The REAL Secrets of Chaos Magick 3

Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Colin Batley, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Ritual Abuse

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Chaos Magic, Colin Batley, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse

This video is 5 yrs old – and I stand by everything I said back then. I was not ‘ill’, nor lying. The Illuminates of Thanateros have continued to operate as a paedophile ring because YOU have stood by and hoped someone else would sort the problem out.. leaving the victims to fend for themselves.

Remote viewing report

Chaos Magic, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Illuminates of Thanateros, Mind Control, Neuromancy, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

Remote viewing report

Experiment performed aprox. midnight 02/06/18

Subject – an Adept of the IOT – reached through the memory of physical contact – a hand on subject’s back – maintaining inner composure while saying loudly, “You are cursed.”

Subject then reached via Theta trance during meditation before my domestic altar.

Two strong results;

  1. A memory of the subject’s own: what was on his mind at the time of physical contact? Subject present at the home of Colin Batley, ten years ago?. Three children (?one older girl, two infants?) have been taken to a separate room, where subject is attempting to hypnotize them. He has them fixated by his deformed hand, which he ‘wobbles’ in the air. They laugh at him. Subject thinks to himself, “There’s little in this world more challenging than breaking the will of a child.”

  2. Current time: Subject flying off in a panic to his old Mentor in the IOT. They speak face to face. There is a bad smell (blocked drain? wet dog?).

    Subject asks, “How did he know?”

    His Mentor dismisses outright the idea it has anything to do with magic, but cannot offer any explanation beyond ‘lucky guess’. He promises (again) that “.. something will be done about him” (meaning Nathaniel), and swallows hard. Subject hears / sees the involuntary action and knows his old Mentor is lacking in confidence. They both feel, deep deep down, all the way down, sick with anxiety.


Chaos Magic, Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse

When Jasmine and I first moved to Bristol, back in 2006, we naturally decided to check out the local Open Circle Pagan Moot. At that time it was held at a cute little pub with the appropriate name The Printer’s Devil.


It just so happened to right round the corner from where we lived. We walked past it every day.

We don’t need to go into details, but it is now apparent that several people we met there were connected to the Colin Batley sex cult; for example, we met a tattooed and pierced couple visiting from Wales who told us they knew Peter Mastin – surprising back then, since we did not know anything about his visits to the West Country. For reasons we did not understand at that time several people at the moot conspired to tell lies to the owners of the pub – telling them I had been making homophobic comments and taking cocaine – neither of which would be believed by anyone who knows me, but the landlord and his boyfriend fell for it.

There was a lot of disagreement at the moot about this, as – it turned out – we had left a good impression on most people and were very popular. Two new moots were created in support of us, to prove a point.

The first of these was the Bristol Occult Book Club, started by Quinn Talos and Adam (?), which I was invited to speak at as an occult author. Witcha had been out around a year and was exceptionally successful. I gave a talk on the mysteries of the Devil’s Door, on 06.06.06. It was standing room only – several people told me they had never seen so many at an occult or Pagan moot in Bristol, ever.

The second group, supposedly also started in protest against the actions of the Open Circle Moot, was the original Bedminster moot held at the White Horse. This included two people from the main moot that made us uncomfortable, so we only attended once or twice. There was a lot of loud-mouthed ball swinging from the moot’s organiser, Nigel; who had also organized an event called ‘Crowley Day’, where we met someone we later identified as Colin Batley .. One guy at the Bedminster moot, called by most people ‘Creepy Tony’, openly admitted to being a paedophile.. and nobody but us had any problem with him. This says everything you need to know.

Finally, to bring the point home, we organised a ritual in the so-called ‘crypt’ beneath The Crown, a pub in central Bristol well known to bikers, punks, and goths. It was well attended; around 30 people were directly involved in the circle. Those who had tried to bully us off the scene were completely outclassed on every front.

My point is, not everyone on the Bristol scene called us ‘troublemakers’, and at the time very few people believed those that did. Most thought those lying about us were merely jealous. We now know it was for the far less flattering reasons.

One day, as we were walking home, we passed The Printer’s Devil as a moot was taking place. Several people called us over, insisting on buying us drinks and quite rightly saying the owners couldn’t legally bar us from standing outside on the pavement. Not wanting to cause trouble, we took some persuading, but everyone insisted it would be ok and they’d stand up for us. Which, when the landlords came out, they did. All the same it was embarrassing, so we left amicably.

That was when Matt, a big burly guy who could pass as a biker but isn’t, decided to assault us. First he hit Jasmine – not hard, but enough to mean I engaged. Much larger than me, he reached down to pick me up. At 5’4”, weighing less than 8 stone, you might think this would have been easy for him. He wasn’t expecting Heaven and Earth followed by Dragon Seeks Two Pearls.

So no, I didn’t start the violence. But I did end it.

After that, we took to cursing The Printer’s Devil every day.

After all, we had to walk past it every day, which would naturally piss off anyone mistreated as we had been, and it wasn’t a lot of extra effort.

The landlords must have been very superstitious, because they sold up and fled the city. Or maybe it was the random bikers who suddenly started popping in there. Real ones, who caused real trouble. In any case, this is The Printer’s Devil now – an empty unoccupied husk with a tree growing out of the middle of the floor, listed for demolition.


Now that’s work to be proud of.


We recently attended another Bristol pagan moot, this time at The Windmill Tavern in Bedminster, Bristol (we are unsure as to whether this is an offspring from the White Horse moot mentioned earlier- it seems likely this merged with the Printer’s Devil moot after their venue was lost). There we met a man we know with absolute certainty to be a paedophile who was active in Batley’s group, and is currently an Adept of the IOT. We heard him talk, and can safely say he knows f*ck all about magick – our guess is he re-invented himself when he joined the Welsh IOT in 2008 .. We have yet to know what (or who?) he was styling himself before then, but we doubt he was practising magic. Most of what he thinks he knows is the same tired old Chaos magic crap – he misapplied the term ‘gnosis’ several times, along with Klesha, a word he used in the pseudo-Tantric manner of Julian Vayne and co., and no doubt tells himself he is ‘smashing’ when acting out his abuses. In real Tantra the five Kleshas are; Avidya (ignorance), Asthitha (egoism), Abhinava (immaturity), Raga (attachment), and Dwesha (repulsion) – all of which said ‘Adept’ displayed during the twenty minutes we sat through his droning nonce-sense.

He was not the only one there connected to the Batley group.

This is to warn The Windmill Tavern what kind of people they are allowing to hold meetings there, to dissuade others from attending.

It is also to let that little cluster of liars know – this time we won’t be fooled into cursing the venue..