murder were made to ensure the victim’s silence.

It saddens me greatly to learn that their victim had to wait until they were themselves in their fifties, over forty years later, before they could see any justice or closure. Not that seventeen years in jail would be any justice for the years their target has suffered, and the damage done to their life. At least the Hickman’s will die in jail.

We can be sure that the Hickman’s were associated in their time with the likes of Peter Petrauske, Kemp, the Batleys, and Peter Solheim.

My parents, Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans, were directly connected with all the above convicted ritual abusers. It was probably through them that the I.O.T. became involved in the ritually abusive paedophile ring in Wales/Dorset/Cornwall that we can clearly see being dismantled conviction by conviction. As previously mentioned, I had resigned from the I.O.T. in large part due to the promotion of a man I suspected of being a paedophile to a position of office.

Despite being at close quarters to many of these people I had no idea any of them were so vile until the conviction of Batley, and the disclosures made to me by ‘X’; the disabled six year old they had been abusing – now a young adult. Having swallowed the ‘Pagan party line’ regarding the Satanic Panic I did not believe in the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I had even said so on T.V. – during the last ever episode of the chat show Kilroy which was entitled Witchcraft, Friend or Foe? That my own parents, and others I had been close to during my life.. it was unimaginable.

I have no shame in admitting that the truth caused something of a melt-down and that my behavior may – to some – have seemed crazy. Indeed I was ‘sectioned’ for observation, the result of which being that I was found to be sane. It may sound bizarre but this was a great disappointment – not just for those attempting to discredit me but also because I would give anything and everything for none of this to have been true. I tried very hard to find reasons for it not to be but sadly the disclosures of ‘X’, the reactions and actions of those accused, and the newspaper reports of those now prosecuted and jailed, meant I had no choice but to accept the reality.

I came very close to suicide but decided not to be the punchline to their sick joke. It may be the case that the grief is slowly killing me but I have every intention of remaining alive as long as possible and doing everything I can towards reaching some kind of justice.

What is an Abusive Cult?

An abusive cult may be defined as a group with a closed ‘circular’ belief system, whose followers are recruited and controlled through manipulation and undue influence (blackmail, violence, rape, and mind control). This manipulation is imposed without the informed consent of the individual, with the intent of altering the personality and behavior of its initiates.

The leadership of such groups are sociopathic, and ‘all powerful’. Followers will be expected to address them by grandiose titles, such as High Priest, Supreme Magus, or Lord, and subordinate their will to that of ‘the group’.

Abusive cults typically set themselves apart through totalitarian and elitist ideology; creating its own values often in deliberate challenge to the morals and ethics of society, as with Satanism and certain Tantric cults, or considering themselves beyond good and evil, as with Chaos magic.

Abusive cults engage in all manner of unethical practices, often as a matter of principle. These may include ritual abuse, child abuse- including neglect, torture, rape and murder of children, mind control (sometimes called ‘brainwashing’, often employing trauma and drugs), human trafficking, smuggling- such as pornography, drugs, guns, or gems, fraud and deceit, theft, harassment of former members and their families, violent assaults, forced participation in sexual abuse and forced prostitution, kidnapping, torture, extreme psychological and emotional abuse, and conspiracy to commit any or all of these crimes without arrest and conviction.

Abusive cults are often lead by hardened, professional criminals. They may be ‘self-styled’, as with most supposedly Satanic youth gangs, or they may have infiltrated and taken over an otherwise benign occult group. They may or may not be a paedophile, and they may or may not genuinely hold those beliefs demanded of the cult members- with ritual elements such as Devil worship serving primarily to detract from the credibility of any disclosure, and to control victims through inspiring fear.

A sociopathic criminal who does business outside of society’s conventions will do whatever is necessary to ensure the long lasting success of their ‘businesses. If there is financial profit in providing brainwashed children as sex slaves to other criminal associates, simultaneously providing grounds for blackmail, the sociopathic criminal is unlikely to baulk. Laws and morals mean nothing- there only to control the herd, and to be broken by the ‘powerful’.

Similarly, they mean nothing to anyone whose own will is subordinated to that of the abusive cult and its elitist philosophy; expressed in Crowley’s Book of the Law as ‘Do what thou wilt.. the law of the strong’ and within the Illuminates of Thanateros as ‘Nothing is true & everything is permitted’.

Due to the nature of initiatory occult groups, it is also possible for an abusive cult to form and protect itself within the secrecy of a wider group. There may be many members in the lower grades, for example, who have an honest interest in exploring ‘magical ideas’, but would never knowingly involve themselves with any criminal activity whatsoever. They are as innocent and unknowing as Catholics attending mass lead by a paedophile bishop; and just as unlikely to believe any disclosures of abuse made against him. This provides additional credibility in discounting disclosures, serving to protect the hidden abuser even further.


What is Ritual Abuse?

The information in this chapter may be too upsetting for some people to read. However, it is important for the public to become more informed concerning the reality and extent of ritual abuse. Victims of abuse may be accidently ‘triggered’ by some passages; should this happen, please stop reading, and discuss anything that arises with your therapist- if you are lucky enough to have one that has accepted the reality of ritual abuse.

Ritual abuse is an extreme form of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse involving ritual symbolism and behaviour, perpetrated against children, adolescents, and adults. Ritual abuse, as with occult ritual generally, is not necessarily Satanic; although for various reasons- perhaps including simply lack of imagination or originality- much of it is.

Most occult ritual draws upon the psychological ‘powers’ of the archetypes and Satan is the most obvious archetype that might appeal to any cult seeking to transgress society’s moral boundaries whilst simultaneously inspiring fear. It is thus the first choice of many criminal youth gangs, or of any cult seeking to entice members with the promise of sexual promiscuity, illicit drugs, moral license, and power.

Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode, but will be repeated over an extended period of possibly years or decades. Abusive cults, like most organized paedophile rings or criminal networks, seek to involve themselves in the lives of their victims in every way.

The physical aspects of ritual abuse are severe, and may include torture and killing. The victim’s silence will also have been ensured by threats of persecution, including punishment, torture, and murder. Such threats may be very real, with victims already having witnessed the torture and ‘sacrifice’ of people or animals, or even been forced to participate. This included not only making disclosure, but also failure to commit further acts of ‘evil’ at the behest of the cult.

The sexual abuse is extraordinarily sadistic, intended to humiliate and ‘break down’ their victim’s resistance to domination by the cult. It is far worse than the abuse normally inflicted by a paedophile in the context of incest. It may include repeated sexual assaults by men, women, or even other children, often in a group. It may include forced prostitution and participation in pornography. Since their ritual abuse involved children, any films or photographs may be employed to blackmail.

The psychological aspects are severe, causing indescribable mental and emotional suffering, and such terror that disclosure is often extremely difficult even decades afterwards. Coupled with the fear of being disbelieved, which is itself an additional trauma, many victims may never disclose at all.

Additionally, victims may be so traumatized that they dissociate from their experiences; a fact that is capitalized upon by the abusers in the form of mind control; robbing their victim of their own sense of self and free will. Having been broken down in such a fashion, the victim of an abusive cult may be influenced into giving apparent consent; also serving further to protect against disclosure.

Many victims of ritual abuse are infants as reported in the cases of Batley, Petrauske and Kemp, and particularly susceptible to being terrorized and indoctrinated into whatever their abuser wishes them to believe. During abuse, and for long after it ceases, victims live with fear, dissociation, and the impact of mind control. They may have been abused over several years, with little or no time during which they were allowed to feel safe. The devastating and long lasting damage will most likely blight their entire lives.


It cannot be stressed enough that this is not to say that all people who identify as Satanists or occultists are, have been, or will become, ritual abusers. Arguably, much abuse perpetrated within the Catholic church is also ritualized, employing religious ‘mind control’ through guilt. For example, victims are typically told to ‘pretend it is God touching them’.

Both Catholic and Satanic abusers will tell their victims that nobody will believe them if they disclose. Just as with Satanic or ‘occult’ themed abuse, it will rarely consist of a single episode, but will be repeated over an extended period of time. Nevertheless, the majority of Catholics do not sexually abuse children.

As neither a Christian nor a Satanist it seems to me that both sides are riddled with paedophile priests, each pointing the finger of blame at the other. Youths who were secretly abused by the Church are likely to gravitate to Satanic groups for support, whilst those abused by Satanic rings might run to the Church for safety. It is a double bind; religion as mind control, with the organized paedophile rings caring little which beliefs are employed to terrify and subjugate.

What Do You Believe?

Ritual abuse is a crime many still refuse to believe happens, despite the convictions of Batley, Petrauske, Kemp, and others. No doubt people suffered similar problems a hundred years ago if they tried to speak up about paedophilia in the Catholic church. There almost seems to be a conspiracy in place to make sure things stay that way, and why would there not be? .. But to say such a thing outright would have me labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and the social stigma of speaking out would increase even further.

Any society not registered with the Crown may be considered a ‘conspiracy’ under U.K. law, at least according to a high ranking Freemason I met whilst I was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros, but never mind..

Getting away with any crime whatsoever is simply a matter of ensuring nobody believes you are guilty. If arrest is unavoidable, evidence must be discounted, and juries swayed. If the blame can be shifted to somebody else (a ‘patsy’), and they are successfully prosecuted despite their innocence, any investigations into the matter will be closed. Even surer is to convince people no crime was committed in the first place; that it is unbelievable, and anybody speaking up must be deluded, a vindictive liar, or otherwise ‘deeply troubled’. All these methods are employed whenever abusers of any kind are exposed by their victims.

It is wholly expected this book will attract deeply unpleasant accusations regarding the motives and credibility of its author. These will come not just from the guilty, but also from others who have invested in the false belief that ritual abuse is nothing but a myth; be they Satanists, Thelemites, Druids, Wiccans, Chaos Magicians, or dupes of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. I would like to make it clear this book is not an attack on occultism; any more than exposing paedophiles in the church is an attack on Jesus.

Yet also, to say that abusers within these circles are not ‘real’ occultists is like saying paedophiles in the church are not real Christians, despite being priests and bishops, if not popes.

One should not dismiss disclosures from victims of ‘Catholic abuse’ simply because one personally does or does not believe in God. Similarly, we should not dismiss the disclosures of ritual abuse based upon our own beliefs- or lack thereof- regarding occultism. One does not have to personally believe in ‘the occult’ to recognize that plenty of people do, or that these people often join groups, and that any group- however benign, naive, or just plain kooky at the outset- can turn malign under the wrong leadership.

Nor should it be assumed anyone believing in ‘occult forces’ must be deluded, any more than belief in Jesus should provide grounds to dismiss the possibility of ‘Catholic abuse’. One might personally believe ‘occultism’ and Jesus both about as likely as tooth-fairies, but one does not have the right to condemn another’s sanity for their own belief in any of these things.

Furthermore, abusive cults employ techniques of ‘brainwashing’; to make someone believe you can do malign sorcery is as an effective method of control as actually being able to. To all practical ends, both amount to the same thing; mind control.

Nor should we dismiss claims of those believing their abuse is linked to government mind control experiments. There is evidence that government agencies have performed many illegal and transgressive psychological experiments on its own citizens in the past, such as those conducted in Nazi Germany, or the MK Ultra experiments of the C.I.A., both of which involved links to occult orders and symbolism.

It may also be that some victims are made to falsely believe in such government connections as part of their control, so they believe their abusers wield greater influence than they really have. For example, members of Colin Batley’s cult were apparently brainwashed into believing assassins would kill them if they were disobedient. Anonymous whistle-blowers, posting on internet forums, have often assumed connection between the cult and MK Ultra. It is probable that they were encouraged to believe these things, in order to frighten them into silence.

This does not mean the abuse itself never happened, even if it stretches the credibility of disclosure. For example, the Illuminates of Thanateros have no links to anyone that might be responsible for the eye-in-the-pyramid that appears on the American dollar bill, but anyone unknowing enough to suspect they do might also be persuaded the order is secretly protected by the government. It is unlikely they would be disavowed of such belief by anyone in the organization.

Whatever unusual beliefs someone may -or may not- hold, this should never provide reason to dismiss disclosures of abuse. If such happened as a result of membership within a cult, we should expect them to hold beliefs corresponding to those held by other members of that cult. This is a very important point for professionals to recognize.

Religious, spiritual, and political beliefs- including the most outlandish conspiracy theories- are a freedom in the U.K., and protected against prejudice by the Freedom of Belief Act 2010. The fact that someone holds unusual beliefs does not in itself give us any clues as to the validity of their disclosures, whether they believe in Satan, Santa, little green men, government mind control, a universe that turns out not to exist if you look at it close enough, or a bearded old man that lives on a cloud and created the world in seven days. All beliefs- be they spiritual or political- seem equally absurd, given the appropriate alternative perspective.

It is to an abuser’s advantage to target victims of minority groups already suffering misunderstanding and persecution within wider society. A mother whose child was abused at a smoke-weed-and-protest-for-peace camp, for example, would get a very different reaction from the police than a conventional, middle class, presumed law abiding parent.

Now imagine trying to tell the police your child was abused by a cult of black magicians, and that you are an occultist yourself.. What kind of a reaction do you think you would get?

Oaths of Secrecy

Occult groups are generally secretive, even if their existence is public knowledge. As a rule, membership requires initiation; a ritual whereby grave oaths are made to keep any secrets within the group, such as its membership, and anything that happens during its rituals. Anyone who breaks their oaths of initiation will be excommunicated. Often the oath itself will contain dire warnings of persecution, such as the warning given during admittance into the I.O.T., “Should I ever break this oath, may I be stripped of all protection.”

Initiates are usually taught that such oaths serve to protect against prejudice from outsiders; for example, secrecy may be the difference between having a good job and finding oneself next to unemployable. Belief in occultism, let alone the practice of it, attracts much scorn from the wider public, few of whom even understand what occultism actually ‘is’, or spend the time to learn what it is that occultists actually believe or do.

In the past, churches and governments have rounded up occultists and executed them, declaring the practice of magic to be a threat to society. Wiccans, for example, are taught about the ‘Burning Times’ of the Inquisition, the Malleus Malificarum, and the days of Mathew Hopkins, The Witch finder General, when witches were accused of sacrificing babies and using their fat as an ingredient in hallucinogenic concoctions. The ‘Satanic Panic’ of the late 1980s is interpreted as a continuum of such persecutions. The fact that most Wiccans are middle class and white, and unlikely to have ever been persecuted for anything, is neither here nor there.

Such oaths can also make life very difficult for anyone investigating such a group, be they police or journalists. It is clear that any such group, however benign at the outset, could be easily exploited by an abusive leadership due to these oaths. Anybody whistleblowing from within such a group would be betraying their oaths of initiation. Persecution by the group, and possibly ostracism from ‘occultism’ generally, would inevitably follow.

Furthermore, most groups have ‘grades’ which may only be attained through progressive initiations. For example, in an order with three degrees, there will be secrets held by the second that are not revealed to the first, and secrets held by the third that will not be revealed to the first or second. It is perfectly possible for the higher ranking members of such an organization to be involved in activities in which the lower ranking members have no knowledge whatsoever.

It has to be observed, above all, that whilst the ‘norm’ for individuals is to act in a responsible, intelligent, and entirely sane manner, the ‘norm’ for groups can be entirely different. It is almost as if groups of people can become subject to a ‘third mind’, which over-rules the person they are as an individual; the most obvious example being the way ‘mobs’ can sweep everyone involved along with it, driving them to behaviour they would never otherwise exhibit.

Initiation within one occult group does not necessarily preclude membership of another. The different groups are not exclusive arms of one religion, as with Catholicism and Protestantism, where someone chooses between one and the other. For example, someone might be an initiate of Druidry, Wicca, and the Illuminates of Thanateros. Indeed, there are many individuals who seem to collect initiations like badges.

Occult groups spring up, and die out, regularly within occultism. Many have a ‘public face’, whilst others do not. Some are merely groups of middle class suburbanites with a fascination for Tarot cards and crystals, others are run by rich brats with an obsession for Gilles de Rais. Any group of people, however benign their original cause for gathering, can become malign if it falls under the wrong influence or leadership.

The Satanic Illuminati

According to the anti-Satanists, most but not all of whom are Christian organizations, there is an international conspiracy of black magicians abducting children and abusing them. The reasons they are doing this are apparently manifold; from mind control experiments through to actual demons demanding ‘sacrifice’ in order to manifest on the physical plain. The reason we are all ignorant of this conspiracy is that it goes right to the top, and the dark sorcerers of the Illuminati are secretly running a one world government.

According to Satanists and their sympathizers, this conspiracy is actually between Christians and therapists, who are implanting false memories in their patients to accidently or deliberately support the hypothesis of a worldwide conspiracy of child abusing Satanists. The reason for this is simply that we live in a Christian culture; unconsciously or not, all these people are acting with an essentially Christian agenda, having its roots in the ‘witch hunts’ of history. Where will it all end?

I suggest the reason why these thousands of disclosures all show so many similarities is simply that abusive cults tend to behave in similar and fairly predictable ways; that is, once their existence has been recognized as a reality. In the same way that sociopaths tend to behave predictably, once one has insight into their psychology, so do groups that have sociopaths amongst their leadership.

It must also be recognized that some group dynamics, as do some philosophies, encourage sociopathic traits in their members; in such cases, it is not simply a case of removing the leadership; like a hydra, if you cut off one head another grows in its place.

Abusive cults, whether they are Wiccan covens that become infiltrated and taken over by paedophiles, or spontaneously arising amongst American college kids, or drug dealing street gangs mixed up with black magic, or Haitian cults of the Loup-Garou, do not have to be involved in any kind of conspiracy to all hold common traits in their behaviour. All seek to persecute, abuse, control, torture, and ultimately kill their victims in a ritualized manner.

This behaviour is clearly wrong, and it is not difficult for even the perpetrators to recognize it; in spiritual terms as they are commonly understood, it is evil. Since ritual serves to evoke the power of archetypes, it should come as no surprise that abusive ritual cults, in many but not all cases, tend to identify with archetypes of evil; most commonly personified in Western culture as Satan.

This same archetype is known by occultists by many other names, as is apparent through even the most cursory examination of the literature; Cernunos, Pan, Set, Lucifer, the Hidden One, and Baphomet all being essentially the same archetype. This remains so even if occultists identifying with it might argue they are not Satanists, and do not ‘worship evil’. The fact that confusion between ‘real occultism’ and abusive Satanism is so common that the difference has to be explained to outsiders is demonstration of this fact.

Since ‘real’ occultism and abusive cults both commonly identify with the same archetypes, and both perform rituals, is it not inevitable that we will come across abusive cults apparently practicing certain aspects of ‘real occultism’? Is it not also inevitable that some real occult groups will become abusive?

Ritualized behaviour may be found in all cultures. It is humanity’s natural expression of our spiritual nature; our ‘consciousness in relation to cosmos’. All religions exhibit this trait. Whilst many superficial differences may be found between the religious rituals of human culture, it is inevitable that we shall also find many similarities. Most, for example, build altars upon which the symbols of deity, or other spiritual principle, are displayed. Most have prayers, which are easily comparable to each other in style and purpose.

Similarly, the rituals of occultism are rooted in this same, universal human behaviour trait. Most are centred around an altar. Whilst the prayers of exoteric religions are offered to transcendent deities presumed to exist in some ‘other place’, the rituals of occultism are aimed towards immanent deity whose presence may be evoked into ‘presence’, or invoked to take possession of a celebrant. There are many other similarities between the rituals of all occult groups, such as the casting of the circle, as explained in almost any book on the subject.

Is it not also inevitable that amongst ritually abusive cults, we would find similarities in the manner that abuse is ritualized? People are the same all over the world, and their rituals have changed very little in all history. Once this is understood, there is no need to resort to any kind of conspiracy theory to explain the similarities between one abusive cult and another. It is all simply the lowest human behaviour, wherever it is found, and as such highly predictable. Hail Satan, indeed..

Which is not to say that criminals do not conspire. With the advent of the internet, this has become easier and more likely than ever before. The internet made possible a paedophile ring with 7,000 members, who acted to enable and protect one another. An abusive cult could easily find a market for images made during ritual abuse.

Is it not also inevitable – given that abusive cults arise all over the world – that a similar network might arise amongst those who ritualize their abuse? That, sooner or later if not already, there will arise an international conspiracy of ritual abusers? And might not such a group, just as they exploit belief in magic, spirits etc. exploit any already existing bizarre yet strikingly common beliefs about Satanic Illuminati, sacrifices to Moloch by the Bilderberg Group, MK Ultra and government mind control, or alien reptiles controlling our world leaders, to further terrorize and confuse their victims- regardless of there being any truth -or lack of thereof- to these conspiracy theories? Whether we choose to believe it or not, it seems this is exactly what has happened.

Abusers may be found in any institution, from the B.B.C. to government, psychiatry, the police, social services, or religion. Wherever an institution is accused, they will defend themselves to the teeth. Occult orders are no different. Those involved in organized crime will network throughout all agencies they manage to infiltrate and exploit.

Operation Yew-Tree has recognized and investigated links between Jimmy Saville and a Satanically themed sex club, and some of his victims have disclosed their abuse to have been Satanically themed and ritualistic. Nevertheless, these facts have not been widely reported, and where they have those reports have been attacked by other journalists.

Why is it possible for us to believe that Jimmy Saville abused so many children, in so many settings, and betrayed so much trust.. but impossible for us to accept that he wore a black robe and chanted ‘Hail Satan’ when he did it?

It seems any child abuser might get away with his crimes simply by employing the right paraphernalia, and ritualizing the violation- thus making the crime ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, which many people remain adamant does not exist, rather than mere child abuse, which is a widely recognized reality.

If that was all it took to rob a bank, do you not think we would have gangs of black robed criminals regularly turning over Barclays with cries of “Don’t move, and nobody gets sacrificed to Satan?” Would we all be arguing that Satanic Bank Robbery does not exist, whilst all this was going on?

Or supposing a ring of child abusers chose to dress up as something else, such as clowns or cowboys? Would we then be arguing that ‘Circus Themed Abuse’ or ‘Wild West Abuse’ does not exist? Would the disclosure of their victims be just as easily discredited? Is that really all it would take?

Do you really believe that occultism is the only spiritual culture in the entire history of the world that harbours no paedophiles? How likely is it really that abusers exist in the Church, in Buddhism, Hinduism, indeed every religion, but not within Paganism, and certainly not Satanism? Why? What makes occultists so different from the rest of humanity?

For all their grandiose titles and posturing, occultists are just as human as anyone else. Of course there are abusers amongst the occult community, just as there are in other walks of life. To deny this for any reason is to allow those abusers to prosper, and to become enablers. Knowingly or not, it is to become responsible for child abuse due to having protected the perpetrators. Those who have acted to discredit or otherwise attack those making disclosures of abuse have become directly involved in the persecution of innocent people.

It is my unhappy experience that occultism in the U.K. not only harbours paedophiles, but is thoroughly infected with them. The Pagan community will invariably rally around member against whom allegations of abuse are made, always assuming another ‘Satanic Panic’ persecution, and rarely -if ever- considering such allegations might actually be true. What better place, then, for a paedophile to hide, and to find the support they need should they ever be discovered?

Just as the B.B.C., the Catholic Church, and corrupted local authorities, all have to take responsibility for having allowed paedophiles to prosper in their midst, so must occultism. Convictions have been made, and ritual abuse has been proved a reality. We can no longer pretend. We can no longer gloss over the failings of the community. One cannot make compromises with abusers without becoming tainted by them. Abusers must always be exposed; anything less is to protect and enable them.

Yes, the first few of us to take a stand will find ourselves ostracized and targeted, as I have been. What value is our community if it means rubbing shoulders with child abusers and murderers? Is keeping such company really very wise? Would it not be wise to expose these people, and prevent them from prospering? Is not the quest for wisdom supposed to be the whole point in occultism?

There are bound to be the occasional convulsions in any culture, however ancient or new, uncovering abuses of trust or power. At first, these may cause a great sensation. If the situation is favourable on the whole, such abuses can be easily concealed from the public; everything is forgotten and complacency reigns once more. Yet to the wise, such occurrences are grave omens that cannot be ignored. This is the only way of avoiding further tragedy.

Ritual Abuse & Mental Health

It should be expected that anyone targeted by an abusive cult will have been traumatized by the experience. They may exhibit extremely unusual behaviour. It may be their abuse has resulted in P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), or possibly even actual brain damage, such as with D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Too often, such conditions have provided reason to dismiss the disclosures of those who have suffered extreme abuse, resulting in no justice being served. It is important to make the distinction that P.T.S.D. and D.I.D. are both symptoms of what has happened to someone, rather than something that is unexplainably wrong with them.

It is also important to recognize these conditions are often misdiagnosed if there is no knowledge of their cause, or if disclosures are dismissed; D.I.D., for example, is often misdiagnosed as autism, whilst P.T.S.D. may become confused with any number of different anxiety disorders.

Nor should we allow abusers free reign to target anyone who already has these conditions, or for that matter any other kind of disorder, illness, or disability.

Furthermore, abusive cults will work hard to discredit anyone speaking up against them. Believe it or not, they will conspire to make it seem their victim is a delusional paranoid conspiracy theorist. They will do this in a number of ways, from making ‘concerned’ reports about their target to the local authorities, to organized gang stalking.

It is a rare person indeed who would not be reduced to a nervous wreck by such behaviour. We should also expect anyone being targeted by an abusive cult to be hyper-vigilant. Events that seem innocuous to anyone else will have fearful implications. They may have been gang-stalked, for example, and therefore -at least occasionally – suspicious of completely innocent people they see on the street.

The first thing almost any abuser responds when they have been found out is, “You are mad.” This is as true of the unfaithful spouse as it is the wife beater, or predatory paedophile. We should expect the same accusations to be made against anyone speaking up against an abusive cult, and recognize that many people will be making discrediting one individual, who may themselves have been socially isolated as a result of the cult’s activities. Indeed, we should hold anyone making such unfounded accusations of ‘mental illness’ as suspect, considering their actions potential proof for involvement in abuse.

False Memory Syndrome

Victims of ‘occult’ ritual abuse are most likely to find themselves facing another misdiagnosis; F.M.S. (False Memory Syndrome). That is to say, it is assumed their memories are at fault, and although they clearly recall being having been severely abused, traumatized, and ‘brainwashed’ by a Satanic cult, none of it actually happened. Uniquely amongst ‘syndromes’, nobody has ever been diagnosed with F.M.S. during any form of therapy; the term only ever arises during court proceedings as a defence against accusations of child abuse. Such ‘diagnoses’ are made almost invariably by untrained lay persons, based solely upon the denials of the accused.

F.MS. was the conclusion in all those cases that have become known as the ‘Satanic Panic’; apparently what actually happened was that incompetent therapists somehow implanted these memories using hypnosis. Furthermore over the past three decades, this unlikely accident has apparently been repeated by hundreds of therapists working with thousands of clients.

The irony is that it is indeed possible for false memories to occur regarding extreme abuse; real memories are so harmful to recall that the brain dissociates from them entirely, refusing to ‘bring them to mind’ as a matter of psychological self-preservation. As a further layer of defence, actual false memories may occur in order to prevent the truth being recalled at all.

In extreme cases, the mind will actually ‘honeycomb’ and become a multiple personality, so that in psychological terms the abuse was not suffered by the ‘primary self’ but by an alter or ‘sub-personality’. This is what is known as D.I.D., and is an effect that some ritual abusers are well aware of, and have learnt how to exploit. Where abusers see their victim in distress, including psychologically, they will seek to increase this distress. They may also seek to exploit the symptoms of D.I.D. and turn them to their own advantage; mind control.

The phrase ‘False Memory Syndrome’ was coined by Professor Peter Freyd and his wife Pamela, step siblings who married, in response to allegations of the sexual abuse of their daughter, Jennifer Freyd, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. After successfully discrediting the claims made against them, Pamela and Peter Freyd went on to establish the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

Another founding member was psychologist Dr. Ralph Underwager, who was interviewed in 1991 by the editor of the Amsterdam based magazine Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia. When asked, “Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?”, Underwager replied, “Certainly it is responsible..”

Amongst the loudest voices of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in the U.S.A. is currently Doug Mesner, who has been equally vocal about his leadership of his aggressively Satanic group. He seems to put considerable effort into online attacks upon the credibility of those who speak up about ritual abuse. There is, unfortunately, no shortage of people like him.

In 2000 the British government refused to publish the results of a specially commissioned report by Valerie Sinason focussing on the experiences of fifty survivors, concluding that they suffered real Satanic abuse and are not suffering ‘false memory syndrome’. It may be no coincidence that the report reopened the debate started a decade earlier concerning children in Rochdale, Nottingham, and Orkney, and that these centres all had links to leading political figures. (See Satanic Abuse No Myth, Say Experts, ‘The Independent’, 30 April 2000).

Furthermore, if False Memory Syndrome were widely known to have been discredited, then the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 80s might just turn out to have been not such a ‘panic’ after all..

There has been no systematic research documenting False Memory Syndrome, and is not recognized by any professional psychiatric or psychological organization. The British Psychological Society performed a survey of 108 therapists whose patients had recovered suppressed memories of abuse, and found no convincing evidence for its existence. In response, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was lead to admitting that F.M.S. cannot explain most examples of recovered memories of trauma.

The assumption that repressed memories are in fact False Memory Syndrome induced during therapy is challenged by the fact that a substantial proportion of survivors have not participated in any kind of therapy. Further research has shown that, even where there has been the intervention of a therapist, most such memories are recalled without the use of hypnotism or other recall techniques, and most usually outside of therapy session.

The idea that therapists could be accidently implanting false memories of extremely unusual traumatic events is further challenged by the fact that this is extremely difficult- if not impossible- to achieve even deliberately. Whilst it has not been found impossible to implant false memories, including memories that would have been traumatic experiences had they been real, these memories have to be believable- they must not produce cognitive dissonance, or shatter the subject’s ‘world view’.

After using extensive suggestive techniques, Porter, Yuille and Lehman (1999) reported success in getting some research subjects to ‘recover’ a false memory of a stressful event (e.g., dog attack). 26% of participants ‘recovered’ a complete false memory, and another 30% recalled aspects of the false experience. Note that being attacked by a dog, although traumatic, is not an unusual or ‘unbelievable’ event; it does not stretch credibility, and produces no immediate cognitive dissonance.

In a similar study, Pezdek, Finger and Hodge (1997) implanted false memories in adults that they had been lost in a shopping mall as children. Again, this is entirely ‘plausible’, yet only 3 out of 20 subjects could be influenced into ‘recovering’ such a memory. They also tried to convince subjects they had been given rectal enemas as children- far more analogous to abuse, indeed sometimes featuring in the genuine sexual exploitation of children. No subjects could be falsely lead to believe this.

The techniques involved in inducing these false memories were advanced; they included the ‘hijacking’ of the parental figures in their subjects. Subjects were convinced their own parents clearly recalled the false event. Nevertheless, the event still had to seem credible to the subject. Had they really been given enemas during their childhood, the irony is that such a memory could indeed become repressed.

Thus, empirical evidence exists that it is impossible for therapists to implant false memories of extremely bizarre and traumatic events, and extremely likely such ‘mind blowing’ events when real would be ‘forgotten’; conversely, it may even be that the ‘unbelievable’ qualities of Satanic ritual abuse serve to further their repression- they are as unbelievable to the victim as they are to anyone they might give disclosure to, should the memory be recalled.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of ‘hijacking’ the parental figure in such experiments suggests that it is fairly easy for real parents to influence the creation of ‘false memories’ that do not include abuse. Since it is often a natural self-defence to ‘forget’ traumatic memories, this might allow such abusive parents to exploit the tendency to create ‘cover’ memories that serve to prevent real memories arising; a further self defence against further trauma caused by recollection. Any abusive family intent on completely messing up a child’s reality with false memories of not being abused has every chance of succeeding.

Even more difficult for the F.M.S.F. to dismiss is the steadily increasing number of people who have come forward whose testimonies do not involve any level of repressed memories. Despite this, those making disclosure still find themselves having to fight off the F.M.S. label. As should be expected, a number have also been diagnosed as suffering P.T.S.D., D.I.D. or similar trauma related conditions, and so go unheard; despite that there condition is itself proof that extreme trauma of some kind occurred.

F.M.S. is itself a form of psychological abuse. Being heard and believed is crucial in healing from abuse. It is therefore disturbing to discover that many individual psychotherapists have been influenced by F.M.S. rhetoric, despite this lack of evidence for the syndrome’s existence, and the disproving of its central assumptions. The problem is that since F.M.S. has been accepted in the legal courts, it has become possible for those who successfully counter disclosures of abuse with claims of F.M.S. to then go on to sue any therapist who supposedly implanted such memories.

This has had tragic consequences. As one bereaved mother stated to a London newspaper, after the suicide of her daughter;

My daughter has been abused by her father from the age of seven until 15. She had developed psychiatric problems and was admitted voluntarily to a clinic, where she was seen by the therapist. She rang me afterwards and was in a terrible state. She had been told her abuse was part of false memory syndrome. Two weeks later she took an overdose of prescription medication and died. I believe that had my daughter been believed, she would have stayed at the unit and would be alive today. (Dobson, 1998)


Psychological Abuse

Abusive cults, like most organized criminals, are well aware that driving their target insane is as final as murder. They are also aware that there are no laws under which they might be successfully prosecuted. Those involved in my own case have certainly sought to exploit this loophole; with varying degrees of success. Anyone speaking out against abusive cults is likely to suffer the same manner of abuse. There are many forms this might take.

What magicians call ‘cursing’ is itself a form of psychological abuse. Its nature is exemplified in the Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘curse’; a man hitting himself in his own head with an axe. That is to say, the purpose of psychological abuse (cursing) is to turn the victim’s own thought processes against them. The first wall of defence against such an attack is to understand what the abusers are doing, and why.

Abusers know that certain phrases can be ‘imprinted’ in a person’s mind to ‘trigger’ unpleasant and fearful associations. For example, if a victim has been consistently threatened with being murdered and barbecued, any reference to ‘having a barbecue’ will have a completely different connotation than it might do to anyone else hearing or reading the same message. Although they may personally register a message as a horrific death threat, anyone they try and explain this to will suspect they are paranoid.


Mind Control

Not all psychological abuse requires the target to be induced into an altered state of consciousness. There are other techniques, such as those gleaned from N.L.P. (Neurolinguistic Programming). I do not have enough space here to explain what N.L.P. is or how it works, and suggest anyone dealing with abusive cults takes the time to search out the most respected works in this field, such as Bandler and Grinder’s The Structure of Magic. Such techniques have been successfully employed by therapists worldwide; so much so that many psychiatrists and psychologists seem to consider N.L.P. a serious threat to their livelihood. As with any healing knowledge, in the wrong hands it may be used to cause harm.

Most sociopaths quickly learn that their own personalities have the potential to subdue those of ‘normal’ people they meet; often entirely by accident. Their behaviour proves disturbing, even upsetting and traumatic, to those who experience normal levels of empathy; it is ‘out of line’, and we do not know how to respond. This confusion is easily exploited by any sociopath also trained in N.L.P., who employs any moment of ‘mental blankness’ to imprint or lead their target’s own responses and decisions.

The most famous technique of ‘malign N.L.P.’ is The October-Man Sequence. From my understanding, this is a method for inducing what is otherwise called Stockholm Syndrome in a victim, making them emotionally dependent on their abuser, considering them to be protection from a harsh and dangerous world rather than the source of threat itself. The ‘handler’ effectively acquires god-like status in the mind of their victim.

Most groups practising ‘magic’ require participants of ritual to willingly enter trance states. Initiation may require the aspirant to train themselves, usually through meditation, to enter trance at will. The ‘training manual’ of the Illuminates of Thanateros, for example, begins with a book entitled Liber MMMMind Control. The program is essentially one of meditation, and experiments in a techniques of self-hypnosis such as sigils; a kind of d.i.y. subliminal.

The very name of the order, Thanateros, is a combination of Thanatos– the god of death- and Eros -the god of sex. The techniques of attaining trance, or ‘gnosis’ as it is referred to within the cult, are divided into two categories accordingly; Thanatos for ‘the death posture’, meditation, visualization, chanting, and any other quiescent trance, and Eros for sexual magic, orgasm, pain, dancing, any extreme emotion, and any excitatory trances that work the participant ultimately into a frenzy. Both routes to altered states of consciousness may be employed in brainwashing (i.e. Mind Control). The advantage to any malign leadership in such a group is that all they have to do to put their following into a trance is tell them to do it for themselves.

Occultists call this ‘third mind’ effect the egregor. It is spoken about as if it is, in itself, a sentient being. Claims may be made by the leadership of the group of having communicated with this egregore, and so are in a position to know, or direct, the ‘will of the group’.

‘Possession’ rituals, such as those typical of the Illuminates of Thanateros, are similarly employed to manipulate the psychology of the group. Such invocations are typically imagined to call on the god of Chaos Magic; Baphomet. Typically, a ‘priest/ess’ will have been chosen to embody this ‘possession’; which is to say, to ‘method act’ whilst deliberately entering into self-induced trance. At the culmination of the ritual, the priest/ess pretending to be Baphomet makes a proclamation, and consecrates a sacrament.

Through ritual, occult groups effectively brainwash themselves into ‘believing’, by all acting ‘as if’. What may seem ludicrous to any individual, such as the idea that someone might be possessed by the demon Baphomet and thus acquire god-like supernatural abilities, becomes entirely believable to the participants in the midst of the sustained psychodrama that is ‘occult ritual’.

This ‘as if’ psychological principle may also be witnessed in Christianity; it is why, during any crisis of faith, religious adherents are advised to pray more often- and more fervently. In doing so they are acting ‘as if’ their faith is stronger; more often than not, this paradoxically serves to strengthen their faith.

It cannot be said often enough that repetition is a common feature of many brainwashing techniques. This effect applies also to the ‘as if’ principle. Whilst recently initiated members may harbour doubts about the ritual’s validity, these will be worn away over repetition during continued membership and their own persistent behaviour ‘as if’. Should they remain involved in the group from an early and impressionable age, or over a period of many years, this ‘as if’ principle will be all the stronger.

For example, by the time an initiate of the Illuminates of Thanateros has progressed through the progressive initiations that finally put them in charge of the order, and thus regularly leading such possession ritual themselves, they may be so used to acting ‘as if’ that they honestly believe themselves possessed by Baphomet.

Such progressively acquired delusions of self-deification are unlikely to have happy results. The very dynamics of such a group mean that sociopaths are well suited to rising through the ranks and taking control. Being in a position to claim they are doing so with the sanction of Baphomet, the egregor of Chaos magic, could easily become a tool of manipulation and abuse.


Rape Hypnotism

Anyone dealing directly with the victims of abusive cults needs to have at least a cursory understanding of the mind control- sometimes called ‘brainwashing’- they may have been subjected to. It is well reported that the cult surrounding Colin Batley employed brainwashing techniques to control its victims, as well as others who considered themselves to be ‘initiates’ of the group.

Mind control might be understood in terms of hypnotism. Altered states of consciousness are induced in the subject, which allow for psychological manipulation. For example, a command might be given to someone whilst they are in trance, of which they are completely unaware upon return to normal consciousness, and yet will be carried out upon the deliverance of a certain ‘trigger’.

The main tools employed by abusive cults in brainwashing are drugs, rape, and other forms of trauma. These methods may be usefully categorized as ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ (T.B.M.C.). They are completely different, for example, than those methods we tend to think of as ‘hypnotism’, which involve far gentler trance inducing techniques. Nevertheless, the results can be very similar. Commands can be imprinted into the subconscious minds of the subject, of which they may be entirely unaware.

One particularly brutal method of T.B.M.C. might be described as ‘rape hypnotism’. When someone suffers a traumatic experience, the conscious mind may completely refuse to call that experience to memory. Thus, any command given to the victim during their abuse may only be recalled by subjectively reliving the trauma. Nevertheless, this command may be associated with a ‘trigger’, as with what we might consider ‘conventional’ hypnotism. The employment of dissociative drugs also opens the victim up to various forms of mind control.

An example of the kind of mind control that has been reported as employed by abusive cults is the ‘programming’ of a victim to make phone calls in the night, of which they have no memory of in the morning, leaving messages on answering machines that tell their abusers exactly where they are. Such a program is employed should the victim ever escape the cult and go into hiding.


The Hampstead Case

In late 2014 a video emerged on the internet of two young children, a girl and boy both under 10, in which they claimed to have been sexually abused by a Satanic sex cult based in Hampstead, North London. In the video the children are being quizzed by their mother and her partner who made the recording as a safety precaution after the children explained their ordeal. Their biological father was accused of being the leader of the cult and of forcing the children to sacrifice trafficked babies and drink their blood. The harrowing claims continued with dancing around baby skulls, shoes made from baby’s flesh and more; an extreme version of the Black Mass as described at the conclusion of Huysman’s novel LaBas.

The children went into incredible detail as they explain to their mother that the abuse had been occurring since they were babies. Their story was very detailed and they consistently gave the same answers every time they were questioned. The children also described numerous tattoos, piercing and distinctive markings of their abusers, which included the head teacher and other staff of their school, social workers and the parents of other children also being abused.

After recording these videos the mother’s partner contacted his brother – a Police Sargent in South London – who advised them to come straight him. The brother began passing on information to his superiors but did not get the responses he was expecting. The family decided to leave the brother’s house and return to London where they reported the case straight to social services. Soon afterwards the mother was taken into custody by the police and the children separated from her. She has not seen them since. It was only following their removal from the home that their mother and an advocate leaked the shocking footage online.

After being in care for a week and then re-interviewed for the third time, the children eventually retracted the whole claim. Apparently they got it all from watching the Mask of Zorro along with a friend at school who also liked to look at ‘plastic willies’ on her iPad; none of which could reasonably be expected to amount to fantasies of Satanic ritual abuse. Even in their retractions they did not claim their mother and / or her partner had coached them into making false disclosures.

When the confession video first appeared on the internet it went viral, but the mainstream media remained quiet. The first article to surface was in the Daily Mail and was a smear campaign against the mother and her partner, claiming they had coaxed the children into making up stories to tarnish their biological father’s name due to a custody battle. This is despite the fact that the father gave up custody rights a few years earlier when he was arrested for nearly beating the children’s mother to death. Why anyone would make up lies that were obviously so difficult to believe was also not explained.

The case was quickly and quietly ushered through the Royal Courts of Justice with no police investigation and in the mother and her partner’s absence. The judge, Mrs. Justice Pauffly, deemed the allegations baseless and stating, “The individuals who have watched the online film clips, read online articles and believed in the allegations would do well to reflect that ‘things may not be what they seem’ and that it is all too easy to be duped on the basis of partial information. There are many campaigning people, sadly, who derive satisfaction from spreading their own poisonous version of history irrespective of whether it is true or not.”

As a bid to finally put the story to rest the BBC did a heavily controlled interview with the father which was played it at a time when most people would be at work. However even in this interview it is apparent the case was not dealt with correctly. The father was asked by the interviewer, “How did you find out about the allegations?” He replied, “I can’t remember exactly, I think I got a call from social services advising me to get a lawyer and that I should get himself down to the local police station”.

The standard procedure for sexual abuse allegations made by children is that the police are supposed to turn up at the house, kick the front door in, handcuff the accused and take them down to the police station for questioning. The property should then be searched and any evidence secured. None of this happened. Instead the biological father was given a warning that allegations had been made. There was no police investigation and the entire case was closed on the subjective assumption that these things ‘never happen’.

Although the allegations of the Hampstead children implicate a much wider, much better funded and ‘connected’ ritualistic paedophile ring than those we have seen successful prosecutions for it is my own opinion that the case should have been properly investigated. Instead we have seen the same misguided subjective assumptions that allowed those we now know to be guilty to get away with the crimes they did – for decades.

I will state – but not here name – that I personally know of at least one London based paedophile and ‘Satanic’ occultist who might indeed have the connections and resources to make such a ring possible, and certainly would do if they could. Outlandish as the claims in this case are it seems to me they could be true – and I suggest I have more knowledge of the occult underworld than Mrs. Justice Pauffly. Such a criminal network would soon make a lot of money – with which to widen network if left unchecked or if protected by the right connections. Paedophile rings of such size and nature are known to exist – just (apparently) not ones that use Satanic rituals to terrify their victims and distract the authorities. We can see in the case of Batley’s prosecution that some smaller rings do just that, so why not a larger one? Disclosures of such a nature should be properly investigated.

Those campaigning towards such ends tend to focus on police checking to see if the accused have tattoos described in the children’s disclosure. Quite apart from the fact that tattoos can be removed these days with laser surgery, Nigel/Batley fooled us – and many others at the public event – with fake Sharpie pen tattoos all over his face. It is an effective ploy in distracting a police investigation since such details are routinely followed up, and might also confuse a jury should the crimes ever reach court.

As with the use of Satanic (or similar) ritualistic imagery in organized child abuse, such distractions make the crimes sound more unlikely. Much of the British justice system balances on the ability to persuade the judge and jury to make their decisions based upon their ultimately subjective judgement of probability.

Here lies the greatest weakness in the system. Even if Police catch on to these ploys and make an arrest, it is not their judgement that counts. Next they must present their evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service. The decision as to whether a case can even reach the courts is based on the subjective decision of perceived probability ultimately made in one phone call. The more unlikely a crime seems to be – the more likely you are to get away with it.

Whether or not the Hampstead case is reality or hoax it is now being employed by the media and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to ridicule the whole idea that ritual child abuse ever happens; conveniently ignoring the fact that several successful prosecutions have been made and such a ring has been proven to exist. It also appears that some apparent ‘Satanists’ are also using the case as an excuse to target survivors and whistle-blowers.



It seems all a paedophile network has to do in order to escape prosecution is put on black robes and chant ‘Hail Satan’.. Thus the crime becomes ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ – which officially does not exist even though we have seen several successful prosecutions. Most people would rather believe this disinformation than listen to survivors or the professionals that help them. They will tie logic in knots – believing instead in a world-wide conspiracy of master hypnotists implanting false memories – dismissing one unlikely seeming ‘conspiracy theory’ for which there is increasing evidence with another ‘conspiracy theory’ that ultimately relies on the extremely questionable False Memory Syndrome.. Itself nothing more than a lobbying group covertly set up by paedophile psychiatrists. You couldn’t make this sh*t up.

Currently there are a number of prominent occultists in the UK who were involved in the same ‘cult network’ as Colin Batley and are guilty of ritual child abuse. Nothing is being done about them by the police or by hardly anyone on the ‘occult scene’. Disaster is inevitable.

Whilst there are many good people on the ‘occult scene’ who would never believe how immoral and corrupt some of its other members are there can only be one outcome – when the busts finally come the entire scene will suffer. Outsiders may well come to assume that all occultists are either paedophiles or involved in the cover up – since so few ‘occultists’ seem to care regarding the warnings and disclosures from survivors and their advocates.

This will not be the fault of corrupt therapists or sensationalist newspapers. It seems it is easier to convince most occultists that masturbating off over sigils is all it takes to do ‘real magic’ than it is to point out that the scene’s leaders and teachers might be self-aggrandizing abusive sociopaths with delusions of grandeur.

Imagine how that is going to look to ‘outsiders’ when the truth gets out. The future of occultism in the UK looks bleak. I advise anyone with integrity to get as far away from the scene as possible – the metaphorical faeces is going to hit the fan one day. As inevitably happens whenever shit hits a fan, it will be the unaware and ‘innocent’ that get the most splattered.

We cannot tell you how common ritual abuse is in the U.K., because we do not know, but we can tell you it definitely happens, and what we have seen so far in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. We can also tell you the problem is hugely misunderstood by police and local authorities, who invariably respond with misplaced incredulity and act inappropriately. This results in danger to victims being increased, just when they most need protection.

It is hoped this book will help raise awareness, making it easier for victims to come forward and be heard. There are a greater number of us out there than most would expect, perhaps even including ourselves. Having seen others so bravely speaking up for the truth, despite all the antagonism thrown at them, has helped us find the strength to do the same.

It is also only fair to warn anyone ‘stepping in’ as to some of the problems they may face; the danger, threats, tricks, legal loopholes, and institutional corruption their abusers might exploit. To step in is to enter a fight, and we must be prepared to receive a few punches back. As it says in the I-Ching; “One must go through the water. It goes over one’s head. Misfortune. No blame.”

Yes, we are in over our heads but sometimes heading into danger is the only correct action. One incurs no blame in giving up one’s life that the good and the right may prevail.