Guest Blog: Julian Wilde, author of ‘GRIMOIRE OF CHAOS MAGIC’.


I am honoured to publish this guest blog from arguably the first ‘independent’ Chaos magician; Julian Wilde, whose Grimoire of Chaos Magic (1985) remains an influential classic today.

Grimoire Of Chaos Magick[1]


I wrote in Grimoire of Chaos Magick so many decades ago that we all have to come to desolation row at some point, that bloated, self interested magical organisations will fail and that ability is more important than learning. I haven’t changed my mind.

I haven’t written anything like this for a long time. But I trust Nathaniel. I know his path and his heart. So here it is, my take, for what it’s worth.

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? No arcane lingo, no mangled Latin, no semi-psychological semantics. Clean, clear and direct.

We become what we hate. Our shadow draws inexorably towards that hated object – the fresh air and exercise type, the complacent professorial buffoon, the materialistic NIMBY. Against all professed preferences we are dragged at some point to that uncomfortable entrenchment.

And don’t bother to protest that it could never happen to you. It will. It’s part of the magic process, part of the inward growth – and any internal spur or burr – ingrowing toenails, tooth decay, cancers – they‘re all painful.

Life is a series of choices, of course. Some choices we make, some we don’t even know we’re making at the time. Either way, often the justifications for the choices come after the event. Our conscious minds don’t experience the three or four tenths of a second time lag between making a decision and becoming aware of making it.

We are, or become, what we choose or what we settle for.

Those who assert that this means that life is a matter of will are sadly mistaken. This kind of hubris will be punished. Those who think they can exploit others, including children and animals, will find that the world doesn’t work this way, or if it does, it eventually recoils our events back onto us with a force that’s (perhaps deservedly) heartbreaking.

Most people skid along on the surface of things. Their eyes, their ears, their fingers – they bounce off objects and people and situations. They don’t know what they’re seeing, or experiencing. Their sense organs are just organs of projection. Not enough data comes back. They think they know the apple – they just smell the skin. No depth. And where we’re heading, boys and girls, depth is all.

Indulge me. Picture in your mind’s eye a dark, shadowy subterranean cavern, the world of Pluto, Dis, Mahakala – any denizen of the underworld. It might be a classical bat cave, a urine reeking tube station, it doesn’t matter. Just go there. Now, this is the way it’s going to be…

You stand naked, cold, unable to move. You are judged. You don’t know why or for what. You are found wanting. No alibi, no excuse for any of your past actions, attitudes and choices is acceptable. You have no plea, nothing to bargain with, nothing to trade. You and all that you are and all you have is not enough. This is desolation. This is something in the face of which your will is totally inadequate.

This is not a masochistic exercise, an intriguing mental excursion. This WILL happen to you. This should happen to you. This is not a failure. This is a stage in the growing.

You can’t offer an alibi, you are not allowed, or are unable to speak. You can’t offer any kind of excuse, justification, any kind of “but..” You have nothing that anyone here wants – and they don’t want you either.

Twice upon a time I have signed my name in fearful piss and tears in this place. Twice upon a time I have swallowed the past and all that I expected. Twice upon a time I have swallowed all worlds, this one and any future worlds. Twice upon a time I have crossed that dark river of forgetfulness – there and back again – twice.

It all goes inside, inside – and this is how it comes out. Nothing changes and nothing stays the same. I am changed and I am not changed enough. This is also desolation. I am ejected, depleted, excreted from one world yet unable to be reborn into another, not able to bridge that void with what I carry. This is also desolation.

Rulers of the Underworld. These are psychic vortices. If we attempt to sail in those dark winds, if we venture or are carried too near these whirlpools of the psyche by arrogance, recklessness or carelessness we get sucked in. But why are these beings also called wealth bringers? What is it they can give you that you are capable of accepting? It’s not wisdom, or knowledge or some kind of power. You couldn’t hold that lightning in a jar.

I hate riddlers. I’ve become one. I hate people that ask questions and don’t at least offer a clue to an answer. I’ve become one.

But this isn’t to look clever. I give not a toss. I’m being sincere. I find no pleasure in anyone’s tears, pain or anxiety. This WILL happen. This should happen. This is not a failing.

But. Where’s your magical will now? The more you enter mythology, the less “you” there will be. And yet we have to live through these mythologems, these splinters of myth in order to find the treasures within. Every shake of the kaleidoscope brings a new pattern. And yet the same. How can this be? Because they are all a splinter of the same myth, the same venture into the Underworld. Something ventured, something gained. And lost.

Dis has something for you. How do you earn it? By desolation I’m afraid. By leaving the comfortable and/or exciting notions of what Khaos is. What you are. What magick is. And the gift these dwellers bring? Probably the same changes as I experienced. Lose it all, gain it all, realise nothing has changed and yet everything is different. Doesn’t sound like much – and it isn’t. It’s also everything. Fucking riddles!

See you in the Underworld. x


THE WITCH: A History of Fear from Ancient Times to the Present

Book Review, Cover Up, Crime, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Ritual Abuse

THE WITCH: A History of Fear from Ancient Times to the Present

Ronald Hutton

Yale Books, 2017

ISBN 978-0-300-22904-2

Review by Nathaniel J. Harris.

I have stood in Circle with Ron Hutton. I met him through my parents, Ann and Adrian Brynn-Evans. In 2006, all three appeared alongside as witnesses in the murder trial of Peter Solheim. Since the circumstances of these events have everything to do with witches, alleged ‘witch hunts’, and a great deal of fear, historical and current, I cannot review this book without considering them.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following will most definitely trigger survivors of ritual abuse. It is also deeply disturbing to anyone with a heart to care about the suffering of other people.

Solheim’s murder, according to what my mother told me, was ritualistic, utterly horrific, and could only have been achieved by a group of people working together. Sigils had been carved into his flesh. His limbs were smashed with a heavy weight before he was thrown into the sea, still conscious, his severed penis sown up inside his mouth. The newspapers didn’t report those details. What they did report, however, was that his floating body was accidentally discovered, against all the odds, by a boat called The Clairvoyant.

Seriously. You couldn’t make this shit up. Google their names. Read the newspaper reports.

You might notice something else quite unusual, among all the flapping cloaks, about the statements made during the trial. The witnesses all have worse things to say about the deceased than the person accused of murdering them. They seem to be intent not in the pursuit of justice, but on utterly destroying the character of the deceased. And Professor Ron Hutton is among them.

Note also that, alongside my parents and Hutton, a certain Peter Petrauske was called to the stand. Like everyone else involved, he proceeded to assassinate the character of Solheim. What is especially significant is that, a year later, Petrauske was himself prosecuted for ritualistic child abuse, still crying ‘witch hunt’ as they dragged him off to the beast wing. Soon afterwards, Peter Solheim was identified as having been part of the same ring. Look it up, if you still don’t believe me.

How knowledgable was Hutton regarding this paedophile ring? Was he involved in child abuse rituals? Was he involved in the cover-up?

I still cannot answer this question, but I can say that despite having had direct contact with people now prosecuted for ritualistic child abuse during the 1980s, and long before, as well as crimes that took place far more recently, Hutton regurgitates the same old lies and expects us all to swallow them;

“The panic over satanic ritual abuse of children that erupted in North America during the 1980s and crossed the Atlantic to Britain at the end of the decade, was, as Jean La Fontaine has demonstrated in detail, based firmly on the early modern construct of an international, devil-worshipping sect concealed within Western societies. It was, however, repackaged in a form suitable for rationalists, such as many of the social workers (and in America, teachers and police as well) who became persuaded of its truth… .. This credence was enough to produce some dreadful miscarriages of justice, on both sides of the Atlantic, before careful investigation revealed a complete lack of evidence for such a Satanist conspiracy.” (p42).

If there are any truly abhorrent misconceptions in the Western world, it is the lie that ‘satanic’ ritual abuse has been proven to be some kind of false flag propagated by a world wide conspiracy of psychotherapists, duped social workers, fundamentalist Xtians, and thousands of people who have all been impossibly hypnotised into believing they were continually targetted for sexual abuse by black magic cults during their entire childhoods. I have written about The False Memory Syndrome’s connections to high level paedophile rings elsewhere. Note that there were no ‘recovered memories’, or fundie Xtians, anywhere in this narrative. Sadly, however, as with every paedophile ring that has been busted in the UK so far, there have been duped social workers – duped into believing the rings do not exist, and make matters a thousand times worse for any survivors who speak up.

Let this be clear; I am not accusing Hutton of involvement with the ritual abuse of children, or the creation of child abuse films, as Colin Batley and his kind have been prosecuted for. Nor am I saying that his association with anyone connected to such crimes implies his guilt in any way – after all, I myself was blind to how vile these people really were, and I was at very close quarters with many of them, and for many years. What I am saying is that Hutton knows the reality of ritual child abuse and coercive mind control (or ‘brainwashing’ as they called it in the newspapers when reporting on Batley) and yet publicly denies it.

This itself is an atrocity. Ask any survivor, if you have the wisdom to hear what you hear.

My personal experience that what the newspapers have reported is just a small part of what has been going on. The only reason it is reported at all is because it was already to late to cover it up, otherwise it would have been. I don’t want to believe it any more than you do, but there really is a criminal network making massive profits from mind control and ritual abuse, and it has been operating for decades, hidden in plain sight.

Ann and Adrian, my mother and stepfather, were intimately connected with this case. Ann told me how she and Adrian had been admitted, by Margaret James, to Solheim’s ‘temple’ in the attic of his house, after the murder but before the investigation (!?), to remove his Magical Diary; tampering with the evidence, because their names were mentioned in it so often. If that is not damning enough, she also told me how she and Adrian had been present at a Circle held some months previous to Solheim’s murder, in which a poppet had been baptised in Peter Solheim’s name, its arms and legs broken before being ‘drowned’ in a bottle of urine. She boasted of this, privately, as if it were a magical ‘result’. This was all around the time Jasmine and I were being stalked by some kind of black magic serial killer, later identified as Colin Batley, which I have written about elsewhere.. Not the only one of his kind we’ve had on our case since then, either, Google ‘Frank Parker Bristol’.. another of the ring..

But let’s get back to what this all has to do with Ron Hutton..

Despite what you may think you know about the Satanic Panic, these cases prove that ritualistic child abuse really was going on – not just during the late eighties, but long before, and has continued unchecked ever since. They also prove the existence of a far reaching, well connected (read deep into the Colin Batley case – is it really possible that the retired police commissioner living right next door in the same cul de sac never noticed anything suspicious? For ten years? Nor the disgraced bishop living to the other side, also right next door?), and long lasting, criminal conspiracy – it is merely semantics to argue as to whether we call it ‘Satanic’.

If we are going to split hairs, perhaps we should call it a ‘Pagan conspiracy’, and ‘Pagan ritual abuse’, since those prosecuted so far were all members of The Pagan Federation (inside knowledge – Adrian at the time was their regional coordinator for the South West). Note that the PF even have prison chaplins these days, so I’m sure they’ll get plenty of visits.. and here’s some more inside knowledge – they even have connections with the half-way houses for when they get out, here in Bristol. I met them at one of Ann and Adrian’s “Witches’ Tea Parties”, before they fled back to Milton Keynes.

But this is bigger than the Pagan Federation, too. You can take my word on that, as someone who has been there, or not. These days, nearly a decade on, being called a liar, or crazy, and all the rest, is all just water off my back.

But then, I am stronger than most, in mind and will, and I know what I know.

It seems to me that Ron is knowingly covering up the reality of ‘ritual abuse’, regurgitating the same lies Petrauske did when they dragged him away. These are the same lies that meant such crimes have gone on for decades. Lies that have meant victims have gone unheard. Lies that have caused untold suicides. Lies that are, in themselves, a form of abuse, especially when repeated knowingly. Lies have all heard, over and over, until we have learned to perpetuate them ourselves. Lies that create an environment where it is impossible to disclose severe abuses of human rights. And it seems to me that, since there is nothing new in this entire book – to practitioner, historian, nor criminal investigator – it was written purely to perpetuate these lies.



Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Elite Paedophile Network, Gnostic, Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Murder, Occult, Paedophilia, Paganism, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sorcery, Spirituality, Trauma Based Mind Control

Those opposed to abusive mind control, within occultism and society as a whole, need to organise, network, and direct our magick towards its complete and absolute destruction. We are engaged in what amounts to psychic warfare. Let our minds become our weapons, with which to liberate ourselves and others. To this end the anti-order I.C.Θ.N. has been formed: the International Conspiracy of Theta Neuromancers.

I.C.Θ.N. is a network of independent sorcerers and psychic researchers, membership of which is through self initiation and declaration – in much the same manner as the hacker group Anonymous. No expectations are placed upon agents beyond supporting one another in our work and opposing those who are our natural enemies. Agents may declare themselves publicly or keep their allegiance secret according to personal preference. They may work together or alone, but always towards a common end; the liberation of our culture from mind control.

Agents recognise one another through the Theta symbol, displayed upon the person as jewellery, a tattoo, a badge, or even simply as an avatar over social media, in much the same way as the members of any group recognise one another through shared symbols. I.C.Θ.N. has no official centre, leadership, or online presence. Networking is achieved through coincidental meetings and mutual introductions only. All that is required is to display the symbol, cast our enchantments, and we shall find one another. Upon doing so it may be appropriate to offer the ‘watch words’; “Hello, you and I should know each other.”

Where the establishment form orders, the magicians of I.C.Θ.N. form societies. These rely entirely upon voluntary cooperation, with nobody giving or obeying orders of any kind. Structure must be allowed to arise spontaneously; one does not defeat an enemy by playing a game whose rules they have devised, but by playing a game they cannot predict or determine. Similarly, there are certain patterns that tend to arise within free social dynamics, such as the circle, and the circles within circles; to deny this would also be to deny address to implicit hierarchies that arise naturally.

There are no robes of office, or requirements of nudity, in group rituals of I.C.Θ.N.. Members may wear any clothing they choose, so long as it is either black or white; the neutral ‘non colours’. If service to the archetypes is to be given, coloured clothing may be adopted as appropriate to the seven rays. If an altar is prepared, the charaktēre of Theta should be prominently displayed.

All workings, actions, or other activities are the responsibility of the individuals concerned. Any agent may coordinate a meeting or action. No agent is obligated to attend or comply. All agents must remain aware of attempts to infiltrate or otherwise pervert the course of the I.C.Θ.N. egregore.

Active members of I.C.Θ.N. are invited, but not obligated, to share confirmed research and ‘tried and tested’ rituals with other agents through I.C.Θ.N. TRAINING PAPERS. These should be clearly designated as ‘internal’ and ‘public’ with regards to publication.

While discretion may be important to the success of certain projects, and magical operations are generally undermined through discussion with outsiders, no oaths of secrecy are required. Agents may also leave at any time without fear of reprisals from the conspiracy; this will never in itself be considered a betrayal.

It should be apparent that I.C.Θ.N. will not gain support from the established / establishment ‘occult orders’; to which it is diametrically opposed. Such is neither courted or required. Agents may choose to boycott any business supporting or compromising with abusive mind control groups, or conceive of direct actions to damage such businesses and where possible expose and destroy them. It is up to each individual agent to decide for themselves what actions they deem appropriate.

Г ⸫

It is clear that Western culture requires desperate and urgent healing, of the kind that only magick can provide. The agents of I.C.Θ.N. include those organically called to this task by virtue of the light within them; acting as solitary pylons for the Gamma frequencies, or uniting to awaken this integrating light in others, and in society as a whole.

The New Aeon will dawn only when we all share the power to see what we see, hear what we hear, and know what we know.

For further information see THE NEURONOMICON, the official training manual of I.C.Θ.N., available soon. Watch this space..


Gnostic, Magick, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Occult, Psychology, Ritual Abuse, Sorcery, Trauma Based Mind Control



“This has to be the definitive book on the occult. It’s beautifully written and also highly accessible. The artwork is amazing too.” – Pat Mills, originator of 2000 AD

“One of the best magick books I’ve read for years. I would say on a par with some of AC’s works. And thats not a thing I say lightly.” – Michael [Mick] Norris, illustrator of LiberNull & Psychonaut

“Excellent.” – Ray Sherwin, originator of Chaos Magic

“An education.” Valerie Sinason, The Tavistock Institute



Θ ⸫


The Neuronomicon represents the first genuine advance in the technology of magick in 100 years, and is possibly the most powerful grimoire currently available in the West without clearance from the government. The essence of its model originates with mind-scientists working in secretive military programs concerned with the development of psychic abilities such as remote viewing and influence. I am indebted to all those involved in leaking this information, and to those who joined me in experimenting with the theory and merging it with traditional magick.

I have drawn from several decades of experience, during which I have learned directly from initiates of many paths; from my origins in the hereditary witchcraft of Essex1 through to the ceremonial magick of the Western Tradition, Tantra (Buddhist and Hindu), Haitian Voudon, the metiságe of Voudon / Makaya / Orissa / Obeah practised at street level in cities such as Bristol, London, New Orleans, and New York, as well as many other sources of knowledge encountered along the way. I have also experimented extensively with an advanced version of the Audio-Visual Synthesiser ‘mind machines’ originally developed in the C.I.A. funded psychic experiments of Project Stargate. Finally, for reasons discussed elsewhere, I have communicated with a number of therapists and survivors dealing with the fallout of MK Ultra style mind control programmes. All of these streams have informed the current of The Neuronomicon.

While many chapters cover material familiar to any magician, such as the casting of the circle or the disciplines of meditation, their relation to the emerging paradigm brings startling implications. This is the reason I have approached the subject through what are likely to be familiar symbol systems, rather than the obscurer mysteries. The deeper one’s knowledge of these areas, the deeper the implications, given adequate meditation. Just as one may be familiar with every individual number employed in mathematics, this does not imply mastery of the discipline, and even with mastery there are always more discoveries to be made.

The techniques and concepts discussed herein are often discussed using the terminology of psychology, neurology, neurolinguistic programming, quantum physics, and information science. As modern practitioners we are less and less allowed the luxury of belief untroubled by intellectual analysis. One may not seek the mysteries without intuition, yet similarly one may not seek them without logic, empiricism, and rationality; to do so invites delusion and obsession. The practice of magick requires, as even the charlatan Crowley recognised, “the method of science and the aim of religion.”

There are many who believe magick and science to be the antithesis of each other; such is a misunderstanding based on an incomplete knowledge of either. In centuries past the two were indistinguishable – it is well known, for example, that the origins of chemistry lie in alchemy. In our modern day the most advanced sciences are once again becoming increasingly indistinguishable from magick. We have discovered that our holographic reality is dependent on the one thing science has yet to explain and understand; consciousness. Our most advanced scientists have postulated the theory that consciousness consists of information, which itself exists beyond the confines of the space-time continuum.

For the longest time magick has been assumed to be either ‘acausal’, or else caused by such things as ‘spirits’, the existence of which cannot be proven – hence the apparent dichotomy with science. In fact there is a cause, as can now be measured and recorded, just as it can be shown that this cause remains the same regardless of what beliefs or paradigms the magician may choose to invest in. That cause is consciousness – something which may now be measured, and effected through technology.

Magick is a bit like computer programming; it does not matter if one believes the computer works because of gods, spirits, aliens, or any other reason – it still works when you turn it on; hence lesser sorcerers have assumed that belief itself is arbitrary – or even that belief ‘shapes reality’. It is only if one intends to control others by means of a cult that such beliefs have any advantage. In contrast, if one intends to fix, improve upon, or hack the programming such errornous belief becomes a clear disadvantage. This grimoire is intended for all those who wish to know how the programming codes of magick ‘really work’.

I have classed these operations as neuromancy, a term borrowed from the science-fiction of William Gibson. Nevertheless, the conceptual tools may be applied by any magician, regardless of the tradition or ‘current’ they align with, if any. There are reasons I have consciously borrowed from popular culture; my aim is to employ language the reader is likely to be familiar with, but does not alienate with presumptions of belief. As far as possible I have presented the techniques of sorcery stripped of cultural significators. What I have not done is developed a new system of magick, or syncretised an eclectic belief system. Instead I have explored the commonalities between the various traditions to show that, whilst the language and symbols may vary, their approach is essentially the same; correlating also with modern advances in the mind sciences. Since these are not different ‘belief systems’ in the first place (except in the sense of language) there is no need for syncretisation.

I also speak of the Invisibles; a term some might recognise from Grant Morrison’s graphic novel, which he in turn borrowed from Voudon. This is not to imply any one cultural bias over another. In referring to the Mystery of the Red Ray, for example, I mean that force that manifests as Ganesh, Mercury, Hermes, Nabu, Thoth, Exu, Simbi-Makaya, or Odin, among other masques, who is cross culturally found at the crossroads, is master of magick, and who teaches through trickery. The irony is that les Invisibles – the lwa or ‘laws’ of Voudon – have no problem wearing masques and names from popular culture. These are the elusive powers and aspects of the collective unconscious otherwise referred to as the archetypes; a term Jung adopted after the Archons of the Gnostics, in whose esoteric philosophy he found great inspiration. Others have performed sorcery evoking the ‘shadows’ of the archetypes as the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu mythos, served Ghede / Saturn beneath the masque of Darth (Daath) Vader, or have invoked the divine trickster as Bugs Bunny (Br’er Rabbit being none other than the African mystery called Anansi).

The source of all these mysteries I call the Greater Mind, implying what might otherwise be called Siva, Bhodi-Mind, Obatala, Oludamare, All Father, or ‘God’; although the implications are less that of a personal deity than of an impersonal consciousness behind all manifestation. As Albert Einstein put it, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is involved in the laws of the Universe – a Spirit vastly superior to that of man”.

That ‘magical energy’ called chi by the Chinese, prana by the Hindu of India, ashé in Voudon, önd within the Northern Tradition, pneuma by the ancient Greeks, by the Alchemists as Azoth, called also vril in modern Theosophy, known to Wilhelm Reich as orgone and to Von Reichenbach as odyle, I refer to simply as the Force; although our results may not be as dramatic as the Jedi, the meaning is essentially the same.

In this same manner I refer to to what the Hindu call Maya, the Buddhists call Samsara, and the heathens called the Web of Wyrd, as the Matrix; implying an illusory universe dependent, like the programming of a computer, upon a binary code (i.e. duality), and itself the product of consciousness. As Maxwell Planck put it, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

As a Hindu monk once said to me, all religions and spiritual systems are ultimately maps with which to navigate Maya (Matrix), without which the seeker may easily get lost in endless possibility, or suffer any of the countless pitfalls that threaten the unwary. Yet there will always be those who insist on striking out on their own, learning from their successes and errors along the way. Such a journey is bound to be filled with hidden wonders, but also many painful lessons; yet it is only ever by straying from the beaten track that you will find the path direct.

Θ ⸫

Book Three: Context provides some background to the practice of magick generally, giving comparisons between the techniques and beliefs of various traditions, and discussing the origins of the genuine left hand path cross culturally in ‘spiritual / political dissent’. I have also included some chapters concerning government mind control and its involvement with magick. These are not some conspiracy theory, but something I have direct experience of; the reader is referred to my work Beast Wing 666: Ritual Abuse in the UK. While this ongoing personal situation is beyond the scope of The Neuronomicon, it has to be said that this knowledge did not come easily, or without considerable personal cost. That I am still here, carrying on the ‘good fight’, is something my enemies could never have expected. That I am gradually, against all the odds, actually ‘winning’ (there are no winners is a situation like this) is testament not only to my magick, but to the integrity of my truth.

Nevertheless, there will inevitably be many unable to accept the information in this book, and who will respond with ‘knee jerk’ conditioned reflex – just as they have been programmed to. There will be much they have previously accepted as truth they will have to question. The misinformation contradicted by this work will have been received first, enforced through repetition, and widely accepted. Not only will this book threaten their sense of self, but also their sense of confirmation by society. When any falsehood becomes widely accepted in such a fashion it becomes almost impossible for an individual to perceive otherwise. Whenever our beliefs are contradicted at such a level we experience cognitive dissonance; this elicits a neurological response identical to that provoked by actual, physical threat. We see this most often when someone becomes irrationally obstinate during an argument. At such times our brains are not functioning at their optimum.

There will also be those who do accept this information, along with its implications for society, whose entire world view will be turned upon its head. Most will not be grateful. Only a few will resonate with this work, putting theory into practice and testing it against reality. They are likely to have a natural inclination towards meditation and to already practice some form of magick or psychic discipline. Perhaps they will also have experiences revealing the dark underbelly of our ‘occulture’, and rather than bury their heads in denial are engaged in finding solutions.

It is to these few that The Neuronomicon is ultimately intended. I am glad it found you.

1See my work Witcha: A Book of Cunning (Mandrake of Oxford, 2005, out of print on author’s insistence), my appearance in the National Geographic documentary, Taboo: Witchcraft (2004), and The Devil’s Door; Initiation Into Infernal Witchcraft (Peacock Angel Publishing, 2013). See also the chapter Infernal Witchcraft in Book Three of this current work.





Victims of ritual abuse and mind control are most likely to find themselves facing the misdiagnosis of F.M.S. (False Memory Syndrome). That is to say, it is assumed their memories are at fault, and although they clearly recall being having been severely abused, traumatized, and ‘brainwashed’ by a Satanic cult, none of it actually happened. Uniquely among ‘syndromes’, nobody has ever been diagnosed with F.M.S. during any form of therapy; the term only ever arises during court proceedings as a defence against accusations of child abuse. Such ‘diagnoses’ are made almost invariably by untrained lay persons, based solely upon the denials of the accused.

F.M.S. was the conclusion in all those cases that have become known as the ‘Satanic Panic’; apparently what actually happened was that incompetent therapists somehow implanted these memories using hypnosis. Furthermore over the past three decades, this unlikely accident has apparently been repeated by hundreds of therapists working with thousands of clients.

The irony is that it is indeed possible for false memories to occur regarding extreme abuse; real memories are so harmful to recall that the brain dissociates from them entirely, refusing to ‘bring them to mind’ as a matter of psychological self preservation. As a further layer of defence, actual false memories may occur in order to prevent the truth being recalled at all. In extreme cases, the mind will actually ‘honeycomb’ and become a multiple personality, so that in psychological terms the abuse was not suffered by the ‘primary self’ but by an alter or ‘sub-personality’. This is what is known as D.I.D., and is an effect that some ritual abusers are well aware of, and have learnt how to exploit. Where abusers see their victim in distress, including psychologically, they will seek to increase this distress. They may also seek to exploit the symptoms of D.I.D. and turn them to their own advantage; mind control.

The phrase ‘False Memory Syndrome’ was coined by Professor Peter Freyd and his wife Pamela, step siblings who married, in response to allegations of the sexual abuse of their daughter, Jennifer Freyd, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. After successfully discrediting the claims made against them, Pamela and Peter Freyd went on to establish the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

Another founding member was psychologist Dr. Ralph Underwager, who was interviewed in 1991 by the editor of the Amsterdam based magazine Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia. When asked, “Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?”, Underwager replied, “Certainly it is responsible..”

There has been no systematic research documenting False Memory Syndrome, and is not recognized by any professional psychiatric or psychological organization. The British Psychological Society performed a survey of 108 therapists whose patients had recovered suppressed memories of abuse, and found no convincing evidence for the existence of F.M.S. In response, the F.M.S. Foundation were lead to admitting that F.M.S. cannot explain most examples of recovered memories of trauma.

The assumption that repressed memories are in fact F.M.S. induced during therapy is challenged by the fact that a substantial proportion of survivors have not participated in any kind of therapy. Further research has shown that, even where there has been the intervention of a therapist, most such memories are recalled without the use of hypnotism or other recall techniques, and most usually outside of therapy session.

The idea that therapists could be accidentally implanting false memories of extremely unusual traumatic events is further challenged by the fact that this is extremely difficult- if not impossible- to achieve even deliberately. Whilst it has not been found impossible to implant false memories, including memories that would have been traumatic experiences had they been real, these memories have to be believable- they must not produce cognitive dissonance, or shatter the subject’s ‘world view’.

After using extensive suggestive techniques, Porter, Yuille and Lehman (1999) reported success in getting some research subjects to ‘recover’ a false memory of a stressful event (e.g., dog attack). 26% of participants ‘recovered’ a complete false memory, and another 30% recalled aspects of the false experience. Note that being attacked by a dog, although traumatic, is not an unusual or ‘unbelievable’ event; it does not stretch credibility, and produces no immediate cognitive dissonance.

In a similar study, Pezdek, Finger and Hodge (1997) implanted false memories in adults that they had been lost in a shopping mall as children. Again, this is entirely ‘plausible’, yet only 3 out of 20 subjects could be influenced into ‘recovering’ such a memory. They also tried to convince subjects they had been given rectal enemas as children – far more analogous to abuse, indeed often featuring in the genuine sexual exploitation of children. No subjects could be falsely lead to believe this.

The techniques involved in inducing these false memories were advanced; they included the ‘hijacking’ of the parental figures. Subjects were convinced their own parents clearly recalled the false event. Nevertheless, the event still had to seem credible to the subject. Had they really been given enemas during their childhood, the irony is that such a memory could indeed become repressed. Thus, empirical evidence exists that it is impossible for therapists to implant false memories of extremely bizarre and traumatic events, and extremely likely such ‘mind blowing’ events when real would be ‘forgotten’; conversely, it may even be that the ‘unbelievable’ qualities of Satanic ritual abuse serve to further their repression- they are as unbelievable to the victim as they are to anyone they might give disclosure to, should the memory be recalled.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of ‘hijacking’ the parental figure in such experiments suggests that it is fairly easy for real parents to influence the creation of ‘false memories’ that do not include abuse. Since it is often a natural self defence to ‘forget’ traumatic memories, this might allow such abusive parents to exploit the tendency to create ‘cover’ memories that serve to prevent real memories arising; a defence against further trauma caused by recollection. Any abusive family intent on completely messing up a child’s reality with false memories of not being abused has every chance of succeeding.

F.M.S. is itself a form of psychological abuse. Being heard and believed is crucial in healing from abuse. It is therefore disturbing to discover that many individual psychotherapists have been influenced by F.M.S. rhetoric, despite this lack of evidence for the syndrome’s existence, and the disproving of its central assumptions. The problem is that since F.M.S. has been accepted in the legal courts, it has become possible for those who successfully counter disclosures of abuse with claims of F.M.S. to then go on to sue any therapist who supposedly implanted such memories.

It was the case of Franz Fitzpatrick that began the long series of successful prosecutions for paedophilia within the Catholic Church. You would think a true, independent thinking, self informed Satanist would celebrate that justice had been seen, and such hypocrisy revealed. Nevertheless, most Satanists – having been duped by the likes of The Temple of Set and The Temple of Satan – still insist there is, and never has been, such a thing as Satanic ritual abuse, and that the ‘Satanic Panic’ was a mass delusion of false memory syndrome. While the Catholic Church has been forced to admit its failures, Satanism is lagging behind, still peddling the same paedophile protecting lies the Catholic Church has been forced to retract.

In the U.K. these same lies are also supported by the likes of the Pagan Federation, and a widely accepted in ‘occulture’ – meaning that within the community there is a high risk to children and young parents (most often also victims, groomed into misplaced trust).

There’s a quick example you can find easily online that will prove the truth regarding ‘recovered memories’: Frank Fitzpatrick, a private detective, experienced recovered memories which led to the successful prosecution of the notorious paedophile Father James Porter. Thanks to Frank’s work, there are now online 53 similar cases in America where the guilty were prosecuted because of recovered memories confirmed by other objective evidence. Would the Guardian ever report this? Of course not. And that’s so wrong, because Frank Fitzpatrick is surely a hero of our times. Sadly, our media has a mental stranglehold on us which is why we desperately need more works like Nathaniel’s.


Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Illuminates of Thanateros, Ritual Abuse, Ritual Murder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sorcery

Those who were on the scene in the 1980s – 1990s will be aware that one of the things that gave Chaos magic its ‘street cred’ was the way it kept being referenced in the comic 2000AD.. where the contemporary cult figures Alan More and Grant Morrison cut their teeth. I have met no small number of CM practitioners that have admitted to me that their initial introduction was through the comic – without this it probably would never have taken off and become the fad it is today. Phil Hine boasts of being included as a character in 2000AD his book Prime Chaos (what he neglects to admit is that I was the one who made that possible – not the only time he has been disingenuous regarding his gains from our brief ‘friendship’). Julian Vayne also talks about being a fan of 2000AD in his self aggrandising work The Book of Baphomet (published in 2011 when Vayne joined the I.O.T., ten years after I had resigned, and written with my ex-partner Nikki Wyrd, who I split with 25 years ago). For some bizarre reason Vayne identifies Baphomet with Judge Dredd, rather than the hoofed and horned anti-hero Nemesis the Warlock, or the robot Chaos magician Deadlock. Perhaps he was jealous not just of my previous relationship with his partner but also of my friendship with the creator of those characters, Pat Mills – but was unaware that Pat was the originator of the entire comic in the first place?

What none of the current Id-I.O.T.s will admit to, at least these days, is that I played a large part in Chaos magic’s appearance in 2000AD. I have also appeared in the comic a number of times, although unlike Phil Hine I appear under my own name – as myself! – and have not been lampooned or killed off horribly. You can find me as Brother Nathaniel in Nemesis the Warlock, Book 3, in the only ever Nemesis photo-strip (1986) I appeared twice (I was the punk in Forbidden Planet, and the top-hat wearing loon on the moon who scrawled “Nothing is true & everything is possible” on the cell walls), while more recently, a character called Nathaniel appeared in book 2 of Pat Mill’s Defoe, a story set in the 17th century, where I am seen flying around in angelic armour created by – and stolen from – Dr. John Dee.

Chaos Magic has been appearing again within the pages of 2000AD recently – the character Nemesis is long dead, but Deadlock remains alive in Pat Mill’s story ABC Warriors. The below page is from this week’s copy (artwork is by the incomparable Clint Langley)..


Gosh. Deadlock sacrificing children? It is almost as if Pat Mills has been paying attention to our situation, and that the ‘leadership’ of Chaos magic (i.e. the Illuminates of Thanateros) has fallen into the hands of ritualistic child abusers, is it not? Deadlock almost appears to be quoting them.. And he’s being fought against by Tubal-Cain, too, whose name just happens to be a Masonic ‘Watchword’..

Support for our cause pops up in the most unexpected places, such as on news stands across the UK, and in a specialist comic shops near you..

Happy New Year


We thought we would bring in the New Year by saying thank you to all those who have given us their support. Not all of this has been online and visible to the world, and nor should it be.

Here in the city of Bristol there is a strong sense of community, and we were well known even before the ‘shit hit the fan’ in 2012, and the truth about what the Id-I.O.T.s, my family, and Colin Batley had been up to started to come out. Ujima, Bristol’s world respected community radio station, were keen to speak to us from day one. We were not prepared to do this at the time as we had yet to ascertain the extent of our danger, plus the legal implications, not to mention being severely freaked out and traumatised. Shortly after speaking with us Ujima ran the infamous interview with barrister Michael Shrimpton concerning cover-ups around high level sadistic paedophile rings in the UK. They also interviewed David Shurter, author of Down the Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, with whom I had been in some communication, concerning the reality of ‘Satanic’ ritual abuse and ‘protected’ paedophiles. These two interviews are not unconnected to Ujima having spoken to us.

When Annabelle Forest’s book telling of her ordeal growing up in Colin Batley’s seedy cult, Devil on the Doorstep, hit the shelves it sold out of all major retailers in Bristol by mid-day, and was restocked several times. It is well known that the cult brainwashed children into sexual slavery, and that it involved many people who have yet to be prosecuted. It does not surprise many people we speak to to learn that the cult is still operating, or that we know who they are.

Jasmine never ceases to amaze me with her strength and courage. When she was fighting against the Social Service’s grand error (?) that returned her son to his abusers – his biological ‘father’ and associates – she also held down a respectable job, and still does now. The bosses, as well as everyone else there that matters in the large central offices she works in, have been fully aware of her tragic situation (indeed, they read this blog), and have remained supportive for five years now. For obvious reasons we will not name the company she works for, but they are not inconsequential in this city.

Regarding me own work, I will admit to having had to do a few part time jobs and temping, but support for my creativity has provided more than money could ever buy. It has put me in touch with other, similarly creative people and widened my social circle – further than it ever did before all the treacherous back-stabbers and tail bearers were expelled from our lives. Keeping the wrong company keeps the right company away.

Over the past five years I have published several occult books under the name Nathaniel J. Harris, being the name on my birth certificate, as well as a novella, and a collection of short stories, under the pen-name Nathan Mortlock. My work has been commended by a handful of well known names and continues to sell steadily. Issue One, Volume One of the Occult Digest, published by Black Moon in New Orleans, ran an except from my folkloric witchcraft book The Devil’s Door, and the book was briefly taken off the market while I considered them as a potential publisher (I turned them down). During that time, I saw several second hand copies sold over Amazon for over £500 each, and two pristine copies sold for over £900. I think is is fair to say that support for my work remains strong, despite the bad choices of certain occult publishers and bookshops (I see Treadwell’s is hosting another evening with a member of the paedophile ring this month – deep sigh. I may have to write more about Christina Harrington’s tragic choices in the near future, if her shop is still running by then..).

My most recent work, The NeuronomiconA 21st Century Grimoire has just undergone what I hope will be its final rewrite and will soon be made available to the public. This began as a series of chapbooks, self published under the pen-name Animi Imperio, written in response to a flurry of support, interest, and questions when I reappeared over public media in 2016, during which time a small ‘special interest’ working group began to develop. Everyone that stuck with it saw an improvement in their results – and a few of the more advanced practitioners have told me they are now using The Neuronomicon as a teaching tool. I am confident the resulting material represents the first genuine advance in the technology of magick in 100 years, and is quite probably the most powerful grimoire currently available in the West without clearance from the government (not that the competition is up to much!). Early versions have already earned favourable comments from Pat Mills, originator of 2000 AD, Valerie Sinason of the Tavistock Institute, controversial journalist Sonia Poulton, Michael Coldwell, a reviewer for Starburst magazine, Ray Sherwin, the originator of Chaos magick, and Mick Norris, who illustrated Liber Null & Psychonaut, among others.

This blog has also been a success. Many of my posts are republished, copied, mirrored, and made available elsewhere. I rarely publish comments, preferring to reply privately if possible, and I keep my viewing figures private (rather than sit there artificially expanding them, or paying for a click-farm to inflate my ‘likes’, as certain other BloBbers do). If I were not getting readers I would have given up long ago.

Although the paedophile ring successfully misdirected Bristol’s local authorities in the past, things have changed drastically. An outspoken member of the ring, and a certain ex-cult leader, have both received warnings from the Police not to contact me, or to continue trolling me. Sadly, since I made the mistake of replying to them, I am unable to bring a harassment case against them at this time, but most certainly will do if their behaviour reverts. It has also been ascertained that under UK law this blog, intended as it is to expose and prevent serious crime, does not constitute harassment and is in no way illegal.

The same cannot be said for Hoaxtead, which seems to be largely run by Douglas Mesner and certain members of the I.O.T. I expect they may attempt to attack me again through these sock-puppets, but I shall not be offering injured retorts or otherwise feeding their narcissism. I understand some kind of legal action against them is in preparation, and offer my sincere support to those this website has targeted. However, we shall not be allowing ourselves to be drawn into an emotive flame war over serious issues that endanger children. Having ascertained that these people are indeed the guilty parties, and not simply misdirected social justice warriors, we have no further reason to engage with them. The same goes for the sock-puppets they have created to pose as survivors and campaigners in their vain attempt to control the narrative from both sides – even going as far as creating websites apparently exposing themselves.

My first new project for this year is to create an updated and expanded version of the book from which this blog takes its current title – Beast Wing 666; Ritual Abuse in the UK, for which I have interest from a professional publisher. If all goes well both Jasmine and I will be making ourselves available for interviews and appropriate public appearances in order to deal with this problem further.

None of this would be possible without all the amazing support we have received. A huge thank you from both Jasmine and myself, and our sincere wishes that you all have a fantastic 2018.