Was Epstein involved with cults?

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“You’ll hear how brilliant a manipulator he was, and how he was able to get me on the back foot. Epstein crossed boundaries most people don’t cross, discussing my vaginal canal, for instance, and put a curse on my unborn children.”

A story of power’: podcast on Epstein and Maxwell to draw on hours of interviews https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/11/jeffrey-epstein-vicky-ward-podcast-chasing-ghislaine

Epstein claimed the power to curse? As in.. black magick?

Rumours, alleged disclosures, and ‘conspiracy theories’ abound that Epstein was involved in some form of ‘Satanic’ black magic cult, perhaps a continuation or modern revival of the Sabbataens. It is alleged he had an underground Temple on his island, with alleged leaked footage of a meeting of a white robed cult. As with similar claims against Jimmy Savile, alleged to have been a ‘Satanist’ of the Ordo Templi Orientis, it should be no surprise that such claims are most often dismissed without investigation. Nevertheless, such ‘sex cults’ do exist and wealthy powerful people often rise quickly through their ranks. Given his proclivities, and obsession with gaining power over others, why would the likes of Savile and Epstein not be attracted to such ‘sex cults’?

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case – Dr. Sarah Nelson OBE

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Please use caution while listening to this video. Some of the information may be heavy for survivors. If in doubt, please wait to listen to it until you are with your therapist or a trusted support person. None of the material on this page, on linked pages or from the conference is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy.

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney Ritual Child Abuse Case – Sarah Nelson OBE https://ritualabuse.us/smart-conference/2021-conference/deliberate-disinformation-in-the-orkney-ritual-child-abuse-case-sarah-nelson/

The Orkney child abuse case, a notorious and highly publicised case in the UK from 1991 – 1992, had the 30th anniversary in February this year of nine children being removed into care in “dawn raids” by police and social workers. After claims by three children from another family on South Ronaldsay, part of these northerly Scottish islands, about strange outdoor rituals and organised sexual abuse, grounds for action against their middle class parents and a clergyman referred to “group sexual activity, including ritualistic music, dancing and dress”.

Six weeks later a Scots sheriff called the charges “fatally flawed” and dismissed the case without even hearing the evidence. The children were returned home in a blaze of international publicity. The evidence has never been tested to this day in any criminal or civil court; the parents were considered innocent, receiving an apology and financial compensation afterwards.

The case delivered a hammer blow to child protection against sexual abuse from which it has still not recovered. Anniversaries of the case are replayed in most media complete each time with substantial disinformation, and ridicule and dismissal of “satanic abuse” allegations. This presentation will summarise the main features of the case and describe the elaborate untruths and disinformation created around it from the start. It will also describe Inquiries into child sexual abuse cases which do, in contrast, put the children in the centre of the case at their heart.

Dr. Sarah Nelson OBE (University of Edinburgh) has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues. Her research and publications include the voices of young survivors, critiques of current child protection systems, community prevention, ritual and organised abuse, media representations of abuse cases, and adult survivors’ experiences of mental and physical health services. She has also been a professional adviser to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament. Her book Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical approaches to prevention, protection and support (Policy Press, UK and University of Chicago press, USA).


Satanic Ritual Abuse

Ritual Abuse in the UK – Laurie Matthew (Transcript of PowerPoint) https://ritualabuse.us/smart-conference/2021-conference/ritual-abuse-in-the-uk-laurie-matthew/

Survivors of ritual and organised abuse have increasingly broken silence to protect children, raise awareness, challenge abusers and institutions and demand services for recovery with varying success worldwide. Her presentation will focus on the challenges, experiences and perspectives of ritual abuse survivors in the UK and parts of Europe over the past 30 years and explore the current situation in the UK.

Dr. Laurie Matthew OBE is founder and Manager of Eighteen And Under an award winning charity providing confidential support services to young people who have been abused. She is also a founder member and advisor to Izzy’s Promise the UK’s leading charity for survivors of organised and ritual abuse and of the Ritual Abuse Network Forum (RANS). She is the author of several books about ritual abuse and the Violence Is Preventable abuse prevention programmes for children and young people. She has over 40 years experience of directly supporting abuse survivors. Her recently published research has included participatory research with adult ritual abuse survivors and participatory research with young survivors of sexual abuse who were unknown to authorities.

The Nazi Satanists promoting extreme violence and terrorism

Paedophilia, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse

I remember The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Leeds used to stock publications relating to The Order of Nine Angles. ‘James Hind’ used to threaten me with them. Apparently the ONA are openly pro-paedophile these days. Just saying..

Source: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/countering-radical-right/nazi-satanists-promoting-extreme-violence-and-terrorism/

The Nazi Satanists promoting extreme violence and terrorism

4 February 2021

There are fears that racist occultist groups, such as the Order of Nine Angles, are moving from online recruiting to real-life murder.

In June 2020, an American soldier was charged with sending sensitive information about his own unit’s location, movements and security measures to members of the Nazi-Satanist group, Order of Nine Angles (ONA). He used an ONA-affiliated channel, which promotes Nazism, Satanism, terrorism and sexual violence, on the encrypted messaging service, Telegram.

Three months later, a man was arrested and charged with first-degree murder following the stabbing of a man outside of a mosque in Toronto, Canada. Months beforehand, on 2 February, the suspect had allegedly uploaded a short video titled “Chant (ONA)” to YouTube.

Since the emergence of terrorist groups such as the National Action in the UK and Atomwaffen Division (AWD) in the US, there has been a growing interest in neo-Nazi Satanism. While both groups have been officially disbanded, they have left their mark on the fringes of the white supremacist movement by introducing a racist and apocalyptic form of Satanism inspired by the ONA.

These Satanist neo-Nazi groups promote and legitimise sexual violence and terrorism against perceived enemies, pushing adherents beyond sharing edgy images and texts and towards real-life violence.

So who are they and how are they growing online?

A short history

The ONA, which was founded in the UK in the 1970s, “promotes a supernatural, hateful system of thought which condemns liberal, Judeo-Christian [‘Magian’] society and longs for a new imperial age”, said HOPE not Hate’s Nick Lowles.

Members believe that “civilisation must be undermined and destroyed from within”, encouraging adherents to commit “random acts of violence, sexual assaults, and even the ‘culling’ [ritual killing] of human victims”. While it is unclear how many people currently follow the ONA, the group is known to have inspired individuals and groups across the world.

The ONA encourages its adherents to join the police and the army or to infiltrate religious groups, with the intention of subverting their ideologies and/or morals and to engage in real-life violent experiences.

The group’s founder is one ‘Anton Long’ – believed by many scholars to be David Myatt, a former British neo-Nazi militant ideologue who at some point tried to merge neo-Nazism and Islamism before denouncing Nazism and Satanism in 2011. Myatt denies ever having been involved with the ONA and using the pseudonym ‘Anton Long’.

A global network

ONA’s chapters, known as ‘nexions’, as well as its individual adherents, are spread around the world. They are anarchistic in nature and can be described as a decentralised network of like-minded individuals and groups.

In Australia, the ONA’s nexion is known as the Temple of THEM. In Italy, it is called Secuntra 9, and operates a blog in English and Italian. One of the photos posted on their blog features five group members: the one in the middle holds Secuntra 9’s flag (an ONA nine-angles star with the symbol of the Italian nexion), while the four others give a Nazi salute.

With “2,000-3,000” followers worldwide, ONA021 claims to be the ONA’s biggest nexion. On its English-language blog (the nexion also runs blogs in Russian and Chinese), ONA021 describes itself as an “international esoteric/occult organisation based on following the teachings of the O9A”, below an image of an AK47.

While the group admits to having “some beliefs in national socialism”, it denies following any one political ideology: “Our Occult ideology covers, Satanism/Luciferianism, Islam, and some ancient original Christianity and Cabala [sic] texts, following of insight roles, and a number of other doctrines of the O9A.”

Secuntra 9.jpg
A screenshot from the blog of Secuntra 9, an Italian nexion of ONA, shows members doing a Nazi salute | Secuntra 9

In the US, perhaps the most extreme of ONA’s nexions is the Tempel ov Blood (ToB). ToB’s literature encourages sadism and sexual violence, glorifies mass-murderers and terrorists, and calls for adherents to engage in racially motivated violence depicted as a holy war.

The ToB is reportedly run by Joshua Caleb Sutter, an alleged neo-Nazi occultist activist who converted to militant Hinduism; and who is said to have founded an astonishing pro-North Korea group in South Carolina named the Rural People’s Party.

openDemocracy has attempted to contact Sutter about these allegations but has been unable to reach him.

The AWD’s required reading material included ‘Liber 333’ and ‘Iron Gates’, both of which were authored by Sutter and released by Martinet Press, which is run by his wife and fellow ToB militant, Jillian Scott Hoy.

‘Libre 333’ is a satanic manual, which guides neo-Nazis who fantasise about evolving into a new form of vampiric Aryan predator, and openly calls for infiltrating entities with “sinister potential”, such as the military, the police, religious or right-wing groups; while ‘Iron Gates’ is sci-fi gore that tells the story of a blood-thirsty death cult, and contains graphic descriptions of rape, torture, and murder.

A British affiliate of AWD included teenage neo-Nazi Satanists among its members, such as a teenager who is the youngest person to ever be convicted on terrorism charges in the UK.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, while “Sutter and ToB’s texts helped turn AWD toward a more ‘sinister’ [Satanic] direction”, they also caused infighting and distanced some members from the organisation.

Nonetheless, others have been attracted to this form of militant occultist neo-Nazism. The Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD), a British affiliate of AWD, which was banned as an alias of National Action, included teenage neo-Nazi Satanists among its members, such as a teenager who is the youngest person to ever be convicted on terrorism charges in the UK.

Neo-Nazi-Satanism online

All the above-mentioned groups started online, using the internet to forge connections and establish a presence in other countries. While the accounts associated with such groups are usually banned, and as such there is no official ONA website, less attention is given to ONA-affiliated platforms. These blogs – such as o9a, Omega9Alpha and Lapis Philosophicus – continue to disseminate its philosophy and help to push neo-Nazis in a ‘sinister direction’.

Meanwhile on Telegram, neo-Nazi channels such as the now-deleted ‘Terrorwave Refined’ – which promoted AWD and white supremacist terrorism – encourage followers to read ‘Iron Gates’ and post ONA symbolism. There are also different channels who share ONA/ToB symbolism and promote this worldview through texts, images, and videos.

The channel of a relatively new Nazi-Satanist group, Rural People’s Nationalist Party’s (RPNP), has shared instructions for building home-made bombs and asked members to infiltrate violent or militant entities, institutions, or organisations such as the police or the army –directly echoing the strategies of the ONA/ToB.

The RPNP, which is known to have placed recruitment stickers in locations in the southern United States, mixes Hitler-worshipping, North Korean Juche ideology and Satanism – as well as endorsing child rape, radical right terrorism and political tyranny. The posters it produces incite extreme racial violence. One of the photos in the RPNP channel – of Adolf Hitler, accompanied with the text “finish what he started” – was forwarded from the now-deleted channel of the National Socialist Order, a neo-Nazi group founded in late July 2020 by former AWD members.

Order of Nine Angles and Tempel ov Blood content – literature, images, and correspondence – can be found on every major social media platform.

On 20 September 2020, after reports of the Toronto mosque stabbing, the NSO published a new poster featuring the attacker along with the call to “siege your local mosque” and the ONA symbol. A similar poster featured the Christchurch shooter, who killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand in 2019.

ONA and ToB content – literature, images, and correspondence – can be found on every major social media platform. For example, ToB’s still-active Martinet Press Twitter account shared a link to the YouTube channel Beast Barracks, which contains ToB’s videos.

One video on this channel is ‘Agios o Terror’, featuring a Nazi-Satanist altar that includes ‘Siege’, an “increasingly radical” newsletter that the Southern Poverty Law Centre describe as being “more popular than ever with the racist right internationally” published by James Mason, whose “involvement with [the US’s] organized neo-Nazi movement dates back to the late 1960s”. The video also featured photos of Hitler and prominent American neo-Nazis, as well as a pistol. At the end of the video, a masked person with a shotgun enters the frame.

This is just one example of a phenomenon that appears to be spreading quickly. There has been a recent rise in violent incidents involving ONA, and there are calls for more to come. While still a fringe group, ONA and ToB have succeeded in moving people from online activism to real-life action – and are recruiting, through its nexions, more and more people to their sadistic worldview that legitimizes violence and portray it as a sacred mean that must be used in order to fight its enemies.


Colin Batley, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse

THE LUCIFER EFFECT: Understanding How Good People Turn Bad, Philip Zimbardo https://archive.org/details/TheLuciferEffectUnderstandingHowGoodPeopleTurnEvilISBN9781400064113/page/n137/mode/2up?view=theater

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

No one disputes the influence friends exert on us. Whether they favour hints, tips, advices or open discussions the fact is that we take into account what they say. They mean no harm. After all, they are friends, right?

Not necessarily, especially if it is a group behaviour. Teenagers struggle to fit in. They will wear the same outfits, hear the same songs, talk alike. All in the name of acceptance by the group. Adults are not different. They also join groups, seek people with same interests and obey a certain dress code. They tend to group together with people sharing the same moral values, social-economic status, political and spiritual beliefs, sexuality, taste in music.. Problems arise when those groups show their evil face. Protected by the group, individuals are capable of doing the most atrocious things. As Hannah Arendt said, the banality of evil is flabbergasting.

During WWII, millions of Jews and other minorities were killed in concentration camps. Public reaction was zero.

In the Milgram ‘shock experiment’, students were requested to deliver powerful electric shocks to others, obeying a man in a white coat. The shocks were fake, but students did not know about it. They kept on obeying the man in white coat, giving shocks above 450 V—lethal dose. More than 65% of participants would have killed their classmates if the shocks were real.

In Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’, college students were randomly assigned the role of prisoners or guards during two weeks. The guards were so engrossed by their role that they quickly started harassing, bullying and dehumanizing the prisoners. The experiment became so brutal and out of control that it was interrupted in less than 5 days.

Not so long ago, the brutalisation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison became an international scandal. Pictures of naked Iraq prisoners being led around on leashes and forced to commit sacrilegious acts to their beliefs became public.

It is the same with any group, including ‘magical orders’. This is especially so if a group falls into the wrong leadership, as happened with The Illuminates of Thanateros when a drug dealer, paedophile, and psychopath was promoted to the position of Magi. This individual, also well known for their connection to the Anarchist group Class War, and who was a regular ‘face’ in London nightclubs such as The Torture Garden, was quite possibly an old friend of convicted ‘Satanic’ paedophile Colin Batley during his years as a resident of Peckham.

What a small world, that my parents Ann and Adrian Brynn-Evans were also in this cult, but the ‘occult community’ is extremely incestuous. At the time of their involvement, Adrian was the ‘regional coordinator’ for Devon and Cornwall Pagan Federation, an umbrella organisation that includes Wiccans, Chaos magicians (the IOT), Thelemites (the OTO), Druids.. all manner of ‘alternative’ belief systems. It was a role that gave him a fat address book, putting him into contact with many of the ‘biggest’ names in Paganism, as well as Pagan solicitors, social workers.. all manner of people from all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t just tree hugging hippies that identify as ‘Pagan’. It also meant Adrian was respected and trusted by a huge swathe of the ‘Pagan’ movement. A respect and trust he betrayed – except, of course, among the staggering number of paedophiles and paedophile apologists who seem to be attracted to ‘Paganism’, and who seem to consider the disgust that healthy people have for child rape to be a ‘Christian’ hang up.

Besides appearing in the newspapers as associating with people who later turned out to be involved in a paedophile ring, my mother has a tattoo on her neck from her involvement in the Colin Batley cult. While my detractors in ‘occultism’ like to pretend our disclosures have been debunked, this is simply not so – and there is far more evidence than the disclosures that forced us to finally recognise what had been under our noses all along. Indeed, our detractor’s failure to recognise this is itself SUSPECT. This is especially so with ‘James Hind’, a fake account controlled by at least one other person in the same ring – hence their own obsession with SRA.

Ann Brynn-Evan’s tattoo from her time in Colin Batley’s ‘Satanic’ paedophile ring.

Additionally, there has always been a crossover in membership, for example, between the Illuminates of Thanateros, the Ordo Templi Orientis, and to a lesser extent the Church of Satan. The IOT and the OTO in London meet in the same public house back room, as well as holding meetings in Treadwell’s Bookshop, run by Christina Harrington who herself is an Alexandrian Wiccan.

It seems ‘The Lucifer Effect’ of Batley’s group has infected the whole of UK occultism. It has also resulted in accounts like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice SAFF (Tony Rhodes) spreading false information concerning Batley’s cult, its membership, and its reach, as well as publishing abusive and libellous posts regarding myself. Again, this is a matter I shall be taking legal advice upon with a view to prosecution. At least we know who Tony Rhodes actually is – most accounts used to spread such abuse have been ‘sockpuppet’ accounts.

Good people, under the wrong influence, will do evil things. I don’t know about Tony’s character beyond this situation but his recent online activity has been nothing short of misguided and evil.

The narrative currently being spread by the likes of James Hind and SAFF regarding myself and my partner is dangerous libel easily destroyed in any court. This libel causes myself and my partner significant distress, and they have clearly displayed that they not only know this but find it entertaining. We are taking note of all who spread this libel and are currently in discussion with legal advisors with a view to prosecution.


Mind Control, Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Satanism

Here’s one the ‘Satanic experts’ missed. Again, this is the inevitable consequence of Satanism failing to tidy up its own back yard. If Satanism continues to pretend there are no abusers in its ranks, when there so obviously are, then anyone who identifies as a Satanist is at risk. Only when Satanists prove they are willing to expel the paedophiles riddling its movement will they be able to prevent further accusations (false or otherwise).

People like SAFF and James Hind are directly responsible for the Fundie Xtian responses of people like Wilfred Wong. Until then, even the Catholics are being more honest. I expect young Catholic mothers are less keen to send their young boys to join the choir these days. The Catholic Church used to deflect claims of abuse with the aid of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, now discredited and disbanded. The Satanists are still using the same discredited claims as the Catholics used to.

The Church of Satan has previously been implicated in human trafficking during the ‘Johnny Gosh’ case, while LaVey’s second in command was Michael Aquino. It is only very recently that legal authorities have even began to understand this problem.. along with the implications of CIA involvement.

Because we all know that Satanists and the CIA are honest people who would never be involved with illegal activities.. right?

I in now way at all condone vigilante justice when I say that more attacks like this will be inevitable in the future unless the occult community cleans up its act. Nobody outside the cliques is in any way fooled by them. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice have fire insurance, as many of us remember from when Chris Bray attempted to burn his own shop down to make a false insurance claim.

Rather than wasting their time trying to discredit me (thereby destroying nothing but their own credibility) perhaps Hind and SAFF would like to try disagreeing with the Metropolitan Police? https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/caa/child-abuse/faith-based-abuse/

An Interview with Alison Miller (Healing the Unimaginable)

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Trauma Based Mind Control

ISSTD News, May 23rd 2021 – Complete interview available here https://news.isst-d.org/an-interview-with-alison-miller/

Alison Miller, author of HEALING THE UNIMAGINABLE

KATE: When did you realise you were seeing cases of Organized abuse?

ALISON: Once I know I had a client with DID, I organized a training on dissociative disorders… these people from California came up for it. They talked about DID, but also about organized abuse, which they then called ritual abuse. They talked about organized personality systems, systems being deliberately structured. I thought ‘Oh thank goodness I don’t have anyone like that…’

And then I went back to work and mentioned this to Teresa, saying ‘I don’t have anyone like that’, and she said ‘Oh, don’t be so sure of that’…

Not much later I was on the intake phones for the organization I worked for. This young man, Tony, called in. I remember he said he was a Christian and a survivor of ritual abuse and he’d had a flashback. I asked what his flashback was about. And it was about his stepfather trying to drown him in the sink in the basement and I was thinking… why does he call this ritual abuse? There’s no ritual involved. But of course, that was not his only memory.

Anyway, Tony wanted to come and see me. He had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was on strong medications, but he was spewing out all kinds of memories and was clearly DID. Even though seeing single adults was not my mandate, I took him on. It turned out that his parents were regional managers for the local cult… these were my first clients…then I got Jennifer, a teenager, who had DID, and Teresa’s friend Lorraine. These first DID clients were all members of the local Satanic cult.

KATE: I guess some mental health professionals, hearing stories of extreme abuse, may be tempted to think it is all made up or delusional, but you didn’t get a chance to disbelieve, as your situation was a little unique.

ALISON: Yes. I had these four clients, all abused by the same cult. They unknowingly corroborated each other – they had information about events and abuse… and it was still going on, these were current events … I was followed by these abusers…. I had all kinds of corroboration and evidence. I tried to work with the police, but it didn’t work out the way it should have.

Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation. amazon.co.uk


A reminder to all those still claiming ‘that old chestnut’ Satanic Ritual Abuse is something that has been proven a myth, and that we should thus dismiss any disclosures as fantasy – THE METROPOLITAN POLICE know better than you.

From their own website: CHILD ABUSE / FAITH BASED ABUSE https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/caa/child-abuse/faith-based-abuse/


Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Gnostic, Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Murder, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sorcery, Spirituality, Trauma Based Mind Control

Those opposed to abusive mind control, within occultism and society as a whole, need to organise, network, and direct our magick towards its complete and absolute destruction. We are engaged in what amounts to psychic warfare. Let our minds become our weapons, with which to liberate ourselves and others. To this end the anti-order I.C.Θ.N. has been formed: the International Conspiracy of Theta Neuromancers.

I.C.Θ.N. is a network of independent sorcerers and psychic researchers, membership of which is through self initiation and declaration – in much the same manner as the hacker group Anonymous. No expectations are placed upon agents beyond supporting one another in our work and opposing those who are our natural enemies. Agents may declare themselves publicly or keep their allegiance secret according to personal preference. They may work together or alone, but always towards a common end; the liberation of our culture from mind control.

Agents recognise one another through the Theta symbol, displayed upon the person as jewellery, a tattoo, a badge, or even simply as an avatar over social media, in much the same way as the members of any group recognise one another through shared symbols. I.C.Θ.N. has no official centre, leadership, or online presence. Networking is achieved through coincidental meetings and mutual introductions only. All that is required is to display the symbol, cast our enchantments, and we shall find one another. Upon doing so it may be appropriate to offer the ‘watch words’; “Hello, you and I should know each other.”

Where the establishment form orders, the magicians of I.C.Θ.N. form societies. These rely entirely upon voluntary cooperation, with nobody giving or obeying orders of any kind. Structure must be allowed to arise spontaneously; one does not defeat an enemy by playing a game whose rules they have devised, but by playing a game they cannot predict or determine. Similarly, there are certain patterns that tend to arise within free social dynamics, such as the circle, and the circles within circles; to deny this would also be to deny address to implicit hierarchies that arise naturally.

There are no robes of office, or requirements of nudity, in group rituals of I.C.Θ.N.. Members may wear any clothing they choose, so long as it is either black or white; the neutral ‘non colours’. If service to the archetypes is to be given, coloured clothing may be adopted as appropriate to the seven rays. If an altar is prepared, the charaktēre of Theta should be prominently displayed.

All workings, actions, or other activities are the responsibility of the individuals concerned. Any agent may coordinate a meeting or action. No agent is obligated to attend or comply. All agents must remain aware of attempts to infiltrate or otherwise pervert the course of the I.C.Θ.N. egregore.

Active members of I.C.Θ.N. are invited, but not obligated, to share confirmed research and ‘tried and tested’ rituals with other agents through I.C.Θ.N. TRAINING PAPERS. These should be clearly designated as ‘internal’ and ‘public’ with regards to publication.

While discretion may be important to the success of certain projects, and magical operations are generally undermined through discussion with outsiders, no oaths of secrecy are required. Agents may also leave at any time without fear of reprisals from the conspiracy; this will never in itself be considered a betrayal.

It should be apparent that I.C.Θ.N. will not gain support from the established / establishment ‘occult orders’; to which it is diametrically opposed. Such is neither courted or required. Agents may choose to boycott any business supporting or compromising with abusive mind control groups, or conceive of direct actions to damage such businesses and where possible expose and destroy them. It is up to each individual agent to decide for themselves what actions they deem appropriate.

Г ⸫

It is clear that Western culture requires desperate and urgent healing, of the kind that only magick can provide. The agents of I.C.Θ.N. include those organically called to this task by virtue of the light within them; acting as solitary pylons for the Gamma frequencies, or uniting to awaken this integrating light in others, and in society as a whole.

The New Aeon will dawn only when we all share the power to see what we see, hear what we hear, and know what we know.

For further information see THE NEURONOMICON, the official training manual of I.C.Θ.N., available soon. Watch this space..


Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Illuminates of Thanateros, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sorcery

Those who were on the scene in the 1980s – 1990s remember that Chaos magic gained its ‘street cred’ from referenced in the comic 2000AD.. where Alan More and Grant Morrison cut their teeth. I have met no small number of CM practitioners that admitted their initial introduction was through the comic – without this it probably would never have taken off and become the fad it is today.

I played a large part in Chaos magic’s appearance in 2000AD. I also appeared in the comic a number of times, although unlike Phil Hine I appear under my own name – as myself! – and have not been lampooned or killed off horribly. You can find me as Brother Nathaniel in Nemesis the Warlock, Book 3. In the only ever Nemesis photo-strip (1986) I appeared twice – as the punk in Forbidden Planet, and the loon on the moon who scrawled “Nothing is true & everything is possible” on the cell walls). More recently, a character called Nathaniel appeared in book 2 of Pat Mill’s Defoe, a story set in the 17th century, where I am seen flying around in angelic armour created by – and stolen from – Dr. John Dee.

Chaos Magic has been appearing again in the pages of 2000AD recently – the character Nemesis is long dead, but Deadlock remains alive in Pat Mill’s story ABC Warriors. The below page is from this week’s copy (artwork is by the incomparable Clint Langley).


Gosh. Deadlock sacrificing children? It is almost as if Pat Mills has been paying attention to the fact the ‘leadership’ of Chaos magic (i.e. the Illuminates of Thanateros) has fallen into the hands of ritualistic child abusers.. Deadlock almost appears to be quoting them.. And he’s being fought against by Tubal-Cain, whose name just happens to be a Masonic ‘Watchword’..

Support for our cause pops up in the most unexpected places, such as in a comic shop near you..

Are we alone?

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Uncategorized

I might be slow to catch on but is it true that the Colin Batley case is the only successfully proven and prosecuted case of organized Satanic ritual abuse (and don’t whinge that the newspapers don’t call it that – ask us not Wikkipedia – which gives only misinformation) in the whole world.. ever? For the past 5 years we have been trying to expose those who escaped prosecution and stay alive. Pretty much all on our own. And we seem to be the only survivors the media refuse to interview or help, despite SRA becoming a media shitstorm. Why is that?