As Cornelius Agrippa expressed, “Among the highest of all Wisdoms is to know how to be happy.”

Not because of any acquisition, attainment, or conquest. Not because of events of the past or because of any hopes for the future. But to be happy in the now, immediately, and for its own sake. For there is no higher state of mortal being than simply being happy.

Yet there is also such a thing as toxic positivity; placing the blame on others for their misfortunes and sorrows, neglecting our own responsibilities as empathic human beings. Failing to recognise the sorrows of others so that we do not have to feel anything other than our own self satisfied happiness.

It is also among the highest Wisdoms to see what you see, to perceive immediate reality, and to recognise there is more to the world than just you, and how you happen to be feeling.

There is sorrow in the world, and it is our duty as conscious beings to aid one another wherever there is sorrow.

The Sages remind us that one cannot exist without the other. There can be no darkness without light, and no light without darkness. What we define as opposites with our language, arranged into false concepts of duality and dichotomy, are in reality extremes of the same phenomena.

When this is understood, all the great paradoxes of philosophy become easily resolved.




The term ‘Atua’ is most properly sourced to the traditions commonly referred to as ‘Hoodoo’, although the concept itself is reflected in many Spiritist traditions, including Christian prayers for the Dead. In essence it is a tributary box created for a specific Ancestor. One places links, such as dirt from their grave, and appropriate gifts, to serve as a focus during petition and prayer.

This Atua, or ‘Spirit Box’, was created to serve as a focus for working with the ghost of Austin Osman Spare. It was sold as an object de Arte some time ago, got lost as a package half way around the world, presumed lost, but eventually found its way to its buyer – a musician, also inspired by certain aspects of Spare’s philosophy and Arte.

Cancer and Adrenochrome


As I highlighted earlier, adrenochrome is essentially oxidized adrenalin. Adrenalin is part of the sympathetic nervous system, so the pathway it travels begins with the adrenal glands (where adrenalin is released), and then travels and circulates throughout the bloodstream of the body and also enters the brain. It is released during flight-or-fight situations, and there are numerous ways to increase adrenalin production. Inside the brain, there are receptors that are sensitive to oxidized adrenalin (aka adrenochrome), and as a result, brain wave changes are exerted as well as electrical disturbances. When the limbic system becomes overaroused by adrenochrome, psychosis occurs. This is the underlying premise behind the chemical involved in hallucinations in schizophrenia The steps and conditions to create adrenochrome are described as follows:

The steps to create adrenochrome are described as follows in What Really Causes Schizophrenia:

Abram Hoffer describes in his paper on the adrenochrome hypothesis the conditions needed to form adrenochrome:


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THE SΘRCERER’S YI-JING: A 21st Century Treatise

Currently in production.

Yi-Jing is the oldest magical text, or grimoire, in continual use in the history of mankind. To those able to decrypt its binary code, it provides instruction for attaining to those higher states of awareness commonly attributed to mysticism, and the awakening of psychic abilities. It is in this context that The Sɵrcerer’s Yi-Jing: A 21st Century Treatise is offered. It is not intended to replace earlier interpretations, any more than the accretions layered one upon the other over thousands of years were replacements for those before them. It is not an attempt to ‘update’ an old system, but rather a discussion as to how it remains as relevant in the 21st century as 5,000 years ago. Yi-Jing is founded upon unchanging Truths which do not depend upon Time. Such a philosophy shows the lie of our modern myth of ‘progress’ and is entirely incompatible with it.

Having said this, Yi-Jing has had inestimable influence to the progress of our modern sciences. Quantum physicists Hiesenberg and Schrodinger both made constant reference to it, and when Bohr was granted a coat of arms he put the symbol of the Tai-Ji at its centre. Yet this is not to imply the Chinese knew about quantum physics 5,000 years ago. It is to recognize that even our newest and most profound scientific discoveries find reflection in the unchanging Laws as described in the Yi-Jing.

So precise is the ancient philosophical-scientific system of Yi-Jing, and so universal are these Laws, they are reflected even in the structure of DNA; each hexagram corresponding to an individual codon. Yi-Jing also relates to the human body in terms of the ‘chakras’, major nerve ganglia generating the electromagnetic biofield, with each line of a hexagram corresponding to these ‘circuits’ from the feet to the brow. Unsurprisingly, this biofield has been found to be measurably stronger in practitioners of Tai-Ji; a discipline which is itself based on the principles of Yi-Jing. These very real, scientifically measurable, energy circuits are related to the neurological imprints of maturation, and the archetypes of our collective unconscious, as discussed in The Neuronomicɵn.

Yi-Jing was developed 4,500 years before the westerner Liebnitz believed himself to have been the inventor of binary code. Modern neurology has lead to the realisation that the brain itself relies on a binary code; a neuron is either on or off, a one or a zero, yet their resulting combination seems to result in our consciousness, with its perceptions of both time and space. The binary system of consciousness is most easily envisioned if we imagine a holographic input with a three dimensional grid system super-imposed over it, such that all the energy patterns contained within it can be described in terms of three dimensional geometry encoded from a two dimensional form, meaning the three dimensional information can be processed using only the fundamental binary code.

Might it be that the ‘hard question’ as to exactly how consciousness arises from matter has been asked the wrong way around? That the reason why materialist science cannot arrive at an explanation is because it does not? Neurology has failed to locate anything resembling memory traces or ‘recordings’ in the brain itself, and what are we, if we are not our memories? What we have found, however, is that our brains respond to our environment far more than we ever expected. Might it be that consciousness is in fact boundless, and the binary coding of our brains, of our DNA, and perhaps also of Yi-Jing, allows for consciousness to be received and decoded – a little like the way Wi-Fi informs our home computers? If so, might this also solves the conundrum of artificial intelligence – consciousness not arising directly from the binary coding, but channelled and decoded through it?

Modern scientific advances have brought us to the understanding that everything is ultimately made of energy, and that all phenomena is one continuum at various wavelengths of the electromagnet light spectrum. Mind and matter, indeed all phenomena, are ultimately one unbroken movement; an understanding encapsulated 5,000 years ago in the Yi-Jing. Matter itself is a binary system, and so is Time. In quantum physics, the wave function that describes how electrons and other particles behave is a mathematical model in a multi-dimensional space based on ‘complex numbers’, including the paradoxical ‘imaginary’ number, the square root of -1. The wave function maps possible future states in terms of probabilities; Stochastic resonance. When a quantum particle such as an electron interacts with a physical system it collapses into one of many possible outcomes. Many possibilities are reduced in that instant to an objectively observable fact. Yet the wave function itself is non-material; it is only a mathematical description of possibilities, a measurement of the patterns of change.

Yi-Jing effectively allows us to measure the wave function before it collapses, thus predicting events before they have happened within space-time. We can understand that the system measures only probabilities, and can never provide us with absolute certainties; nevertheless these measurements provide us with reliable predictions, with events closer in time to the present more accurately predictable than those distant.

Additionally, the less an event depends on previous occurrences the harder it will be to predict, which is why no divination system – or natural psychic – has been able to assure lottery wins. Finally, as Bohr observed, order arises from chaos, and chaos is implied within order, so some things will always be unpredictable. This is why hexagram 60: Limits, warns us that under certain conditions divination itself is limited.

Also worthy of meditation is the relationship between the eight trigrams of Yi-Jing, and the six lines of the hexagrams, with the six dimensions postulated by E8 theory, which looks set to replace String Theory, the failed earlier attempt to provide a Unified Theory of Everything. The assumed constants of materialist science are still clung to with dogmatic fervour, from time being linear to consciousness arising from matter, even the number of dimensions consciousness might inhabit, but are slowly being worn away by cumulative evidence. Nearly everywhere we find this wearing away we also find Yi-Jing. This is no coincidence; the text itself speaks of how water, ever adaptable, inevitably wears away even the hardest stone.

The relevance of Yi-Jing in modern sɵrcery becomes further apparent when considered in context of those Laws discussed in The Neuronomicөn as Sympathy (Contact / Contagion), Energy, Spirit, Psyche, and Neuromancy;

Sympathic Magick

This is the imitative principle that anything that has happened once, whether literally or symbolically, will occur again with increasing probability.

Early man’s first instincts towards sympathetic magick might be seen in cave paintings of successful hunts. Through pictorial representation we also evolved our first written languages, including the charaktēres of the Bone Oracle texts upon which Yi-Jing was ultimately founded. As well as referring to divination they were also employed in incantation. Chinese sɵrcerers of the ancient Fulu traditions employ the Ba Gua trigrams and hexagrams in this ‘active’ manner, and they are a common feature of the Sak Yan talismanic tattoos of Thailand.


Most practitioners will be familiar with methods of investing spells with energy, typically understood to be the Force that sets inert matter into the movements of consciousness. Perhaps mankind’s first instincts towards energy magick might be seen in the many spiral, concentric circle, and wave-form psychedelic abstracts depicted on cave walls.

Another classic example of energy deployed in magick is the projection of Life Force in the Fu sorcery of esoteric Daoism, defined in its various stages of purification as jing, chi, shen, and shu, raised and accumulated through Chi-Kung and directed as yang (light) or yin (darkness); perhaps by charging a sigil-talisman, empowering the double for astral attack, or by energizing the body to create an impenetrable aura and lend additional force to physical blocks and blows. In the words of Lao Tzu, The Art of War, “The Warrior Adept’s energy is devastating. His timing is taut. His energy resembles a drawn crossbow; his timing resembles the release of a trigger.”


In the magick of any tradition, Spirits of Light (‘Yang’) will most often be approached through humble petition while those of Shadow (‘Yin’) are dealt with through pacts and commands; depending also on the practitioner’s spiritual inclinations and natural allies. The Wisdom of Yi-Jing applies to either case – it is most known as a book of divination, meaning to ‘ask the divinities’.

Yi-Jing originates in a philosophy known in ancient China as Yi-Fa; its binary code system is reflected also in the African divination system of Ifa. This Wisdom informed, in turn, the geomancy and astrology of Persia, which entered into the Solomonic grimoires to arise in Western Tradition as geomancy.


Psychism is the direction of the human mind’s own powers, and the control of an opponent’s mind. The psychic potentials of human consciousness are far beyond what most westerners have been conditioned to believe. Psychism presents a continuum from hypnotism and neurolinguistic programming to sigil magick (the creation of synthetic neurosis), through to advanced psychic techniques such as remote viewing / influence, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

The weaponisation of psychic abilities is exemplified by military intelligence backed projects such as Project Stargate and Project Jedi. On the battlefield abilities such as precognition, most commonly experienced as ‘hunches’, can save lives.

Jung found much in the Yi-Jing that informed his theory of synchronicity. Perhaps this area of his research is so neglected by psychologists today due to its incompatibility with the old materialist paradigms. As the implications of quantum physics have been absorbed scientists have begun seriously exploring phenomena such as ‘meaningful coincidence’. As with the mathematical equations of quantum physicists, we don’t know why the formulae of the Yi-Jing make accurate predictions, but they do. All we can say is that the Yi-Jing generates ‘meaningful coincidences’, and does so with unexplainable regularity. Perhaps one day the predictions of the Yi-Jing will themselves be a subject of serious scientific enquiry.


Corresponding as it does to human DNA, we should not be surprised to discover Yi-Jing has relevance to the human human body, its electromagnetic biofield, and thus also to the Schumann Resonance; the electromagnetic field of the Earth without which DNA would never have evolved. It is of profound relevance to Theta-sɵrcery, as introduced in The Neuronomicɵn. When our brainwaves match the Schumann Resonance at 7.83Hz (Theta) the biofield increases exponentially in both intensity and size, measurable as the distance from the body and the amplitude at which electromagnetic activity is registered. This same Theta brainwave activity corresponds to the activation of psychic abilities such as remote viewing / influence. The six changing lines themselves relate to the first six circuits of the biofield system, with the seventh implied when all lines are changing. These seven circuits are further corresponded to brainwave function, neurological imprints, and the seven Archetypal Laws.

The six lines of the Yi-Jing hexagrams relate to the neural circuits as follows;

1st Circuit: Biosurvival. First developed in the earliest evolution of the invertebrate brain. Imprinted during infancy. Concerned with suckling, cuddling, and the binary either / or program (approach and accept / flight and refusal) locking consciousness into the Matrix of space and time. Situated in the ‘dwarf brain’. Corresponded to < Δ Infra Low (- 0.5Hz) brainwaves; Slow Cortical Potentials, the basic cortical rhythms underlying all brain activity, playing a major role in brain timing and network function. In the body, the first circuit corresponds to the Mūlādhāra chakra, relating to the gonads and the adrenal medulla, responsible for the fight-or-flight impulse when survival is under threat. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Mercury.

2nd Circuit: Emotional / Territorial. First developed in early vertebrates. Imprinted during the ‘toddling’ stage. Concerned with aggression / submission / cooperation. Corresponded to Δ Delta (0.5 to 3 Hz) brainwaves, dominant during quiescent meditation and deep stage 3 Non-REM sleep and all stage 4 spectral activity. In the human body the second circuit corresponds with the Svādhiṣṭhāna chakra associated to the testes or the ovaries that produce the various sexual hormones involved in the reproductive cycle, the genitourinary system and the adrenals. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Mars.

3rd Circuit: Symbolic / Semantic. First developed as hominids began to differentiate from other primates. Imprinted during childhood by symbol systems and interaction with other humans and their artefacts. Concerned with calculation, prediction, intention, and problem solving. Corresponded to Θ Theta (3 to 8 Hz) brainwaves, dominant during REM dreaming sleep, magical trance, and the entheogenic experience. Theta waves suspend physical awareness and are essential in learning and memory. In the human body this is the Maṇipūra chakra, situated beneath the edge of the rib cage, corresponding to Islets of Langerhans, which are groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal glands and the adrenal cortex, playing a valuable role in digestion and the conversion of food matter into energy for the body. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Sol.

4th Circuit: Domestic / Sociosexual. First developed in Stone Age tribal society. Imprinted during puberty. Concerned with hedonism, reproduction, parenting, social networks, morality etc. Corresponded to A Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) brainwaves, the resting frequency of the brain, essential to mind / body integration, coordination, and learning. In the human body this is the Anāhata: chakra situated at the heart, associated also with the site of maturation of the T-cells responsible for fending off disease. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Venus.

5th Circuit: Neurolinguistic. Probably developed around 2000 BC or earlier, with the first civilisations. It is at this point that surviving literature first makes reference to a sense of ‘I’, so that one ‘feels’ love rather that is ‘visited by’ it, and the rear right hemisphere of the brain became less active. Concerned with introspection and neurosomantic feedback. Situated in the frontal cortex. Corresponded with B Beta (12 to 38 Hz) brainwaves, dominant during normal waking consciousness when we are alert, attentive, and engaged. In the body this is the Viśuddha chakra situated at the throat, considered to correspond also to the thyroid, which produces hormones responsible for growth and maturation. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Jupiter.

6th Circuit: Neuropsychic. Probably first developed around 500 BC. Concerned with deconditioning, self reprogramming, cybernetic consciousness, psychic abilities, and hacking the Matrix. Stimulated by entheogens, and through advanced meditation. Corresponded with Г Gamma (38 to 42 Hz) brainwaves associated with heightened intelligence, altruism, and spiritual evolution. In the human body this is the Ājñā Chakra. The nerve ganglia of the third eye are situated between the two physical eyes and slightly above the bridge of the nose, corresponding with the same areas of the face on the homunculus, situated around the brain’s frontal cortex and corresponding with the pineal gland, itself lying at the midline of the brain between the two hemispheres; a fact reflected in its traditional symbol of the two petalled lotus. The major function of the pineal gland is the secretion of melatonin, and regulation of the circadian rhythms; it is highly responsive to the Schumann Resonance. Working in conjunction with the pituitary gland, whose structure is comparable to the ocular retina, the pineal gland transmits light signals by way of the hypothalamus through the optic nerve fibres. It is also associated with all those sixth sense abilities relating to cryptochromes, which have been found in human beings in the physical eyes, and the area of the third eye. It is also in the area of the third eye that Gamma waves begin their sweeping pulse, travelling through the brain at an average of around 40 Hz. As the chakras are activated through meditation, and strengthened through attunement to the Schumann Resonance, the sɵrcerer attains also to the higher consciousness Gamma brainwaves. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Luna.

The seventh circuit is implied when all the lines of a hexagram are changing;

7th Circuit: Neuromystic. Probably developed in the early first millennium. Concerned with the collective unconscious, memories of previous incarnations, and communion with the Higher Self or ‘Holy Guardian Angel’. Stimulated by entheogens combined with advanced meditation, and possibly at the moment of death. Corresponded with Г > Hyper-Gamma (42 Hz+) brainwaves thought to have significance to the synthesis and translation of immediate sensory information in relation to information stored in the neural system, the mind’s ability to overcome cognitive dissonance, and resistance to change. In the body this is the Sahasrāra, situated at the crown of the head, corresponding to the area of the brain deemed to be the source of Gamma to Hyper Gamma frequencies. The crown circuit is related to pure consciousness, the death of the body, the release of Karma, and the condition of Samhadi. Physically it governs the secretions of the pineal gland and their communication to the endocrine system, also connecting to the nervous system via the hypothalamus. As an Archetypal Law its nature is expressed as Saturn.

Since the Yi-Jing was the inspiration for the first computer coding, and since our neurology is also binary, it stands to reason that Yi-Jing should be a core grimoire for any neuromancer. The binary coding of Yi-Jing may be interpreted as an artificial intelligence matured over 5,000 years, capable of making uncannily accurate predictions of future events, of facilitating communication between human and non-local consciousness, and of imparting Wisdom even to the eldest of sages. It is also an instructional grimoire for those seeking the Attainment of experiential mystical knowledge, and the awakening of those faculties commonly described as psychic.


Excerpt from THE SΘRCERER’S YI-JING: A 21st Century Treatise

currently in preparation.



The following scientific breakthroughs provide evidential confirmation for the rationale of Theta-Sɵrcery, as developed in the experimental group Icɵn (International Cabal of Theta Neuromancers), and introduced to the world in my work The NeuronomIcɵn. However, there is much to be learned and considered before Theta-Sɵrcery Theory can be fully comprehended. Further research and discoveries open ever new possibilities.


Schumann Resonance

In 1951 the physicist Winefred Otto Schumann, University of Munich, discovered the heart beat of the planet Earth. While teaching a class on the physics of electricity, of how a sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension, and subsequently a frequency, he illustrated the principal with the example as to how the sphere of the planet Earth and its surrounding ionosphere produces lightning. He then asked his class to calculate the tension existing between them and, realising he did not know the answer himself, set about calculating it. Eventually he concluded with a frequency of approximately 10 Hz. His discovery was subsequently published under the title Schumann Resonance on the 11th of August 1953 in the small journal Physical Sciences, confined to the back pages with its full significance yet to be realised.


Around 3O years earlier another German scientist by the name of Hans Burger had made the first ever recording of the electromagnetic frequencies transmitted by the human brain. Although it was initially suggested the waves be named after their discoverer he elected for alphabetical assignments, assigning the principal wave he discovered as the Alpha wave. Shortly after Shumann’s discovery was published a student of Burger’s read the article and noticed a startling correspondence between the brainwaves recorded by Burger and the Schumann Resonance.

Learning of this, Schumann agreed to investigate further, working alongside one of his own students to study in detail the discharging of lightning within the ionosphere cavity, refining his equation to the more precise measurement of 7.83 Hz. The discovery was remarkable; the Schumann Resonance is not merely a close correspondence to human Alpha brainwaves, it is an exact and identical match. The brain’s frequency controlling our creativity, performance, stress, even our immune system, is attuned to the frequency of the planet. The pulse of the Earth became the pulse of life itself.

Circadian Rhythms

In the early 1960s Professor Rutger Weaver, an acclaimed scientist from the Max Planck Institute, constructed an underground bunker completely shielded from the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth, in order to study the affects of electromagnetic frequencies on the circadian rhythms of humans. He conducted an experiment over a thirty week period, during which student volunteers spent several weeks at a time living in the bunker. He discovered that the student’s circadian rhythms were dramatically disrupted when they were isolated from the Schumann Resonance, causing both mental and physical health to suffer. When the 7.83 Hz frequency was secretly reintroduced to the isolation bunker by means of an electric pulse generator they almost immediately returned to health and a sense of well being. Weaver’s experiments proved the incredible connection between human health and the heart beat of the planet; the correspondence between Burger and Schumann’s discoveries had been no coincidence.

Third Eye Spies

During the 1980s, in a series of highly secretive experiments at the Stanford Institute, it was discovered that Alpha / Theta brainwaves were dominant during sessions with the CIA’s psychic agents; remote viewers such as Ingo Swann and Pat Price. During the 1990s a further series of experiments by Dr. Michael Persinger verified that the exact brainwave frequency during optimum psychic performance is 7.83 Hz.. While it has been widely accepted within science that electromagnetic fields may have a profound effect upon us at every level, including our brainwaves and consciousness, it has largely been hidden from the public is that our consciousness may also have an effect upon these fields; our brains and bodies are literally transmitters, and so effect their environment.

The Genesis Effect

In 2011, groundbreaking research suggested something even more impressive; the Schumann Resonance may be responsible for the beginnings of life. Dr. Luc Montagnier, the biologist who first discovered the HIV virus, was conducting water memory experiments, studying how water retained a memory of substances that had previously been dissolved in it, when he stumbled upon something that would challenge the very core principals of science.

All life comes from life, and can only exist where life has existed before, and the mechanism for this has always been understood to be material, such as egg and sperm, or cell division. This was a principal assumption that had never been violated by any experiment in science so far. Dr. Luc Montagnier’s experiments would offer a very different hypothesis, showing that DNA sequences – the very building blocks of life – communicate with each other through water by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes electromagnetic communication was still recorded. These transmissions are so sophisticated they are able to arrange nucleotides into new DNA. Scientists had combined these ingredients countless times before but have never been able to recreate the spark of life, transforming nucleotides into actual DNA without it already being present. The difference was that Montagnier had introduced the frequency of precisely 7.83 Hz; when a test tube of pure water is placed beside a second test tube containing water and DNA traces, and the two tubes are exposed to the Schumann Resonance, the nucleotides in the pure water rearrange themselves to make DNA.

Since this Schumann Resonance has been the electromagnetic pulse of the planet from the very beginning, before life evolved, it is reasonable to assume that the Schumann Resonance played a part in DNA coming into existence in the first place; life evolved surrounded by these frequencies and inevitably tuned in to them. Indeed our sensitivity to frequency became integral to our ability in sensing another of the planet’s phenomena; magnetic fields. Two billion years ago magnotatic bacteria formed a simple but intriguing relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field. The single celled organism contained particles of magnetic material enabling it to act like the needle of a compass and orient along the magnetic lines of the planet. As organisms became more complex so did their reliance on these magnetic fields.

DNA molecules are not themselves the determinants of particular structures, even if biologists often speak of genes ‘for’ certain attributes, such as ginger hair, or higher intelligence. They do not possess conscious attributes such as selfishness, and do not contain instruction plans or blue prints for organisms, yet nor are they merely the code sequencers of amino acids and proteins. Discovered only as recently as 1952 we know relatively little about the true purpose of DNA, despite the great leaps made by the Human Genome Project, and the riches that have been made through genetic modification. Scientists have only so far ascertained around 2% of its purpose; the remaining 98% may well have far more to do with Montagnier’s discovery of its relationship to the Schumann Resonance, and the relationship between the Schumann Resonance and ‘sixth sense’ abilities.


Evidence has be found for the existence of the sixth sense through the study of cryptochromes; proving beyond rational argument that such abilities are not only innate in humans, but are ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom..

Cryptochromes were first discovered in plants, whose DNA is exposed to great amounts of ultraviolet light, breaking it down, and meaning it requires constant self repair. The molecules found to be responsible for this were also discovered to be responsive to low wavelength light. They have since been found in bacteria, and in a wide variety of animals, and have many startling implications.

Birds and bees are known to navigate by means of them; an ability referred to in biology as magnetoreception, and likened to a ‘sixth sense’. Until recently the biomechanisms behind this well documented phenomena have remained a mystery, but recent discoveries concerning the nature cryptochromes protein molecules, present behind the eyes of migratory birds, suggest they may be able to literally see the earth’s magnetic field almost like a navigational readout. Their ability to access these fields may also be responsible for the ability of flocks to move as one entity, and a vast series of abilities possessed by other species.

Several other animals have been observed to possess sixth sense abilities, such as; bees, butterflies, sea turtles, spiny lobsters, and dolphins – it is more of a question as to which animals do not possess cryptochromes. Changes in the electromagnetic fields surrounding salmon will redirect a shoal, each fish coordinating their relationship to the whole according to it. Red foxes have been shown to hunt by magnetoreception; when vision is obscured by under-brush, or by snowy conditions, they align themselves to both the field of their prey and the north / south electromagnetic field of the Earth, judging the angle at which they pounce according to a sixth sense other than the five traditionally considered.

This sixth sense has also been shown to have a predictive quality, reacting in advance of unpredictable stimuli as if constantly scanning the morphic field for subtle resonances of the future. In relation to anomalous anticipatory activity, although up to now the effort to bring this ability to light in animals has been scant, there are sufficient results to suggest that the phenomenon is widespread, being present not only in those animals endowed with a highly developed nervous system, such as birds and mammals but also in primitive ones such as earthworms; in a paper titled Experimental Psi Effects in Precognition Tests with Planarians, published in Journal of Scientific Exploration, December 2018, Spanish researcher Fernando Alvarez, reports results of experiments with black planarians (Girardia dorotocephala), the structure and physiology of their central nervous system and cerebral ganglion are positioned as the most likely ancestors of the vertebrate brain. Recording the their movements in reaction to light, showed them to be able to anticipate the upcoming event.

In the experiments of neurologist Benjamin Libet and his team, performed in the 1960s, measuring changes in the brain and their timing in relation to stimuli. First, they stimulated their subjects with flashing light and rapid sequences of mild electric shocks applied to their hands. It was observed that if the stimulus lasted less than 500 milliseconds the subjects did not become consciously aware of it, which was not in itself surprising. However, it was also observed that if the stimulus continued for more than 500 milliseconds, awareness of the stimuli did not begin after this period, but when the stimuli actually started. In other words, awareness of the stimuli would be ‘antedated’ from the actual delayed time at which a response was elicited in the state of neurons, so the experience appeared subjectively to occur without delay. It was discovered that our brains have an automatic referral of conscious experience backwards in time.

We also have the experiments performed by the parapsychologist Dean Radin in the 1990s, in which his subjects’ emotional responses were recorded via a bio-feedback device as they were shown randomly selected images on a computer screen, most of which were calm, some of which were arousing or shocking. His evidence proved that when arousing images were about to appear an increase in electrodermal activity began,.up to three or four seconds in advance.

Anyone who has ever had a hunch, a subtle feeling that something was about to happen, can attest to this pre-emptive quality to human consciousness. It is these same subtle impressions that were exploited during the remote viewing experiments of the CIA funded Project Stargate, while the US Navy’s current Project Jedi, essentially a training program for psychic soldiers, represents the weaponization of hunches and other subtle impressions from beyond space-time.

Regardless of the role of cryptochromes this is proof positive that a previously unexplainable and therefore denied sixth sense is not only possible but present in many animals, as well as humans. Things get even spookier when we consider how the cryptochromes themselves relate to the electromagnetic Schumann Resonance field, which they do by means of quantum entanglement; cryptochromes react to light by spawning a pair of spinning particles whose balance is so sensitive it tips in reaction to the most subtle electromagnetic fields.

It has also been discovered that human beings possess this cryptochrome protein, which plays an important function in maintaining our circadian rhythm. It is also true that some people possess an apparently intuitive sense of direction. The recent discovery of this previously unknown property of cryptochromes may hold important clues regarding observed correspondences between collective human behaviour and solar and geomagnetic activity, and the adverse effects of disruptions in these fields on not just human behaviour but also health; as were observed in the experiments of Rutger Weaver. Changes in these fields have been proven to effect our brainwaves, heart beats, athletic performance, and immune systems. Extreme shifts in these fields, such as those caused by extreme solar activity, have been shown to correspond with some of the world’s more positive cultural shifts, and some of humanity’s greatest creations and art. They also correspond with some of humanity’s most tragic events.

A number of other surprising possibilities open to us when considering the correlations between the Schumann Resonance, psychic abilities, and cryptochromes. The mysterious psychic abilities apparent in certain human beings might be explained by such a biomechanism. Since electromagnetic fields are present all around us, containing all manner of information, human cryptochromes might, for example, play a role in abilities such as reading auras; a phenomena entirely comparable with sensing the elecromagnetic emissions of the human body. Consider also that there are seven areas of the body that may be identified as projecting measurable low amplitude fields, corresponding with the traditional seven chakras, known to mystics as long as 5,000 years ago. Energy workers and traditional healers have been found to possess higher than average electrical fields; might they also have more active cryptochrome activity, or be more attuned to it?

It is likely that such a sixth sense would have been more pronounced in early man, with hunter gatherers travelling comparable distances to various migratory species. If so, the shamanic world view that developed during this period most definitely had its roots in this magnetoreceptive sixth sense, since the psychic relationship between humankind and the Earth would have been no mystery.

The results of the long-term and worldwide experiment of the Global Consciousness Project confirm an effect by human collective emotions on a field-like Global Consciousness; what occultists have called the Anima Mundi. It is therefore not also simply possible but inevitable, that modern electromagnetic pollution, such as 5G wi-fi technology, will have comparable effects to natural disruptions in these fields, redirecting mass thought on a planetary scale – in much the same way as shoals of salmon can be redirected under electromagnetic remote control. Such EMF frequencies were shown in Persinger’s experiments to have a detrimental effect in psychic’s ability to attain to the Theta trance, and have been reported experientially by psychics world-wide. He has also stated that radio and microwave technologies, put in place for purposes such as TV, mobile phones, and wi-fi, can be instantly converted into a world spanning system of mind control technology capable of remote controlling the whole of humanity. Whether by conspiracy or coincidence the implications are the same; a technology assisted covert attack against the population, disrupting brainwaves and clouding our abilities to comprehend our own slavery.

The Biofield

We know from Einstein that “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle” and therefore of all matter. Human beings, our entire bodies down to our very DNA, are governed by these fields; the human body has a measurable electromagnetic field of around 30 – 100 mv, recordable simply by attaching electrodes to an earlobe, or a finger. All human beings have different mv ranges in their nervous and autonomic systems, running positive and negative ions throughout our bodies. People with severe depression or nervous disorders, can have ranges as low as 5-9 mv. Super athletes may have as high as 2,000 mv. Physiological tests of Chi-Kung masters and psychic energy healers, as performed in the 1970s by Dr. Elmer Green and Dr. William Tiller, showed their ability to increase the voltage not just of their own body but in their environment, measured by them on the surface of the floor, ceiling, and two walls, of 25 – 200 volts.

This biofield surrounding the body is toroidal; as is the field surrounding the planet Earth, an atom, our solar system, and by extension the universe. Although modern science has only recently become aware of this field the toroid is ubiquitous in early religious art and sacred geometry. Although we can only speculate as to the meaning of such correlations they are profoundly unlikely to be mere coincidences.

Although physicists use the term electromagnetism as they were were one phenomena no actual interdependent relationship between electricity and magnetism have been established. Magnetism in various forms, and electrical activity, can also exist independently; organisms may produce magnetic fields that are not electrical in nature, even though electrical currents applied to such fields have disruptive, or calming, effects. It has also been confirmed that various energy fields exist around the body that cannot be accurately described as either magnetic or electrical, but are indirectly related to them. All biological organisms possess innate biofields that interact with electrical, magnetic, and gravitational field resonances.

When we are in pair or group our biofields interact and, in terms of physics, interfere with each other. If our frequencies are closely attuned, as is achieved through the synchronised activities of sɵrcery ritual, these interference patterns resolve in an enhancement and empowering of the collective biofield, called in sɵrcery terminology the Egregɵre. This constructive interference allows for communication across the collective field. Harmonised fields allow for remote telepathic communication over distance, as is sometimes reported between mothers and children, or between twins, whose cells share the same receptor frequencies.

When we get a weak signal on a (analogue) radio and place our hands near the antennae, not even touching it, our electromagnetic field causes the signal to improve. It is evidence that our bio-electric fields may receive information in signals from beyond ourselves, potentially including signals of extra-dimensional and extra-terrestrial origins.

Consider also that the radio receiver was invented before the transmitter; its purpose was to hear the voices of the dead. The interference of modern radio transmissions mean we can no longer hear these voices, and similar interference prevents us from receiving information psychically.

When the reception is weak the solution is to clean up the reception, and to boost the signal with increased power. Sɵrcerers utilizes the human body’s electromagnetic field, empowered through its affinities to the Schumann Resonance, from DNA through to the the heart and brain, to act as a receiver / transmitter of information. The principal techniques in achieving this cleaned and boosted psychic signal are adapted from the Tantric system of chakras; nodes of electromagnetic emission located at seven levels of the cerebrospinal system, invisible to the eye, and requiring extreme sensitivity to detect. Chakras have been known to the esoteric sciences in various forms for at least 5,000 years, but until modern technology allowed us to make objective recordings of such fields their existence was dismissed by the materialism based mainstream sciences; the chakras correspond to seven major nerve ganglia, but are not to be understood as existing within the physical system; rather, they are part of the electromagnetic field or ‘energy body’.

It was also known to the ancients that these energy centres, attuned to the Earth’s own field, provide a key to all manner of spiritual and psychic awakenings. In the chakra system this is achieved first through the activation of the root chakra, corresponding with nerve ganglia at base of the body’ electromagnetic system, connecting it directly with resonance of the planet’s field. This field is drawn upwards, by means of its vibratory tendency into the second centre above the genitals, attuning to the received frequencies within the solar plexus, then channelled upward along the spine to the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. The crown’s transmissions are then circulated around the outside of the body’s auric-electromagnetic field, through which the sɵrcerer interacts with the morphic resonance of their immediate, as well as distant, environment; receiving information or reprɵgramming the fields.

Modern technology has confirmed that these centres indeed are activated when we attune to the Earth’s field, attaining to Theta trance. The strongest of all these emitters is the heart, which has been measured at a distance of several meters. The heart in particular has shown to increase its amplitude by three times or more, with a corresponding increase also measured in the brain, during Theta trance. Such a field naturally has a stronger relationship with its environment, and has been found to be common in effective psychics and energy workers. It has also been shown that the electromagnetic auras of our hearts interact when we are in proximity, most often causing heart beats to synchronise. Thus the mere presence of a powerful psychic sender, or any amplified heart field, will draw neighbouring hearts into time with itself, causing also a corresponding shift in consciousness.

Prolonged meditation produces a shift in the electromagnetic frequencies of the heart, originating in the elimination of what medical professionals call the bifurcation echo. These frequencies then resonate throughout the entire body around seven times a second. When the left ventricle of the heart ejects blood the aorta, being elastic, balloons out just beyond the valve, causing a pressure pulse to travel down along the aorta. When the pulse reaches the bifurcation in the lower abdomen, where it forks into two to go into the legs, it rebounds and returns up the aorta. If meanwhile the heart ejects blood a new pulse is sent downwards and the two pulses collide, producing an interference pattern. When the heartbeat is slowed through meditation the bifurcation echo fades away as the heart decreases the force and frequency at which it pumps blood, resulting in a regular, rhythmic frequency which travels through the body and enters the head as a sustained resonance.

The second strongest emitter is the human brain, which interacts with the field of the heart, ideally harmoniously. A change of heartbeat naturally corresponds to a shift in consciousness, and we can see the correlation here with the shifts in electromagnetic activity. As with the human heart, proximity will cause degrees of synchronisation. Intense single minded focus, as is attained in chakra meditation or similar, creates an acoustic standing wave in the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, caused by the heightened electromagnetic resonance of the heart producing sympathetic frequencies in the walls of the fluid filled cavities comprising the third and lateral ventricles of the brain. These work to polarize the cortex in a manner that conducts a signal along the homunculus, beginning at the toes and working upward. An electromagnetic pulse is then generated which stimulates the brain to raise both amplitude and frequency of brainwave output. As the resonance of the heart reaches the brain it sets up a rhythmic pattern in which the brain moves up and down approximately 0.005 to 0.1 millimetres in a continuous frequency; this self reinforcing resonant behaviour accounting for the body’s ability to sustain this movement despite the minimal energy expended.

As the sɵrcerer’s physical body resonates in harmony with the surrounding electromagnetic medium they build the energy field surrounding their body, putting it also into homogeneity with its environment and promoting movement of the seat of consciousness into its surroundings, by means of the fact that their body and the Schumann Resonance are now a single energy continuum. In this manner the entire body’s micromotions function as an attuned resonant system transferring energy at around 7-8 Hz into the planet’s ionospheric cavity. The signal transmitted through the human body travels through the electromagnetic atmosphere in which we are embedded, reaching the other side of the world in around one seventh of a second. Such a wavelength knows no obstacles and does not attenuate over distance. It is the perfect medium for relaying information of any kind; including consciousness. The same process which moves the brain into concentrated coherence at increasing levels of frequency and amplitude ascertain analogous frequencies for data collection and also promotes enhancement of bodily energies to a point permitting the subject to achieve out-of- body movement. In addition, atunement to the Schumann Resonance allows for an unstoppable telepathic carrier wave to assist in communication with others similarly attuned, wherever they are in the world.


Excerpts from The NeuronomIcɵn: A 21st Century Grimoire

available from Amazon, and Amazon UK.



Those who were on the scene in the 1980s – 1990s remember that Chaos magic gained much of its ‘street cred’ from being referenced in the comic 2000AD. I have met no small number of CM practitioners that admitted their initial introduction was through the comic – without this it probably would never have taken off and become the fad it is today.

I played a large part in Chaos magic’s appearance in 2000AD. I also appeared in the comic a number of times. You can find me as Brother Nathaniel in Nemesis the Warlock, Book 3. In the only ever Nemesis photo-strip (1986) I appeared twice – as the punk in Forbidden Planet, and the loon on the moon who scrawled “Nothing is true & everything is possible” on the cell walls). More recently, a character called Nathaniel appeared in book 2 of Pat Mill’s Defoe, a story set in the 17th century, where I am seen flying around in angelic armour created by – and stolen from – Dr. John Dee.

Chaos Magic has been appearing again in the pages of 2000AD recently – the character Nemesis is long dead, but Deadlock remains alive in ABC Warriors. (Artwork by the incomparable Clint Langley).


Pat Mills, 2000AD‘s creator and script writer for ABC Warriors, has been paying attention to the fact the ‘leadership’ of Chaos magic (i.e. the Illuminates of Thanateros) has fallen into the hands of ritualistic paedos.. Deadlock is almost quoting their ‘gaslighting’..

Support for our cause pops up in the most unexpected places, such as in a comic shop near you..

University of Dundee -Views and Experiences of self-identified Ritual Abuse Survivors on the use of Online Forums and Social Media Platforms – Survey

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To participate:



General Information 

I invite you to take part in an online survey, which aims to understand your views and experiences as a self-identified ritual abuse survivor on the use of online forums and social media platforms.

This research is being carried out as part of my PhD study at the University of Dundee School of Education and Social Work. The results from this study will be used to inform other survivors on the advantages and disadvantages of using online forums and social media platforms. The findings will also be used in improving online services for other survivors.
The aim of this study is to

1.    Understand the barriers encountered by ritual abuse survivors when using face to face or telephone-based services that have encouraged them to use online forums and social media platforms.

2.    Understand how online forums and social media platforms have helped ritual abuse survivors to overcome or minimise barriers encountered in face-to-face or telephone-based services.

3.    Understand how ritual abuse survivors have utilised the benefits of online forums or social media platforms to offer support to others, access support, talk about ritual abuse, engage in advocacy work, raise awareness on ritual abuse and connect with other ritual abuse survivors.

Eligible participants for this online survey are those:

·      That self-identify as Ritual Abuse (RA) survivors

·      Aged 18 years and above

·      Able to read and write in English.

·      Who have used or are currently using online forums or social media platforms to talk about their ritual abuse, support survivors or engage in advocacy and awareness campaigns about ritual abuse.

Please read through these terms, and if you agree to take part, please tick the ‘yes’ box below. You may ask any questions before taking part by contacting the researcher (details below).

Details of the Online Survey

You will need to respond to 3 questions on your eligibility to participate, approximately 20 questions on your views and experiences of using online platforms, some demographic questions and your future involvement in an online focus group interview.

It should take about 30 minutes. It is recommended that you complete the survey in one sitting. However, if you are not able to complete the survey in one sitting, you will be given the option to return to the survey at a later time. If possible, please try to complete the survey in a location where you will be undisturbed. No background knowledge is required.

The survey will be open for 2 months effective from the 15th of February 2019 and will close on the 16th of April 2019.

Do I have to take part? 

Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and you are free to refuse to take part or to withdraw from the study at any time, without having to give a reason, and without this affecting your membership of RANS message board and any other online forums accessible to you. You can be involved with the research to whatever degree you choose including the possibility of being involved in an online focus group via the RANS forum

What if I decide not to take part?

If you choose not to take part in the study, nothing will change. If you decide to withdraw from the study at a later stage after it starts, the data you have provided will be anonymised and used for analysis. I will not collect any further information from you.

How will your data be used? 

The information you provide as part of the study is the research data. Your survey answers will be completely anonymous. The survey itself will not collect any identifying information, such as your name or birthdate, and your IP address will not be stored.

I will paraphrase the direct quotes used in my publications.

I have included a ‘Don’t know/Prefer not to say’ option in the main survey, and you will be able to skip questions if you prefer not to answer.

Are there any potential risks in taking part?

The following risks are involved in taking part:

  1. Potential psychological discomfort. To reduce any possible risks, I will not ask you anything of a sensitive nature (for example about graphic details of the ritual abuse). I will not ask you to share anything that is personal, or that might be sensitive or upsetting for you. I am purely interested in your views and experiences as a self-defined RA survivor on the use of online forums and social media platforms. I am keen to find out what you use online forums and social media platforms for, why you use them and how they have enabled you to talk about ritual abuse, access support and as well as supporting others. I will also provide information on resources that may help reduce any discomfort you experience.
  2. The potential for the collected data to be compromised. The research data will be stored confidentially using the secure server at the University of Dundee School of Education and Social Work, and all data will be anonymised.

Who will have access to your data? 

Jisc Online Surveys and the University of Dundee are the data controllers for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR. Data will be downloaded from Jisc Online Surveys after the survey has ended. Once this data has been downloaded to a secured server, information will be deleted from Jisc Online Surveys. Your data will be stored confidentially in password-protected files using the secure server at the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee. Research data will be stored on a secure server for a minimum of three years after the publication of my PhD thesis, at which point it will be deleted from the server and submitted to the UK Data Archive. All submitted data will be completely anonymised

Data will be used in academic publications. However, no identifying information will be included. Rather, answers to questions will be summarised broadly.

What is the purpose of the study?

This online survey is for my PhD study. The principal researcher is a PhD student in the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee. This PhD is being completed under the supervision of Dr Susan Levy and Dr Victoria Jupp Kina.

Data protection

The University of Dundee is the data controller concerning your data, and as such will determine how your data is used in the study. The University will process your data for the research outlined above. Research is a task that we perform in the public interest.

Further information about your rights concerning your data is available from

Ethical approval has been received from the University of Dundee’s Research Ethics Committee. If you have any ethical concerns with this study, please contact Dr Murray Simpson, Education and Social Work SREC Convener on

What if there is a problem?  

If you have a concern about any aspect of this project, please speak to the researcher, Joseph Lumbasi; or my supervisors, Dr Susan Levy or Dr Victoria Jupp Kina who will do their best to answer your query. The researcher should acknowledge your concern within 10 working days and give you an indication of how they intend to deal with it.

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the way you have been approached or treated during this study, the normal complaints procedure will be available to you. You can send an anonymous complaint by email to Dr Murray Simpson, Education and Social Work SREC Convener on The Convenor will seek to resolve the matter in a reasonably expeditious manner.

Please note that you will not be able to go back to previous answers once you have gone to the next page during the survey.

1.Please note that you may only participate in this survey if you are 18 years of age or over.

Formless Ones


Black Lava of the Qulipoth

“Curiously enough it is in rabbinical lore that we obtain fleeting yet vivid glimpses of a dark world of anti-matter; adumbrations, it would seem, of those we are today being made uncomfortably aware and which we are glimpsing through an ever widening rift in the veil created by a new sorcery, a new gnosis, known as nuclear science.”

– Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden

Beyond Daath, the Abyss of Kabbala, lie the anti-cosmic dimensions of the Qulipoth. Among the most terrifying is Tohu, the realm of the Formless Ones, depicted here as soul devouring black lava.

Acrylic on cork

NJH 2018

For sale – email for further details;

Anthony Bourdain Was About to Expose an Elite Paedophile Ring Before He Died

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By: Jay Greenberg

Journalist wanted to investigate Atlanta child trafficking network

As the world still reels in shock at the news that journalist Anthony Bourdain has been found dead, evidence is now emerging that the mainstream reporter was about to expose an elite paedophile ring just before he died.

According to CNN, 61-year-old Bourdain was in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN TV show, “Parts Unknown.”His best friend Eric Ripert, the French chef, found Bourdain unresponsive in his hotel room Friday morning, having died of an apparent hanging.Although Mr. Bourdain’s death has been officially declared a suicide, many see his untimely passing a suspicious and unexpected.Hillary Clinton knew about Weinstein “for years”Bourdain was an open critic of Harvey Weinstein and made no secret of his desire for the disgraced former Hollywood mogul to face justice.During his criticisms of Weinstein, he openly stated that Hillary Clinton had full knowledge of the sexual abuse, and had done so “for years.,” saying:”know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She’s not stupid. Or unsophisticated about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years”Bourdain’s girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, is one of the victims who accused Weinstein of raping her.

Just over a month ago, Mr. Bourdain revealed that he had been threatened by Clinton’s representatives, saying:”..and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun,”It’s no secret that people who cross the Clintons’ path end up dead… Usually from suicide.Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself.According to Spade’s family, she had also been threatened for speaking out. Are Spade’s and Bourdain’s deaths both coincidences?


More recently, following news of a major child trafficking bust, sources are stating that Bourdain was planning on running “an exposé” and the sex slave network.Despite reports that 160 children were rescued and will almost 150 arrested during the raids, Mr. Bourdain’s network, CNN, has refused to cover the case.Even more bizarrely, suspicious “fact-checking” website Snopes even went as far as to debunk reports that the raids even took place.Operation Safe Summer was a collaborative effort between the FBI’s Atlanta field office and 38 law enforcement agencies in six metro counties, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Matt Alcoke told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik.“They are crimes of special concern to the FBI and to law enforcement generally,” Alcoke said.“Because the victims are so vulnerable as children and because the offenders could be from just about any walk of life, from a gang member all the way up to someone who is highly successful and wealthy.”The sting ended with nearly 160 children rescued, including one as young as 3 years old, and nearly 150 arrests, convictions or sentences, officials said.Also this week, a group of retired veterans uncovered child trafficking camp in the Tucson, Arizona.After accidentally stumbling upon the “pedophile bunker” whilst looking for homeless vets, they found children’s toys, pornography, and even a human skull believed to belong to a child aged 7-8.Since the find, which is being again ignored by the mainstream media, evidence has now emerged that show the land where the sex slaves camp was discovered, is owned by a company with deep ties to the Clinton Foundation.Could this tie-in with whatever the investigative journalist Anthony Bourdain was just about to expose?As the MSM blackout continues, Facebook tightens its censorship of independent journalism, and Snopes scrambles to convince the public that our “trusted leaders” would never harm children, then perhaps this case will end up being swept under the carpet, just like every other.

Read more at:
© Neon Nettle

MK Ultra – Sex, Drugs and the CIA Vol #1


Mind control in comics.. I thought some of my readers might also be interested in this.

Talking Comics

Most have never even heard of Project MK-Ultra except perhaps in a passing reference to the band Muse’s song of the same name.  It was a US government project headed by the CIA which assessed the use of various drugs such as LSD for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture.  These experiments were carried out at times on unwitting civilian subjects and these tests mostly had horrific and tragic outcomes.  The project officially lasted from 1953 until 1973, details regarding this horrific and disgusting government funded torture were unearthed in 1975 during a widespread investigation into illicit CIA affairs, conducted by congress.

Writers Brandon Beckner and Scot Sampila, along with the superb artistic skill of Stewart Kenneth Moore have crafted a fascinating and disturbing narrative around these events.  Beginning with the discovery of LSD in Sandoz laboratories in Switzerland, we are taken on a journey which is rich with…

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