ATUA; The Spirit Box

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The ‘spirit box’ is a method of spirit communication common to the African mysteries, most commonly called an Atua, the name by which it is known in the hoodoo of Louisiana. The hoodoo Atua tradition is said to have originated because white men would not permit ancestor worship so more secretive methods had to be found. More overt forms of the same magick can be found throughout the AfroAsian diaspora, just as they can in what remains of European spiritism; I have come across the same method in the notes of a cunning man who referred to it as a Wizard’s Box. In essence the spirit box holds much in common with the ‘Worry Dolls’ of Dutch tradition, although the spiritism of this simple child’s toy – a box of dolls kept beside the bed you tell you worries to before going to sleep – are perhaps forgotten.

The hoodoo Atua is, in essence, a box containing offerings to a specific ancestor, who is ritually called upon and invited to enter into and ‘dwell’ within the box. An Atua to contact your dead Grandmother, for example, might contain her photograph, the perfume she used to wear, items she was fond of, and perhaps thoughtful gifts such as her favourite chocolate walnut whips. Candles are burned on the box’s lid during like a miniature altar, and it is kept under the bed to facilitate ‘dream incubation’. Letters to the spirit world can be left in the box and left there overnight.

A spirit box might contain gifts to the Invisibles, or their Shadows, just as any altar or fetishé might ‘seat’ the spirits. I made the above example for The Master at the Crossroads to look like a grimoire of black magick, then filled it with the appropriate ingredients, similarly to when an initiate of Voudon seals a ‘part’ of Legba in the cowrie eyed concrete heads often sold in botanicas. The crossed trident symbol on its ‘cover’ is known in Macumba and Makaya – two branches on the left side of the Voudon family tree – as a symbol of Exu-Elegbara, and is also known in the old Germanic magick – still practised in some parts of northern Europe – as a symbol of Odin; two faces of the ‘red ray’ of the archetypes, the trickster/initiator at the crossroads, and in both cases also identified after ‘conversion’ with Satan, the Lord of the Underworld; a masque he is said to still wear simply because he finds in funny. It seems an appropriate symbol to apply my own sorcery; a commonality between my own almost eradicated ancestral tradition and the still nourished spiritism of Africa, and so like much of the ‘mash-up culture’ here in Bristol, a city built on the slave trade. Spells and petite pacts, signed with blood, are placed inside the box until fulfilled on both sides.


The Law of Wyrd

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Thence come the maidens

Mighty in wisdom

Three from the place

Under the tree

Wyrd is caled one

Another Werðende

Scored they on wood

Scyld is the third;

There laws are laid

There life chose

To men’s sons

And spoke destiny.

Voluspa 20-25

The image of three witches.. Macbeth.. the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.. the Morae.. the three Marys at the foot of the crucifixion.. the Triple Goddess of the waxing, full and waning moon.. the three Gorgons,, the three faces of Diana.. the three faces of Noticula-Hecate.. the three Fates.. the three Njorns.. the three sisters Wyrd.. They are the laws of time; the past, present, and future. Always they are spirits whose knowledge is of men’s destiny, whose power it is to shape and influence it. In the various mythologies they are often seen as spinning time on their spinning wheels, weaving the fabric of reality, working their spellcraft over a roaring cauldron at the crossroads, or are found at the Well of Wyrd, a spring that lies at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. Each day they take water from the well so that the roots of the world tree do not fall to rot.

The image if the three sister Wyrd recurs throughout the Germanic world, and Anglo-Saxon poetry written even after the conversion still retains memory of their power. Even when the worship of the Northern gods had fallen into decline, even in the modern day, they remain a strong image in their folk customs. We still have the folk saying, “these things happen in threes’, reflecting the connection between the number three and what we call fate. Traditional spells of binding are tied with three knots in three cords. Many folk charms are repeated thrice (or nine times – three times three). The tradition of ‘touching wood’ is to knock thrice upon living wood for good luck. In folk witchcraft circles are often walked (or danced) three times round; hence the ‘superstition’ that it is unlucky to walk around a church three times widdershins – to do so, it is said, may summon the Devil.

The concept of Wyrd, the ‘Three Fold Law’, is central to the philosophy of witchcraft, as it is to its modern cousin Wicca. It is also one that seems to be much misunderstood, often being quoted as the reason why witches do not do ‘black magic’, since (we are told) all things return to their sender threefold. Wrongdoers, according to this misconception, are inevitably punished by the Cosmos herself, and we in turn need do nothing. This interpretation has little to do with the genuine Old Ways, or how Wyrd was perceived by our ancestors.

The most common perception is that this is a kind of deterministic philosophy. Yet the Goddess does not fix, determine, or decide our destinies for us. Wyrd is a fluid and ever changing substance – it is the way Time unfolds. Sometimes it is even seen as a web connecting all things; a metaphor for the way all things are inextricably linked. To pull one strand is to effect the Web of Wyrd as a whole, and the smallest of actions can have the furthest reaching consequences. Wyrd is not fixed. Much of what we like to think of as the future is merely our hopes and fears for the future. These hopes and fears we are thinking and feeling in the now. The future is uncertain, as is much of the present, and indeed the past.

“Goeth ever Wyrd as she wills,” as Beowulf was heard to say. We may petition her, and learn from her, yet she will always be unpredictable – even to the Runemasters. Daily, new actions sink into her well and old deeds rise to the surface..Our ancestors considered it a virtue to accept one’s Wyrd, however hard, just as it was a virtue to know we can be responsible for our Wyrd and change it. This is what magic is all about. While the world (or ‘weorold’ in AS) around us is subject to its own greater destiny, we are subject to our own personal fates, which are effecetd by everything we do in the now. Who and what we are now is a result of our past, and the world we live in is inherited from our ancestors. All Wyrd is one Wyrd (the meaning of ‘weorold’), and yet we each of us possess our own individual Wyrd, of which we may never be wholly the master.

The deeds of the present sink into the well of Wyrd, becoming the past, yet the deeds of the past are inevitably pushed back to the surface by the natural action of the waters moving beneath them. The well of Wyrd is not a cistern or a bucket – it is a dynamic force of change. Wyrd is not about maintaining traditions for their own sake. It is about our place in the flow of Time; an appreciation of who we are and the world we experience, how we came to be and what we can become – indeed what we must become. It is the courage to create and to change through our actions, just as it is the courage to accept what has been created and changed otherwise.

The ‘threefold law of Wyrd’ is the law of returns. Like the law of ‘karma’, many have misunderstood it as a moral force. Our debts of karma, or Wyrd, are not based on some kind of tally system or ‘sin now pay later’ cosmic scheme. Whatever actions we take will always have consequences, and some of those consequences will inevitably effect us. If I throw a curse at you my own bitterness may well come back and slap me in the face, but if I give Johnny three sweets there is no guarantee he will give me nine in return – most likely he will eat them all himself and proceed to ask me for three more. Nevertheless the law of Wyrd is that what we give out is reflected in what we get back. It has always been the case that good deeds are more likely to bring good returns, and that arseholes often make their own lives more difficult. However Wyrd is fickle and obeys no laws but her own. Actions that are well meaning can sometimes bring ruin, and actions intended to harm may sometimes bring healing. Witchcraft is the art of serving Wyrd that she may side with us and our actions bring the results we intend. It is also the virtue of honesty; in accepting who and what we really are. Wyrd permeates al things, flowing through us and through al nature – everything we experience. All things travel a path of return; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It is in the rise and fall of the sea, the three faces of the moon, the turning of the seasons, the cycles of life and death. To recognise this flow is to know where and when to make those changes that get us what we Will, just as it is to know when taking action would be unwise. It is to know ourselves, when our personal power is high or low. It is the knowledge and recognition of omens, and when it is best to perform magic.

The younger sister of Wyrd is Werðende, whose name means custom, tradition, and law; these are not the decree of any supreme All Father or king but are a power derived from the folk. Not everyone lives in the same way, such as the traveller community of modern England, or the Tuscany ‘gypsies’ of the last century. Similarly, the witches of English history have also found themselves at odds with Christian laws, and the government, through their very lifestyles. In Norfolk, for example, we have Kett’s rebellion in our history. In the research library of Norwich, before it burned down in the mid 1990s, I found evidence suggesting this revolt was lead by witches – many years later I found notes made by Cecil Williams, founder of The Museum of Witchcraft, where he also came to this conclusion. The witches were at odds with the Church and gentry’s claim to ownership of the land. Thus it may be seen that these laws were not Wedende, since they were not the laws of the common folk. They were not the laws, customs, or traditions that the folk took to remember history, but the rule of those who would rewrite history according to an imposed narrative.

Wyrd’s older sister is Skyld, whose name means debt, obligation, and mortality. During the conversion, when the Christians needed to find a word that could explain their concept of ‘sin’, they borrowed her name and gave it new meaning. Yet one must not be tricked into believing she is an entirely negative force, for in upholding our obligations we are rewarded. Wreaking vengeance for the harming of one’s kin, for example, is an obligation. It is the custom, tradition, and law of Wyrd that we cannot inherit the power of our ancestors, and have no virtue in our blood, if we do not honour such obligations. We must never give up the battle, in whatever field we fight, against those who would crush us and our ways. This is the original ‘three fold law’; that we must never shy from our responsibilities, including the punishing of our adversaries.


Originally published in Witcha: A Book of Cunning, 2002 – republished by Mandrake of Oxford 2004). Out of print by author’s own demand (and due to breach of contract by Mandrake).


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Nathan’s real life is so unbelievable it could never be passed off as fiction. I hope one day he decides to tell his story.”  – Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD, introduction to KHAOS PUNK

Inspired by Pat Mill’s encouragement, and the need to heal through reclaiming my past, I have been working hard on my autobiography Memoirs of an Accidental Antichrist. Now undergoing its final editing process we are aiming to publish the completed book this September in a limited edition hardback. Advance orders are now being accepted – write to me at for further details.

The following excerpt tells of my unlikely conception;

Memoirs of an Accidental Antichrist

Chapter 0


I WAS conceived during a Black Mass. It was on a boat on the river Colne, just outside the garrison town of Colchester, Essex, sometime around March, 1970. The air thick with pungent incense, black candles on a makeshift altar casting twisted shadows around the windowless hull. Everybody sky-clad, tripping on acid, and chanting the names of the Infernal hierarchy. My father played priest. My mother, a sixteen year old redhead, was the altar and sex magick sacrifice.

As the ritual climaxed there came an almighty thump on the roof of the boat. Rasping, panting breath, and a low grrrowl.

Shit, it’s the pigs,” said someone. “Dog unit. A bust.”

Everyone pulled on clothes and swallowed the remaining drugs; a half ounce of hash and yet more acid, gulped down with a bottle of wine. The bravest among them, probably not my father, opened the hatch. There was nobody and nothing there. Relieved but spooked, and about to come up on a shamanic dose, they refastened the hatch. The growling came again. Something moving around on the roof, sniffing them out. Once more they opened the hatch to find nothing there.

Three times this happened, convincing them the ritual had, quite unexpectedly, worked. They spent the rest of the night huddled together below deck, hatch secured, terrified for their souls.

The sun rose. They brushed off the cobwebs and sailed a little further along the Colne, mooring alongside a Tudor pub with a beer garden leading down to the bank. The old landlord carried food to their table and they got talking. Someone mentioned their experience during the night, presumably neglecting the bit about the acid crazed Black Mass.

The landlord blanched, “You’ve met Black Shuck, the Devil’s hound. He’s patrolled this stretch of river for three hundred years or more, vengeful for the rape of one of his witches..”

Shortly after, my mother discovered she was pregnant.

* * *

At least, that is the version of events she told Jasmine, who is now my wife. This was back in the summer of 2002, before we got together or anyone guessed we would. My mother could never have known that her story would later be repeated to me. Whether this makes it more likely to be true, or less, is impossible to tell. She concluded her unbidden confession by saying, “Of course, his father tells a completely different story.”

When I was growing up my mother told a cleaned up version, where it was just a party, with no Black Mass or LSD, but still Black Shuck. She was always saying things, then denying she ever said them, and I doubt she has changed much now, so I don’t expect her to confirm this story.

* * *

My mother’s maiden name was Ann Clarissa Honeybell, better known to her friends as Honey. She had wild honey coloured hair and honey yellow eyes. Her side of the family had a reputation as witches going back several generations. There were whispers of great aunts, great great aunts, and great great great aunts, who had been midwives, abortionists and poisoners. No boys had been born into the family for long as anyone remembered. If there had been, they had not survived.

My father’s name was Robert John Harris, also known at the time as Image. He wore mismatched coloured contact lenses, and high platform boots to compensate for his 5’2” height. More recently he has taken to calling himself Szandor Dashwood, and hanging out with the society Satanists of London. He must also have also been styling himself as a Satanist back in 1970 – it was in fashion back then, what with Charlie Manson, the Process Church, and the come down from the 1960s.

In any case their tacky Black Mass, and my conception, had more to do with the then recent publication of Anton Szandor LaVey’s The Satanic Bible and the release of Rosemary’s Baby than it did with any genuine witchcraft traditions of Essex. If I had been born a few years later they would probably have named me Damien.

It doesn’t sound so romantic when you put it like that.

* * *

It wasn’t until 2002 that I heard Robert’s version of how I was conceived.

In this version my mother held a séance, of the kind my Grandma was known for, in a house supposedly haunted by the ghost of a cunning man. Thunder rolling through the darkened skies, lightning throwing everything into stark contrast. Everybody sat with one finger resting on the glass, letters of the alphabet displayed on cut-out pieces of paper round the edge of the table.

The glass began to move, gently at first, then nudged at the letters, spelling out messages of anger, spite, and malice.

Everyone took their hands off the glass but it kept on moving.

Begone!” cried my mother.

The glass rose in the air, hovered, then threw itself against the wall and smashed. Everyone screamed, running out into the night as the rain poured down.

It was a fun story, but quite how a séance was supposed to have resulted in my mother getting pregnant remained unexplained. My father is as much of a habitual liar as she is, and I am not saying I believe any of it, or that you should.

* * *

Whatever the circumstances, Robert denied paternity. During childhood he had been kicked in the balls by a horse and only had one, like Hitler. The doctors had told him he would never father children. I guess they neglected to factor in the possibility of witchcraft.

He and Ann split up.

She was hysterical, crying herself to sleep every night. In the grip of a nightmare she shoved her blanket in her mouth and swallowed it down, nearly choking herself to death. She had to be taken to hospital to have it removed.

After that they got married.

* * *

My mother had another story about being out one night with her flower child friends, everybody on LSD, which they all seemed to do an awful lot of. The party was busted by ‘the pigs’, who had no difficulty guessing what they had taken. Ann was dancing on the table batting thrown eggs with an egg-whisk and splattering yolk all over the kitchen.

The pigs lined them all up, turned out their pockets, and gave them a talking to. One got his snout right up in my mother’s face about the size of her eyes and the size of her belly, “That’ll damage the child, you know. It’s chromosomes. Give it birth defects.”

That gave her a really bad trip.

* * *

My birth certificate says I was born in Colchester Hospital Maternity Ward, Friday, 4th September, 1970. No record was made of the time. I was nearly four months premature, still in the amniotic sack, with a fleshy caul covering my face. My entire body was covered in red fur from head to toe, a double crown on my head causing the hair to stick up in devilish little spikes. Green eyes. Still with my prehensile tail, curly like a piglet.

Ann told me she had meningitis and can’t remember my birth. She talked about lying in hospital, delirious, when two figures came to her. A woman in a flowing white dress and a crown made of branches and flowers. A kingly figure with antlers sprouting from his brow like a stag. They were like the characters on playing cards, so that where there should have been legs they had an upside down double image, floating above the ground. As they spoke to her they turned about like wheels, talking with their alternate heads.

Many years later, Robert told me there had been no meningitis. The reason I was premature was because Ann had tried to abort me with a hot bath and a bottle of whiskey.

Either way, the weightless comfort of my mother’s womb was replaced by the hard, sterile box of the incubation unit. There were doubts I would survive. Less that 3lbs in weight, my bones yet to be hardened, gravity twisted my spine as it grew. This tilted the development of my hips so my knees point inwards. My feet have no arches and one has deformed toes. Instead of growing from the front of the foot, pointing forward, they grow from the top and point upward, or would if they were not curled in upon themselves. There is a large gap between the big toe and the one next to it, as if one is missing.

My medical records call it scoliosis, Latin for ‘crooked’. The doctors said I would never be able to walk.

* * *

Ann removed the sock draw from her cabinet and padded it out for my crib. They named me Nathaniel John Harris, my middle and last names shared with my father.

According to Ann she chose my name herself, interpreting Nathaniel, commonly interpreted to mean ‘gift of God’, to mean ‘gift of the Elves’; the Hebrew ‘El’ being cognate with the Old English ‘Aelf’, both meaning ‘being of light’.

According to my father my name was chosen by my aunts, who all insisted upon it together. If so it’s likely I was named after the archangel.

Between being either conceived in a black mass or being the reincarnated spirit of a magician of yore, then named after the most powerful of all the archangels, I think it’s fair to say I never lived up to my parent’s expectations.


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Chaos magick has become quite the fad over the last few years, somewhat like Wicca was in the decades before it. Various groups have sprung up over social media claiming to explore the subject, which in itself might give the impression that the current has been successful. However, when one takes a good look at the quality of material being generated by such groups it quickly becomes apparent that most of those claiming to be practitioners would never have been admitted to any serious magical group requiring discipline or self-honesty and are nothing short of delusional. What most of them are calling ‘magick’ amounts to little more than masturbating over Austin Spare type sigils, with the allegedly advanced practitioners taking drugs while they do so. Furthermore, since they also tend to post pictures of the sigils they have created, thus negating any ‘subliminal’ elements to their supposed spell-casting, few of them seem to have much grasp of actual magical theory.

Additionally, in view of my knowledge that several leading figures in UK Chaos magick were involved in the well documented paedophile ring of Colin Batley, and the inability of said ‘internet practitioners’, along with a certain ex-cult leader, to discern the truth of this matter, it is also apparent they possess no divination skills whatsoever (and this despite the countless allegedly ‘new’ Chaos magic Tarot sets proliferating – none of which even have enough originality to add an Atu 23, or to represent Daath among the elemental suits). All in all, a rather pathetic state of affairs.

The manner in which ‘sigils’ are presented by Chaos magicians as an advance on traditional magick, as if it is some kind of ‘new technology’, is also absolute bullshit. Consider, for example, how runes are combined to create ‘bind-runes’, the way the elemental symbols are combined to make the characters of astrological planets, or the structure of the vevé of Voudon, and it soon becomes apparent there is nothing original about ‘sigil magick’ apart from the fact that it can be performed without any further magical knowledge or study.. or indeed wisdom!

Chaos magick’s emphasis on ‘results’ rather than spiritual development also means many of its practitioners see success entirely in material terms. That the system (because that is what it is, despite claims to the contrary) owes so much to Spare, an artist who spent his later days in a dank London basement surrounded by cat shit, seems particularly ironic. One gets the impression Spare would never have been admitted to the IOT because he would have been considered unsuccessful by them – and Spare would most definitely not have been impressed by the artistically talentless business minded individuals who made themselves psuedo-famous through having allegedly ‘invented’ Chaos magick, or who currently run the IOT.

CM theory’s only ‘advance’ on the popular magick of the 1970s, most of which was wrapped up with Crowley, Satanism, or Wicca, was to do away with obscurantist philosophies or religion and focus on a more scientific approach – recognising magick as a function of the subconscious rather than as the actions of gods, goddesses, demons etc. This approach is in line with much military funded research such as Project Stargate and Project Jedi, yet CM theory has failed to incorporate this more modern research and still clings to the psychological model created by Spare during the 1920s. As Dr. Michael Persinger has proven, during experiments with Ingo Swann, the CIA’s top remote viewer, the required neurological condition is in fact dominant Theta, bringing the ‘pulse’ of the brain into synch with the Schumann Resonance, being the ‘pulse’ of the planet Earth. In arrogant ignorance of this genuinely scientific research Chaos magicians continue to work under the mistaken idea that the ‘deeper’ their trance (or ‘Gnosis’, as they misapply the term), or the more intense the pain / drugs / emotions employed to enter trance, the more powerful their magick will be; often putting themselves through quite unnecessary experiences to little or no benefit.

Having reduced magic to the activities of the subconscious Chaos magicians then go on ‘create new gods’ at a whim, since they are all assumed to be fictional anyway. ‘Gods’, according to Chaos magick, are thought forms that have grown larger than any one person might generate, but a group of practitioners might get together and create one of their own. This approach is born from sheer ignorance of genuine magick; in Voudon, for example, the lwa may wear many masks, such as the Gheude appearing as Darth Vader or Judge Death, but yet neither are considered ‘new lwa’. Rather, the understanding is akin to Jung’s concept of the archetypes (itself born from his esoteric studies); the lwa may wear new ‘faces’ but one cannot create new lwa, just as one cannot create new archetypes, since they are part of the collective unconscious that pre-exists any one of us as individuals. One may create new masques for the lwa to ‘wear’ but the archetype beneath them remains the same ancient and eternal principle. In this respect Voudon is as flexible as Chaos magick, yet the understanding is far deeper, far less egoistic, and far more effective with regards to magick.

To give another example, the image of the wise old man appears in many cultures under many names, as well as in fiction (such as Gandalf, or Obi Wan Kenobi), yet all are the same archetype, and in every case it represents wisdom. If I create a new character in a story that is a wise old man I may have a new take on an old archetype, but I have not created a new one. The same goes with the ‘gods’ – and one would have thought they especially apparent to anyone with any grasp of psychology, as many Chaos magicians claim to have.

The concept of ‘paradigm shifting’ in this context is also shown to be rubbish. A genuine Voudusant, for example, would have no trouble in placing an icon on Kali on their altar to Ezili, just as any genuine Tantric would also recognize Ezili as an alternative masque for the archetypal power known in India as Kali, and would not consider this in any way incongruous.

Of the two rituals the IOT consider – somewhat ironically – to have become part of their ‘tradition’, the first is the Mass of Baphomet. Strangely, none of them even seem to know how to pronounce the god’s name correctly, or have any insight into its mystery (revealed by Atbash to be a cypher for Sophia). The phrase concluding its Enochian invocation, Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas, which is said to ‘open the gates of Hell’ does not appear in any of Dee’s papers and is completely made up. No Voudusant, Makaya bokor, or Tantric, would consider the ‘fake it til you make it’ approach of Chaos magick to be genuine possession. When I was a Magister Templi of the IOT I often used to play the role of Priest in this ritual during inter-Temple meetings; I faked it every time, but nobody present knew any better, because they had never witnessed genuine possession in the first place. Like most Chaos magic it is very dramatic but does not actually work as ‘magic’ – I have witnessed the author of this ritual performing it, and they were obviously faking too.

The second ritual is the Gnostic Banishing Ritual, the most effective part of which is the use of the vowels. This originates with The Ordo Fraterni Saturnus, a German group which had a cross over membership with the IOT and – when I met them – seemed to be so stuck up that Chaos magick was the nearest they got to chilling out and having fun. They were also a bunch of racist cunts with Nazi sympathies. This vowels technique is not nearly as effective, nor developed in its uses, as the more widely practised chakra system of India, also commonly employed by serious occultists from various traditions, and relating to the seven archetypes. Again, none of the IOT’s membership seemed to be aware of the ritual’s origins, or its relation to the middle pillar of the Kabbalah.

The ‘8 Colours of Magic’ are nothing more than the Queen Scale of the Kabbalah, with the addition of the 8th colour ‘Octarine’ (from Terry Pratchett) adding nothing of genuine value, since ‘Pure Magic’ is already represented in that scale by orange (ie Mercury).

If Chaos magick had any value at all it was that its guiding principles allowed for magicians of various backgrounds to work together without argument. To assume that ‘everything you need to know’ is covered by those principles, however, is delusional hubris. The beginner, coming to Chaos magick without previous experience from deeper, more genuine tradition will have little to gain. Thrown in at the ‘deep end’ they will not be able to reproduce the results of more knowledgable magicians with previous training and experience. It is also evident from the writings of those currently involved in the IOT that they cannot differentiate between genuine magical tradition and the rubbish generally propagated within populist psuedo-traditions as are common among honky Pagans. As with sociopaths generally, their knowledge is broad but shallow; they can talk a little about a lot of traditions, but anyone actually from within those traditions will know they are talking rubbish. For example, everything I ‘learned’ in the IOT’s ‘Honori Ghede’ enclave, lead by the UK and USA section head at that time, which supposedly explored Voodoo but turned out to be absolute bullshit once I made contact with the genuine article. When I took the leader of the ‘Honouri Ghede’ enclave along to a genuine Voudon ritual their jealousy was tangible – I remember them attempting to dismiss the validity of the ritual simply because Ayizan had been invoked.. any genuine Voudusant will know how ridiculous such an assumption is, and why I will not explain here why. Anyone who knows even a smidgen of Creole will laugh at their word ‘Honori’, and everything they knew about Ghede was drawn from Michael Bertiaux’s Voodoo Gnostic Workbook.. enough said. The current IOT leadership are even more ignorant, but seem to have quite the talent for convincing the ignorant otherwise. This is worse than wasting their student’s time – some of their current activities are worse than misinformation and is likely end up costing lives.. or should I say, more lives..

Another recent development seems to be a dependence of hallucinogenic drugs to gain ‘magical insight’, particularly Yage and DMT. These drugs offer particularly convincing experiences due to their actions on the amygdala, meaning the ‘trip’ is interpreted by the brain as ‘fact’ rather than ‘dream’; hence so many tourists travel to Peru in search of ‘spiritual experiences’. Their misguided use can easily lead to delusion. Anything that can be used as a medicine can also be a poison in the wrong hands; Yage has proven very popular among cult leaders intent on brainwashing their followers. Psychedelics of any kind, including ketamine or LSD, may also be used by paedophiles intent on ensuring victims cannot make clear and believable disclosures, especially if the intent is to leave them as traumatised as possible. None of those in the IOT are trained ‘shaman’ and their involvement with drugs is bound to end in disaster, probably sooner rather than later. A healer requires empathy, and this is most definitely a faculty (amongst others) that the IOT leadership are lacking in – and not just the current leadership, either.

It is also worth noting that a Magi of that order – the same man that promoted a paedophile to the highest level – has already served a lengthy prison sentence for a mess up with speed, which they had cooked up in a bathtub and dyed with pink nail varnish, that caused the deaths of three youths in Leeds during the 1980s; this is the case referred to in Ray Shwerwin’s book Ouroboros.

Even when the Chaos current still had credibility among serious occultists they tended to move on fairly quickly. Of those who made their psuedo-fame during this period very few have remained involved, including myself. The average ‘shelf life’ for an IOT temple was less than a year – and the only reason the IOT now holds together at all is because its current leadership cannot afford to turn their backs on each other or move on. As with the cult of convicted paedophile Colin Batley, who was an IOT member, Chaos magick might seem glamorous to its dupes, offering sexual licence and alleged power, but is in reality it is nothing but a tragic cul-de-sac.

Thankfully fads in occultism, as with society as a whole, tend to be short lived – so it will not be long before most of these ‘internet Chaos magicians’ will become disappointed with the current’s shallowness and move on to something else, just like the teen Wiccans before them.

Nothing about Chaos magick is new & everything about it is perishable.


NEUROMANCY – Magick in the 21st Century

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Θ ⸫


Out of the past comes this new thing.” – Austin Osman Spare

The beliefs and symbol systems traditionally employed in magick are not in any way arbitrary. Rather, the following models represent the evolution of a conceptual technology, from the dawn of time until the modern day. Just as our sciences, representing a progressive accumulation of knowledge, have steadily become more esoteric with time, so have the technologies of magick become steadily more scientific.

The essential paradigms of magick are as follows;

Θ ⸫

Sympathetic Magick

This is the principle that people or events may be remotely effected through objects having sympathy with them. The paradigm may be further sub-categorised as imitative magick and the law of contact and contagion.

The first is the principle of ‘like attracting like’. Material objects are employed which bear some resemblance to the intent of the magick, such as plants, stones, or animal parts whose names or appearance bear association with the intent. For example, in traditional witchcraft Mandrake roots have power due to their resemblance to the human form. This is the principle presumably applied in prehistoric cave paintings of successful hunts, or where an effigy is made resembling the victim which is then tortured with pins and burned with candles. Modern sorcerers may also use photographs and sound recordings to similar effect.

The common understanding that sympathetic magick of this kind works through the naive superstition of the victim, who supposedly dies through fear, falls down at this point; it still works, indeed works even more efficiently, if done in secret. Similarly, how could a cave painting of a successful hunt have been effective magick if the animals were not superstitious?

The law of similarity also includes such things as omens, and divination by sortilage; gaining insights through the fall of a handful of bones, or Tarot cards, or to be (p)reminded of certain principles through the flight of birds, shapes in the clouds, or tea-leaves at the bottom of a cup.

The second is the law of contact and contagion; the principle of the ‘magical link’, such as the use of a target’s hair, nail-clippings, or footprints. It is the idea that an object that once belonged to someone may be used as a channel to reach them through magick; anything that might conceivably provide a DNA sample may effect the target’s DNA in ‘magical sympathy’. It is common wisdom that such links are all the more effective if given voluntarily. This principle also works in reverse, for example when a witch binds a man to her by feeding him a meal secretly containing her own menstrual blood. Another case is when a thief is cursed using the object they have stolen as the link.

The principle is observed also by physicists in the phenomena of quantum entanglement and the theory of morphic resonance.

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The reader will already be comfortable with the concept of energy. We all know that when we do not eat our energy is low. We know that many of our household items rely on electrical energy, even if nobody is really sure what electrical energy actually is. We know that energy may be chemical, kinetic, or potential, and that it changes between these states but never vanishes.

As with sympathetic magick the origins of the energy paradigm are prehistoric; there are many cave paintings depicting the flow of energy. The energies that circulate through the body will be familiar to anyone who has ever taken up a martial art, or an interest in oriental healing methods. Mystics agree that this same energy flows through our landscape. Common ‘occultural language’ includes many terms for energy in the esoteric sense; most of us know what ‘vibes’ are, or what an ‘aura’ is, even if we are adamant that we have never seen or experienced them.

The physiological energy centres within the body are recognised by most occult schools, being known most commonly in the modern day through the Tantric yoga system of ‘chakras’, which awaken the Kundalini. In the traditional witchcraft of England this same power was raised with the Saracen’s Kiss, called also the Osculum Infame. Parallels to this chakra system may also be found in Buddhism, the Middle Pillar of Kabala, and the ‘Gnostic Vowels’ of the German Ordo Franternitas Saturni. This magical energy, which flows through the body and along the spine, is also in the blood and breath.

The magician typically empowers their spells by charging them with this Force. This may be released from, or channelled through, the body by many methods, such as the use of the blasting rod, or the manos cernutos. The most immediate and easy method is to rub the hands together vigorously to produce heat, then stretch the palms over the spell to be empowered.

Modern science has expanded its theories of energy to include information. The relation between information and energy is illustrated by the fact that computers need cooling systems, and that the deletion of information from the hard drive produces heat. Energy as information is also central to the study of black holes, being the only known conditions where the otherwise consistent laws of physics break down and energy / information simply cease to exist, and through which scientists have come to the realisation that our universe may be holographic.

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The belief in spirits has also persisted since prehistory. The earliest forms of spiritism were likely to have been animist, recognising all nature as conscious. This eventually gave rise to paganism, embodying humanity’s principal concerns as the gods. It then declined into monotheism, recognising only one God while declaring everyone else’s to be demons or – in the case of Catholicism – absorbing them as saints. It declined further into atheism, upon which the most advanced modern sciences appear to be back-tracking.

In the days of paganism, these personified laws were called gods. During the reign of monotheism, these same principles became the angels, saints, prophets, and demons. In this day we are often embarrassed to talk about such things as spirits and gods, since these ‘primitive’ beliefs have supposedly been proved superstition. Instead, we speak about the functions of the mind to produce material (such as art, or dreams) as manifestations of the archetypes.

We might further designate the manifestations of these psychegens to result directly from certain functions of the brain; that is to say, they have a basis in neurology and pre-exist any one of us as individuals. It is ironic, then, that the psychologist Carl Jung, who originated the concept of the archetype, observed in his privately circulated work Seven Sermons to the Dead, “.. All things considered, all theses metapsychic phenomena would be explained better by the hypothesis of spirits than by any qualities and peculiarities of the unconscious.. in the long run the spirit hypothesis yields better results in practice than any other.”

Nevertheless, the existence of ‘spirits’ in post-Enlightenment culture is simply denied, while those who claim to interact with them are perceived as the victims of delusion and mental disorder. There is, therefore, an extreme sensitivity towards this kind of experience, most often leading to repression and marginalisation. However, this is also what has made these same experiences attractive and fascinating to those who have developed a sense of cultural criticism and resistance to dominant values.

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Another aspect of our scientific age is the quest to understand ourselves and the nature of consciousness. To this end we have developed the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, and neurology. These may also provide the modern practitioner with a language by which to understand and perform magick.

Many psychological phenomena, such as those of hysteria or schizophrenia, were originally attributed to the workings of spirits and witches. This meant, of course, that witches and spirits would also be called upon to bring an end to such disturbances. It may well be that the apparent victims were mentally ill, and that this had nothing to do with any kind of secret influence. However, I have many times been called to the aid of the mentally ill using magick. The methods I have used have brought at least temporary relief, and have never been ineffective. This is more than may be said for many forms of modern psychiatry, relying as they do on a theory of brain chemistry, for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

The mechanisms of magick may be described by the activity of the subconscious mind. Its symbol systems are effective because they appeal to these deeper realms of consciousness, bypassing awareness and ego identification in much the same way as hypnosis or subliminal mind control. This may take the form of a glyph, gesture, barbaric invocation, and a great diversity of other forms, or any combination of them. The symbol is concentrated upon during trance, or while the mind is otherwise open to suggestion; during quiescent meditation, sexual release, exhaustion, intoxication, or when inspiration takes possession in any of the arts. This creates a kind of synthetic neurosis, which works through consciousness to create change in the self, or in the external world, through generating what Jung referred to as synchronicity.

It is easy for us to understand that objective events in the outside world may have an effect on our subjective inner consciousness. What is much harder to understand is how subjective inner events may have an effect on our objective outer world. As some of our most advanced scientists are just beginning to comprehend, “Mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather, they are different aspects of your whole and unbroken movement” (David Bohm). This is no revelation to magicians, of course; as it says in The Kybalion, “All is mind: the universe is mental.”

The paradigm we call here psychism has given rise to a number of government funded experiments such as Project Stargate and Project Jedi. It includes all those abilities regarded as psychic, such as remote viewing and influence, telepathy, psychokenesis, or even simply that some people have hunches that more often than not prove to be true.

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That part of our brains that processes everything we think of as ‘I’, our sense of individuated consciousness, lies in the frontal cortex. The rest of the brain, whose structure is shared with most similarly conscious animals, is in constant communication with the electromagnetic field of the planet. Together with the discovery of mirror neurons this has profound implications for our concepts of self, identity, and the will. The ‘I’ is a product of its environment, and effectively a very small node of information processing within a wider field of consciousness we might call the Greater Mind.

In the microcosm, mind consists of its contents, which expresses itself as information. Similarly with the Greater Mind, which in turn gives generation to the Matrix; the illusion of space-time and our experience of reality. Yet information itself, while it may seat itself to a medium such as a storage device or human brain, does not consist of mass or energy; therefore consciousness is not bound by the space-time continuum. As mystics have been saying all along, the ego is an illusion; yet this is not an abstract metaphysical opinion based on personal prejudice – it is hard science supported by mounting empirical evidence.

Mind scientists such as Dr. Michael Persinger and Stanley Koren have employed these discoveries in experiments with the CIA’s top remote viewers, such as the infamous Ingo Swann. Their research has presented empirical evidence that psychic abilities are most readily accessed during the dominance of Theta brain-frequency – at around 7Hz; the same resonance as the planet. They have even developed technology capable of boosting such abilities, or negating them.

Furthermore, the observations of quantum physicists suggest that ‘the observer’ plays a role in bringing the ‘matrix of matter’ into existence. In this sense the search for God is over; we have found it in the least likely place it could ever have hidden – ourselves. Yet this is not the solipsistic self deification of the so called Left Hand Path, as it has been widely misrepresented in occulture. Rather, it is the recognition that we are all God, collectively, and have been all along; for we are each a part of the Greater Mind. To the hardcore atheist, there is nothing to believe in but the ‘self’, and ‘God’ is the delusion, yet the combined scientific evidence of neurology and quantum physics suggests the very opposite to be true.

Is it not also a meaningful coincidence that a universal magical symbol for consciousness may be found in the butterfly – and that this symbol should then become associated with both mind control and Chaos theory? It is no great revelation to magicians that a butterfly, or perhaps a mind, could send out ripples that eventually – through simple ’cause and effect’ – result in a hurricane on the other side of the planet. The smallest of actions can have the furthest reaching consequences; we are none of us ever insignificant and powerless, if only we would know it.

All magick is based upon a singular understanding that may be expressed in countless ways – as it says in The Zohar, “the Infinite extends without end”. This understanding is expressed in Hinduism as Maya, in Buddhism as Samsara, by the heathens as the Web of Wyrd, by modern science as the holographic universe, and in this current work as the Matrix. The principle asserts that there is no truth anywhere that is not balanced by an equal yet utterly contradictory truth. Only perspective and circumstance determine what seems to be true at any given time. We cannot perceive two contradictory truths, or process contradictory information, without becoming entangled with apparent paradox and cognitive dissonance.

The Matrix of consciousness arranges all things into dualities; a binary code where the is becomes defined as either / or; something is (as rationality dictates) either true or false, while all physical matter is (as the alchemists observed) either heavy or light, soft or hard, wet or dry, hot or cold, or (as quantum physicist have observed) a particle or a wave, and so on.

The essence of all magick is the act of communication, the exchange of information, whether from neuron to neuron, subconscious and conscious, servitor and the mysteries, star to star, or from me to you. Just as words and symbols define the content of mind, the charaktēres and vocēs magickæ of magick provide the programming codes of the Matrix. While divination includes all methods of extracting non-localised information from the data-pool of the Greater Mind, enchantment includes all those methods of hacking the Matrix.

Make no mistake – magick is a dangerous enterprise and should never be entered into lightly..


Excerpt from THE NEURONOMICON by Nathaniel J. Harris



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Blessings be upon you.

A few years after Alex’s tragic murder (see last post), as we were entering the new millennium, I found myself at a genuine Voudon ritual lead by Ton Ton Edgar of Port au Prince, Haiti, assisted by the Mambo of his societié, also Mama Lola, a Mambo of great reputation in New York, and London’s own resident Houngan, Papa Doc Williams. It was held at Bagley’s warehouse, at that time a popular nightclub venue; I was there as a guest, so in respect dressed all in white.

All the traditional elements of ritual were present, apart from blood sacrifice; British law forbids the ritual butchering of live animals, not that this is an absolute necessity, as any initiate of 21 Nations will confirm. A series of lavishly decorated altars were arranged around a central pillar, the walls draped in intricately sequinned flags and life size representations of the lwa in beaten metal. In addition, there was a sound system, lights, and screens showing collaged ‘voodoo art’ films. It was the largest Voudon ceremony ever before performed in London, and quite probably since.

Ton Ton Edgar was well known for ‘working with both hands’, meaning he did not just officiate as Houngan (priest) at the religious services of Voudon, but was also a bocor (sorcerer). Additionally, he ran the most successful funeral parlour in Haiti’s capital. We all have Ghede but Edgar’s was the master of his head; his possessions were of none other than Baron Samedi himself. Ton Ton Edgar, so I was told, had a large collection of pots, each containing the water he used for washing down corpses, from toe to head, baring the names of the ghosts he had captured. White folks, keen to buy into Voudoun culture, also paid good money for him to ‘wash their heads’ and keep their souls in pots. I respect that – take their money and their souls, if they are daft enough to give them away – and take it all back to Haiti, where people have fuck all. Impressively tall, his sharp cheekbones made a skull of his grin. In case anyone was in any doubt, his black T-shirt showed a vevé de Baron Ghede, around it the words I Do Voodoo.

Mama Lola is the subject of a book bearing her name as the title; I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little about real Voudon – it is as least as groundbreaking as Maya Deren’s Divine Horseman. Mama Lola is also quoted in my book The Neuronomicon at the heading of The Mass of the Violet Ray, and respected in the Book 3: Context, Haitian Voudon. There is a lot she says about Ghede in the book about her, too; it was hugely influential when in came out – the Ghede Ti-Malis Millipee LaCroix were crawling all over Hackney, Dalston, and Brixton that long sticky summer. Mama Lola, like the bare-footed troop of dancers Ton Ton Edgar kept in reglimen (the precise order of ritual) with his whip, also wore all all white, her petticoats fanning out with every twist and turn as she circled the pillar. The intricately complex dances of Voudon, like the drums and prayers, take a dedicated life-time to learn; they bear no resemblance the primitive frenzies depicted in horror movies and so-called ‘documentaries’. They are an advanced spiritual discipline, and worthy of the utmost respect.

Papa Doc Williams was present more as a guest, despite the ritual being on his ‘turf’, and this had inevitably caused friction ahead of the ritual; up to and including threats of magical warfare. I did not envy him when Baron Samedi arrived, riding Ton Ton Edgar, and tested Papa Doc’s own integrity by spraying ‘Haitian Tear Gas’ (white rum steeped with hot chillies, all but impossible to drink unless possessed) into his eyes. He stood his ground, though – himself simultaneously possessed by the same lwa. Back in those days Papa Doc had a shop at the Dalston crossroads called Dark & Light, and his society used to meet in Chat’s Palace, Hackney, which was also a regular haunt of mine. When I spoke to him privately he told me about all the people he helped with the money he earned in London, and showed me photographs of ‘folks back home’ in Haiti. He was one scary motherfucker, but a good man, and I have to respect that, too.

I always say to my friends, even the chuggers, if you want to support people in Haiti don’t send money to the big charities; we’ve all heard about the scandals, and whistle-blowers have also spoken out about the presence of the CIA (see The Serpent & the Rainbow, and The Neuronomicon; Book 3, Context- Haitian Voudon). Give your money to the Houngan and Mambo, or to the Voudon artists selling over e-bay. These are the people on the ground, and you can trust them to distribute fairly and accordingly. And their sorcerer’s are so shit hot, it is also worth paying them for spells, despite the distance; learn from them what you can, is my advice.

I was just an observer at this ritual, but a few days later, at a much smaller event in Hackney, presided over by Ton Ton Edgar and his Mambo, I experienced possession for myself – not for the first time, nor the last. In this event I left trance as Ton Ton Edgar commanded with his Asson, banishing the out of sequence possession, to find myself on the floor with one leg over my head, my face so close to my dick I could, were I so inclined, suck myself off like an Ouroboros serpent – not something I can normally do. I guess this must have impressed the Mambo, as after the drums were sleeping we spent the rest of our time arm in arm; she made her much reciprocated attraction plain and invited me to stay with her in Port au Prince. Later, she lamented that I would not open my heart to Jesus, and so could never be a true Voudusant servitor.. Young, dumb, and full of myself, I had yet to learn that the Jesus of Haiti, like the Jesus of Bristol, or the Jesus of The Gospel of Thomas, is a rebel. (My attitude towards ‘God’ is far more complex than the simple denials expressed in my fashionably nihilistic youth).

Who was this unruly spirit that chose to work through me, and who impressed this respected Mambo so much? The lwa that rode me, and rides me often, is one I have had a long and enduring magical relationship with. Sometimes.. just sometimes.. he identifies himself as Ghede (Gay-Yay) Alex of King’s Cross.




Recommended further reading;

Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn, Karen McCarthy Brown

The Divine Horseman, Maya Deren

The Serpent & the Rainbow, Wade Davis

The Neuronomicon: A 21st Century Grimoire, Nathaniel J. Harris


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During the 1980s, before it became a Chaos magic cliché, I was a big fan of Coil. It cannot be denied that, in fond days now referred to as the history of ‘the magical revival’, they played an essential part in the soundtrack. In 20??, when Johnn Balance died, I mourned along with countless others who had lost their various virginities as Coil played on the stereo.

Listening to their music now, the lyrics reverberate through time like messages from restless ghosts.. Death she is my friend / she has promised me a quick end.. One day we’re all going to fall..

As an acid crazed bisexual gothic teenager, one of my favourite tracks was The Tenderness of Wolves, recorded with ‘guest vocals’ vocals by Gavin Friday, and guitar by Alex Ferguson. The last is not a name that many people will recognise from other records, but Alex was a talented musician in his own right. He was also, perhaps unsurprisingly, a magician. You might happen to know that The Tenderness of Wolves ultimately owes its title to the film by Ulli Lommel, a vampire horror based upon the real life homosexual serial killer Fritz Harmann.

In my twenties, when I was still into ‘Chaos magic’, living in London with a male lover and ‘out’ on the gay scene, I got to know Alex. Not close enough to call him a lover, but close enough to call a kiss uncompleted. He was a pretty young man, slight of build and 5’4”, like me. Blonde white hair, blue eyes, and a sensitive soul. Our ages were closer than you might expect, seeing as I was still at school when Scatology was released. Alex told me he was just 14 when they recorded Tenderness of Wolves, live in the Bar Maldoror.

You have to be careful making records things like that,” he said. “All kinds of creepy psychopaths get fixated on you.”

We spent months eyeing each other up, bumping into each other at rituals, fetish clubs, gay clubs, art installations, all kinds of strange places, but were also both trapped with dangerous and domineering partners. If he saw I was troubled he always seemed to know the right thing to say, whether it was, “Your boyfriend’s spiked you with crystal-meth. It’s horrible, but we can ride this out and you’ll be OK,” to, “You’re quite the shape-shifter, under the skin,” to, “Don’t forget your crown chakra.”

We had some great conversations about both music and magic; he versed in all manner of sorceries, from Kabbalah to runes, Thelema to Chaos magic, and from pagan witchcraft to Voudon, and told me how his local community recognised him as a bocor, from where the conversation lead to the nature of the lwa, and the undead Ghede, lwa of the cemetery. All of which was new to me back then.

He said, almost as if it were a statement of intent, “When I die, I will join with the nation of Ghede.”

The last time I saw Alex we had both recently managed to find independent lodgings, and were both single, when we had a surprise encounter crossing opposite one another at the crossroads of King’s Cross Road – he was with his mother, who he introduced me too, and I kissed him in front of her. She could see how much we liked each other and smiled. He told me where he was living, and we agreed to get together to make music.

Just two days later his body was found naked before his domestic altar, as if his death had been part of a ritual. An investigation revealed that he was murdered by a homosexual serial killer who, when they stood trial before the Crown Court, was proven to be responsible for at least Alex’s death, but also turned out for ‘undisclosed reasons’ to be untouchable. You did not even have to be close to the case to know this – it got into the papers, with much outrage among the red-tops – probably the only time the Sun ever defended a homosexual.

Due to absurdly long autopsy investigations Alex’s funeral was held nearly a year after his death, on Friday 13th December 1996. Due to the circumstances only two of his friends were allowed to attend. The first was my domineering ex-boyfriend, who having joined the Illuminates of Thanateros was still in my life. I was the other, there upon the invitation of his heartbroken mother, who survived her son by just two years.

How could this happen to someone? How could a proven killer be legally untouchable? And what of this coincidence, that Alex should be known for a song anout a homosexual serial killer?

A cold chill also goes through me, and not of the good kind, when I hear the lyrics.. No Johnn, never never tell.. Murder me.. a child’s voice, barely audible at the closing of ‘The Anal Staircase’, Get off me, you creep..

Having already had to sacrifice our love for the music of so many talented artists, now quite rightly hated by all the fans they betrayed, from Rolf Harris through to Garry Glitter and the Lost Prophets, or anyone whose previous fandom hasn’t blinded them to the blatant cover up around Michael Jackson, what do we then make of Coil?

Johnn’s Black Sun paedophile fantasies run through much of Coil’s music, right from the beginning. Towards the end of his own and Peter Christopherson’s shortened lives, they became ever increasingly apparent. The re-release of the album Scatology, for example, has upon its cover a photograph of a nine years old boy’s naked back-side, framed within an averse crucifix. (Yes, really. You thought that was a girl? You might want to throw that album cover away. If there were any legally unquestionable proof other than ‘hearsay’ among Chaos magic circles, you could go to jail for owning it.)

More blatantly, they also recorded a video of Johnn Balance singing Love’s Secret Domain while surrounded by cavorting child prostitutes.

Have you heard the rumours about Peter Christopherson’s own family origins, and his membership of occult circles far more powerful than any Chaos magic? I shall not repeat such alleged disclosures here, but they are out there, and it enough to say there is more than enough ‘circumstantial evidence’, even in the public realm, to suggest criminal conspiracies.

It is my understanding that Alex was murdered because of what he knew; knowing what I do about his life, the people who were around us, common sense suggest this, and his ghost has told me nothing more. Nobody can disclose on behalf of the dead, but it is not always true that their secrets die with them.

I give honour to Alex Feguson, the Ghede of King’s Cross. Remember him when you hear this song.

You know the living. We know the dead. My desire is your kiss completed..