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I do not apologise for the embarrassment this open letter will bring you. It is your own choices, your own crimes, your own lies which have made this necessary.

You were no mother to me as I grew up. Not even your supposed friends pretend otherwise. Indeed, they claim I am a ‘fuck up’ due to neglect, which means they are blaming my behaviour on you. And these are the people your freedom currently depends upon. I have to say, that with friends like yours you have no need of enemies.

It is true I was neglected, and worse. I grew up suffering violent abuse at the hands of Greg, my half-brothers’ father, and yes it did effect me negatively, but as you know this is not the reason I accuse you and Adrian of having been involved with the cul-de-sac cult paedophile ring. Are your friends aware of your involvement in this cult? Have they seen the ‘Eye of Horus’ tattoo on your neck, beneath your hair, that you had me make for you to signify your membership of Colin Batley’s ‘extended family’?

Are you aware that Adrian tells people I am accusing you of crimes I committed myself? So now I am personally being abused by your current husband also – a man who is, himself, a sadistic paedophile and who abuses you behind closed doors. Perhaps you have grown so used to covering up for covert abusers – this is the third you have been married to – that you genuinely mistake this abuse for love.

Mum, if he loved you, he would never have dragged you into all this. He would never have had you drive the car with a child in the boot, would never have had you stifle their cries with your hand as he raped them, and would never have insisted you disown your eldest son.

And Mum, if you had ever loved me you would never have allowed him to tell those evil lies about me, not even when it was from the fear of me telling people the truth.

You said to me several times that you had thought about leaving him. I hope you find the strength – if not today then this year. Adrian belongs in an institution, for your safety and for the safety of children – for the safety of your grandchildren, my nephews and nieces.

You should know I have written a book about my early life, and that it is currently being considered by some of the country’s leading literary agents. Perhaps it will be accepted – perhaps the truth about you will be made available in Waterstones up and down the country. And why not? It would not be the first time my work has been made so available. Did you even read that fucking book, that I wrote to honour you, that had your artwork on the cover? It is such a shame you did not have the faith in yourself you make good of this. Instead, you sided with Adrian and his idiot jealousy.

You keep up the appearances of living a ‘happy family’ – just like you did when Greg was knocking you about and raping you. I am sad that you have never known real love in your life, and I am sad that I am having to write these hurtful things about you. It is YOUR choices that have made this necessary.

Despite all the cover-up around the cul-de-sac cult paedophile ring, despite Mandrake, the IOT, Peter Carroll, the boss eyed Christina Harrington, and the other paedophiles you befriended in Glastonbury, I am gathering support. Not just from the Pagan and occult community, but from among those who seek to gain justice against their kind where the police have failed. You WILL be seeing me again, face to face, this year, and I shall have much support with me.

Times are changing, Ann. While children still do not get justice – there has still NEVER been a case where a paedophile ring has been brought down by the testimony of a child victim – it is now the case that those victims are being heard when they grow up. How many victims of the cul-de-sac cult are now reaching adulthood? Even if (you know who) is never heard because of their disability, there are plenty of others. Eventually justice will come. Do yourself a favour and tell the police the truth.

I have all the evidence I need to stand in court and prove this open letter is a just and legal action intended to prevent further crime. I also have all the evidence I need to prove AT THE VERY LEAST that you have both associated with known and PROSECUTED sadistic paedophiles. I also have written statements from a child you raped in your own mother’s bed, back when you were in Wells. I welcome any legal action you may attempt to silence me as it can only backfire on you. Perhaps a court case will force the police to take appropriate action against you both. It seems to me quite likely that it will. So bring it on.

I advise you to walk into a police station and tell the truth. I advise you to do it NOW.

Your eldest son,


P.S.: To all those also reading this post, further information is available HERE (link).


Look who came leaping to my mother’s ‘defence’.. they could not be more obvious if they posted pictures of themselves with Batley and their Baphomet outfit! Cretins!







As Kite is well aware, I resigned from the IOT in 2001 due to abuses of power within the order, and out of disappointment that Chaos magick fails to deliver on its promises. To my knowledge the order was not at this time involved with paedophilia, but was certainly on its way to becoming an abusive cult.


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Continuing from the previous lectures on consciousness, archetypes, and symbols, we now consider the magical use of language – such as spells, rites, and redes – and covert mind control.
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OLD HAGS MOOT, BRISTOL – An Open Letter to all Attendees

Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Mind Control, Occult, Paedophilia, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder

I recently attempted to join the Old Hag’s Moot, here in Bristol. I first joined their FaceBook group, which resulted in the following exchange.



This required serious consideration, so I spent some hours composing my reply. However, when I attempted to post it I found I had been – unwisely and rudely – blocked from doing so. For this reason I am publishing my reply as an open letter.


Thank you for your considered reply. I understand that antagonism with a founding member of your group would cause controversy if I attended your meetings. That is a great shame, as my wife and I were hoping to meet with like minded people without all this unpleasantness being brought up. It is painful and humiliating for us both.

You are aware that I have publicly identified Vayne, others of the Illuminates of Thanateros such as ‘Kite’ (whose name we did not know until we met him and recognized him by description), and my own family (Vayne is the stepfather of my daughter, whose mother was also involved, as were my biological parents and stepfather – all of which makes my grief beyond words – as does the possibility that my daughter may also have been harmed by them), as members of an ‘occult’ paedophile ring the press called ‘the cul-de-sac cult’, purported to have been led by Colin Batley, and well reported to have strong links to Bristol and London. The allegations against Julian Vayne, and others, are made upon genuine disclosures made by a learning disabled child victim of the cul-de-sac cult, repeatedly abused by them for a decade – when in the care of his biological father – before he found the courage to speak up – or trusted anyone enough to do so.

The cul-de-sac cult, according to ALL disclosures including those resulting in prosecution, had a wide membership. These did not come from the cul-de-sac he lived in – they came from the Pagan community. The cult is well documented to have terrorized its members at gunpoint, to have used rape, blackmail, and brainwashing to enforce control over its members, and to have sexually exploited children. Batley and his wives did not do this all on their own. Batley served extra time for refusing to identify those who had also been involved in his crimes. It cannot be rationally denied that there are people from this cult who are still at large and pose a threat to our community. We should all look very carefully at anyone among us who attempts to claim otherwise.

I have been warning our community since 2012 as to who these people are. In all this time, despite many complaints from the guilty, the police have not made me edit or take down my website. Nor have any other survivors of the cul-de-sac cult come forward to say I am exposing the wrong people. Nor has Valerie Sinason, the expert in ritual abuse and mind-control (brainwashing, as the papers called it) who aided the police in busting the cul-de-sac cult, and whose patients include those abused by Jimmy Savile. I have also spoken directly to the police officers who successfully busted Batley and his ‘wives’, and they did not think we were wrong either.

Nor, indeed, did my friend Ray Sherwin – the man who coined the phrase ‘Chaos magic’, nor his beautiful and talented wife, Lorraine. Nor did Mick Norris (RIP), who illustrated Peter J. Carroll’s only genuinely successful book – the ‘training manual’ of the Illuminates of Thanateros. Nor did Pat Mills, who made Chaos magic famous through his comic 2000AD – who gave Alan Moore and Grant Morrison their breaks. Also note that, while he still refuses to admit that Batley was part of the IOT and has published his own (easily disproved) lies about me, even Peter J. Carroll has been keen to distance himself from the IOT as far as possible – and it his ‘accomplishment’ to have formed the order in the first place! He has also published several statements rightly questioning Vayne and Nikki Wyrd’s ‘magical credibility’, and stating that they have made a shambles of the order and “are not the kind of people one would invite round for lunch”.

It should be clear to anyone the antagonism between Vayne and myself is far more serious than any petty vendetta, as he has attempted to claim it can be dismissed as. Nor am I suffering any form of mental aberration, be it delusion or sociopathy.

The document linked below proves that it was myself who went to the police concerning these matters. It is also an official recognition that police failed to conduct a proper interview with the child making the allegations , and that my complaint provoked a (minor, and too late for us) change in procedure. It is also proof that the child, a young man, is disabled and judged unfit to ‘take the stand’ in court. Since he is the only ‘witness’ to the abuses he suffered, besides the guilty, this means it is not possible for the police to make a prosecution. It is terrible failing in the law that allows the abuse disabled and vulnerable children to continue. This was exactly why Savile got away with what he did in children’s hospitals, and the law still has not changed. Note that if this document was fake I would now already be in prison – it has a police officer’s signature and is published online for anyone to see –

This document also proves that the true situation is not at all as Julian Vayne has publicly stated in his libel against me, ‘backed up’ by Mogg Morgan, also identified as having been active in my stepson’s abuses – proving almost fatal to my career as a writer, although I have recovered over the past 6 years through my own efforts.

While the libel against me from these criminal over the years is self-contradictory, inconsistent, and riddled with what can easily be shown to be lies, our allegations have remained entirely consistent and – even if the police have been unable to prosecute Vayne and his friends due to their victim being mentally disabled (and who wouldn’t be, having been repeatedly abused by a cult from the age of 6?) – cannot be disproved.

I also ask you to consider the following;

I understand, although I have never met him, that Julian Vayne can be charming, appears knowledgable, and has – at this time – much support from the Pagan community. There are many who feel his friendship validates them as ‘magicians’. It perhaps angers you that I have made such allegations towards someone who has already gained your trust. It can be hard, sometimes, to recognize when we have been fooled – but none of us are beyond it, as I know too well and to my great pain. It can also be difficult when recognizing that we have been fooled also reveals failings in our community, and even perhaps causes us to question who we believe we are. Nevertheless, the myopia, and sheer lack of concern, from some people over this matter has been shocking in itself.

Our culture as a whole is undergoing a convulsion, and people are only beginning to realise paedophile rings even exist, let alone the extent of the problem, and Paganism has been no exception. Support has not been lacking, however. Indeed it has been steadily growing, and looks set to continue to do so. Our culture as a whole, even the higher levels of occult orders, even the Pagan Federation, are learning from their mistakes. But first we all have to be honest enough with ourselves to realize we have made them, to recognize that no human being is infallible, especially when faced with those who have make deceiving others their life long speciality – as do sexual predators of any kind..

I am sure you know I have had to publish online concerning the other moot you suggested I attend. Michael Slater failed to communicate with us rationally. We all hope you do not make the same failing – as does my friend Quinn, who was recently slandered by members of your moot due to his friendship with me. I know he has previously attempted to engage with you all rationally over this matter only to be met with a refusal to engage with the problem at all.

As you are only too aware, I live in Bristol, as does the mother of the child who identified Vayne. We are both available for you to meet with and speak to face to face concerning this very serious matter. It is painful and humiliating for us to have to talk about, but it is also our social duty. We hope you make the right choice, because in reality there is only one – not just for us, but for yourselves. I have also written several successful books and enjoy giving talks / workshops, as I used to do for large audiences before having to out members of our community for being paedophiles.

Both Julian Vayne and Peter J. Carroll have been warned by police to cease their provocations towards us, online or offline. If you have any emails from them libelling us we would be grateful if you alerted the police about their behaviour. Many of their lies have put us in severe danger, and have been intended to.

Permission is here granted to reproduce the above on any medium, provided it is done so in its entirety, without editing or censorship. I am also happy for you to share it with the police.

We are also willing to answer further questions by email.

I can be reached at

The mother of the child whose made the disclosures can be reached at


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ADDENDUM: 05/08/18

I am relieved to be able to tell you that if my daughter had once again been coerced into lying to the police any statement she made was found to be irrelevant. I shall not, therefore, be pressing charges against her. Everything else stated below remains as stated. I shall not be adding any further information regarding this overall situation as I do not want the guilty to know. If you are a concerned and trusted friend please do write to me and I can inform you privately. Thank you. NJH


Once again I am risking prison for telling the truth about as yet unprosecuted criminals who were involved in the cult involving the ‘Thelemite’ Crowley worshipper and convicted paedophile and rapist Colin Batley:

Read more HERE>

As before the cult have manipulated my daughter into joining in with their attempts to bully me into silence – several members of our family are involved in this cult and there are many relatives putting pressure on her to betray her loving father this way. All in all, not a good week. This entire situation is sad, humiliating, and re-traumatizing. I would much rather be able to get on with my life without ever having to even think about this traumatizing things. I just want to be able to get on with my life and career as an artist and author – but with these criminals spreading their lies, and my previous publisher having also been involved in the paedophile cult, it is proving almost impossible.

Since it is so easy to cook up Malicious Complaints against material published on the internet, this post may be the last time I mention the Colin Batley paedophile cult online. I will not, however, be silenced; I am instead ‘upping the game’ – the journalist Sonia Poulton already has a large file on our case, and I shall be seeking a professional publisher and distributor for a new edition of Beast Wing 666. That way the only malicious complaints they can attempt would be a false accusation of libel, and there is no way they would be stupid enough to throw away that much money on a case they could not win; they know full well that, even if they have so far avoided prosecution, there is still enough evidence to prove to any court room that I am telling the truth. In any case, I doubt that anyone calling themselves a ‘magical order’ and openly writing about their heavy use of psychedelic drugs could ever be considered ‘credible witnesses’ – rather like the learning disabled child they dosed with psychedelic drugs before raping in their ‘black magic rituals’, upon whose disclosures (along with much other evidence) my statements about this cult are based.

This time they are attempting to curtail my freedom of speech by attempting to reframe my allegations as ‘Malicious Communication’; a charge that can result in a three year prison sentence. Understandably I am sad and angry about this. I am also stressed – they tend to gang up when they use this tactic (there are a lot of them) and make several apparently unconnected complaints at once, making it very tough for the police to judge what is really going on – that a paedophile cult is attempting to use them like dogs. Quite often these complaints coincide with organized harassment in the street – a wealthy associate of theirs lives in the same city as us and we have reason to suspect they went around the ‘half way houses’ here, many of which house CatA sex offenders, and showed our photograph to dangerous strangers with instructions to stalk us – one such stalker we identified as a convicted child killer and dangerous psychopath, who also seems to have been part of the cult. Last year, when the cult attempted to frame this blog as harassment, we told the police about the extent of our danger and they offered us ‘first response’.

Yes, we were taken that seriously. Don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise.

Most of all I am upset and afraid for my daughter, as I am sure she would not have chosen to do this without coercion. As with the cult’s last attempt in August 2017, when her stepfather failed to frame my warnings and allegations as ‘harassment’, they are making her do this over her birthday. I am sure it is very upsetting for her, and I fear for the implications to her mental health. I have serious fears for her safety, since these dangerous sexual abusers have such a hold over her life.

The paedophile cult has made unfounded malicious complaints about me before and they have failed, but it does not mean it will fail this time. That I am responding with this blog post, and thus putting myself at even more risk, should let you know that I am serious about my warnings to the community and that my concern for others is such that it over-rides my fears for myself. This paedophile cult is not only still operating, but the cult now seems to have a lot of money from ‘somewhere’ which they are investing in events intended to expand their membership. It also now quite openly boasts of having an active group in Wales, which it did not do at the time this blog was first published.

In 2012 a brave young man, diagnosed with the ‘invisible disability’ of autism, made disclosures to his mother, myself, and to the police, of extreme systematic abuse from his biological father, and from the paedophile cult largely believed to have been run by Colin Batley – so extreme one lifetime could never be long enough to heal. The disclosures were so shocking, involving as they did many people I used to cherish – and others I at least had some respect for even if we didn’t get along – that I have been suffering secondary PTSD for several years. He continued to expand upon his disclosures for three months, most of which I was not present for and am thankful never to know about. These organised and systematic abuses had begun when he was just six years old and continued at least until his disclosures at the age of 16. Sadly, an incompetent (and in our opinion corrupt) social worker involved in the case undermined the young man’s interview with the police – a fact that has been recognized in an upheld IPCC complaint which, we have been told, could even have resulted in changes in official procedure.

This social worker’s first tactic was to make up an unqualified diagnosis of ‘echolalia’, saying he was repeating phrases without knowing what they meant, like a parrot. She and an officer had taken him out of class at school for the interview, had not explained that he was not in trouble, and thrown him into a panic. The words he said to them, over and over, were, “They drugged me and raped me.”

The reason why he said this is because that is what they had done – as an example, he told his mother and I quite clearly, is that when he was 6 years old he had been injected him with a psychedelic drug and raped by someone in a demon costume – all of which was filmed. No wonder that even thinking about it produced a hysterical reaction and that he was ‘incoherent’. And this is only one of the extremely traumatic things they did to him over the ten years he was at their mercy, nor is it the worst. This poor young man will no doubt suffer from such traumas for the rest of his life. Knowing there are films out there, and that other sadistic paedophiles have access to them, is going to prove very hard to live with. That many of his repeated rapes were in a context that could be confounded with Satanic Ritual Abuse, and thus dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’, also means that in standing up for the truth I have personally found myself the target of slander, libel, and intimidation from a number of other within the ‘occult community’ who have been tricked into equating these abuses with the so-called Satanic Panic.

This same social worker then went on to accuse his mother and I of having cooked up his disclosures and coached this brave young man into lying – which would, if true, have been serious emotional abuse. After a nine month hearing in the Family Law Courts we were entirely cleared of this allegation. Although the social worker attempted to have a gagging order placed upon us to cover up this case the magistrate refused, stating quite clearly that although I could not publish the actual records of the case, and that it was illegal to even show them to people, I had every right to talk, write, and publish concerning the disclosures, and every right to exercise my freedom of speech.

The same social worker, in a clear breach of the Magistrate’s order, then returned the brave young man to his biological father – and hence back into the clutches of the still operating paedophile cult – without explaining to him that he could go back to live with his mother if he chose.

Due to this social worker the entire investigation was seriously compromised right from the start. This brave young man was denied his right to make disclosures, and denied his human right to justice. The social worker overplayed his disability in order to portray him as unfit to ‘take the stand’ in court. Is it mere coincidence that other online disclosures from survivors of this cult claim there is at least one social worker involved? I know for a fact that several members of this cult are qualified professionals working in ‘care’ – some even specialising in sexually traumatized children. One of them used to have a photograph on the internet – now removed – of their team being awarded for their work in ‘sex education’.

If this is all starting to sound like a conspiracy theory let me remind you that Batley, along with several others from the ‘Pagan scene’ in his area, have already been prosecuted for the ritualistic abuse of children. Let me also remind you that criminal conspiracies are real – indeed if there is anything guaranteed to add several years to any prison sentence it is the charge of conspiracy.

I should also add that several members of the cult are skilled in hypnotism and neurolonguistic programming – which, along with psychedelic drugs – they use to further confound any potential disclosures, messing with their victim’s minds so they will include irrational and unbelievable elements. The Colin Batley cult is also widely reported to have made use of brainwashing. It does not seem unlikely to me that they attempted to employ what has been widely reported by conspiracy theorists as Trauma Based Mind Control, allegedly used by the Illuminati, with whom the cult like to fraudulently identify themselves.

Please note – I am not here alleging that there is a real Illuminati – merely that the cult like to pretend they are a satrap of said group. They do this in order to imply far greater influence and power than they in reality have. This identification also serves, in the context of these crimes, to make disclosures sound like ‘conspiracy theory’. Nor would their attempts at using Trauma Based Mind Control, which real or not is widely detailed in ‘conspiracy theory’ videos all over YouTube and other social media, imply that TBMC is really being used by Luciferian lizard wizards that secretly rule the world, or any other such nonce-sense. It is merely to suggest that the cult believed TBMC was possible and attempted to use it. As well as being paedophiles, the members of this cult are clearly suffering all manner of delusions, from believing they have magical powers to being ‘conduits’ to the gods of Chaos.

In 2012, when I first started keeping this blog, although it was reported in the newspapers that the group was targetting a six year old, nothing was said of the child’s age, and nothing was said about them being disabled. Two years later Annabelle Forest’s book Devil on the Doorstep was published; a book by a survivor of the cult. In that book she tells of a disabled boy whose father was in the cult, mentioning him first in an early chapter when they were both infants, and again in a later chapter when they are both teenagers. Her description of the boy could very easily be the same person. Thus his disclosures are in fact corroborated by an independent witness, and we have been pushing to have the case re-opened; all that would theoretically be needed would be for ‘Annabelle Forest’ to confirm that she recognises him. Indeed, for all we know, the investigation may have been successfully reopened in a manner that does not involve us.

Not only was this brave young man denied justice and returned to an environment of abuse, his biological father and his stepmother (also involved in his abuse) have had another child, born early in 2013. That child has also been diagnosed with autism but it is our sincere belief that, as with his older brother,they have suffered brain damage as a result of extreme sexual abuse from before they could even talk. It is our sincere suspicion that the cult have been abusing this child, and that other children are also at risk from them.

As well as having heard these disclosures I have also spoken to the fantastic police officers who successfully prosecuted Colin Batley, and to the ‘cult expert’ Valerie Sinason, who helped them to achieve this. I know who was in the Batley cult and have attempted to warn to occult community, including the likes of Christina Harrington, proprietor of Treadwell’s, and Peter J. Carroll, founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, and Graham King of The Museum of Witchcraft, all of whom (despite what they have claimed since) were once my friends. All of these people have enough information, and enough intelligence, to know our disclosures are true, and all have responded by offering additional support and ‘credibility’ to the guilty. Carroll has even published damaging libel about me on his own blogs in his vain attempt to discredit me.

Others in the occult community, such as Ray Sherwin, co-founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, have come out in support of us, as have many others it would not be tactful to name at this time.

It has been seven years since Batley was busted. It is known that his abusive ‘cult’ involved a huge number of people, and it is obvious they were drawn from the ‘Pagan community’, but no more prosecutions have been made against other members of the group. If the others in his cult were not who we have said they are, then by now other survivors would be speaking out against us for accusing the wrong people. Perhaps even Valerie Sinason would have.

It is also well known by many people that legal threats have been made – of one kind or another – attempting to have my warnings and allegations removed from the internet.

If the other members of the Batley cult are not who I have said they are – who are they? And yes, both the brave young man’s mother and I have already been thoroughly investigated – and it isn’t us!

That the paedophile cult are trying this tactic at this time, despite the huge risk of it backfiring on them, does not surprise me. Things have not been going the way they want – people are hearing me – hearing US. People are starting to see the guilty for the sociopathic charlatans they are, and to watch for further evidence in the hope of having our case re-opened. This is why a certain individual, identified in the disclosures, is now making Malicious Complaints against me to the police – itself a criminal offence, and a charge I am now preparing to make against them and (sadly) my own daughter. This is not something I would do if I had not been pushed into it – as with the cult’s failed complaints against me last year they have made my daughter betray me over the week of her birthday. I would far prefer to be giving her a nice present this year, rather than a potentially serious criminal record, but sadly this is not going to happen until she find the strength to stand up for herself against the bullies making her do these things. I do not feel I have any choice – not if I want such Malicious Complaints against me to stop. I am hopeful that the police will agree that this is a founded complaint – because it most certainly is, and there is mounting evidence to show it.

Regardless of whether I can bring charges against them the danger to us remains very real. The cult have previously attempted to make us patsies for their crimes, and we have good reason to believe they have been conspiring to murder us. Please help us in any way you can, even if it is only by copying, reposting, or otherwise distributing the information in this blog. So far, alerting the public to our jeopardy has been one of the only things keeping us safe. Additionally, the more alerted the public are about this cult, the harder it will be for them to commit and get away with their crimes. If you have any additional information or evidence regarding our case, or any information regarding the cult’s activities, please share it with the police.

In the event that the police do not take your information seriously, as was tragically the case with this cult for at least a decade before Batley was busted, please share it with the journalist Sonia Poulton; see my previous post below.

Should you wish to contact me personally my email address is

Thank you for your time and concern.