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A student of Sosyete Mouton Nwa recently conversed with me concerning their work with eight pygmy Spirits described in The Harrowing of Hell, a grimoire allegedly transcribed by none other that Dr. Johann Faust, 1505. Despite any misgivings we might have about its author’s existence, as with the authorship of the Solomonic cycles, the rituals described are nevertheless wholly valid. I admit to not having worked this grimoire myself, but am given to understand it is popular among practitioners of Palo Mayombe, and the attribution of the Spirits as Ancestral (dead) Pygmy Lords arguably has sound founding. The most important aspect is of course whether the rituals in the grimoire work, and of what confirmation we might expect to see of our success. In the case of our Sosyete child this was seen almost immediately through dream, as is not uncommon with Spirit work, but exceptionally in this case the dream was not one experienced by our summoner but by a friend of theirs; they dreamed firstly on witnessing the summoner throwing around snakes, and then of a group of pygmies who shouted her name to wake her up – which she did.

The popularity of certain grimoires among practitioners of African magick should be no surprise to us. Although some might argue that these are ‘outside’ influences there is also a strong argument that much knowledge passed through the grimoire traditions has its roots in African magic. Consider, for example, the Goetic evocations with their sacred names and the Graeco-Egyptian (ultimately the Neteru of Khemet ie the ‘gods’ of ancient Egypt) formulae of the Bornless (or ‘Headless’) One, popularized as an alternative Goetic ritual by ‘The Great Charlatan SickSickSick’ Al Crowley (Edward Alexander) but originally published in 1852 by Charles Wycliffe Goodwin for the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Wycliffe’s translation is as follows (some of the original text is missing):

An address to the god drawn upon the letter.
I call thee, the headless one, that didst create earth and heaven, that didst create night and day, thee the creator of light and darkness. Though art Osoronnophris, whom no man hath seen at any time; though art Iabas, though art Iapos, though has distinguished the just and the unjust, though didst make female and male, though didst produce seeds and fruits, though didst make men to love one another and to hate one another. I am Moses thy prophet, to whom thou didst commit thy mysteries, the ceremonies of Israel; though didst produce the moist and the dry and all manner of food. Listen to me: I am an angel of Phapro Osoronnophris; this is thy true name, handed down to the prophets of Israel. Listen to me, …………. ………………………………………………….. hear me and drive away this spirit. I call thee the terrible and invisible god residing in the empty wind,……………….. thou headless one, deliver such an one from the spirit that possesses him…………………. ……………………………………………….. strong one, headless one, deliver such an one from the spirit that possesses him ……………………………………………………… deliver such an one…………………………………….. This is the lord of the gods, this is the lord of the world, this is whom the winds fear, this is he who made voice by his commandment, lord of all things, king, ruler, helper, save this soul ………………………………………………………………… angel of God ……… ……………………………………………….. I am the headless spirit, having sight in my feet, strong, the immortal fire; I am the truth; I am he that hateth that ill-deeds should be done in the world; I am he that lighteneth and thundereth; I am he whose sweat is the shower that falleth upon the earth that it may teem: I am he whose mouth ever burneth; I am the begetter and the bringer forth (?); I am the Grace of the World; my name is the heart girt with a serpent. Come forth and follow.—The celebration of the preceding ceremony.— Write the names upon a piece of new paper, and having extended it over your forehead from one temple to the other, address yourself turning toward the north to the six names, saying: Make all spirits subject to me, so that every spirit of heaven and of the air, upon the earth and under the earth, on dry land and in the water, and every spell and scourge of God, may be obedient to me.—And all the spirits shall be obedient to you. . . .

The eight pygmy Spirits might be rooted in the role of Besz, a mystery I have a deep affinity to and have worked with through invocation to possession and through dream incubation.

Besz – the dwarf god of ancient Khemet.

The most common depictions of Besz were as a bearded dwarf with pronounced bow legs, prominent genitals and a tail, who is sticking out his tongue while shaking a rattle (‘cha- cha’?). He usually wears a plumed crown and the lion or panther skin associated with the priestcraft. Occasionally he wears the Atef crown and is depicted as a winged deity. He is always, almost uniquely among the Neteru, depicted facing forwards, since full-faced figures were marginal to the normal, ordered world. His demon/animal-human hybrid of characteristics is also appropriate. While it was not uncommon for there to be animalistic associations with Neteru, being depicted as dwarf-like and imperfect is highly unusual. Dwarves were far from ridiculed in Khemt, however.In the ancient necropolises of Giza and Saqqara, dwarves hailing from various professions were depicted on at least 50 tombs. They included jewelry makers, animal or pet handlers, fishermen, entertainers and

dancers, nurses and midwives. Some held more important positions. There were several elite dwarves, who worked for the pharaohs and had lavish burials. One dwarf, named Seneb, was one was honoured with a lavish tomb in a royal cemetery close to the pyramids when he died. The high value placed on dwarfs in ancient Egypt is highlighted by the praise and honour heaped upon Harkhuf, an army general and a high profile official who served two pharaohs, when he returned from an African expedition with precious treasures and a pygmy who performed exotic dances. The child pharaoh at the time was so delighted by this last acquisition that he appointed people to guard the pygmy on his ship voyage back to Egypt, lest he fall into the water.

The dwarf-god Besz had no temples and there were no priests ordained in his name but his worship goes back at least as far as the 1700s BCE, Egypt’s Middle Kingdom. He was one of the most popular gods of Khemet, often depicted on household items such as furniture, mirrors and cosmetics containers and applicators as well as magical wands and knives. He was a complex being who during different periods was seen both a deity and a demon. He was a god of war, yet he was also a god of childbirth, protector of children and guard against nightmares, at other times a god of music, dance, merriment, and of the nuptial bed, and was believed to bring good luck to newly married couples. At other times, Besz also was a deity presiding over inebriation. It was very common for people to wear an amulet with Besz’s image. Archeologists have recovered numerous Besz masks and costumes that may have been the property of professional entertainers. His cult spread all around the Mediterranean, reaching its peak during the Roman era; Besz became the mascot of the Roman military, who depicted him in armour with a sword and shield. After the advent of Christianity Besz finally got his own priesthood; the oracles of Abydos, where he was said to have guarded the corpse of the Osiris. Besz’s popularity continued to grow exponentially throughout this period until Emperor Constantius II banned his cult in 359 CE.

Dream incubation chambers (for communing with the Neteru in dream) often had images of Besz and a naked goddess on the walls, making him perhaps also the first erotic ‘incubus’. Prostitutes were known to get tattoos of Besz on their thighs as protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Ten or so deities and demons sharing characteristics with Besz became conflated with him. In one of his earlier forms, Besz was known as Aha, meaning Warrior, and is shown strangling snakes with his bare hands. Besz also sometimes appeared on amulets and stele alongside the young Horus and inscriptions intended to protect against cippi (snake bites). The two gods also formed the composite deity Hor-Besz, even although Beset – Besz’s wife during the Roman era – was also described as Horus’ mother. He became part of the Horus myth, protecting the falcon-headed infant from Set. In another protector role, the dwarf god adorned mammisi, the birth houses that honored infant deities such as Horus. A prayer called simply The Spell of the Dwarf was spoken four times over a clay dwarf by a woman in labour: “O good dwarf, come, because of the one who sent you…come down placenta, come down placenta, come down!”

Besz was also married with Hathor, who was also described as the mother or wife of Horus, and is among the few other Neteru to be commonly depicted as facing towards us. Hathor was known as the Lady of Punt, and was also a mystery of childbirth, dancing and music who shared many iconographic symbols with Besz. If a baby laughed or smiled for no reason, it was said that Besz must be nearby, pulling funny faces.

Besz was also sometimes depicted with feline or leonine features, giving him a further link to Hathor who was herself very closely associated with Bast, Sekhmet, and the Eye of Ra. Furthermore, his name may be derived from the Nubian word for cat, besa. In Voodoo we understand that the Mysteries are older than humankind and so first had animal forms. It may be that Besz was traditionally understood to have shape-changing abilities.

Besz was often also married to Tawret, the hippo goddess who offered protection during labour). Besz was also associated with a number of other powerful Neteru including Amun, Min, and Reshep. His likeness is even found in the ruins of Amarna, where Pharaoh Akhenaten forbid all worship besides that of the sun disk, Aten. It may have been that the Neterus each had their own Besz, just as we understand that each Mystery can be said to have its own Exu-Legba. Indeed, in my own work Besz has manifested as an Exu messenger, correlating also in Neuromancy with the amygdala, sometimes called the ‘dwarf brain’, understood to be the integrative centre for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation..

The London magician and accomplished artist Austin Osman Spare also had an affinity with Besz. Kenneth Grant, writing in his introduction to Spare’s 1949 exhibition, referred to Spare’s concept of Besz as follows; “.. Spare’s ability to see unflinchingly the vision of the Soul of Form – the Besz Mass of Matter with which he is, and has been, continually preoccupied. He is not looking to unmask the soul of spirit, but the soul of sense, of the earth-lust essence which goes to compose the faces, the eyes, the lips..”

Although the ritual from The Harrowing of Hell follows the classical formulae of evocation I have not personally found in necessary to bully Besz with divine names or words of power. Instead my approach has been simply to build a small shrine to him by my bedside. Prayers to him for erotic dreams, virility, health, and general hedonism have often been answered swiftly, and he can also carry messages to other Mysteries asking for their intercession.


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“Before me, RAPHAEL
Behind me, GABRAEL
To my right hand MICHAEL
At my left hand, URAEL
About me flame the pentagrams,
And in the column the six rayed star.”
– Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, The Golden Dawn.

The Hebrew term for angel is Mal’akh, meaning ‘messenger’. The word angel itself comes through the Sanskrit angeres, Persian angeres, to the Greek angelos. Such pre-Christian roots are apparent even in the angel’s names, which commonly end with the singular -El, meaning ‘being of light’; Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Rapahael etc. The word is of Sumerian origin, and is synchronistic with the Akkadian ‘Ilu’, Babylonian ‘Ellu’, Old Welsh ‘Ellu’, Old Irish ‘Aillil’, Anglo-Saxon ‘Aelf’, English ‘Elf’, and perhaps even our modern term ‘alien’. In all these interpretations the ‘beings of light’ are understood to be more evolved, or vibrating at a higher frequency, than mortal humans.

From Moses onwards magicians have attributed angels governing the powers of the planets, the days of the week, the hours of the day, and the four seasons; the celestial mysteries of the previous ‘pagan’ age took upon themselves new masques. As with old gods, these mysteries also extended to rule over the terrestrial realms; places, plants and principles of every kind. Enchantments and incantations calling upon angelic powers were in abundance as late as the 13th century, as are recorded in the grimoires.

Even our classical image of the angel has its origin in pagan imagery; in the 8th century, when the foundations of Church doctrine were being laid, the visual artists were no less influenced by their heritage than the writers were. Two of the common inspirational sources of their works depicting angels include the Hellenic Greek god of sexuality, Eros, and ‘the winged victory’, Nike. Such continued to provide models for the Renaissance artists of the 12th-15th century, with a more Eastern influence recognisable in the ‘Peacock Angels’ of Fra. Fillipo Lippi. Yet the symbolic use of wings to denote supernatural beings has Near Eastern roots older even than this; consider the superb winged bulls from Nebuchadenezzar’s palace in the British Museum. Such no doubt provided the inspiration behind the Merkobah, which in turn passed to the Christian symbolism of the four Evangelists Cherubs; winged lion, ox, man, and eagle, corresponding to the four elements.

Angelology, like the pantheistic cosmologies that precede it, reflects our human psychology. That is, the various spheres of angelic influence; love, protection, vengeance, even death and disease, are human concerns. We should not be surprised, then, to find striking similarities between the ‘spheres’ attributed to the various angels and those of the older pagan gods; the reader is referred once again to the charaktēre of the Kabala, to which the hierarchy of angels may be most obviously corresponded. What can hardly be disputed is that the angels, as with their relatives the demons, have been imprinted into the collective imagination of our culture over thousands of years. Thus, whatever beliefs have been adopted in this modern age, their images and invocations still provoke a powerful response in our consciousness.

The association with light, and the Gamma frequencies, suggests evolved of consciousness of a higher level than that normally experienced by humans, corresponding to the transcendent circuits. This understanding of the Ael or ‘beings of light’ as a higher frequency or ‘vibration’ of consciousness is not at all alien to Catholic angel lore, Kabalist magick, or even the runic tradition where they are known as aelves. In all these belief systems it is similarly understood that consciousness is a continuum; an angel may descend to become human, or further to become demonic, just as even a demon may ascend to the redemption of At-One-Ment. Similarly, a human may sink lower in their behavior and spirituality, literally operating from lower areas of the brain, or they may – also through their own behaviour – increase their vibration to become a more highly evolved consciousness; potentially, at least, a ‘being of light’.

As with the seven rays of the archetypes, the forms the transcendental forces take when interacting with human consciousness are various. As has been discussed, these beings of light are known universally as the ‘ael’, or its equivalent variations such as aelf, angael, aelian etc. All these masks are valid.



In angelic lore Nathanael (Xathanael, Zathael) was the sixth Archangel of Vengeance after Creation, alongside Michael, Gabrael, Raphael, Urael, and Satanael. As an Angel of Vengeance he is relentless, and never fails to deliver Punishment to transgressors. In modern terms he is the transcendent personification of the principle of inevitable consequences; what one might call ‘karma’, ‘the law of Wyrd’, or even simply the inevitable results of cause and effect over time.

In The Goetia his name is given as the Archangel of Fire, residing in the eastern quarter of the Sacred Circle. He is said to know many secrets of the Arte, which he will teach to those who successfully call to him. As the Archangel of Transcendent Fire, he burns away all impurities, and all illusions of separation from the eternal Light of God (the Absolute). Although an obscure figure in occultism during much of the ‘occult revival’ from the Golden Dawn onward, Nathanael was well known to Kabalists, cunning men, and the magician’s of Solomon’s day. During the last decade he has increasingly made himself known again to mediums, a number of which have made his messages known in books and over the internet, as a simple Google search will verify; he especially makes himself known to psychics involved in the healing of trauma.

In healing trauma, or punishing the selfish, the process personified in Nathanael remains the same; the ‘burning up’ of the illusion of separation from God (the Absolute). As with the disillusion of the ego by any means, whether this is an ecstatic or painful experience depends entirely upon the ego in question. According to the reports of those working with him, Nathanael also offers his aid in overcoming resistance to change; a quality also attributed to higher Gamma.

Excerpt from THE NEURONOMICON, Nathaniel J Harris

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Since I can provide links from this blog, I here provide evidence of Archangel Nathanael’s resurgence in modern spiritism:

Messages From Archangel Nathanael

Archangel Nathaniel – Lightworker Support. The Archangel Series, Anaya Jol Hollily. – “Archangel Nathaniel will open the doors to your deepest desires and give you the passion and charge to move forward with your life or divine purpose with much ease and conviction. The patron saint of Lightworkers. Nathaniel will help you awaken to your life purpose, and give you all the energy and the tools you need along the way.”

Journaling With the Archangel Nathaniel, Unite in the Light. “Journaling is a personal experience and journaling with Archangel Nathaniel will help you understand the cause and effects of life, as well as giving you the nudge you may need to follow your lightworker path. Our Unite In The Light Journals includes Information on the Archangel and exercises to assist you.”


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The Cauldron. / Powerful Sorcery. / Subtlety before Wisdom; / The image of the Cauldron. / The Adept strengthens their fate, / And corrects their position.

The Bone Oracle charaktēre corresponding to this hexagram depicts a ritual Cauldron, while many commentators have also drawn attention to the similarity between the shape of a Cauldron and the structure of the hexagram. Cauldrons were a common feature in the sacrificial rituals of the Shang and early Zhou dynasties, much as they are among traditional African ceremonies, and as in historical and modern European witchcraft. The bronze ting of ancient China were elaborately decorated ceremonial vessels employed in vast sacrificial banquets at which the Ancestors were communed with. Reference is made in the Zhou Commentary, Year 3, of the casting of iron Cauldrons on which were depictions of the Spirits, so that the people could learn about them.

The lower primary Sun / Subtlety corresponds to wind and wood, while the upper, Li / Wisdom is fire. The second element depends on the first and is nourished by it. Likewise the Adept possesses in their self a nourishment that lends Force to their Spirit. In knowing these elemental forces, bringing them into balance, their life is fostered. The ways in which the ancient sages achieved this inner balance included the disciplines of meditation, whether still or in movement.

In physical alchemy the Cauldron corresponds to the tan-tien, the third circuit at the solar plexus, around an inch and a half below the navel. It is from the tan-tien that energies are circulated throughout the subtle anatomy like a battery powering the entire energy system. It is also here that in Daoist sɵrcery the aroused jing, vital energy, is ‘boiled’ in workings of sɵrcery. The Cauldron, baoting, represents the female role as the ‘reaction vessel’ for the Attainment of perfection through sexual meditation; the Matrimonium Alchymicum.

Jing may be used in its raw unstable state with often explosive results, but is more safely used if purified, as with the boiling of natural waters in a Cauldron to make it safe to drink. Jing becomes chi, a term most will be familiar with through Tai-Chi, the martial application of the principles originally described within the Yi-Jing. When chi is accumulated and stored at the tan-tien it can be released to become an awe inspiring burst of kinetic energy, such as when a Kung-Fu Sifu extends chi through their hands when literally throwing a punch through space-time. Chi may be further purified in the inner Cauldron to become shen, or ‘spiritual energy’, more akin to pure information. This may be transmitted from the palms of the hands during magical ritual in order to ‘inform’ a spell, or during Communion with the Invisibles. Finally, it is also at the tan-tien that the energies go through their transformation to become shu, meaning ’empty and devoid of form’.

While hexagram 48: Jing / The Well, corresponds to social foundations, likened to the water that nourishes growing wood, The Cauldron represents the culmination of civilisation in religion, likened to the wood that nourishes the fire of Spirit and the Sacrifice of earthly values to the Divine.

6 in the 1st place;

The Cauldron is overturned. / It furthers to tip out dross. / No remorse. / An overturned Cauldron. / The removal of dross. / Life Force is purified. / The Path of Truth.

The first line represents the Cauldron‘s supporting legs. Since the line is dark the implication is of the Cauldron having been overturned. This is not a matter here of remorse, as the Cauldron contains no food to be eaten, but of removing the uneaten waste of the previous meal.

The Bone Oracles make reference to the woman being treated as a ‘reaction vessel’, with her bearing of a son to her high status owner seen as her ‘purification’. The uncomfortable Truth is that the ancient Chinese texts refer to women generally in terms of slaves and cattle, and there is no way in which this may be dressed as high civilisation rather than barbarity.

The Oracle advises cleaning and purification, that one may be made worthy as a vessel for the Divine. The overall meaning of this changing line, suggested by its structure, is the removal of stagnant materials. As with the previous hexagram the suggestion is one of overturning old values, and of de-conditioning.

9 in the 2nd place;

The Cauldron is filled with food. / A companion looks on with envy. / No remorse. Good results. / Caution prevents error.

The line is light and central, thus suggesting a full Cauldron, forming a relation with the third and fourth light lines of Qian / Mind, which are its companions, and in correspondence with the Magi, hence provoking envy. Due to this same correspondence, and its light central position, there are good results without error.

The Oracle advises that it is important to achieve something genuinely significant. This may attract disfavour and envy, but this will not cause any harm. The closer we focus on our undertakings the less harm the envious can inflict.

9 in the 3rd place;

The handles of the Cauldron are broken. / It cannot be lifted and used. / A fat pheasant remains uneaten. / When rain falls remorse is spent. / Good results come in the end. / Untimely loss.

The concluding line of the lower primary Sun / Subtlety, corresponding to wind and wood, central to the lower nuclear Qian / Mind, creative action, and the lowest line in the upper nuclear Tui / Joy, corresponding to iron, and to breaking. As the line changes the lower primary trigram becomes K’An / Chaos, corresponding to the promise of rain. The image is of a hot Cauldron that cannot lifted so the food within goes to waste, and of rain falling, suggesting the ritual was successful after all, cooling the cauldron so that with patience good results come of their own accord.

The Oracle advises that we may find ourselves being neglected, perhaps even sabotaged, so that our qualities go to waste. If we remain confident that we have something genuine to offer the difficulties resolve themselves naturally, as when rain is granted by Heaven.

9 in the 4th place;

The legs of the Cauldron are broken. / The Adept’s meal is spilled, / And their person is spoiled. / Humiliation. / A spilled Cauldron. / Loss of faith.

This line stands in correspondence with the first, representing the legs of the Cauldron. Where in the first there is no food in the Cauldron, and its overturning is a positive act, here it is a calamity. It is inharmonious with the Magi in the fifth place due to the influence of the first, suggesting a division of loyalties, a lack of strength compared to the responsibility of the position. Confucius says of this line, “Weak character coupled with honoured position, meagre knowledge with great ambitions, limited abilities with great responsibility, will seldom escape humiliation.”

The Oracle advises that if we do not devote ourselves to the work with all our abilities, if we keep low and profane company, we cannot succeed and will attract opprobrium.

6 in the 5th place;

The Cauldron has strong bronze rings, / And a strong bronze bar for carrying. / There is substance within. / Perseverance Attains results. / Inner substance.

The Magi of the hexagram is a dark line in a light position, central to the upper primary trigram Li / Wisdom, and the concluding line of the nuclear Tui / Joy, corresponding here to eating. The line above suggests the strong carrying bar.

The Oracle advises that we will attract strong and able helpers if we remain approachable and modest.

9 in the 6th place;

The Cauldron has hard shining jade rings, / And a hard shining jade bar for carrying. / Great results. / Nothing that would not profit. / A jade ring. / The balance of light and dark.

A light line in a dark position, standing at the conclusion of the hexagram and thus suggesting the heights of civilisation and religion. The jade represents sincerity, which like jade is both firm and flexible (jade, while hard, also has a soft lustre), the balancing of yin and yang, and the integration of heart-and-mind with The Absolute.

The Oracle advises that remaining pure in sincerity, like precious jade, brings extremely good results as if favoured by Divinity.


Excerpt from The SθRCERER’S YI-JING: A 21st Century Treatise, Nathaniel J. Harris

Now available from Amazon UK USA


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Wherever we go we are watched, recorded and triangulated. Our every email, tweet, message, text and conversation is open to scrutiny by their thought police. Every day we are bombarded with overt lies and covert commands: subliminals, neurolinguistic programming, black psy-ops.

They call it the battle for hearts and minds, by which they mean the battle to control the emotions and thoughts of their target population. The very word ‘government’ – govern ment – means mind control. Their weapons combine modern technology with ancient magick. Their strategies constitute a sustained assault upon consciousness. Their intention is nothing less than the complete subjugation of humanity: hypnotising us into consent whilst clouding awareness of our own slavery. To live in the modern world and imagine we are not mind controlled amounts to the same kind of dangerous denial that allowed the systematic exploitation and murder of millions in the Holocaust.

It may seem dramatic to compare the actions of our modern governments with the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, yet for far too many the comparison is wholly justified. Indeed, it was in these concentration camps that much of the mind control strategies and technologies employed by our modern governments were first developed – Project Paperclip and MK Ultra being two examples that have been well documented by historians and researchers. It is no coincidence that the mind scientists of Nazi Germany were also almost universally practitioners of a most abhorrent form of occultism, or that psychological operations generally are referred to within the intelligence services as the Black Art.

If the above seems paranoid it is because their mind control has worked. Your next inevitable assumption is that there is no evidence for our argument, and the next after that is that this lack will be considered by us as proof of a government cover up: the typical circular logic of the conspiracy theorist. Quite probably you will already have associated such ideas with the lunatic fringe and people who believe the world is flat and is secretly run by baby eating extraterrestrial Luciferian lizard wizards of the Zionist Illuminati. Yet these conclusions are not the result of your own independent thought or research: it is the response of a mind programmed through repetition. The more dumbed down and controlled you are, the more likely you will be to dismiss this statement in anger.

If instead you recognise the above as plausible it is also because their mind control has worked. You have been groomed into thinking of yourself as a powerless slave, whilst attributing God-like omnipotence to your masters. You have been hypnotised into believing your mind can be controlled. These conclusions are not the result of your own independent thought and research: it is the response of a mind programmed through repetition. The more dumbed down and controlled you are, the more likely you will be to dismiss this statement with laughter.



Most of us were exposed to TV’s glare from an early age. A focal point for the family to gather, its position in the home is analogous to the domestic shrines of earlier religious cultures. It is here we are instructed in the myths of our age and the ways of our ‘tribe’. It is here too that the narratives of reality, from mundane concerns to our place in the cosmic scheme, are defined for us. The parallel is also illustrated by modern TV evangelism, with their followers literally placing their hands on the screen as they pray for salvation.

We might like to think we are more evolved than tribal pagans, or less gullible than evangelical Christians, yet our faith in TV is such that anyone without one is seen as an outsider to the ‘tribe’ of normal society. In the UK failure to pay for a TV license results in a veritable witch hunt – streams of letters implying the right to search your home and threatening to prosecute in a court of law, and this is whether you own a TV or not. They have claimed since the 1960s to possess detection devices that can tell if you have an unlicensed TV in your home, but these seem to be another lie.

TV has become the most ubiquitous of all mind control technologies: the medium par excellence to shape mass opinion on everything from religion, or politics, to fashion and musical taste. To point out the empirical evidence of what the TV really is – a weapon of persuasion – is to commit an act of contemporary heresy. Yet it is a matter of record that we are only permitted to see those programs sanctioned by our governments and their secret thought police.

In the USA, on January 14th, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed into effect Directive 77, giving the government and CIA full power to determine the contents of any news their population receive. In the UK journalists are bound by the supposedly voluntary D-notices that effectively make honest journalism an act of treason: sanctions that have been in place since WWII and the days of MI7. The presence of Military Intelligence at the highest level of our broadcasting corporations is almost an open secret. Similar restrictions exist on TV broadcasting across Europe and Russia, and in all mainstream journalism, and online propaganda sources such as WiccaPeadia.

Whilst this ‘information’ is fed to us through our TV sets or the internet, the screen flickers at a rate of 30 Hz; putting us into a sleepy, dream like and uncritical trance. The visual information fed to our brains enters through the yellow spot of the eye, feeding a panoramic view into the point of actual focus and concentration, making it all but impossible to look away. Our eyes fix on one point rather than roam around, active and alert to our environment. Brain activity diminishes and we soon find ourselves motionless, staring like zombies.

After only 30 seconds the brain produces Alpha waves, associated with meditation and sleep, which do not usually occur when the eyes are open. Yet this does not mean we are unaware, or not absorbing the information; it is neurologically comparable to the mental states induced by hypnotherapists for suggestion therapy. The switch from Beta (waking) to Alpha (trance) means we are less able to critically evaluate the information fed to us than we would from other sources. Any suggestion from the TV screen bypasses the logical, critical faculties and is transmitted directly to the brain as raw experience. Even if you are reading text from a screen the brainwaves are lowered considerably.

After around five minutes or so our brains produce Alpha and Theta; engaging the intuitive subconscious associated with sensations, emotions and memories. Video games have been proven to lower brain activity even further, into Delta. This has harrowing implications for their effects upon brain development, especially in the younger generations, inducing epileptic seizures, attention deficit disorder, a lack of motor skills due to immobilising viewing habits, as well as impact on literacy, speech, listening, depth perception, observation, and critical thinking. The average attention span was once more than an hour; now it is around two to three minutes – the length of most scenes in a TV program, news broadcast, or advert.

There is also considerable evidence that TV, and the screens of computers, are addictive. Overexposure to the glowing light of the screen results in a rush of the brain’s natural opioid peptides; endorphins, including beta-endorphins and enkaphilins. These are structurally identical to opium and its derivatives such as heroin or morphine, and act on the same receptor sites. Even occasional TV viewers may experience genuine withdrawal symptoms if they do not watch for extended periods of time; such as restlessness, depression and anxiety.

These well documented negative effects have been deliberately engineered and exploited by sorcerer- scientists intent on controlling the minds of humanity. It is no coincidence that TV transmissions are called programs, because this is exactly what they are designed to do. In terms of ceremonial magick the TV set really is an idiot’s lantern. The same neuroscientist who discovered the Theta and Delta brainwaves, a certain Dr. Grey, also provided the research defining the flicker rates of our TV sets – and our modern computer screens. The fact that out TV sets effect our brains as they do is not an accident – it is by deliberate design.

Consider also that the first true TV broadcasting stations were developed in Nazi Germany. Hitler was extremely impressed with the technology’s potential in mass manipulation. If it seems unlikely that this had anything to do with magick, remember that his mind scientists were among the regime’s elite citizens, and there is much evidence of their initiations into the esoteric Thule society. Also well documented is the fact that many of these mind scientists were ‘swept up’ after WWII and allowed to continue their experiments in America and the UK; Project Paperclip and MK Ultra.

Sometimes, just sometimes, reality is crazier than the worst delusions of the most hopelessly lost paranoid schizophrenic; and just as isolating when you see it. Furthermore the technology is being advanced to make the TV an even more effective means of mass mind control. Still sounds like a far fetched conspiracy theory? Google this patent number; US6506148 B2.

The reader is encouraged to ceremoniously destroy their TV set; an act of heresy at least as significant to the contemporary magician as the Black Mass was during the age of Christianity, when church and state were one – and certainly of more relevance than the degenerate parody that is modern Satanism. Yet it will not be enough to simply destroy – the mere absence of the TV will not be sufficient to empower us. There may even be withdrawal symptoms, more subtle yet just as all pervading as withdrawal from opiate addiction. There will not just be a gap in the front room where the TV used to stand, there will also be a gap in the daily routines and habits of our lives. This needs to be filled with something else, or the old habits will simply sneak back in, as with overcoming any addiction. Far better to replace these old habits with effective behaviour strategies.

In place of the TV instead build a domestic altar to whatever principals you choose or imagine. Rather than adopt any predefined religion turn this simple tool of mind-control to the purposes of magick – techniques of causing willed change in one’s own consciousness. Replace the psychic apathy of TV viewing with spiritual activism. Use the focal point of your domestic altar for discoveries in self-knowledge. If reality is to be defined, let it be through our own narratives. Where mental vacuity and relaxation are desired let this be achieved instead by meditation, strengthening and sharpening the mental faculties rather than dulling them. There are also a rich variety of shamanic methods for releasing the body’s natural endorphins, all of which can be turned to practical ends. If our minds are to be programmed, let it be with empowering messages of our own devising – not just changing the program but creating our own programs of change.


Mind Control Technology

The New World Order employs mind control technology to target ‘domestic extremists’ and turn them into babbling conspiracy theorists that nobody listens to. What do you do if you really are being targeted by shady government agents conspiring to make you look like you are a delusional paranoid?

Driving a target insane can be as final as murder, and these clandestine psychological attacks are intended to reproduce the symptoms of mental illness. If this is not already sinister enough, none other than Dr. Michael Persinger has suggested that the technology previously employed in TV broadcasting – now defunct due to digital technology – may be ‘re-tuned’ and weaponised to effect the brainwave activity of a human target. Furthermore, he has conjectured that this technology could be employed to remote control all of humanity, throughout the entire world.

The following represents just a portion of the mind control technology patents available in the public sphere; they may be verified with a simple Google search. Black Ops technology is of course excluded; Intelligence Agencies have access to still secret equipment around 30 – 40 years ahead of anything the public are allowed to know about. The abilities of our governments to manipulate our brains, emotions, and responses either indirectly or directly through media broadcasts are evidently far beyond those most citizens are aware of.

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System for Assessing Verbal Psychological Correlates US4692118

Video Subconscious Display Attachment US46116261

Method & Apparatus for Generating Subliminal Visual Messages US4573449

Method for Stimulating the Falling Asleep and / or Relaxing Behaviour of a Person US4395600

Auditory Subliminal Message System & Method US4388918


Excerpt from The Neuronomicon, Nathaniel J Harris.


Art, Chaos Magic, Humour, Illuminates of Thanateros, Magick, Occult, Sorcery, Witchcraft

It is undeniable that Austin Osman Spare has a huge influence on modern occultism, having been made posthumously ‘famous’ in this context through the works of Kenneth Grant. Ironically, Spare held nothing but disdain for such pretentious and pompous ‘society’ when he was alive. You would not find him hanging out with Crowley, or even Gerald Gardner. As he wrote in The Book of Pleasure: The Psychology of Ecstasy;

“[Some] praise ceremonial Magic, and are supposed to suffer much Ecstasy! Our asylums are crowded, the stage is over-run! Is it by symbolising we become the symbolized? Were I to crown myself King, should I be King? Rather should I be an object of disgust or pity. These Magicians, whose insincerity is their safety, are but the unemployed dandies of the Brothels. Magic is but one’s natural ability to attract without asking; ceremony what is unaffected, its doctrine the negation of theirs. I know them well and their creed of learning that teaches the fear of their own light. Vampires, they are the very lice in attraction. Their practices prove their incapacity, they have no magic to intensify the normal, the joy of a child or healthy person, none to evoke their pleasure or wisdom from themselves. Their methods depending on a morass of the imagination and a chaos of conditions, their knowledge obtained with less decency than the hyena his food.”

Which was Spare’s way of saying he thought were are all a bit pretentious. Having explored the world of ‘ceremonial magicians’, and having fallen out with nearly all the biggest poseurs for all the right reasons, I am inclined to agree with him. Nevertheless, Austin’s friend Kenneth Grant seems to have been a jolly good chap. I reproduce some of the good things he had to say about me in The Neuronomicon.

Nor, as a ghost, is Spare impressed by the ever recycled fad of Chaos Magic, or fools as Peter J. Carroll, who dared claim heritage of the Zos Kia Cultus. In his Austin’s words, “Don’t blame me for this crap. They’re all cursed. Every single fucking one of the dirty lying cunts.”

That’s not a quote from one of his books. I heard him say it.

I have met the ghost of Austin Osman Spare a few times. I know how that sounds. Everyone has their opinion on the existence or non existence of ghosts, and there are enough of us that believe in them that you cannot call us all crazy. We all have our own experiences. Nobody can prove whether ghosts exist or not in absolute terms, but I have had several persuasive experiences that, at least at the time, convinced me they do. But I am not making any claims as to their absolute reality.

Spare would say it was our belief in them that made them real. His definition of real might not be the same as a closed minded materialist, and nor is mine. My experiences of meeting the ghost of Austin have been amongst the most persuasive, often coinciding with significant turning points in my life.

I have also known others with similar experiences of meeting the ghost of Austin Osman Spare, along with someone who seems to appear in several of his drawings. It has always been out of kindness on the part of his ghost that he appeared to us, because we needed to know we were not alone. Because we were struggling, like he did as an artist with integrity, refusing to bow to any ‘scene’ and selling his art in local pubs. It is never because he has been ‘summoned’ or has lowered himself to appear at a seance – everyone who has met his ghost, or experienced meeting his ghost, agrees on his contempt for ceremonial magicians and spiritualists. I know there are plenty of people who claim otherwise, but as Spare put it, “Their formula is deception and they are deceived.”

That is not a quote from his books either.

We get along well, Spare and I. We have a lot in common. We are both witches, originating from East Anglian tradition, what have walked what he calls “The Path Direct”. That sounds pretentious, and he is, because what he means is simply “straying from the beaten track”. Going your own way. So we are both connected to the same tradition. And we are both uncompromising magical artists, although I make no claim to be his equal as a draughtsman. The last time I laid eyes on an original Spare was at an exhibition of works by Aubrey Beardsley – which as a ‘footnote’ also included a portrait of Beardley’s wife, which Beardsley himself had commissioned from Austin Osman Spare. We both, his ghost and I, agree that he is unequalled. But I have also experienced his displeasure and even his anger. I am glad I have never pissed him off enough to get cursed, although its fair to say he has knocked me for six a couple of times. You really don’t want to meet the ghost of Austin Osman Spare when he shifts into his atavisms.


Neuromancy, Sorcery

The grimoires of tradition make many references to communion with the intelligences and angels of the planets, chiefly for their knowledge but also for aid in ‘results magick’. The influence of such forces is also widely accepted in astrology, the fundamental materialist objection to which lies in that the great distances between Earth and the other planets, and the lack of any intervening medium, prohibits the possibility of their effecting us. If such a possibility is recognised at all it is assumed such effects would be so minimal their existence would be negligible.

The case on behalf of astrology rests upon whether celestial phenomena correlate with earthly events, and accumulates when it is acknowledged that both Sun and Moon are chronometers of various changes on the Earth, most obviously in the cycles of day and night, the turning of the seasons, the rising and falling tides, and more subtly, such as when solar storms effect the electromagnetic field of the Earth, and therefore the brainwaves and consciousness of anyone within such fields. It is now understood that space is not the great void we once believed it to be, but consists of subtle fields that occupy the entire universe, existing in ratios and balances that when in flux, such as during local terrestrial or non-local extraterrestrial electromagnetic events, propagate fluctuations in the whole.

Since human consciousness is an expression of the Earth’s own frequencies, originating within it yet able to transcend space-time, it naturally follows that the archetypal resonances of the planets express intelligences of their own, whether or not these intelligences possess forms constraining them to space-time. Recordings made by NASA prove an uncanny correlation between the nature of the archetypal planets as they are known to astrology and the actual resonances of the planets; for example, the resonance of our own plant sounds something like the warble of a didgeridoo, the resonance of Venus stirs emotions of longing, while Saturn’s is a haunting wail of existential despair.

The archetypal expressions of the Laws governing space-time also govern the frequencies of the planets within our solar system, because these too originate within the consciousness of the Absolute. Just as the Ancestral dimensions are experienced as simultaneously separate from and at one with the Laws, so does this continuum meet with the planetary resonances and their corresponding intelligences.

Communion with extra-terrestrials becomes possible by means of the Gamma-Theta telepathic signal, as coherence does not attenuate over distance. out-of-body awareness also allows for faster than light travel and remote viewing, even of locations as distant as other planets; Ingo Swann quite famously having sketched and painted the rings around Pluto long before their existence was known by NASA. Dr. John Lilly invented the sensory deprivation chamber after receiving the instructions from telepathic communion with Venusians, who also provided him with information about human neurology that, once confirmed by experiment, significantly advanced scientific understanding of the brain’s electromagnetic activity; so much so that he, like Swann, was presented with an affidavit by the CIA, and his findings kept secret as a matter of National Security.

CIA files concerning both remote viewing programmes and UFOs, released under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm their psychic agents have been exploring other planets, and communing with extra- terrestrial intelligences, since before the 1980s. When our own consciousness frequencies synchronise with these archetypal expressions, each its own separate dimension of awareness, it allows us to perceive them. No fan-fair has been made, with the programmes covered up under a campaign of disinformation and silence.

Even more impressive is that the ancient Sumerians also correctly described our solar system, including those planets not visible to the eye and only rediscovered in recent times, including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They provided accurate information about all the planets. including their size, distances, and surface conditions. Since the Sumerians were right about these now discovered planets it would be foolish to assume they were wrong about everything else, such as the as yet unconfirmed existence a the planet Nibiru, whose orbit is irregular to the other planets, periodically coming closer to the sun and the known solar system. Researchers at Ruhr University, Germany, confirmed in the 1970s that a disruptive gravitational field can be detected as effecting the known planets, and which could only be attributed to the existence of an unknown planet estimated to be around five times the size of Earth; making it, as the Sumerians described it to be, the third largest planet in our solar system. According to these same Sumerian texts, Nibiru is the abode of the Anunnaki, an advanced extra-terrestrial species who came to Earth in pre-history and bioengineered humans. It is from these intelligences that the Sumerian texts claim to have received their accurate maps of the solar system.

There are many other examples in our world’s religions suggesting extraterrestrial contact. Both Siva and Karuda are said to have possessed what are described as flying birds, capable of travel to other planets. Consider the ‘wheels’ of the Cherubim. The Ark of the Covenant is also described as flying, with the deaths described after contact and proximity with it baring a striking resemblance to the symptoms of radiation sickness. Perhaps Genesis and the Book of Enoch in fact describe contact between humans and extraterrestrials, with the monstrous spawn of the Nephilim also comparable to radiation exposure, or even the mutations of modern cloning and DNA research.

In the 21st century, UFO sightings continue today, with many (often heavily redacted) CIA files concerning the subject having been released under the Freedom of Information act. Are there real aliens, or is it all Operation Blue-Beam?

Our star-map has expanded exponentially since the days of classical astrology; or even since Sumeria. Given the analysis of the KEPLAR space mission data, listing as many as forty billion Earth size planets orbiting in the known habitable zones within our Galaxy, it would be highly unlikely that we alone in the Universe, or that we would be the most evolved species. Recognising also the possibilities of out-of- body travel at faster than light speeds, and that our own sciences are at this time advancing beyond the limits of materialism, it only stands to reason that any ael-ian psychically advanced enough would similarly explore the Universe; travelling through space in a capsule is equivalent to aquatic life attempting to transition to land based mammals by travelling in gold-fish bowls.

Given that information is non-local, unbound by the space-time Matrix, there may even be consciousnesses that never evolved physical bodies in the first place..

– Nathaniel J. Harris, The Neuronomicon

Since publication of The Neuronomicon, further evidence supporting my claims has come to light regarding almost every aspect of Theta-Sorcery Theory. The CIA’s serious interest in UFO phenomena is no exception:


Neuromancy, Sorcery

Excerpt from


A 21st Century Grimoire

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Evidence has be found for the existence of the sixth sense through the study of cryptochromes; proving beyond rational argument that such abilities are not only innate in humans, but are ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom..

Cryptochromes were first discovered in plants, whose DNA is exposed to great amounts of ultraviolet light, breaking it down, and meaning it requires constant self repair. The molecules found to be responsible for this were also discovered to be responsive to low wavelength light. They have since been found in bacteria, and in a wide variety of animals, and have many startling implications.

Birds and bees are known to navigate by means of them; an ability referred to in biology as magnetoreception, and likened to a ‘sixth sense’. Until recently the biomechanisms behind this well documented phenomena have remained a mystery, but recent discoveries concerning the nature cryptochromes protein molecules, present behind the eyes of migratory birds, suggest they may be able to literally see the earth’s magnetic field almost like a navigational readout. Their ability to access these fields may also be responsible for the ability of flocks to move as one entity, and a vast series of abilities possessed by other species.

Several other animals have been observed to possess sixth sense abilities, such as; bees, butterflies, sea turtles, spiny lobsters, and dolphins – it is more of a question as to which animals do not possess cryptochromes. Changes in the electromagnetic fields surrounding salmon will redirect a shoal, each fish coordinating their relationship to the whole according to it. Red foxes have been shown to hunt by magnetoreception; when vision is obscured by under-brush, or by snowy conditions, they align themselves to both the field of their prey and the north / south electromagnetic field of the Earth, judging the angle at which they pounce according to a sixth sense other than the five traditionally considered.

This sixth sense has also been shown to have a predictive quality, reacting in advance of unpredictable stimuli as if constantly scanning the morphic field for subtle resonances of the future. In relation to anomalous anticipatory activity, although up to now the effort to bring this ability to light in animals has been scant, there are sufficient results to suggest that the phenomenon is widespread, being present not only in those animals endowed with a highly developed nervous system, such as birds and mammals but also in primitive ones such as earthworms; in a paper titled Experimental Psi Effects in Precognition Tests with Planarians, published in Journal of Scientific Exploration, December 2018, Spanish researcher Fernando Alvarez, reports results of experiments with black planarians (Girardia dorotocephala), the structure and physiology of their central nervous system and cerebral ganglion are positioned as the most likely ancestors of the vertebrate brain. Recording the their movements in reaction to light, showed them to be able to anticipate the upcoming event.

In the experiments of neurologist Benjamin Libet and his team, performed in the 1960s, measuring changes in the brain and their timing in relation to stimuli. First, they stimulated their subjects with flashing light and rapid sequences of mild electric shocks applied to their hands. It was observed that if the stimulus lasted less than 500 milliseconds the subjects did not become consciously aware of it, which was not in itself surprising. However, it was also observed that if the stimulus continued for more than 500 milliseconds, awareness of the stimuli did not begin after this period, but when the stimuli actually started. In other words, awareness of the stimuli would be ‘antedated’ from the actual delayed time at which a response was elicited in the state of neurons, so the experience appeared subjectively to occur without delay. It was discovered that our brains have an automatic referral of conscious experience backwards in time.

We also have the experiments performed by the parapsychologist Dean Radin in the 1990s, in which his subjects’ emotional responses were recorded via a bio-feedback device as they were shown randomly selected images on a computer screen, most of which were calm, some of which were arousing or shocking. His evidence proved that when arousing images were about to appear an increase in electrodermal activity began,.up to three or four seconds in advance.

Anyone who has ever had a hunch, a subtle feeling that something was about to happen, can attest to this pre-emptive quality to human consciousness. It is these same subtle impressions that were exploited during the remote viewing experiments of the CIA funded Project Stargate, while the US Navy’s current Project Jedi, essentially a training program for psychic soldiers, represents the weaponization of hunches and other subtle impressions from beyond space-time.

Regardless of the role of cryptochromes this is proof positive that a previously unexplainable and therefore denied sixth sense is not only possible but present in many animals, as well as humans. Things get even spookier when we consider how the cryptochromes themselves relate to the electromagnetic Schumann Resonance field, which they do by means of quantum entanglement; cryptochromes react to light by spawning a pair of spinning particles whose balance is so sensitive it tips in reaction to the most subtle electromagnetic fields.

It has also been discovered that human beings possess this cryptochrome protein, which plays an important function in maintaining our circadian rhythm. It is also true that some people possess an apparently intuitive sense of direction. The recent discovery of this previously unknown property of cryptochromes may hold important clues regarding observed correspondences between collective human behaviour and solar and geomagnetic activity, and the adverse effects of disruptions in these fields on not just human behaviour but also health; as were observed in the experiments of Rutger Weaver. Changes in these fields have been proven to effect our brainwaves, heart beats, athletic performance, and immune systems. Extreme shifts in these fields, such as those caused by extreme solar activity, have been shown to correspond with some of the world’s more positive cultural shifts, and some of humanity’s greatest creations and art. They also correspond with some of humanity’s most tragic events.

A number of other surprising possibilities open to us when considering the correlations between the Schumann Resonance, psychic abilities, and cryptochromes. The mysterious psychic abilities apparent in certain human beings might be explained by such a biomechanism. Since electromagnetic fields are present all around us, containing all manner of information, human cryptochromes might, for example, play a role in abilities such as reading auras; a phenomena entirely comparable with sensing the elecromagnetic emissions of the human body. Consider also that there are seven areas of the body that may be identified as projecting measurable low amplitude fields, corresponding with the traditional seven chakras, known to mystics as long as 5,000 years ago. Energy workers and traditional healers have been found to possess higher than average electrical fields; might they also have more active cryptochrome activity, or be more attuned to it?

It is likely that such a sixth sense would have been more pronounced in early man, with hunter gatherers travelling comparable distances to various migratory species. If so, the shamanic world view that developed during this period most definitely had its roots in this magnetoreceptive sixth sense, since the psychic relationship between humankind and the Earth would have been no mystery.

The results of the long-term and worldwide experiment of the Global Consciousness Project confirm an effect by human collective emotions on a field-like Global Consciousness; what occultists have called the Anima Mundi. It is therefore not also simply possible but inevitable, that modern electromagnetic pollution, such as 5G wi-fi technology, will have comparable effects to natural disruptions in these fields, redirecting mass thought on a planetary scale – in much the same way as shoals of salmon can be redirected under electromagnetic remote control. Such EMF frequencies were shown in Persinger’s experiments to have a detrimental effect in psychic’s ability to attain to the Theta trance, and have been reported experientially by psychics world-wide. He has also stated that radio and microwave technologies, put in place for purposes such as TV, mobile phones, and wi-fi, can be instantly converted into a world spanning system of mind control technology capable of remote controlling the whole of humanity. Whether by conspiracy or coincidence the implications are the same; a technology assisted covert attack against the population, disrupting brainwaves and clouding our abilities to comprehend our own slavery.



Theta Sorcery – or more simply, ‘sɵrcery’ – is the primary modality of neuromancy as is being developed within ICƟN; the International Cabal of Theta Neuromancers. The following scientific breakthroughs all provide evidential confirmation for the hidden potentials of human consciousness, and a rational basis for the practice of sɵrcery. However, there is much more to be learned and considered before Theta Sorcery Theory can be fully comprehended. Further research and discoveries open ever new possibilities.

Schumann Resonance

In 1951 the physicist Winefred Otto Schumann, University of Munich, discovered the heart beat of the planet Earth. While teaching a class on the physics of electricity, of how a sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension, and subsequently a frequency, he illustrated the principal with the example as to how the sphere of the planet Earth and its surrounding ionosphere produces lightning. He then asked his class to calculate the tension existing between them and, realising he did not know the answer himself, set about calculating it. Eventually he concluded with a frequency of approximately 10 Hz. His discovery was subsequently published under the title Schumann Resonance on the 11th of August 1953 in the small journal Physical Sciences, confined to the back pages with its full significance yet to be realised.


Around 3O years earlier another German scientist by the name of Hans Burger had made the first ever recording of the electromagnetic frequencies transmitted by the human brain. Although it was initially suggested the waves be named after their discoverer he elected for alphabetical assignments, assigning the principal wave he discovered as the Alpha wave. Shortly after Shumann’s discovery was published a student of Burger’s read the article and noticed a startling correspondence between the brainwaves recorded by Burger and the Schumann Resonance.

Learning of this, Schumann agreed to investigate further, working alongside one of his own students to study in detail the discharging of lightning within the ionosphere cavity, refining his equation to the more precise measurement of 7.83 Hz. The discovery was remarkable; the Schumann Resonance is not merely a close correspondence to human Alpha brainwaves, it is an exact and identical match. The brain’s frequency controlling our creativity, performance, stress, even our immune system, is attuned to the frequency of the planet. The pulse of the Earth became the pulse of life itself.

Circadian Rhythms

In the early 1960s Professor Rutger Weaver, an acclaimed scientist from the Max Planck Institute, constructed an underground bunker completely shielded from the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth, in order to study the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the circadian rhythms of humans. He conducted an experiment over a thirty week period, during which student volunteers spent several weeks at a time living in the bunker. He discovered that the student’s circadian rhythms were dramatically disrupted when they were isolated from the Schumann Resonance, causing both mental and physical health to suffer. When the 7.83 Hz frequency was secretly reintroduced to the isolation bunker by means of an electric pulse generator they almost immediately returned to health and a sense of well being. Weaver’s experiments proved the incredible connection between human health and the heart beat of the planet; the correspondence between Burger and Schumann’s discoveries had been no coincidence.

Third Eye Spies

During the 1980s, in a series of highly secretive experiments at the Stanford Institute, it was discovered that Alpha / Theta brainwaves were dominant during sessions with the CIA’s psychic agents; remote viewers such as Ingo Swann and Pat Price. During the 1990s a further series of experiments by Dr. Michael Persinger verified that the exact brainwave frequency during optimum psychic performance is 7.83 Hz. These discoveries never made the mainstream due to the conspiracy to silence the truth about the brain’s potential, and Persinger’s work with the God Helmet, a technological device proven to boost psychic aptitude through reproducing the Schumann Resonance within the human brain and even activate psychic abilities in otherwise non-psychic subjects, has been prevented from entering the mainstream. While it has been widely accepted within mainstream science that electromagnetic fields may have a profound effect upon us at every level, including our brainwaves and consciousness, it has largely been hidden from the public is that our consciousness may also have an effect upon these fields; our brains and bodies are literally transmitters, and so effect their environment.

The Genesis Effect

In 2011, groundbreaking research suggested something even more impressive; the Schumann Resonance may be responsible for the beginnings of life. Dr. Luc Montagnier, the biologist who first discovered the HIV virus, was conducting water memory experiments, studying how water retained a memory of substances that had previously been dissolved in it, when he stumbled upon something that would challenge the very core principals of science.

All life comes from life, and can only exist where life has existed before, and the mechanism for this has always been understood to be material, such as egg and sperm, or cell division. This was a principal assumption that had never been violated by any experiment in science so far. Dr. Luc Montagnier’s experiments would offer a very different hypothesis, showing that DNA sequences – the very building blocks of life – communicate with each other through water by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes electromagnetic communication was still recorded. These transmissions are so sophisticated they are able to arrange nucleotides into new DNA. Scientists had combined these ingredients countless times before but have never been able to recreate the spark of life, transforming nucleotides into actual DNA without it already being present. The difference was that Montagnier had introduced the frequency of precisely 7.83 Hz; when a test tube of pure water is placed beside a second test tube containing water and DNA traces, and the two tubes are exposed to the Schumann Resonance, the nucleotides in the pure water rearrange themselves to make DNA.

Since this Schumann Resonance has been the electromagnetic pulse of the planet from the very beginning, before life evolved, it is reasonable to assume that the Schumann Resonance played a part in DNA coming into existence in the first place; life evolved surrounded by these frequencies and inevitably tuned in to them. Indeed our sensitivity to frequency became integral to our ability in sensing another of the planet’s phenomena; magnetic fields. Two billion years ago magnotatic bacteria formed a simple but intriguing relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field. The single celled organism contained particles of magnetic material enabling it to act like the needle of a compass and orient along the magnetic lines of the planet. As organisms became more complex so did their reliance on these magnetic fields.

DNA molecules are not themselves the determinants of particular structures, even if biologists often speak of genes ‘for’ certain attributes, such as ginger hair, or higher intelligence. They do not possess conscious attributes such as selfishness, and do not contain instruction plans or blue prints for organisms, yet nor are they merely the code sequencers of amino acids and proteins. Discovered only as recently as 1952 we know relatively little about the true purpose of DNA, despite the great leaps made by the Human Genome Project, and the riches that have been made through genetic modification. Scientists have only so far ascertained around 2% of its purpose; the remaining 98% may well have far more to do with Montagnier’s discovery of its relationship to the Schumann Resonance, and the relationship between the Schumann Resonance and ‘sixth sense’ abilities.

Neuro-Psychic Programming

Sɵrcery may exploit the relationship between DNA, the Schumann Resonance, and 7.83 Hz Theta trance to communicate psychically with DNA to reprogram it, changing its energy emissions and transmitting new information into the morphic field. The discovery that psychic communication is possible directly with DNA, producing profound and instantaneous results, surely provides a greater leap in our understanding of ourselves as humans than the materialism of the Human Genome Project. That this in turn creates changes in the biofield, which in turn effects – and is effected by – its morphic environment, has been known to sorcerer’s by various means for at least 5,000 years; science is only now beginning to catch up.

Since its discovery in the 1950s, DNA has been assumed to be the equivalent of a ‘read only’ file. More current advances have proven it can also be re-written, accidentally or otherwise. The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This is now called the phantom DNA effect. Garjajev modulated certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself; concluding that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation. Garjajev’s research group worked on technology capable of influencing the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies to repair genetic defects. Capturing information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitting it onto another, they managed to reprogram cells to another genome, successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos, simply by transmitting DNA information patterns. Such experiments illustrate the immense power of wave genetics, suggesting it has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Working alongside Russian linguists, Garjajev found that the alkalines of our DNA follow the same patterns as human languages, directly comparable to the rules of syntax, semantics, and grammar; suggesting that human languages did not appear coincidentally but are innate within DNA. Living DNA always reacts to language modulated lasers and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

Our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also functions in data storage and communication. Everything about us is encoded as letters in the DNA Matrix language. Dr. Fritz Albert-Pop, who discovered bio-photons in 1976, proved the source of these human light frequency emissions to be within our DNA; it is the core transmitter of our personal energy signature. Meanwhile, Dr. Lipton has proven that the DNA nucleus is not the intelligence centre of the cell, which is instead located in the membrane, which receives signals from our consciousness and writes the DNA code. The membrane acts like an information processor, it is quite literally comparable to a liquid crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels, as in microprocessing. The membrane reads the environment and adjusts the biology. The nucleus itself operates in a manner comparable to a hard disk, while the genes are programmes. The electromagnetic biosphere, and the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, operate as DNA’s wi-fi transmission and reception; its ‘signal being 7.83 Hz..

Sɵrcery applies the same essential principle suggested by Garjajev’s findings; attaining to the 7.83 Hz frequency with the physical-psychic system rather than technology, language-modulating the transmission with spoken words and commands. Sɵrcerers employ remote viewing to observe the inner biology of their target, concentrating upon the pineal gland as the ‘command centre’ through which DNA may be accessed by means of a telepathic signal. This may promote accelerated healing, sometimes instantaneous, dare we say miraculous. The same principle may be applied in magical attack; for example, deactivating a target’s immune system.

Since certain life events can also effect this level of being, such processes have profound implications in creating willed changes in personality – in the sɵrcerer’s own self, or in others. Again, the same principle may be employed to disrupt DNA for purposes of magical attack. For example, a target may be remotely programmed to believe themselves naturally unlucky.

It has also been shown that information relating to instinctive knowledge may be encoded into DNA through certain experiences, most notably trauma, and inherited by subsequent generations. Early experiences, for better or worse, can also literally become part of our genetic make-up.

On the most immediate level, the good news is that we can change, through the simple act of communication, even at the most fundamental biophysical level of DNA. This has profound implications in the clearing of trauma, mind control, or disempowering narratives, and the instantaneous instilling of empowering psychic strategies.

That DNA may be reprogrammed through psychic communion in turn suggests the possibility of a psychic aspect to the evolution of the human species itself. Although the correlates between DNA, the Schumann Resonance, Theta brainwaves, and the ‘sixth sense’ are all new discoveries to modern science they have always been present in nature. The sudden evolutionary leap between Neanderthal and modern humans might have been the result of such willed change. Or to conjecture further; consciousness might not have evolved at all, or even have arisen from matter in the first place, but instead might be the purpose and cause of matter, and therefore of evolution.

– Excerpt from The NeuronomIcɵn, third edition, available soon in paperback.



I denounce [N.], whose name is written, so that they may go away from here to a place of suffering. Just as this puppy did no harm to no-one, so shall [N.] be unable to cause me harm. Just as the mother of this puppy could not defend it, so may [N.] be without defence and without advocate. Just as this puppy’s head is turned away, so shall [N.]’s head be turned away. Just as this puppy cannot raise itself up, so may [N.] be unable to raise themselves. Just as this puppy is transfixed, so shall [N.] be transfixed. Just as animal’s souls have become dumb in the tomb, so shall [N.] be struck dumb by this magick. In the name of Set, my will be done. – Roman curse tablet found in Bath, UK

The Black Ray is concerned with cursing, and all forms of malefica. Its forms include all those beings called ‘evil’ in traditional magical lore; the Etin, Giants, Titans, the Qulippoth, demons, and atavisms. This is the plane of Chaos, disintegrating spirits of the dead, negative obsessions, and soulless elementals corresponding to the lower parts of the biofield, and in psychism with the negative aspects of consciousness.

The sɵrcerer must take great care not to become identified with such forces. This is why the operations described in the traditional grimoires of demonology instruct to employ the Triangle of Evocation, which should be inscribed outside of the Sɵrcerer’s Circle at some distance. If the sɵrcerer finds themselves acting under the impulse of such entities they have either been cursed, or are acting from their lower psyche, and have effectively cursed themselves. They should banish, invoke the Laws to bind their shadows, seek to improve themselves through meditation and commune with the Absolute.

Self-reflection and meditation are essential before entering into the casting of any curse. If what we are doing is wrong – whether we allow ourselves to recognise it or not – the curse will rebound and we will wound ourselves. It is only right that those who transgress upon us should be punished, but the ultimate intent of such punishment must be to prevent further transgression – all else is egoism and will have bad results. Through meditation we free ourselves from the restraints of ego and are thus slower to perceive insult in the actions or words of others. We are also far more effective at casting curses; for we are rehearsed at releasing our desires.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for malefica is the image of a man hitting himself in his own head with his own axe. What the hieroglyph demonstrates is the principal of mind control. An effective curse turns an opponent’s own mind against itself, causing them to make mistakes and bring about their undoing. Yet do not mistake this symbol as meaning the recipient must be aware of, and believe in, a curse in order for it to be effective – as might be assumed by the uninitiated. It is most often to the sɵrcerer’s advantage if their target refuses to believe they are being cursed; or even that cursing (i.e. mind control) is even possible. Consider how discussing evidence that our governments are using mind control technology will inevitably provoke accusations of being a conspiracy theorist; let alone to speak of mimetic warfare (vocēs magickæ) and the origins of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ being the CIA. Another discussion bound to get you labeled as a lunatic is how Satanic groups use techniques of trauma based mind control based upon The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Our entire culture is under continuous malefica, while the masses dismiss the very possibility of magick with laughter, but this does nothing to decrease the efficiency of the mind control – indeed it is even more effective.

Excerpt from The NeuronomIcɵn – soon available in paperback

GROUNDING; Spirituality, Dissociation, and Trauma


There can often be a tendency to misinterpret the dissociative states utilized in ritual, meditation, and prayer, with their expansive qualities, as being somehow more worthy than mundane consciousness. Spiritual workers and energy healers are often the most guilty of this error, and of passing it on to their often traumatized (and therefore seeking healing) clients.

It should be remembered that dissociation are also the natural result of terror, occurring in any animal captured by a predator with no hope of escape, and serving the purpose of lessening physical suffering in the event of extinction; a small mercy. A child witnessing their parents arguing, or whose parents are abusive, will often resolve the conflicting attachment / fear impulses by learning to dissociate.

The mental wounds of trauma may also cause longer term dissociation. This state feels safe, and can often be mistaken in itself for spiritual healing, which it is not; mistaking it as such will only prolong the psychic wound that caused the dissociative state to occur in the first place.

Wandering around in a dissociative state does not make you more spiritual – it makes you easily controlled. Dissociation is the principle means by which slaves are controlled by MK:Ultra handlers, and by which abusive charlatans control their cults.

It is essential not to be too quick to let go of the body, with its grounding in space-time. Before consciousness can attain to the energetic biɵfield it must first have a physical body to generate it. It is true that our sense of the physical body can become more diffuse, fading into the background, or dissociating entirely as with out-of-body movement, yet the form is never lost and is always available for our return.

Remember to ground at the completion of any working, returning fully to your body, present in space-time. For most of us, it is a life-time’s work to explore the simple truths of our flesh; why else bother to incarnate at all?