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Continuing from the previous lectures on consciousness, archetypes, and symbols, we now consider the magical use of language – such as spells, rites, and redes – and covert mind control.
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OLD HAGS OF BRISTOL: An Open Letter to All Attendees

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Since police are not taking appropriate action, and since these Id-IOTs have not replied or made any attempt to clear up the trouble and offense they have caused, the original post referred to below has now been republished.


The founders of the OLD HAGS OF BRISTOL have received the following emails, the first under the heading Notice of Possible Legal Action, the second under Notice of Removal. Since it is apparent there are links between this group and the ‘cul-de-sac’ paedophile ring it is clear this is a matter of grave public concern. At the time of publishing this I have yet to receive any reply;







The OLD HAGS is an ‘open circle’ moot held in The Hatchet on the last Wednesday of every month. It should be clear that, whether or not the founders of The Old Hags agree with me or not concerning my opinions of any kind, my partner and I have every legal right to enter The Hatchet at any time, even during the days they hold their meetings, without fear of intimidation or violence. The same goes for any of my friends, or anyone else reading this.

It is my understanding that their next meeting is on Wednesday the 31st October. Since it is Halloween they are having a themed dressing up party – they will be dressed as their favourite famous occultists. No doubt these Id-IOTs will all come as themselves, but they should still be easy enough to pick out from the crowds likely to be crawling through the many pubs in the area that night.

It should also be clear that my intentions from the beginning of this exchange have been entirely benign. This entire ‘drama’ has happened only because I have dared to defend myself. It is not, and has never been, my intention to encourage others to harass those mentioned in any way, and at no point have I or anyone I know threatened intimidation or violence of any kind.

It should also be apparent that the founders of The OLD HAGS moot have shown an alarming lack of concern over this very serious issue and have demonstrated a complete lack of integrity. Anyone taking a look through my blog, where there are many articles and talks concerning the practice of magick, can see I would be an obvious asset to any group genuinely engaged in its pursuit.

My wife and I have for some time been involved in running a closed society, widely distributed but including many names of note, and others of genuine talent, also offering a training structure guaranteed to increase results to any practitioner, regardless of their ‘path’. One reason we were interested in attending our local moots is because we intend to enlarge our society locally. Should this interest any of The OLD HAG’s members they are welcome to make an application by writing to me at the below email address;