A warning.


We have not been given a gagging order regarding the Family Law Court proceedings in our case. I have been given instruction by an excellent barrister that it would be contempt of court to publish the actual papers, which run into thousands of pages, even with names redacted. This is s shame as it is our opinion this could only be to our advantage.

However, and this is the important bit; We are allowed to talk about it. The situation is very delicate and it might even prove legal to say more than we already have in defending ourselves against damaging gossip and on-line ‘trolling’; some of which is very serious indeed.

We have nothing further to add at this time but we are seeking to bring legal charges against those responsible for the harassment we have been receiving regarding matters we would rather keep private, or are unsure regarding the legality of disclosing. Fair warning has been given.

Dark Mother’s Day

Today is Mothering Sunday. A day of great sadness for anyone who has suffered the abuses of narcissistic parents, and for any mother whose children have been torn from them. This post is for anyone out there suffering the same.
Making matters even worse for us, personally, the past few weeks have seen us being maliciously trolled by what appear to be misguided SJWs – not Social Justice Warriors but Satanic Juvinile Wankers. This post is also for them – in the hope they will begin to understand why we find their posturing so tasteless and banal.
I was conceived during a Black Mass in the garrison town of Colchester, Essex, in the year of 1970. It was an accident. The precise details are not something I want to think too hard about.
At least, this is according to my mother, Ann Brynn-Evans. It is the version of events she told to Jasmine, when she was still with the father of her child, and was presumably not intended for my ears.
It is not the only bizarre story I have been told about my own conception. There might be some element of truth or my parents might simply be narcissistic liars. Perhaps the real blame lies with Rosemary’s Baby and the paperback publication of The Satanic Bible. Does not sound so glamorous when you put it like that. I will never know for sure because I was not there and you cannot trust anything my parents say. We have disowned each other now.
There is another story my mother told me when I was a child, and then later denied ever saying. In this one I was conceived at a party on a boat travelling along the river Colne. In the evening, with everybody below deck as the boat was moored among the trees, they heard barking and growling, then an almighty thud on the roof. Claws scraping at the hatch. Thinking it was the police they swallowed down all the hash and the rest of the acid. The bravest among them, probably not my father, opened the hatch to see who or what was there. Whatever it was seemed to vanish, as if it had been some kind of group hallucination.
The next day they travelled on down the river and came across a wattle and daub public house with a garden that met with the bank. Mooring up they went inside to order food. The landlord was friendly, with an air of the old wisdom about him. Someone brought up their strange encounter the night before.
The innkeeper lost all his colour, “That was Black Shuck, the devil’s dog. He haunts that stretch of river..”
And then there is the story told by my father, Robert Harris, many years later when I was in my early thirties. I was being interviewed by some film makers commissioned by the National Geographic to make a documentary about witchcraft and had taken the PR girl to his Covent Garden flat. In this version Ann was holding a séance – as Gma was known for doing – everybody round a table with one finger gently on the glass. It was a stormy night outside with thunder and lightning. The glass moving across the table, nudging at the letters on tacked down pieces of paper. Spelling out words of anger, spite and promises of death. Everyone runs outside screaming, totally freaked. Turned out the house had previously been owned by some Satanic magician, or something.
Whatever the circumstances really were my father denied paternity, having been told by doctors he would never father children. He had been kicked in the balls by a horse. He genuinely did not believe I was his responsibility. He accused my mother of infidelity and they split up. Spread that she was a slag all around town.
Ann was so distressed she cried herself to sleep every night. One night, during some horrific nightmare, she shoved her blanket in her mouth and swallowed it down, nearly choking herself to death. It might have been best for the both of us.
After that they got married, so at least nobody could say I was a bastard. At least not legitimately.
According to what my father told me when I turned 16 and sought him out, my mother tried to abort me. A hot bath, a full bottle of whiskey. It was how it was done, back in those days.
My mother always told me she had meningitis during her pregnancy and cannot remember my birth. She said she was out of her head and hallucinating. That this was also why I was so premature. My birth certificate says I was born in Colchester Hospital Maternity Ward, so if what my father said is true there must have been a rush to get her there. I am still trying to piece all this together myself. If they are all lying it is a remarkably coordinated narrative they weave between them all.
According to what Jasper, the oldest of my half brothers, told me that our mother told him, I was born in the amniotic sack. Apparently she had boasted of it, the caul being a sign of natural witchcraft power.
It is also referred to as the Veil of Tears.
I was so small I could fit in a sock draw, which is where my mother put me in the absence of a crib. Padded out with a pillow and crochet blankets, of course. She’s not a monster, after all..
According to my mother she chose my name herself, interpreting Nathaniel to mean gift of the El, and equating El with Aelves.
According to my father it was insisted upon by my crazy aunts. They might have chosen it because of the archangel. I could imagine that, especially if there is any truth to Ann’s Black Mass story.
The archangel Nathaniel specialises in overcoming trauma, and in the law of returns, like karma. So it says in the the books of magic, anyway. In some Gnostic text or other he is the very instrument of the wrath of God. The finger pointing from the Heavens in judgement, relentless in the punishment of transgressors. When Michael vanquished Lucifer he did so at the bequest of Nathaniel. Who would have thought?
Personally, I’m an atheist. Happy Mother’s Day.



So many people are falling through the nets that are supposed to be there to protect us. When the system fails in cases of organized child abuse it is particularly tragic.

The victims, being the children that are prostituted or any adult that cares for them and would gladly see the perpetrators imprisoned for life, are left entirely vulnerable when they need protecting the most. The stakes are high; the criminals make a lot of money from their crimes. The guilty can even be in a position to have the law on their side due to the systems omissions and failures to recognize disclosures.

We know through the newspaper reports of those who are successfully prosecuted that it can sometimes take decades for the system to respond appropriately, be it the fault of police procedure or the failures of local authorities, meaning the danger of speaking up is extreme and their is no assurance of ever being heard. This is the same when the organized abuse is performed by a cult, as can be seen from newspaper reports of Colin Batley, Peter Petrauske, and others.

Every system has failures – ask the designers of Windows, or any computer programmer. The system as a whole may be a positive development but when malign influences find weaknesses it needs updating.

Tragic though events have been I am pleased to recognize that my complaint to the IPCC regarding their interviewing of ‘X’ in 2012 has been upheld.

Police and social services failed to gain clear communication with X, causing this vulnerable person to panic. Without a direct disclosure from X there could be no investigation. And so the failures began, and the wheels of the system turned onwards..

Thanks to my complaint this failure has been recognized, as has the need for changes which we are assured have put in place. At least. we have made it less likely for such failures to happen with other disabled children attempting to make independent disclosures to the police.

Sadly, due to this too late recognition, ‘X’ is now in the ‘care’ of the very people his discloses might otherwise have put in prison. It has not been decided of any advantage to re-interview him at this time. There are practical reasons why – it is simply too late. X is very malleable and has been under the influence of some very dangerous people for several years without a moment of true safety. They have been removed from college, their life decisions made for them, and there might be nobody in their environment it would be safe to ask for help. (Update and apology – they have no longer been removed from college. I have just been informed by Jasmine that she has been talking with her son, who is now a young adult with more independent rights than before. 23.30pm )

It is also the case that publishing the entire would mean making many unpleasant details of a very delicate situation a matter of public gossip. I am not prepared to do that.

Nevertheless the case can be re-opened if new evidence is found, such as other witnesses or disclosures from other victims. There is a case and it has been recognized. It has a crime number and everything but the police are currently unable to make an advance.

Please, if you have any information that could help the police regarding the abuses of certain people in the ‘occult community’, do provide it to them. Failures have been made in the past but the system is updating. The police will listen to you. There have been successful prosecutions and there will be more – but only if the right people find the bravery to come forward.

Possible correction needed?


The following has appeared on the Hoaxstead site today from Justin Sanity (who I am told is ‘Temple of Satan’ leader Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves – real name Doug Misicko and – according to his old pal Shane Bugbee possible CIA).


Justin Sanity – whether he really is this Mesner fool  or not – is talking bollocks.

I am replying to it here because there is a possibility he is actually right about something – even if his conclusions are still entirely in error. I would not want to provide false information that could confuse genuine researchers.

If my maths are in error (not that I did any) – and the child mentioned by Batley’s niece (rather than Forest) was six years old it does not mean I have been lying or intentionally deceiving anyone. This is the same age as my stepson was when his ritual abuse began (they were already being sexually abused from their father and others but in a non-ritual context). Knowing a 6 year old was mentioned in disclosures I assumed they must have been the same child. If they are not – there was more than one 6 year old.

It might sound selfish but I really have tried not to think about it too hard. What I do know about is disturbing enough as it is.. it is nearly 5 years on from the disclosures and I still have nightmares.

As for the dismissal of Annabelle Forest’s book telling her harrowing tale as ‘fiction’ – why would she allow a fiction to be told about her real life having endured such horrors? This assumption makes no sense. I would even go as far as calling it NONCE-SENSE.

The assumption that my partner would allow me to use her child in some kind of vendetta is also NONCE-SENSE, as is the idea that she would still be with me if I had. Is she supposed to be somehow under my control? She is a very beautiful woman and could easily find a boyfriend bigger and tougher than me if she wanted or needed to. I am 5’4″, born with a severe spinal curvature, and could not even pretend to be a scary person if I tried.


Occult Paedophile Ring – The Truth


A word from Jasmine DeVille


I am the mother of the child whose disclosures Nathaniel Harris’s disclosures are based upon. Everything he has written there is the truth. There is a paedophile ring operating within the Pagan / occult community, with a particular concentration in the West Country where we have already seen 7 successful prosecutions, with many others remaining at large.

These things I need to say are difficult because they were told to me in confidence by an amazingly strong and brilliant human being who I miss very much – and fear for their safety every day.

My child told me they had been abused by their biological father and other people from an early age.. mostly from when I left the father to be with Nathaniel in 2003.

My ex-partner threatened our lives, saying he had put a contract out on us, and with the contacts he has I didn’t doubt it. He involved Colin Batley and gave over our son for sexual exploitation by the cult.

Nathaniel and I get on with the lives we have now but our minds relive the horror of the disclosures my child made to us.

I shall be adding more information to this blog over time. It is an unspeakably painful task to undertake. However with the current libel and slander that Nathaniel is enduring it has become necessary for me to speak up. This situation has been created by the abusers of my son in their desperate attempts to keep their pathetic cruelty hidden.

Most recently Peter J. Carroll has been spreading the vilest lies imaginable in a vain attempt to discredit Nathaniel. This is because Mr. Carroll knows full well that members of his fan club, the Illuminates of Thanateros, were involved in the sadistic abuse of my son.

One thought on “Occult Paedophile Ring – The Truth”

  1. As a survivor and as someone who has researched these sadistic paedophile, perverted sex criminal rings I know this is true. I recognise some of the people named above from the photos as abusers, furthermore some have the same family name as someone who abused me in the ring. The perpetrators use brainwashing and torture against their victims to silence, terrify and control the victims.
    The victims are both adults and children who are also subjected to spiritual abuse too. This involves the abusers mimicking all paths and faiths including Satanism and Paganism. As Christianity and other theistic faiths are used the Monotheistic devil is a particularly favourite terror tactic along with ghosts.

    The perpetrators come from all walks of life and many different faiths. The faiths are used as a smoke screen to mask the crimes and induce further terror and control. This also has the added bonus for abusers of rendering disclosures as difficult to believe and therefore dismissed. This means all paths feel unsafe for those exiting the cult.

    The cult is a small minority of our population but they strategically position their people in all walks of life. Some are so called “respectable upper middle class church attenders as well as occultists. These abusers hide behind the skirts of any path with little regard for any of the teaching of the faiths whether it be Satanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism or Hindu.

    It is the moral duty of everyone to weed these bastards out. Faith leaders must also support the community with this.


Re-blogged here with permission. The original may be found here:



Satanic Ritual Abuse

More abusive lies appeared about me on the Hoaxtead site today. Apparently it is ‘time to debunk’ me so I expect a lot more of the same is about to come my way. This seems like a rather stupid move on their part as any serious researcher, journalist or police officer can soon see through them by checking their facts.. thus leading them to a case which is irrefutable because its main perpetrators are already prosecuted for their crimes. I cannot see what their so-called ‘debunking’ of me will serve them anyway – even if I was making it all up the cases of Colin Batley, Peter Solheim, Peter Petrauske, Jack Kemp and others still stand as evidence that occult paedophile rings really do exist. All anyone has to do is Google these names.

Whatever the beliefs or intent of these Hoaxtead morons – the paedophile ring I have outed is real. Their accusations against me of ‘coercing and coaching’ the child that made the disclosures were all dealt with in court and proven to be UNFOUNDED. What these idiots are saying is libel and causing me great distress. I hope the police can do something about this new wave of online abuse and disinformation soon.

These Hoaxtead fools cannot even keep their lies straight and would not last 10 minutes before a judge and jury. I won’t be engaging with their rubbish beyond making this post as public opinion on the case I am involved with has little relevance to our chances of ever seeing justice. What a bunch of child abusing ‘Satanists’ and their dupes say about me on the internet is of little concern to anyone but themselves and has no effect upon my life or anyone I am concerned about.

In fact I probably won’t be making many more posts on this blog at all. I have raised the alarm and the facts are out there. I’ll post links if I’ve been chatting to journalists or researchers but otherwise there isn’t much else for me to say – although Jasmine tells me she has lots she plans to make known in the near future.

I did hope the occult scene would be more concerned about harbouring paedophiles but the scene seems to take a rather ‘neutral’ attitude to such matters – to quote an email I received from Black Moon publishing. I have retracted their right to publish my book The Devil’s Door due to the fact they are also publishing works by two people linked to the paedophile ring here in the UK who have slandered and libeled me whilst defending the people that raped my stepson. Besides – as mentioned in a previous post – I am in the process of removing all my occult related texts from circulation.

In this respect the paedophile faction of occultism has ‘won’. Knowing the nature of darkness it can only next proceed to destroy itself – for without anything ‘oppose’ (the term Satan itself means ‘opposition’) it is meaningless and ceases to exist.

If anything the reaction from the occult scene has finally convinced me how mistaken I was to put so much emphasis on ‘magical thinking’ and ‘believing what makes you happy’ for so much of my life – what with my family background I was simply trying to make the best of the hand I had been dealt and find a platform for my creativity. Most of those on the ‘scene’ are power seeking dweebs over compensating for their otherwise ineffectual lives so I didn’t relate to many of them anyway. I vaguely fitted in with some of the Chaos magicians during the 90s but still thought most of them were horrible people. Contrary to popular misconception I have never been a Wiccan and never found this modern pseudo-tradition at all convincing. I also have a tendency to say what I really think rather than quietly put up with lies, so there really is nowhere in ‘occultism’ I would fit in.

I shall be concentrating on my fiction writing from now on as I have some serious interest in my work. It reaches a far wider audience than any occult text I have had published and actually earns me money.

I am not on some huge campaign to reveal the truth about ritual abuse to the world but I shall certainly make myself available to any investigators who reach out to me. My email address is: skratte1945@yahoo.co.uk

SatanicViews, Hoaxstead, Garbage in & garbage out.

Chaos Magic, Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Cover Up, Crime, Illuminates of Thanateros, Paedophilia, Paganism, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Satanism

Researchers into our current situation regarding ritual abuse cases in the UK may already be aware of the liar calling himself ‘SatanicViews’, who numerous researchers have identified as Julian Vayne. They may also be aware that both Vayne and SatanicViews have targeted me with very similar lies and misinformation, along with others at the so-called Hoaxstead research site. Follow this link for an example of the online abuse they are currently spreading in a vayne attempt to discredit me. The abuse continues in the comments section.

It is not the first time SatanicViews has targeted me, or tried to turn other Satanists against me. This is a snapshot from his blog – which has now been removed (perhaps due to my complaints to the police?).


I shall here address the dangerous misinformation these Id-I.O.T.s have been spreading and give the actual facts – all of which I am prepared to repeat in a court of law if need be.

Let me state again – I do not know if SatanicViews and Vayne are the same person and I am not the source of the idea that they are – but I do find it wholly believable. SatanicViews made a post today that is quite revealing in this matter (follow link). For all I know he may simply be an ill informed dweeb that identifies as a Satanist having read a few internet sites on the subject and fooling himself he is some kind of expert. He obviously feels he is on some unholy quest to preserve the reputation of Satanists – which has nothing to do with me. The unprosecuted members of Batley’s cul-de-sac cult identified with all kinds of different paths of occultism and Paganism and I have never claimed they were all Satanists.. even if much of their ritual abuse employed Satanic imagery. It may be that Hind is a real person who is being played off by Vayne – as he is apparently accusing me of doing with the Order of Nine Angles. The fact that Hind ignores any facts that do not fit with his agenda and has such a vendetta against me does suggest he has some vested interest in covering up the facts of our case but he may simply be desperate for some kind of validation from the ‘occult scene’.

It also seems plausible this Hind character is a sockpuppet for Phil Hine, another denier of ritual abuse who knows damn well he is lying. After all.. when I visited Hine in his smelly unkempt flat in Leeds back in the mid 90s he was in possession of a number of issues of Ganymede magazine; the journal of occultist boy lovers. He was also involved in the ORCRO campaign dismissing disclosures of SRA from the 90s, and has always enjoyed writing under false names in various styles, believing himself something a ‘prankster guru’ of LHP Tantra. He was also instrumental in my split with Niccola Ward (Nikki Wyrd) soon after my daughter was born – the misinformation spread by the Satanitards on their website would be just the kind of misdirection he might delight in. He is also a long time associate of Julian Vayne.

I have also stated that I do not know if the Hampstead case is a hoax. In fact I would not mention it if the Hoaxstead scum were not so obsessed with dragging me into their argument. However I do know that we had a string of successful busts here in the UK for ritual abuse (or rather for child abuse by ‘occultists’ of one kind or another – there are no laws specifically for the ‘ritual’ aspect) which could easily have gone on.. but this case now means many survivors will be too afraid to come forward for fear of being treated similarly by incompetent / corrupt social services and the Family Law Courts. Intentionally or not this case has slammed the door to further investigations.

To help researchers unpick all these lies I shall say the following – Firstly it is not true that Vayne and SatanicViews follow different spiritual paths. Vayne is the author of the Book of Baphomet which clearly identifies Baphomet as Satan. In the wider sense of the term JV (as well as Nikki Wyrd) are most definitely Satanists.

Note that the page has a picture of Judge Dredd from 2000AD comic. Vayne mentions being a fan in his Book of Baphomet. I bet it must annoy them both that the original creator of 2000AD, Pat Mills, is a firm supporter of my work. Although Hind says my fiction is rubbish, Pat Mills’ name appears on the back of my recent novella Everybody Needs a Hobby and my story collection Khaos at Trinity Road giving me great reviews. He also wrote the introduction to my book Khaos Punk.

The Order of Nine Angles, who I am accused of ‘playing off’ and who have apparently contacted Vayne, are an extremely suspect organization. SatanicViews has mentioned them several times on his own blog and a rank member called Ryan Flemming has been trolling me here and on FaceBook. He is a convicted sex offender.

Furthermore Vayne is not ‘right hand path’. He is a Chaos Magician, even if he is also a Thelemite (the same religion as Colin Batley, whose cult was just a short journey from where Vayne lives in Devon, and which he – according to the disclosures of Child X – was a member of). The two are not by any means mutually exclusive – occultism is not like Christianity here one cannot be a Catholic and a Protestant at the same time. Indeed there is a huge cross over in the membership of most occult organizations.

I am also not the only source regarding the fact that Colin Batley was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros – the Chaos magic organization that both Julian Vayne and Nikki Wyrd are ‘Magi’ (pfff!) of. Disclosures have also been made by other ex-members of that ‘order’.

SatanicViews’ own blog gets many ‘likes’ from the very same accounts as Vayne’s own Blog of Baphomet and SatanicViews has appeared to give ‘likes’ to posts by JV.

Finally, SatanicViews also identifies with Chaos magic on his on blog here (follow link).

Another lie that is being spread is that I have been found guilty of coercing / coaching ‘Child X’ – who made disclosures to myself and police regarding their abuse by the Colin Batley cult from the age of 6 onwards. In reality no such findings were made against either myself or their mother. Indeed this is one major difference between our case and the Hampstead case which – despite the protestations of the morons at the Hoaxstead site – or many other cases which local authorities and police failed to deal with appropriately.. As is the case with every single paedophile ring we have seen so far in the UK. It does not take a major MK Ultra conspiracy for this to happen – our system fails victims of abuse every day, whether there is the added confusion of black robes, candles and ‘ritual’ or not.

It is my honest opinion that the only reason these other members of the Batley cult have not been arrested and prosecuted is that the only witness to the crimes against him is ‘Child X’ (now a young adult) himself. He is disabled and considered not strong enough to take the stand in court. That’s right – these scum abused a disabled child from the age of 6 onwards and re-targeted them over a decade before the disclosures were made.

Nor did Nikki Wyrd (Nicola Ward, a resident of Norwich) leave me for JV. Those two got together sometime this century. I left Nikki in 1993 because she was acting like a slapper. JV and NW do not live together and do not have children together (at least not their own!). Both were identified to me as members of the Batley cult, as were my own parents Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans, resident of Milton Keynes – where they first befriend JV during the 1990s (and who perhaps even brought them in to the Batley cult?).

It is also not true to say I cannot handle rejection – I’m a writer by profession and it really does come with the job! I collect rejection slips (well, emails as they are these days), as do most writers.

I am certainly not hung up on Nikki, or Peter Mastin (their friend who has also made that claim about me, is in the same magical order and was identified to me as being in the Batley cult).

Whilst it is true that I was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros for a few years it is not true to say that – after my resignation in 2001 and exposure of abuses of power within the group – that I had some vendetta against the cult. I think most researchers are aware that cults tend to have vendettas against people that leave, though.. I should also say that during my membership there were to my knowledge no ritual abuses committed by any of its members.

If it were not for being dragged into this argument – and for the disclosures of Child X – neither NW or JV would be of any significance to me whatsoever. I had a daughter with NW in the 90s but she is grown up now so I would have no need to even think of NW. I have been with the beautiful Jasmine for over a decade. We live together very happily thank you!

I have not made threats against JV and his family, nor against Nikki or anyone else, and there are no court rulings against me concerning any ‘trolling’ of anyone ever. Although JV did attempt to use the police against me they saw through it and decided there was nothing illegal about my blog – it is, after all, written to EXPOSE crime and hopefully even prevent it (to some level).

I think this is enough to prove the lies. I could go on but what would be the point?

I hope all this is clear and useful to researchers. Please do contact me if there are any questions or if I can be of any further help to you all. My email address is: