“Smallville” actress Allison Mack arrested for role in alleged sex cult

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Reported by VICE, 20/04/18: Allison Mack, best known for her role in the ‘Smallville’ TV series, has been arrested for her alleged role in a sex cult that trafficked and sexuality exploited its female members.

Read more HERE https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/kzx98m/smallville-actress-allison-mack-arrested-for-role-in-alleged-sex-cult




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During the 1980s, before it became a Chaos magic cliché, I was a big fan of Coil. It cannot be denied that, in fond days now referred to as the history of ‘the magical revival’, they played an essential part in the soundtrack. In 20??, when Johnn Balance died, I mourned along with countless others who had lost their various virginities as Coil played on the stereo.

Listening to their music now, the lyrics reverberate through time like messages from restless ghosts.. Death she is my friend / she has promised me a quick end.. One day we’re all going to fall..

As an acid crazed bisexual gothic teenager, one of my favourite tracks was The Tenderness of Wolves, recorded with ‘guest vocals’ vocals by Gavin Friday, and guitar by Alex Ferguson. The last is not a name that many people will recognise from other records, but Alex was a talented musician in his own right. He was also, perhaps unsurprisingly, a magician. You might happen to know that The Tenderness of Wolves ultimately owes its title to the film by Ulli Lommel, a vampire horror based upon the real life homosexual serial killer Fritz Harmann.

In my twenties, when I was still into ‘Chaos magic’, living in London with a male lover and ‘out’ on the gay scene, I got to know Alex. Not close enough to call him a lover, but close enough to call a kiss uncompleted. He was a pretty young man, slight of build and 5’4”, like me. Blonde white hair, blue eyes, and a sensitive soul. Our ages were closer than you might expect, seeing as I was still at school when Scatology was released. Alex told me he was just 14 when they recorded Tenderness of Wolves, live in the Bar Maldoror.

You have to be careful making records things like that,” he said. “All kinds of creepy psychopaths get fixated on you.”

We spent months eyeing each other up, bumping into each other at rituals, fetish clubs, gay clubs, art installations, all kinds of strange places, but were also both trapped with dangerous and domineering partners. If he saw I was troubled he always seemed to know the right thing to say, whether it was, “Your boyfriend’s spiked you with crystal-meth. It’s horrible, but we can ride this out and you’ll be OK,” to, “You’re quite the shape-shifter, under the skin,” to, “Don’t forget your crown chakra.”

We had some great conversations about both music and magic; he versed in all manner of sorceries, from Kabbalah to runes, Thelema to Chaos magic, and from pagan witchcraft to Voudon, and told me how his local community recognised him as a bocor, from where the conversation lead to the nature of the lwa, and the undead Ghede, lwa of the cemetery. All of which was new to me back then.

He said, almost as if it were a statement of intent, “When I die, I will join with the nation of Ghede.”

The last time I saw Alex we had both recently managed to find independent lodgings, and were both single, when we had a surprise encounter crossing opposite one another at the crossroads of King’s Cross Road – he was with his mother, who he introduced me too, and I kissed him in front of her. She could see how much we liked each other and smiled. He told me where he was living, and we agreed to get together to make music.

Just two days later his body was found naked before his domestic altar, as if his death had been part of a ritual. An investigation revealed that he was murdered by a homosexual serial killer who, when they stood trial before the Crown Court, was proven to be responsible for at least Alex’s death, but also turned out for ‘undisclosed reasons’ to be untouchable. You did not even have to be close to the case to know this – it got into the papers, with much outrage among the red-tops – probably the only time the Sun ever defended a homosexual.

Due to absurdly long autopsy investigations Alex’s funeral was held nearly a year after his death, on Friday 13th December 1996. Due to the circumstances only two of his friends were allowed to attend. The first was my domineering ex-boyfriend, who having joined the Illuminates of Thanateros was still in my life. I was the other, there upon the invitation of his heartbroken mother, who survived her son by just two years.

How could this happen to someone? How could a proven killer be legally untouchable? And what of this coincidence, that Alex should be known for a song anout a homosexual serial killer?

A cold chill also goes through me, and not of the good kind, when I hear the lyrics.. No Johnn, never never tell.. Murder me.. a child’s voice, barely audible at the closing of ‘The Anal Staircase’, Get off me, you creep..

Having already had to sacrifice our love for the music of so many talented artists, now quite rightly hated by all the fans they betrayed, from Rolf Harris through to Garry Glitter and the Lost Prophets, or anyone whose previous fandom hasn’t blinded them to the blatant cover up around Michael Jackson, what do we then make of Coil?

Johnn’s Black Sun paedophile fantasies run through much of Coil’s music, right from the beginning. Towards the end of his own and Peter Christopherson’s shortened lives, they became ever increasingly apparent. The re-release of the album Scatology, for example, has upon its cover a photograph of a nine years old boy’s naked back-side, framed within an averse crucifix. (Yes, really. You thought that was a girl? You might want to throw that album cover away. If there were any legally unquestionable proof other than ‘hearsay’ among Chaos magic circles, you could go to jail for owning it.)

More blatantly, they also recorded a video of Johnn Balance singing Love’s Secret Domain while surrounded by cavorting child prostitutes.

Have you heard the rumours about Peter Christopherson’s own family origins, and his membership of occult circles far more powerful than any Chaos magic? I shall not repeat such alleged disclosures here, but they are out there, and it enough to say there is more than enough ‘circumstantial evidence’, even in the public realm, to suggest criminal conspiracies.

It is my understanding that Alex was murdered because of what he knew; knowing what I do about his life, the people who were around us, common sense suggest this, and his ghost has told me nothing more. Nobody can disclose on behalf of the dead, but it is not always true that their secrets die with them.

I give honour to Alex Feguson, the Ghede of King’s Cross. Remember him when you hear this song.

You know the living. We know the dead. My desire is your kiss completed..


Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

I received a FB message an old ‘soror’ from my Chaos magic days, when I was involved with the Illuminates of Thanateros. She accepted that links between my parents – Ann & Adrian Brynn-Evans – and the paedophile ring operating in the West Country, were all well documented; including Colin Batley and his cul-de-sac cult (Ann’s initiatory ‘Eye of Horus’ tattoo can be seen in National Geographic: Taboo: Witchcraft), and the murder of Peter Solheim (Ann & Adrian appeared at the murder trial, along with Peter Petrauske – later convicted as a member of the ring, with links also made to Solheim – Google the newspaper reports), However, said ex-soror then made the absurd claim that I could not demonstrate any links between my family, the ring, and the IOT, concluding she had no reason to believe me.

It seems this is misinformation has been widely spread by the IOT, no doubt – quite ironically – originating with its leadership, currently Julian Vayne and Nikki Wyrd (real name Nicola Ward); my daughter’s step-father and biological mother. In other words, the current leadership of the IOT in the UK and my family are, to all intents and purposes, one and the same.

Julian Vayne has known Ann and Adrian since the 1990s. Intimately, I expect, considering that my parents joined Julian’s Sex Magic Working Group, back when they were all living in ‘the big MK’ of Milton Keynes. Embarrassing, but true. They later reconnected in the West Country through their mutual membership of The Pagan Federation, and The Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft. These connections can all be verified by any researcher.

Julian’s partner Nicola Ward, also happens to be the mother of my only daughter, Rose. Ann refers to Nicola as her ‘daughter out-law’, rather than in-law, since we never married yet they are related through Rose. Nicola’s daughter is Ann Brynn-Evans’ grand-daughter.

And yes, you read that right. It seems Julian was first screwing my mother, then many years later the mother of my daughter, more recently the both of them at once. This is indicative of how incestuous and sleazy the small world of ‘occultism’ really is. Worse than this, according to the disclosures of my stepson, while he was in the care of his biological father Peter Pracownick, also an old Pagan friend of Adrian’s, he was handed over to the Colin Batley cult for sexual exploitation – the creation of extreme child abuse images, some – but not all – of which was ‘Satanically themed’. Julian Vayne, Nicola Ward, and Ann & Adrian Brynn-Evans, were, according to these disclosures, all involved in the Colin Batley group. As from the IOT’s Halloween meeting in 2003, held at Trevalga Manor, Cornwall, they were all involved in the sexual abuse of my learning disabled stepson, who was at that time just 6 years old. Since then he had been constantly re-targetted, and this is almost definitely continuing today – he has been returned to Trevalga Manor, and the people he said abused him make no secret of there presence there. The connection between Peter Pracownick, Julian Vayne and Nicola Ward is also easily verified with a simple Google search.

Rose has sex-death (the meaning of ‘Thanateros’) cultists for a mother (Nicola Ward), stepfather (Julian Vayne), grandfather (Robert Harris), grandmother (Ann Brynn-Evans), and step-grandfather (Adrian Brynn-Evans). Given the addition of corruption in local authorities, and a paedophile ring members who ‘just happened’ to be living in our immediate area here in Bristol (Martyn Tucker), it is no wonder she was totally ‘duped’ – Jasmine and I were the only people around her telling the truth. She puts herself in dire jeopardy by remaining in touch with them, along with those around her, and is apparently completely their creature. Since Rose has been exposed as feeding information about us to people trying to harm us, ran messages between Martyn Tucker (a member of the paedophile ring) and Peter Pracownick (the biological father), and has lied to us and caused as much additional hurt as possible, Rose has made herself too great a liability to allow in our lives.

That’s how real this is, and how tragic. I have even had to cut all contact with my own daughter. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love her, or that she does not still love me, however duped she has been into misdirecting her anger. I’ll never forget her saying, “If it is all true, Dad is to blame for abandoning me to a paedophile ring.” Which is hardly fair – just because it didn’t work out between her mother and me does not mean I abandoned her – indeed I spent many years fighting for access; contact between Rose and I was, in the end, enforced by the Family Law Courts. Ironic, then, that Rose should, in 2013, appear in the Family Law Courts here in Bristol to joyfully grass her father up for smoking marijuana, as if this were ‘evidence’ I was a bad parent, betraying her step-brother by attempting to sway the courts into returning him to his abusers. As it happened the Magistrate made a completely fair ruling – that her stepbrother should choose for himself where he wanted to be – but social services never explained this choice to him.

And speaking of misdirected anger; I also have to deal with people like this ex-soror, who seems to have returned to activity in the Illuminates of Thanateros, UK. I understand her cognitive dissonance only too well. It is hard to accept such unpalatable truths, especially if they concern people you once thought of as ‘frater’ or ‘soror’, let alone if they are also of your own blood family. My ex-soror claims to have no reason to believe me. The truth is, she has no genuine reason not to. We have no reason to lie. We are long over being re-traumatized when people fail to hear us, but we won’t pretend it is easy putting our necks above the line for other people’s benefit. It is not like either of us owed her any favours, nor anyone else we have warned, but at least we tried.

There is some good news, however small in comparison to our tragedy.

Judging by sales of THE NUERONOMICΘN, and the gathering membership of ICΘN, more and more people are seeing through the lies. This is very encouraging – not just for us, but for occultism as a whole. Many of us remember when it was impossible to tell your average Catholic that their preistcraft was riddled with paedophiles, or that there were close links between the Mafia and the Vatican. Our situation has been entirely comparable. More so than most ‘occultists’ are yet ready to realize. The Vatican had been peddling exactly the same lies and excuses, as well as silencing disclosures with allegations of ‘false memory syndrome’, ‘mental health issues’, ‘attention seeking’, and all the rest, that certain occult leaders (Satanic and otherwise) continue to peddle today – the only difference is that the rings operating within occultism continue to thrive unchallenged.

It is clear that, if we want occultism to thrive, we need to expose the paedophiles and sort this problem out from the ground upwards. Nobody else is going to do this for us. It is also clear that those with the wisdom to hear the disclosures of victims, or of whistle-blowers like ourselves, remain in the minority – but our numbers are growing, and they shall continue to grow.

It will not be long before there are enough of us to make life very difficult for the guilty indeed.


Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Gnostic, Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Murder, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sorcery, Spirituality, Trauma Based Mind Control

Those opposed to abusive mind control, within occultism and society as a whole, need to organise, network, and direct our magick towards its complete and absolute destruction. We are engaged in what amounts to psychic warfare. Let our minds become our weapons, with which to liberate ourselves and others. To this end the anti-order I.C.Θ.N. has been formed: the International Conspiracy of Theta Neuromancers.

I.C.Θ.N. is a network of independent sorcerers and psychic researchers, membership of which is through self initiation and declaration – in much the same manner as the hacker group Anonymous. No expectations are placed upon agents beyond supporting one another in our work and opposing those who are our natural enemies. Agents may declare themselves publicly or keep their allegiance secret according to personal preference. They may work together or alone, but always towards a common end; the liberation of our culture from mind control.

Agents recognise one another through the Theta symbol, displayed upon the person as jewellery, a tattoo, a badge, or even simply as an avatar over social media, in much the same way as the members of any group recognise one another through shared symbols. I.C.Θ.N. has no official centre, leadership, or online presence. Networking is achieved through coincidental meetings and mutual introductions only. All that is required is to display the symbol, cast our enchantments, and we shall find one another. Upon doing so it may be appropriate to offer the ‘watch words’; “Hello, you and I should know each other.”

Where the establishment form orders, the magicians of I.C.Θ.N. form societies. These rely entirely upon voluntary cooperation, with nobody giving or obeying orders of any kind. Structure must be allowed to arise spontaneously; one does not defeat an enemy by playing a game whose rules they have devised, but by playing a game they cannot predict or determine. Similarly, there are certain patterns that tend to arise within free social dynamics, such as the circle, and the circles within circles; to deny this would also be to deny address to implicit hierarchies that arise naturally.

There are no robes of office, or requirements of nudity, in group rituals of I.C.Θ.N.. Members may wear any clothing they choose, so long as it is either black or white; the neutral ‘non colours’. If service to the archetypes is to be given, coloured clothing may be adopted as appropriate to the seven rays. If an altar is prepared, the charaktēre of Theta should be prominently displayed.

All workings, actions, or other activities are the responsibility of the individuals concerned. Any agent may coordinate a meeting or action. No agent is obligated to attend or comply. All agents must remain aware of attempts to infiltrate or otherwise pervert the course of the I.C.Θ.N. egregore.

Active members of I.C.Θ.N. are invited, but not obligated, to share confirmed research and ‘tried and tested’ rituals with other agents through I.C.Θ.N. TRAINING PAPERS. These should be clearly designated as ‘internal’ and ‘public’ with regards to publication.

While discretion may be important to the success of certain projects, and magical operations are generally undermined through discussion with outsiders, no oaths of secrecy are required. Agents may also leave at any time without fear of reprisals from the conspiracy; this will never in itself be considered a betrayal.

It should be apparent that I.C.Θ.N. will not gain support from the established / establishment ‘occult orders’; to which it is diametrically opposed. Such is neither courted or required. Agents may choose to boycott any business supporting or compromising with abusive mind control groups, or conceive of direct actions to damage such businesses and where possible expose and destroy them. It is up to each individual agent to decide for themselves what actions they deem appropriate.

Г ⸫

It is clear that Western culture requires desperate and urgent healing, of the kind that only magick can provide. The agents of I.C.Θ.N. include those organically called to this task by virtue of the light within them; acting as solitary pylons for the Gamma frequencies, or uniting to awaken this integrating light in others, and in society as a whole.

The New Aeon will dawn only when we all share the power to see what we see, hear what we hear, and know what we know.

For further information see THE NEURONOMICON, the official training manual of I.C.Θ.N., available soon. Watch this space..


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“This has to be the definitive book on the occult. It’s beautifully written and also highly accessible. The artwork is amazing too.” – Pat Mills, originator of 2000 AD

“One of the best magick books I’ve read for years. I would say on a par with some of AC’s works. And thats not a thing I say lightly.” – Michael [Mick] Norris, illustrator of LiberNull & Psychonaut

“Excellent.” – Ray Sherwin, originator of Chaos Magic

“An education.” Valerie Sinason, The Tavistock Institute



Θ ⸫


The Neuronomicon represents the first genuine advance in the technology of magick in 100 years, and is possibly the most powerful grimoire currently available in the West without clearance from the government. The essence of its model originates with mind-scientists working in secretive military programs concerned with the development of psychic abilities such as remote viewing and influence. I am indebted to all those involved in leaking this information, and to those who joined me in experimenting with the theory and merging it with traditional magick.

I have drawn from several decades of experience, during which I have learned directly from initiates of many paths; from my origins in the hereditary witchcraft of Essex1 through to the ceremonial magick of the Western Tradition, Tantra (Buddhist and Hindu), Haitian Voudon, the metiságe of Voudon / Makaya / Orissa / Obeah practised at street level in cities such as Bristol, London, New Orleans, and New York, as well as many other sources of knowledge encountered along the way. I have also experimented extensively with an advanced version of the Audio-Visual Synthesiser ‘mind machines’ originally developed in the C.I.A. funded psychic experiments of Project Stargate. Finally, for reasons discussed elsewhere, I have communicated with a number of therapists and survivors dealing with the fallout of MK Ultra style mind control programmes. All of these streams have informed the current of The Neuronomicon.

While many chapters cover material familiar to any magician, such as the casting of the circle or the disciplines of meditation, their relation to the emerging paradigm brings startling implications. This is the reason I have approached the subject through what are likely to be familiar symbol systems, rather than the obscurer mysteries. The deeper one’s knowledge of these areas, the deeper the implications, given adequate meditation. Just as one may be familiar with every individual number employed in mathematics, this does not imply mastery of the discipline, and even with mastery there are always more discoveries to be made.

The techniques and concepts discussed herein are often discussed using the terminology of psychology, neurology, neurolinguistic programming, quantum physics, and information science. As modern practitioners we are less and less allowed the luxury of belief untroubled by intellectual analysis. One may not seek the mysteries without intuition, yet similarly one may not seek them without logic, empiricism, and rationality; to do so invites delusion and obsession. The practice of magick requires, as even the charlatan Crowley recognised, “the method of science and the aim of religion.”

There are many who believe magick and science to be the antithesis of each other; such is a misunderstanding based on an incomplete knowledge of either. In centuries past the two were indistinguishable – it is well known, for example, that the origins of chemistry lie in alchemy. In our modern day the most advanced sciences are once again becoming increasingly indistinguishable from magick. We have discovered that our holographic reality is dependent on the one thing science has yet to explain and understand; consciousness. Our most advanced scientists have postulated the theory that consciousness consists of information, which itself exists beyond the confines of the space-time continuum.

For the longest time magick has been assumed to be either ‘acausal’, or else caused by such things as ‘spirits’, the existence of which cannot be proven – hence the apparent dichotomy with science. In fact there is a cause, as can now be measured and recorded, just as it can be shown that this cause remains the same regardless of what beliefs or paradigms the magician may choose to invest in. That cause is consciousness – something which may now be measured, and effected through technology.

Magick is a bit like computer programming; it does not matter if one believes the computer works because of gods, spirits, aliens, or any other reason – it still works when you turn it on; hence lesser sorcerers have assumed that belief itself is arbitrary – or even that belief ‘shapes reality’. It is only if one intends to control others by means of a cult that such beliefs have any advantage. In contrast, if one intends to fix, improve upon, or hack the programming such errornous belief becomes a clear disadvantage. This grimoire is intended for all those who wish to know how the programming codes of magick ‘really work’.

I have classed these operations as neuromancy, a term borrowed from the science-fiction of William Gibson. Nevertheless, the conceptual tools may be applied by any magician, regardless of the tradition or ‘current’ they align with, if any. There are reasons I have consciously borrowed from popular culture; my aim is to employ language the reader is likely to be familiar with, but does not alienate with presumptions of belief. As far as possible I have presented the techniques of sorcery stripped of cultural significators. What I have not done is developed a new system of magick, or syncretised an eclectic belief system. Instead I have explored the commonalities between the various traditions to show that, whilst the language and symbols may vary, their approach is essentially the same; correlating also with modern advances in the mind sciences. Since these are not different ‘belief systems’ in the first place (except in the sense of language) there is no need for syncretisation.

I also speak of the Invisibles; a term some might recognise from Grant Morrison’s graphic novel, which he in turn borrowed from Voudon. This is not to imply any one cultural bias over another. In referring to the Mystery of the Red Ray, for example, I mean that force that manifests as Ganesh, Mercury, Hermes, Nabu, Thoth, Exu, Simbi-Makaya, or Odin, among other masques, who is cross culturally found at the crossroads, is master of magick, and who teaches through trickery. The irony is that les Invisibles – the lwa or ‘laws’ of Voudon – have no problem wearing masques and names from popular culture. These are the elusive powers and aspects of the collective unconscious otherwise referred to as the archetypes; a term Jung adopted after the Archons of the Gnostics, in whose esoteric philosophy he found great inspiration. Others have performed sorcery evoking the ‘shadows’ of the archetypes as the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu mythos, served Ghede / Saturn beneath the masque of Darth (Daath) Vader, or have invoked the divine trickster as Bugs Bunny (Br’er Rabbit being none other than the African mystery called Anansi).

The source of all these mysteries I call the Greater Mind, implying what might otherwise be called Siva, Bhodi-Mind, Obatala, Oludamare, All Father, or ‘God’; although the implications are less that of a personal deity than of an impersonal consciousness behind all manifestation. As Albert Einstein put it, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is involved in the laws of the Universe – a Spirit vastly superior to that of man”.

That ‘magical energy’ called chi by the Chinese, prana by the Hindu of India, ashé in Voudon, önd within the Northern Tradition, pneuma by the ancient Greeks, by the Alchemists as Azoth, called also vril in modern Theosophy, known to Wilhelm Reich as orgone and to Von Reichenbach as odyle, I refer to simply as the Force; although our results may not be as dramatic as the Jedi, the meaning is essentially the same.

In this same manner I refer to to what the Hindu call Maya, the Buddhists call Samsara, and the heathens called the Web of Wyrd, as the Matrix; implying an illusory universe dependent, like the programming of a computer, upon a binary code (i.e. duality), and itself the product of consciousness. As Maxwell Planck put it, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

As a Hindu monk once said to me, all religions and spiritual systems are ultimately maps with which to navigate Maya (Matrix), without which the seeker may easily get lost in endless possibility, or suffer any of the countless pitfalls that threaten the unwary. Yet there will always be those who insist on striking out on their own, learning from their successes and errors along the way. Such a journey is bound to be filled with hidden wonders, but also many painful lessons; yet it is only ever by straying from the beaten track that you will find the path direct.

Θ ⸫

Book Three: Context provides some background to the practice of magick generally, giving comparisons between the techniques and beliefs of various traditions, and discussing the origins of the genuine left hand path cross culturally in ‘spiritual / political dissent’. I have also included some chapters concerning government mind control and its involvement with magick. These are not some conspiracy theory, but something I have direct experience of; the reader is referred to my work Beast Wing 666: Ritual Abuse in the UK. While this ongoing personal situation is beyond the scope of The Neuronomicon, it has to be said that this knowledge did not come easily, or without considerable personal cost. That I am still here, carrying on the ‘good fight’, is something my enemies could never have expected. That I am gradually, against all the odds, actually ‘winning’ (there are no winners is a situation like this) is testament not only to my magick, but to the integrity of my truth.

Nevertheless, there will inevitably be many unable to accept the information in this book, and who will respond with ‘knee jerk’ conditioned reflex – just as they have been programmed to. There will be much they have previously accepted as truth they will have to question. The misinformation contradicted by this work will have been received first, enforced through repetition, and widely accepted. Not only will this book threaten their sense of self, but also their sense of confirmation by society. When any falsehood becomes widely accepted in such a fashion it becomes almost impossible for an individual to perceive otherwise. Whenever our beliefs are contradicted at such a level we experience cognitive dissonance; this elicits a neurological response identical to that provoked by actual, physical threat. We see this most often when someone becomes irrationally obstinate during an argument. At such times our brains are not functioning at their optimum.

There will also be those who do accept this information, along with its implications for society, whose entire world view will be turned upon its head. Most will not be grateful. Only a few will resonate with this work, putting theory into practice and testing it against reality. They are likely to have a natural inclination towards meditation and to already practice some form of magick or psychic discipline. Perhaps they will also have experiences revealing the dark underbelly of our ‘occulture’, and rather than bury their heads in denial are engaged in finding solutions.

It is to these few that The Neuronomicon is ultimately intended. I am glad it found you.

1See my work Witcha: A Book of Cunning (Mandrake of Oxford, 2005, out of print on author’s insistence), my appearance in the National Geographic documentary, Taboo: Witchcraft (2004), and The Devil’s Door; Initiation Into Infernal Witchcraft (Peacock Angel Publishing, 2013). See also the chapter Infernal Witchcraft in Book Three of this current work.



Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Knights of Chaos, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Murder, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

For what it is worth, here is the IPCC complaint I mentioned earlier – it is in fact three years old. So why release it now? Because it shows that Julian Vayne’s ‘statements’ made about me online, and republished by Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford, are out-and-out lies.

The truth is that I have never been guilty of child neglect or abuse of any kind – the court cases Vayne writes of concerned the Colin Batley ‘occult’ paedophile ring of which both Vayne and Mogg identified to me as having been members; along with a number of others associated with the Illuminates of Thanateros UK and my fucked up family (pretty much the same thing these days). Nor, as Vayne has been telling people, and as is claimed on a website he and Nikki Wyrd (Nicola Ward) made to libel me, have I ever possessed ‘child pornography’ – a fact easily checked as this would mean I would be on the Sex Offender’s register.

The people Vayne claims he ‘supported’ through their ‘hard time’ were the abusive ‘father’ and stepmother who sold the child to the paedophile ring, and who – so the child told me – have themselves also been sexually abusing them.

The IPCC report also shows there was no meaningful police investigation into the allegations against the paedophile ring because the child making the disclosures was ‘vulnerable’ due to their disability – they are diagnosed as borderline autistic, with a learning disability. Although they could in fact make themselves perfectly understood the his mother, myself, and others, Social Worker Rebecca Mumford failed to interview the victim in a suitable manner and the ‘investigation’ then proceeded as if the child had made no disclosures at all. Based on her misinformation Crown Prosecution Service decided they were not suitable as a witness and could not be relied upon to ‘take the stand’ in court.


This should be of concern to all parents of disabled children – if your child is similarly targetted THE SYSTEM WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR CHILD. Furthermore the authorities will attempt to cover for this failing by demonising you, the parent, if you or your child make allegations of abuse. This is the very definition of vulnerable – to be without protection or support of any kind – and then to be further victimised by the very authorities whose responsibility it is supposed to be to come to the ‘rescue’. THIS IS A BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND HAS TO CHANGE NOW. Every child, disabled or not, deserves to be heard if they speak out about abuse of any kind. That we are talking here about abuse from a sadistic paedophile ring, where the victim was drugged and raped by many people, re-targetted again and again throughout their entire childhood, makes this particularly disturbing.

The paedophile ring is still operating, unobstructed and uninvestigated, due to this failing of the system. Other vulnerable children are at risk from these scum – one of them even works as a sex educator for vulnerable children, despite having written several books about devil worship and drugs, and so vulnerable victims are in ready supply, not just to them but to the paedophile ring within which they operate.

The brave child who made the disclosures this blog is based upon was returned to their abusive ‘father’ Peter Pracownick as a result of this FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM. We also know of at least one other child that is being similarly abused – so severely this has resulted in brain damage, meaning the system will also fail this child if and when they make disclosures of their own.

THE GUILTY KNOW THEY CANNOT BE PROSECUTED DUE TO THIS FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM IF THEY TARGET THE VULNERABLE AND DISABLED. THEY ARE THE LOWEST SCUM IMAGINABLE AND THE SYSTEM PROTECTS THEM – even those officers who know exactly what they are have no choice in this matter. As C.P.S. officer Carolyn Belafonte said to us, herself in tears as she spoke, “Sometimes you can know damn well they did it, but you just can’t get them for it.”

The IPCC report also shows that police failed to interview the victim in a suitable manner – and let me say something here – this was entirely the fault of incompetent social worker Rebecca Mumford. She and the interviewing officer made a surprise visit to the victim’s school, making no attempt to explain to the victim that they were not in trouble and traumatising them further. The report says that the child victim said several times, quite clearly, “They drugged me and raped me.”

Rebecca Mumford recorded that the child suffers from ‘echolalia’, which appears to be a condition she made up on the spot, claiming they were simply repeating words they had heard without understanding them. Rebecca spent much time with the victim, and if this was a genuine mistake on her part it is one that she most surely recognised but did nothing about. She had many opportunities to ‘u-turn’, having spent more time with the victim than with their mother, or myself. This disgusting woman should be in jail for her incompetence. She forced contact between the victim and their abusive father Peter Pracownick. She denied the existence of the cult, despite Batley and others having been successfully prosecuted, and despite my parent’s appearing in newspaper reports as associating with them, and even said to Jasmine, “It was always about pining this on you, right from the start.” She also said, “Even if there was abuse, he [the victim] must have had some nice times as well.” (WTF?!!?)

We note that Rebecca Mumford had recently transferred to Bristol Social Services and originally came from Wales, where Colin Batley’s cult was operating. We also note from several disclosures, such as those made by the anonymous Deathcultreject in 2009, that there were Social Workers in the paedophile ring. It is certainly the case that Rebecca Mumford undermined the investigation in every possible way, and we do not consider it impossible that Mumford did this deliberately. She also – AGAINST THE RULING OF THE MAGISTRATE IN OUR FAMILY LAW CASE – delivered the victim back to their abusive father.

It has taken us 5 years to recover from the grief and trauma enough to think clearly on these matters. Only now are we beginning to gather the strength to seek legal retribution for the wrongs against us and our children. Watch this space.